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The School of Pharmacy, University of London: medicines, science and society, 1842–2012'

2013 Pharmaceutical journal (1933)  
Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier  ...  and uses of succinylcholine and of glycyrrhetinic acid.  ...  Some of the key areas of research going on in this period were work by Geoff West on anaphylactic reactions, Mike Rand looking into adrenergic transmission, and George Somers' investigations into the actions  ... 
doi:10.1211/pj.2013.11131442 fatcat:6k6qveihrrf6xdrzuc5yid6rnm

Union Seminary Quarterly Review, volume 48, issue 1-2 (1994)

2021 Union Seminary quarterly review  
of the Messiah.  ...  "Somebodyness and Self-respect: Themes of Dignity in Martin Luther King and Malcolm X" by Garth Baker-Fletcher, 7 3. "Beyond Narratives: Cone's Martin & Malcolm & America" by Rebecca Chopp, 19 4.  ...  As Recorded in Letters and in Print (New York, Washington, Hollywood: Vantage Press, 1966), 11, 20, 930.6. Holden,Blydenofliberia, 21, 22; Lynch,Blyden, 4. 7.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8-1n5h-f749 fatcat:3gmtaworr5hb3djn25pumdwifi

Del espacio a la ciudad. Trayectorias semióticas

Isabella Pezzini
2021 Proceedings of the 14th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS)  
Ninguna parte de esta publicación debe ser reproducida, almacenada en un sistema de recuperación ni transmitida bajo ninguna forma ni por ningún medio, ya sea electrónico, mecánico, de fotocopiado, grabación  ...  Sebeok (2001) argues that semiotics should not be treated as a specialization, and Gregory Bateson (1972: 21-22) views knowledge as "knitted together, or woven, like cloth, and each piece of knowledge  ...  Certainty linked to proof signals a different way of knowing, through a "glance", which acts as a bridge between the event taking place and previous experience (Leibniz 1684) , a summary of stored information  ... 
doi:10.24308/iass-2019-8-027 fatcat:bbyguqpyhfc7tawtlooyjwqc3e

Re-developing, Of Farm Athenaeum And Materialize Automation: Ultimatum And Occasion

Dr. S. K. Narayan, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Chandigarh University, India
Rural athenaeum of SAUs and ICAR organizations have encountered these issues during last 8-10 years.  ...  The principle explanations behind this is by all accounts the mix of negative development in financing, increment in costs of horticultural data assets and important interests in innovation, human asset  ...  ACHIEVEMENTS AND INNOVATIONS  ... 
doi:10.37547/iscrc-intconf01-01 fatcat:kongnnta5fb23fgcjtjsibnpjm

Discourses on liberation and democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa: the cases of Eritrea and Ethiopia

Cirino Hiteng Ofuho
In the last four devades, most of Africa's indigenous non-colonial governments have been confronted by internal wars of liberation in the form of revolutions or of military uprisings and coup de'tats.  ...  Adar, Samuel Decalo, Julius Nyang'oro and many others. In the view of these critics, the past years of Africa's independence appear as the lost decades.  ...  The conference has been mainly regarded both as an event of European diplomatic history, and a part of imperialist expansion in the late nineteenth century that was responsible for the carving up of an  ... 
doi:10.22024/unikent/01.02.85973 fatcat:2ub36tbddbaqlprza2aks4cngy

Intersections and Innovations: Change for Canada's Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector

Phillips, Susan D.; Wyatt, Bob
He served as co-chair of the Joint Regulatory Table during the Voluntary Sector Initiative and has remained active in exploring ways to improve the regulatory regime for Canadian charities.  ...  Much of his current work is focused on creating opportunities for innovation and collaboration and in advancing new thinking and policy approaches within civil society.  ...  and relief, development and housing, law, advocacy and politics, and the environment. 21 Employment in the other category has grown even faster (3.1%). 22 As measured by the Satellite Accounts, jobs  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3-tahk-2147 fatcat:r7qvtyaj6vfjdc3ybwlxkqvteq

PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME & CALL FOR REGISTRATION An international forum for continuous dialogue between researchers and practitioners

Alan Dilani, Eve Sweden, James Grose, Ray Australia, Pentecost, Robert Rust, Rahim Australia, Mohamad, Kate Malaysia, Copeland, John Mcguire, Anthony Australia (+19 others)
2013 unpublished
Acknowledgements This paper is jointly sponsored by Health Infrastructure and NSW Treasury.  ...  Candidates should send their submission digitally to by 15th June 2013.  ...  Earthquake-proofing and the need for a core part of the hospital to still be operational in the face of a natural disaster such as a cyclone further complicated the brief.  ... 

Police Contact in Relation to Crime Perception and Fear of Victimisation

Irena Cajner Mraović, Ksenija Butorac, Branko Lobnikar, Mislav Stjepan Žebec
2018 Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe : From Common Sense to Evidence-based Policy-making   unpublished
limited resources -both on part of us as Beneficiary as well as on part of the International community partners engaged in reform. from the very beginning bosnia and herzegovina has been strongly supporting  ...  period 2017-2021.  ...  in organising the 12th conference on criminal Justice and security in central and eastern europe of the following institutions and organisations: the international biennial conference Criminal Justice  ... 
doi:10.18690/978-961-286-174-2.9 fatcat:vw43kc56czgxhfetwa3qlgnjmq

The Dayanand Anglo-Vedic School of Lahore: A Study of Educational Reform in Colonial Punjab, ca. 1885-1925

Ankur Kakkar
See "Punjab Education Code, 1886-87" in Proceedings of the General Educational Conference held at Lahore in the month of May 1886, (NAI Proceedings, Home (Education), September 1888, 31-118 A), 28.  ...  Provincial Committee, 586-587. 399 "Punjab Education Code, 1886-87" in Proceedings of the General Educational Conference held at Lahore in the month of May 1886, Proceeding Nos. 31-118 A, Home (Education  ...  APPENDIX -I: CONSOLIDATED SCHEME OF STUDIES FOR D.A.V. SCHOOLS Fourth Class Hindi Reading Vyavhara Bhanu, Arya Uddeshya Ratnamalato be committed to memory. Hindi Writing Copied and Dictation.  ... 
doi:10.11588/heidok.00029642 fatcat:kwvjvnpjrbhjjb5pxisnva5i2q

In Trade: Wealthy Business Families in Glasgow and Liverpool, 1870-1930

Emma Elizabeth Goldsmith
2017 unpublished
Her inexhaustible willingness to comment on my writing and improve my ideas has shaped every part of this dissertation, and I owe her many thanks.  ...  This dissertation is rooted in the family papers left behind by these families, and follows their experiences of these turbulent and eventful years.  ...  Regardless, Emma did not 238 LRO 920 MEL 32 6080 Sarah Melly to George Melly, 22 June [1888]. 239 LRO 920 DUR 3/10/2 Anne Holt to Emma Holt, 21 June 1867. have economic incentives like most other women  ... 
doi:10.21985/n28x7z fatcat:uipzmbw2d5bsnhjnryvvvffsmm