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The EGEE European Grid Infrastructure Project [chapter]

Fabrizio Gagliardi
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper describes the motivation for the EGEE (Enabling Grids for e-Science in Europe) proposal recently made to the EU and the background activity behind this initiative  ...  EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the European Union under contract IST-2003-508833  ...  As a rule, new communities will contribute The European Grid Infrastructure EGEE Project 363 new resources to the Grid infrastructure.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11403937_16 fatcat:ax7yh7xt4jbfjcbdcvwbyh25ua

Towards sustainability: An interoperability outline for a Regional ARC based infrastructure in the WLCG and EGEE infrastructures

L Field, M Gronager, D Johansson, J Kleist
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
This paper presents an outline of the work done to integrate the Nordic Tier-1 and 2s, which for the compute part is based on the ARC middleware, into the WLCG grid infrastructure co-operated by the EGEE  ...  project.  ...  Introduction The EGEE [2] projects (I, II and III) have successfully created a common European Grid Infrastructure and together with the WLCG [1] project the fabric for running the CERN experiment  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/219/6/062051 fatcat:4onqsnwqzfgkjce2r5wxof2u4e

EDGeS: A Bridge between Desktop Grids and Service Grids

Gilles Fedak, Haiwu He, Oleg Lodygensky, Zoltan Balaton, Zoltan Farkas, Gabor Gombas, Peter Kacsuk, Robert Lovas, Attila Csaba Marosi, Ian Kelley, Ian Taylor, Gabor Terstyanszky (+4 others)
2008 The Third ChinaGrid Annual Conference (chinagrid 2008)  
Acknowledgments The EDGeS (Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science) project receives Community funding from the European Commission within Research Infrastructures initiative of FP7 (grant agreement Number  ...  Core Technologies and Related Work EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE) makes grids available to scientists and engineers, the second phase of the European Commission funded project (EGEE-II) has started  ...  Examples of such infrastructures are EGEE, the NorduGrid, or the NGS (National Grid Service) in the UK.  ... 
doi:10.1109/chinagrid.2008.44 dblp:conf/chinagrid/FedakHLBFGKLMKT08 fatcat:pilm7byglzfdlacvzxgltvnseq

EDGeS: Bridging EGEE to BOINC and XtremWeb

Etienne Urbah, Peter Kacsuk, Zoltan Farkas, Gilles Fedak, Gabor Kecskemeti, Oleg Lodygensky, Attila Marosi, Zoltan Balaton, Gabriel Caillat, Gabor Gombas, Adam Kornafeld, Jozsef Kovacs (+2 others)
2009 Journal of Grid Computing  
In this paper we present the EGEE Service Grid, the BOINC and XtremWeb Desktop Grids. Then, we present the EDGeS solution to bridge the EGEE Service Grid with the BOINC and XtremWeb Desktop Grids.  ...  Desktop Grids, such as XtremWeb and BOINC, and Service Grids, such as EGEE, are two different approaches for science communities to gather computing power from a large number of computing resources.  ...  Acknowledgements The EDGeS (Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science) project receives Community funding from the European Commission within Research Infrastructures initiative of FP7 (grant agreement Number  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10723-009-9137-0 fatcat:fjqburktdfeb5hgorvrdjztiyq

Towards a Security Model to Bridge Internet Desktop Grids and Service Grids [chapter]

Gabriel Caillat, Oleg Lodygensky, Etienne Urbah, Gilles Fedak, Haiwu He
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Reverse is not true -25-08-2008 SGS @ europar 2008 7 • Part of the EDGeS european FP7 infrastructure project More information at • Two main approches: -The Superworker -The  ...  25-08-2008 SGS @ europar 2008 5 • Grid Security Infrastructure (EGEE) • Secured authenticationd and communications • based on: -public key encryption (auth. and com.)  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-00955-6_29 fatcat:y56knkp4qrbohjb2uf3coy3zrm

Grid Computing, E-Science and Applications in Industry [chapter]

Hans Hoffmann
2005 Wirtschaftsinformatik 2005  
The desired goal of the EGEE project is to create a general European grid infrastructure of production quality on top of present and future EU Research and education networks.  ...  2003 the project has started in April 2004 and is the currently operating Grid infrastructure project in Europe.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-7908-1624-8_90 fatcat:lzbfsdwuejbybmziltlovdtdia

Sustainable support for WLCG through the EGI distributed infrastructure

Torsten Antoni, Stefan Bozic, Sabine Reisser
2011 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
This is mirrored in Europe by the transition from the series of EGEE projects to the European Grid Initiative (EGI). EGI aims at establishing a self-sustained grid infrastructure across Europe.  ...  The EGI user support infrastructure is built around the Gobal Grid User Support system (GGUS) that was also the basis of user support in EGEE.  ...  Introduction Establishing to create and maintain a pan-European Grid Infrastructure with the National Grid Initiatives as building blocks, Europe has taken a major step towards providing a long-term  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/331/8/082009 fatcat:eu6jjbekmncsbosuunz3vplibm

A multi VO Grid infrastructure at DESY

Andreas Gellrich
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
As a centre for research with particle accelerators and synchrotron light, DESY operates a Grid infrastructure in the context of the EU-project EGEE and the national Grid initiative D-GRID.  ...  Production quality of the infrastructure is guaranteed by embedding it into the DESY computer centre.  ...  EGEE-III is a project funded by the European Commission with the contract number INFSO-RI-222667.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/219/6/062048 fatcat:ek34gxryofhsdbdunv2i7o7eaq

Global grid user support—building a worldwide distributed user support infrastructure

T Antoni, W Bühler, H Dres, G Grein, M Roth
2008 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The organisation and management of the user support in a global escience computing infrastructure such as EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE), a series of EU projects, is one of the challenges of the Grid  ...  In this paper we will also describe a scheme of how knowledge management can be used in Grid user support and first steps towards a realisation in the framework of the EGEE user support infrastructure.  ...  This work has been funded by the EGEE projects.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/119/5/052002 fatcat:5o7qx5wlrzcbdkufzodywlwuxq

A roadmap for a dedicated Earth Science Grid platform

Roberto Cossu, Monique Petitdidier, Julian Linford, Vincent Badoux, Luigi Fusco, Benoit Gotab, Ladislav Hluchy, Giuditta Lecca, Fabrizio Murgia, Camiel Plevier, Philippe Renard, Horst Schwichtenberg (+3 others)
2010 Earth Science Informatics  
The Dissemination and Exploitation of GRids in Earth sciencE project, proposed by the European Commission to assist and accelerate this process in a number of different ways, had between its main goals  ...  Currently Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, and other large Grid infrastructures are already deployed and capable of operational services.  ...  Acknowledgement This work makes use of results produced by the Dissemination and Exploitation of Grids in Earth Science project, a project funded by the European Commission (under contract number IST-2005  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12145-010-0045-4 fatcat:ql6o4quj7rgydpyhxai2iybkyq

A comparison between two grid scheduling philosophies: EGEE WMS and Grid Way1

J.L. Vázquez-Poletti, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente, Pilar Herrero, María S. Pérez
2007 Multiagent and Grid Systems  
The comparative is both theoretical, through a functionality checklist, and experimental, through the execution of a fusion physics plasma application on the EGEE infrastructure.  ...  The aim of this paper is to provide a comparative analysis between two major grid scheduling philosophies: a semi-centralized approach, represented by the EGEE Workload Management System, and a fully distributed  ...  EGEE brings together 91 partners in 32 countries to provide a seamless Grid infrastructure available to the European research community 24 hours a day.  ... 
doi:10.3233/mgs-2007-3407 fatcat:47b7w3t5r5fdbefxfytat3by44

Grid-Enabled High-Throughput In Silico Screening Against Influenza A Neuraminidase

Hurng-Chun Lee, Jean Salzemann, Nicolas Jacq, Hsin-Yen Chen, Li-Yung Ho, Ivan Merelli, Luciano Milanesi, Vincent Breton, Simon C. Lin, Ying-Ta Wu
2006 IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience  
In the paper, we demonstrate the impact of a world-wide Grid infrastructure to efficiently deploy large scale virtual screening [2] to speed up the drug design process.  ...  Encouraged by the success of the first EGEE biomedical data challenge against malaria (WISDOM) [1], the second data challenge battling avian flu kicked off in April 2006 to identify new drugs for the potential  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors express particular thanks to the site managers in EGEE, TWGrid, AuverGrid, BioinfoGRID for operational support, the LCG ARDA group for the technical support of DIANE, and the  ... 
doi:10.1109/tnb.2006.887943 pmid:17181029 fatcat:6abw4jzwarhkhbexridjdgbigu

Grid interoperability: joining grid information systems

M Flechl, L Field
2008 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The GIN group is a focal point where all the infrastructures can come together to share ideas and experiences on grid interoperation.  ...  Grid interoperation is usually a bilateral activity between two grid infrastructures.  ...  mapping and Hitoshi Sato for implementing it (resulting in the NAREGI/EGEE-translator), and the GIN-Info group for their general support.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/119/6/062030 fatcat:j7cqstws45dbte3okpxn6ekf2a

Large Scale In Silico Screening on Grid Infrastructures [article]

N. Jacq, H.-Y. Chen, L.-Y. Ho, M. Hofmann, H.-C. Lee, Y. Legré, S.-C. Lin, A. Maass, E. Medernach, I. Merelli, L. Milanesi, G. Rastelli (+5 others)
2006 arXiv   pre-print
These achievements demonstrated the relevance of large-scale grid infrastructures for the virtual screening by molecular docking.  ...  This also allowed evaluating the performances of the grid infrastructures and to identify specific issues raised by large-scale deployment.  ...  This work is co-funded by the European Commission through the EGEE and BioinfoGRID projects and the Embrace network of excellence.  ... 
arXiv:cs/0611084v1 fatcat:r6somcqeqbgzrbfdykmqsvzwju

A Loosely Coupled Vision for Computational Grids

I.M. Llorente, R.S. Montero, E. Huedo
2005 IEEE Distributed Systems Online  
Different grid infrastructures are being deployed in the context of growing national and international research projects.  ...  From our point of view, it's debatable whether some of these projects embrace the Grid philosophy, and to what extent.  ...  The Grid philosophy in some existing projects The EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-Science, project is creating a larger production-level grid infrastructure, which provides a new level  ... 
doi:10.1109/mdso.2005.25 fatcat:ehyo6mq7h5clpo7yrjvmftbipq
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