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The Digital Book

Volker Titel
2003 D-Lib Magazine  
Infinitely more exciting, though, is that we are experiencing an information technology revolution and, in fact, a medial revolution without a new medium.  ...  The digital "net-time" still remains a time of the book. Whether the book will be the leading medium within a multimedia society remains to be seen.  ... 
doi:10.1045/october2003-titel fatcat:mkmjsnyk5ve5fhku5yzuhezlb4

Digital Scholarship and Digital Studies: The State of the Discipline

Matthew Kirschenbaum, Sarah Werner
2014 Book History  
List of Digital Resources  ...  The "digital" pedigree that is the ostensible unifying principle for this essay therefore reflects not so much the accidents of medium-the supposed reduction of all knowledge to a lingua franca of ones  ...  Indeed, a number of the projects highlighted at SHARP's 2013 digital showcase were mapping-related. 14 Mapping, you might be thinking to yourself, is not a particularly new activity for book historians  ... 
doi:10.1353/bh.2014.0005 fatcat:4ynohxja6fgmpf6acy36gfnhni

dis-Covering the Early Modern Book: An Experiment in Humanities Computing

Richard Cunningham
2009 Digital Studies  
of the digital medium to implement new theoretical designs" (220).  ...  For Small, the digital native is someone who has "never known a world without computers, twenty-four hour TV news, Internet, and cell phones", while digital immigrants are those of us "who came to the  ... 
doi:10.16995/dscn.101 fatcat:6cahlemskraknhvapsxbeus7ce

Digital humanities and the elusive "thing"

Torsten Andreasen
2014 MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research  
By mapping conceptualisations of the digital as an object of study, a tool and the constitution of new practices, the "thing" is presented from the threefold perspective of access, evidence and control  ...  <p class="p1">The present article examines the current academic encounter with the "thing" of the digital humanities, i.e., with the digital as both a source of crisis and an attempt to control this crisis  ...  Interestingly, this digital revolution hinges on two terms, access and evidence: "massive digital corpora off er us unprecedented access to the literary record and invite, even demand, a new type of evidence  ... 
doi:10.7146/mediekultur.v30i57.16489 fatcat:twitj5nrczarlg5il2wlv4qjy4


2020 Digital Image Systems  
Clearly, there has been an equivalent phenomenon in the perception of digital photography, which led to the idea that digital technologies induced a new medium and system of representation and that photography  ...  The title of the book itself implies a spectatorial alignment on new technologies (the eye is reconfigured), thus evaluating epistemological implications of digital imaging systems, and the idea that photography  ... 
doi:10.14361/9783839439029-006 fatcat:5wxm4tgbejgkzbg5p3bzzmwsde

Revisiting the Emancipatory Potential of Digital Media in Asia – Introduction to the Inaugural Issue of Asiascape: Digital Asia

Florian Schneider, Chris Goto-Jones
2014 Asiascape Digital Asia  
The ubiquity of digital technology in various parts of the world has prompted questions about whether the ability to connect on a near-global scale with potentially billions of users has an emancipatory  ...  This introduction to the inaugural issue of Asiascape: Digital Asia reviews the debates about the impact that digital media have on culture, society, economics, and politics.  ...  In addition, we have included a book review of Richard Rogers' Digital Methods; an appeal to study digitally native content with digital tools.  ... 
doi:10.1163/22142312-12340002 fatcat:dvhw36plh5dznbf6g4rckbqrg4

Book Review - Changing our textual minds: Towards a digital order of knowledge

Jason Boyd
2013 Scholarly and Research Communication  
his goal is to provide a descriptive historical account and comparative analysis of the three inventions and revolutions in the modality of text as materialized in the written, print, and digital mediums  ...  As a counterpart to the "Order of the Book, " the networked digital computer has created a "new kind of information space, " which van der Weel, borrowing a term coined by Ted Nelson, calls the "docuverse  ... 
doi:10.22230/src.2013v4n2a89 fatcat:u6wsr4sgrvblvmaj3r6ixphz3y

Transforming Books: Paper, Metamedia and Digitisation

Andrew Lockett
2016 Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture  
It could be said that 'in a medial sense, one could thus claim, books canonize themselves' (Starre, 86).  ...  Paper was the medium of speed, globalisation, order, ' a precursor to digital in the analog world' (7). It was considered a technology of almost mythical power, a 'universal substance' (63).  ...  Competing Interests The author has no competing interests to declare.  ... 
doi:10.16997/wpcc.223 fatcat:onzraxpydzetjhcna6rljtalp4

Analogue Nostalgia and the Aesthetics of Digital Remediation [chapter]

Dominik Schrey
2014 Media and Nostalgia  
It appears for the first time in a chapter of Marks's book (2002) ; seven years later it reappears in Rombes's Cinema in the Digital Age (2009), though without an explicit reference to Marks.  ...  In the broadest sense, it operates as a strategy of re-enchanting an object through aesthetic de-familiarisation as it is characterised by deliberate imperfection: In the high fidelity medium of digital  ...  A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress.  ... 
doi:10.1057/9781137375889_2 fatcat:no7pmjlu6feglkhiyean73mbky

Defining Digital Theology: Digital Humanities, Digital Religion and the Particular Work of the CODEC Research Centre and Network

Peter Phillips, Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero, Jonas Kurlberg
2019 Open Theology  
The article concludes with a focus on different aspects and definitions of Digital Theology.  ...  The aims of the centre and some of its projects are explored leading to a discussion of CODEC's place within Digital Humanities.  ...  within the information revolution.  ... 
doi:10.1515/opth-2019-0003 fatcat:qdn3rfzegnhhjhc2yip3iub5dm

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Turing Galaxy: on naming the age of the networked digital computer

2007 Contemporanea : Revista de Comunicação e Cultura  
The most commonly used name for our era is that of the 'information society, which is a rather unexpressive and, strictly speaking, tautological term.  ...  Turing, the Turing Machine and the Turing Test, analyses the reception of the concept in a variety of fields of scholarship and asks for its value in the further debate on the knowledge environment of  ...  The digital revolution and its names The digital revolution is not a metaphor, but it is literally a revolution. There were no barricades, still it leaves no social stone unturned.  ... 
doaj:e9b306c561f24165b38eacbde7d19f45 fatcat:sh6xcibavbf4lddwozgqnm6lh4

1. Screen Narrative in the Digital Era [chapter]

Ian Christie, Annie van den Oever, Ian Christie, Annie van den Oever, Annie van der Oever
2018 Stories  
communications revolution.  ...  them from media adaptations or remediations which are unidirectional movements from one medium (book) to another (theater).  ... 
doi:10.1515/9789048537082-003 fatcat:4kwqln7jxzaeniwmrr6o67ycsq

The Digital (Art) Latent in Analogue (Photography)

Transimage Conference, Yanai Toister
2018 Figshare  
What insightful connections can be drawn between the history of photography and today's media habitat? Should they rely exclusively on discourse-modalities like 'analogue' and 'digital'?  ...  This paper develops alternative definitions of photography as a prototypical form of media art.  ...  This relatively obscure quote gained its popularity when Stephen Hawking used a part of it as the title for a book. 5 The word algorithm derives from a Latin term (algorismus) named after Muhammad ibn  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.6104717 fatcat:kpw2sae7gvh43i5lxvvkmpgkra

Digital Classical Philology and the Critical Apparatus [chapter]

Franz Fischer, Monica Berti
2019 Digital Classical Philology  
These may help not only to transpose and vindicate the role of the critical apparatus in a digital environment but also to enhance its original core functionalities.  ...  Within digital scholarship, the critical apparatus tends to be perceived as a sign of methodological inadequacy and technological backwardness.  ...  While other areas within the domain of classical philology have taken advantage of new possibilities offered by the digital medium and even turned out to prosper (as demonstrated by the other contributions  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110599572-012 fatcat:yjc7rl64mbb4deyupxin4k4jb4

Performing 'Readings': The Interplay of Theatre And Digital Comics In Tezuka

Mathias P. Bremgartner
2015 Networking knowledge. Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN  
The article investigates the intriguing interplay of digital comics and live-action elements in a detailed performance analysis of TeZukA (2011) by choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.  ...  In order to verify this argument, the paper uses ideas developed in comics and theatre studies to draw more specifically on the use of digital comics in this particular performance.  ...  The revolution of the medium of comics in terms of form and content, which Scott McCloud has predicted in Reinventing Comics (2001), the follow-up to his influential book Understanding Comics (1993) ,  ... 
doi:10.31165/nk.2015.84.391 fatcat:lqywyloshrcexcrpgruin3vvfa
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