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Editorial: the vision for The Computer Games Journal

John Sutherland, Tony Maude, Malcolm Sutherland
There is more to the industry than selling commercial games for customers' leisure: computer games and the industry's technologies have been used by the medical profession, by schools and by the military  ...  The computer games industry is, and always has been, an industry in rapid flux, with a wide range of products on offer, and which is reliant on a diverse range of technologies and an advanced skill base  ...  The Computer Games Journal will contain more than the standard academic papers.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03392323 fatcat:ljxqloc6wnh3llagbycq3kzahq

The Importance of Computer Games Development in the Computing Curriculum in Schools

Dave Renton
We used to blame this on the fact that only boys play computer games, and therefore only boys want to design games.  ...  They may not all go on to work in the games industry, but those who can really grasp computational thinking and who know how to apply it in code, should in most cases find a job at the end of the rainbow  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40869-015-0016-6 fatcat:ny7mcflaqjhdtkgrk4ssa6qaam

Editorial: Technical Creatives - Teaching Computer Games

Jim Scullion
of The Computer Games Journal contains dissertations and essays by undergraduate computer games students of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).  ...  My concern would be that this apparent lack of interest in playing computer games will be translated into a lack of interest in teaching computer games.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03395963 fatcat:mhss55aidjgrtpzhyjb5xzdwe4

Broadening the Scope and Application for Computer Games Scholarship

John Sutherland
We at the Computer Games Journal would hope that we can offer a place where blue-sky thinking in computer games scholarship is allowed. Why not sit down and pen an open proposal.  ...  We at the Computer Games Journal look forward to hearing from you, and we will keep space available to publish and air your ground-breaking views if anyone wants to discuss the opportunity for being involved  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40869-019-00079-z fatcat:xs26ez2hx5envmqc5ojx42hema

Time to Rethink: A Reflection on the First Five Years of The Computer Games Journal and the Challenges Facing It

Malcolm Sutherland
we are bringing back special editions (we know from our 6 years' experience that many games and other computing students are engaged in exciting, cutting-edge research).  ...  As the founders and editors of this journal, Tony, John and I respect and admire all those games developers, as well as games academics and research project leaders, who take risks and who fear that all  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40869-017-0046-3 fatcat:zczrxzr5szfmnfwpqabxlsg5mu

A Feel for the Game: AI, Computer Games and Perceiving Perception

Marc Ouellette, Steven Conway
2020 Eludamos - Journal for Computer Game Culture  
For Laird and van Lent (2001), in their field defining presentation, the "killer app" of human-level AI was going to be computer games.  ...  Moreover, the VR world extends the progression of game AI that occasioned the love-hate relationship with the "walking sim."  ...  Simply put, we are not asking a computer to do anything it cannot already accomplish. The computational labour is already accounted for within the language of computing.  ... 
doi:10.7557/23.6169 fatcat:fu66mdqs2veqpmorbxlb3dxscm

The Philosophy of Computer Games – Introduction

Jan-Hendrik Bakels
2021 Eludamos - Journal for Computer Game Culture  
The Philosophy of Computer Games—this special issue's topic—might seem in vogue and out of date at the same time.  ...  On the other hand, a renewed turn to computer game aesthetics and especially the turn towards a phenomenology of computer games that has gained some new momentum recently seem to have brought new attention  ...  concerned with the politics of computer gaming.  ... 
doi:10.7557/23.6351 fatcat:kivebp25jrbzxnxqud2onwwjai

On the Philosophy of Computer Games. Special Issue

Jan-Hendrik Bakels, Serjoscha Wiemer
2020 Eludamos - Journal for Computer Game Culture  
The forthcoming edition of Eludamos, Journal for Computer Game Culture ( will focus on the philosophy of computer games. Please send your paper proposals by June 30, 2020.  ...  Approaches to computer game aesthetics, the epistemology of computer games, or the complex subject-object relations unfolding between players, avatars, image and machine are just some of the characteristic  ... 
doi:10.7557/23.6181 fatcat:cblqfbp4dzaebg4jt3eaxhy35m

Special Edition: Games in Higher Education

James TerKeurst
And finally, my thanks to Springer for supporting The Computer Games Journal.  ...  Out of this turmoil, the first glimmer of an idea for this special issue of The Computer Games Journal began to take form (out of necessity and desperation if I'm honest), that games educators needed a  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40869-020-00090-9 fatcat:oukvjmwu7rcprpmdk6y5vhz6zu

Affect and the Computer Game Player: The Effect of Gender, Personality, and Game Reinforcement Structure on Affective Responses to Computer Game-Play

Justin Chumbley, Mark Griffiths
2006 CyberPsychology & Behavior  
Previous research on computer games has tended to concentrate on their more negative effects (e.g., addiction, increased aggression).  ...  skill on the emotional state of the game-player.  ...  computer games?  ... 
doi:10.1089/cpb.2006.9.308 pmid:16780398 fatcat:hupbf3ujorgpzktjpmhsqzrp5e

Book Review: The Ethics of Computer Games by Miguel Sicart

Matthew Geyer Kaplan
2010 Eludamos - Journal for Computer Game Culture  
This review describes The Ethics of Computer Games, a recent academic release by Miguel Sicart.  ...  According to Sicart, the most ethical games are those which take into account the complex subjective role of the player and the game community, and inscribe in the gameplay a kind of ethical system that  ...  in his recent The Ethics of Computer Games (2009) .  ... 
doi:10.7557/23.6122 fatcat:23ae6esfujbdtanvffpz6o4nwa

Applying ethics to modern games development

Nigel McKelvey
The majority of these students were undeterred by the violent content in computer games, and considered aspects such as the graphics, mechanics and storyline as the most appealing aspects of computer games  ...  Data was gathered from 42 computing students across various disciplines and their views/opinions on ethical issues of computer games are presented.  ...  children to play violent computer games.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03392327 fatcat:f46c5onvrvbwdje5p6mj2lphay

Editorial: games, Ghandi and wrecked trains

Mike Reddy
By the time you read this, one of the best computer games degrees in the UK (at the University of Wales Newport) will be no more.  ...  UK Games industry.  ...  The Computer Games Journal 2(1) Candlemas 2013 Reproduction rights owned by The Computer Games Journal Ltd ©2013 4 relevant experience despite the following obstacles: (i)  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03392332 fatcat:ukuwy3szbbf4vnxufddtkky3ui

Designing and Creating a Game Installation

Matthew Whitby
This paper concerns the creation of a game installation set within a room, and explores locative media, mixed reality games and the fourth wall.  ...  A game installation is a game that incorporates the surrounding environment, something that has mostly been explored on a city-wide scale.  ...  that the game would expand beyond the computer screen; this information came as unexpected news in the midst of the game.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40869-017-0039-2 fatcat:4eibm2otdzd6jmyyupz4433lbu

The Typology of Representations in Computer Games

Pawel Grabarczyk
2021 Journal of the Philosophy of Games  
The aim of this paper is to explore how Peirce's trichotomy of symbolic, indexical and iconic representations can be applied to computer games.  ...  I combine all of these distinctions to construct a typology of representations in computer games.  ...  In the last section, I show how the resulting framework could be applied to the analysis of computer games.  ... 
doi:10.5617/jpg.2926 fatcat:riib62lpurfltlgfr6w7l2pmqu
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