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Abstracts of Presentations at the 2015 APS Annual Meeting

2015 Phytopathology  
., Trichoderma virens and T. harzianum) to control damping off caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum in horticultural crops.  ...  Granules applied to soil and plants were shown to increase the population of NTAA in soil by 88% and in corn by 93%, thereby reducing aflatoxin in corn.  ...  Osbeck) to inoculation with Resistance of sweet orange Pera (Citrus sinensis) genotypes to Resistance evaluation of Pera (Citrus sinensis) genotypes to citrus canker in greenhouse conditions Civitas  ... 
doi:10.1094/phyto-105-11-s4.1 pmid:26569162 fatcat:ejmrpsunevhs5f24vdzmcqmphe

Institutions, Livelihoods, and the Environment: Change and Response in Mainland Southeast Asia

Kathleen A. Gillogly, Andrea Straub
2003 Journal of Asian Studies  
Farmers joined co-operatives and worked collectively, getting paid on a work-point system.  ...  of the inscribed material on stone or retained in the local gazetteers on environmental protection in south and southwest China remains to be mapped.  ...  In so doing, NIAS has been publishing books since 1969, with more than one hundred titles produced in the last ten years, most of them in cooperation with Curzon Press.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3591850 fatcat:sqg2sqdiirerjlw3vgz7pl366y

Abstracts of the 10th Conference of the Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering

Danilo Monarca, Massimo Cecchini
2013 Journal of Agricultural Engineering  
Manuscripts should be double spaced with numbered lines and wide margins and should be arranged as follows.  ...  Manuscripts should be saved and submitted as a single WORD file containing the full text, references, tables and figures.  ...  Orange (Citrus sinensis L.) is one of the main fruit crops worldwide and its evergreen orchards may have a great potential for carbon (C) sequestration, but few data are currently available.  ... 
doi:10.4081/jae.2013.s1 fatcat:h7ew2cbv35eozilnpl4acjfv5a

Biological Diversity: Current Status and Conservation Policies [chapter]

Vinod Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Nitin Kamboj, Temin Payum, Pankaj Kumar, Sonika Kumari
2021 Biological Diversity: Current Status and Conservation Policies  
Mention of a trade name, propriety product, or specific equipment does not constitute a guarantee or warranty by the author(s) and editor(s) and does not imply approval of the named product to the exclusion  ...  The views published in the articles are those of authors and not of the editors or publisher.  ...  Acknowledgement Acknowledgement Authors would like to thank scientists, entomologists, naturalists, and other researchers who had contributed much to our understandings on floral and faunal diversity  ... 
doi:10.26832/aesa-2021-bdcp fatcat:xpw5mkfytfceddh7tpauadkjsu

Abstracts of the Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019

2019 Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism  
patterns (transcriptomics) as well as metabolite concentrations changes in urine and blood (metabolomics) and the microorganisms composition on the gut (metagenomics) that are affecting in the onset and  ...  The scientific progress in the different "omics" sciences are permitting the design of individualized customized approaches and clinical management on precision nutrition for personalized health maintenance  ...  1017 The Differences between Emotional Eating in Normal Weight, Thin and Overweight Adolescents in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1026 Investigation and Comparison of Nutrients Supplements Use, Knowledge and  ... 
doi:10.1159/000501751 pmid:31365918 fatcat:u2sqdvtec5dubfameafvnifahe

Vol. 9 No. 4 (2021)

(:Unkn) Unknown, Universität Kassel
Twelve-year-old Valencia orange trees (Citrus sinensis L.  ...  Osbeck) budded on Volkamer lemon rootstock, grown in sandy soil under drip irrigation system were used as plant materials to study the effect of six organic soil amendment treatments on hydrophysical soil  ...  Acknowledgement The authors are grateful to all the researchers cited in this review for their significant and valua¬ble research.  ... 
doi:10.17170/kobra-202201075384 fatcat:yv6eznwqwzbz5dj3dqn6bmkjmq

Flooding responses of riparian eucalypts in the Pilbara region of Western Australia [article]

Rachel Argus
Two different levels of organisation (trees and photo-points) are shown.  ...  sinensis X Poncirus trifoliata, Citrus resnhi (García-Sánchez et al., 2007) ; 3 Acosmium nitens, Campsiandra laurifolia, Eschweilera tenuifolia, Symmeria paniculata, Psidium ovatifolium (Rengifo et al  ... 
doi:10.26182/5b5ab02ed74bb fatcat:cjkldjybizentmvwnl7juvv75m

Abelam land and sustenance : swidden horticulture in an area of high population density, Maprik, New Guinea [article]

David A.M. Lea, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The second part of the thesis which is only one chapter (Chapter 8) attempts to synthesise the material of the first section, and, by comparative methods investigate the problems of the Wosera region where  ...  Chapter 7 discusses diet and the distribution and consumption of food and it is an attempt to integrate and provide a raison d'etre for the previous chapters.  ...  J, One bean from the Vigna sinensis measured 2'5~" in length. 4.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d76356f26f32 fatcat:fkqfecm7mjh5ppmt4g43mtuh34

Subsistence archaeobotany: food production and the agricultural transition in East Timor [article]

Nuno Vasco Oliveira, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The main corpus of this project is based on the recovery, identification, and interpretation of macrobotanical plant remains recovered during two archaeological fieldwork seasons, carried out by the author  ...  East Timor's economy today relies mostly on subsistence farming practices, involving a diversified array of food products from different origins.  ...  Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d6909c919cbe fatcat:gbqtckjijncp7eear2crfivoue