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Ternary Matrix Factorization: problem definitions and algorithms

Samuel Maurus, Claudia Plant
2015 Knowledge and Information Systems  
Binary Matrix Factorization (BMF) problem.  ...  Our elegant algorithm FasTer (FASt TERnary Matrix Factorization) has linear run-time complexity with respect to the dimensions of the data set and is parameter-robust.  ...  A Fast Algorithm for Ternary Matrix Factorization In Algorithm 1 we present FasTer, an effective heuristic procedure for FASt TERnary Matrix Factorization with a downloadable C++ implementation 4 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10115-015-0838-3 fatcat:sr4nekck7jdgdi23ogrqqjfdrm

On M-ambiguity of Words corresponding to a Parikh Matrix

Amrita Bhattacharjee
2017 International Journal of Computer Applications  
M-ambiguous words are the problem of Parikh matrix. In this paper an algorithm is introduced to find the M-ambiguous ternary words corresponding to a 4x4 matrix.  ...  The concept of M-ambiguity Reduction factor is introduced. With the help of this M-ambiguity Reduction factor the problem of Mambiguity can be solved to some extent.  ...  USING REDUCTION FACTOR 4.1 Representation of M-ambiguous words by Parikh matrix together with an Mambiguity reduction factor For any word ζ in ternary sequence one can represent c where x i = number of  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2017915439 fatcat:2ubxlir37zeitnod6jfhn4d3sm

Matrix- and tensor-based recommender systems for the discovery of currently unknown inorganic compounds

Atsuto Seko, Hiroyuki Hayashi, Hisashi Kashima, Isao Tanaka
Herein we propose matrix- and tensor-based recommender system approaches to predict currently unknown CRCs from database entries of CRCs.  ...  A Tucker decomposition recommender system shows the best discovery rate of CRCs as the majority of the top 100 recommended ternary and quaternary compositions correspond to CRCs.  ...  Tensor factorization Matrix factorization approaches require that the original data is transformed into a matrix form when the rating depends on three or more factors.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevmaterials.2.013805 fatcat:rrtcqj4vi5frrfv62d7msno2mq

Structure and Mechanical Properties of PP/EPDM/Attapulgite Ternary Blends

Xiang Gao, Li-xin Mao, Ri-guang Jin, Li-qun Zhang, Ming Tian
2007 Polymer journal  
sandbag was formed in PP matrix besides neat EPDM dispersion domain, where EPDM encapsulated fibrillar silicate AT.  ...  PP/EPDM/AT ternary blends showed higher yield strength and dynamic modulus than the corresponding PP/EPDM binary systems due to the reinforcement of AT.  ...  The loss factor of 17 This further proved the ''sea-island'' morphology of the ternary blends as observed afore.  ... 
doi:10.1295/polymj.pj2006166 fatcat:rujdmwnu4faqjfe6wwpp2tgcta


Kanna E.
Anew series of Second Order Rotatable Design is constructed using Balanced Ternary Design of Bhatra charyulu (2006). The existence of the method is proved and illustrated with a suitable example.  ...  Proof : Let N be the incidence matrix of a balanced Ternary Design with BXV parameters V = v, B = b(v-k), R = 2(b-r)+r(v-k), K = k+2 and = (vk)+4(r-).  ...  Design matrix UX is said to be orthogonal, if its XX matrix is a diagonal matrix. But, for second order designs a diagonal moment matrix is impossible.  ... 
doi:10.36106/ijar/8712854 fatcat:jqocarbqvjdt3h4lqkmjm7w54u

Micro- and Macromechanical Properties of a Composite with a Ternary PLA–PCL–TPS Matrix Reinforced with Short Fique Fibers

Mina, González, Muñoz-Vélez
2020 Polymers  
Biocomposites were prepared from a ternary matrix of polylactic acid (PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL), and thermoplastic starch (TPS) and reinforced with native fique fibers from southwestern Colombia.  ...  The experimental results indicated that the interfacial shear strength (IFSS) of the ternary matrix was predominantly influenced by PCL and characterized by the development of a weak interface that failed  ...  properties of the ternary matrix-fique composite.  ... 
doi:10.3390/polym12010058 pmid:31906318 pmcid:PMC7023529 fatcat:o62c3ae4zbckngvzospm3fb45q

TBN: Convolutional Neural Network with Ternary Inputs and Binary Weights [chapter]

Diwen Wan, Fumin Shen, Li Liu, Fan Zhu, Jie Qin, Ling Shao, Heng Tao Shen
2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Based on an accelerated ternary-binary matrix multiplication, TBN replaces the arithmetical operations in standard CNNs with efficient XOR, AND and bitcount operations, and thus provides an optimal tradeoff  ...  In this work, we propose a Ternary-Binary Network (TBN), which provides an efficient approximation to standard CNNs.  ...  Fixed-point Factorized Networks (FFN [53] ) decomposed the weight matrix of pretrained models into two ternary matrices and a non-negative diagonal matrix so that both the computational complexity and  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-01216-8_20 fatcat:xwtyu4v2cnfo5evuwgzlyrruqm

Phononic Localization in Locally Resonant Ternary Thue-Morse and Rudin-Shapiro Structures

Zhizhong Yan, Chunqiu Wei
2017 DEStech Transactions on Materials Science and Engineering  
KEYWORDS: Aperiodic phononic crystal; Local resonance; Transfer matrix method; Wave localization. localization factor is calculated through the transfer matrix method.  ...  The chapter is structured as follows: Section 2 introduces the localization factor based on the transfer matrix method.  ...  Lyapunov exponent p χ is the localization factor.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtmse/smne2016/10547 fatcat:zugry7g5cndvdpcake4cluonlu

Crosstalk between insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptor and integrins through direct integrin binding to IGF1

Yoshikazu Takada, Yoko K. Takada, Masaaki Fujita
2017 Cytokine & growth factor reviews  
It has been generally accepted that integrin cell adhesion receptors are involved in growth factor signaling (integrin-growth factor crosstalk), since antagonists to integrins often suppress growth factor  ...  Partly because integrins have been originally identified as cell adhesion receptors to extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, current models of the crosstalk between IGF1 and integrins propose that ECM ligands  ...  Abbreviations CHO Chinese hamster ovary CSC cancer stem cells ECM extracellular matrix IGF1R insulin-like growth factor type I receptor IGF1 insulin-like growth factor-1 polyHEMA poly-  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cytogfr.2017.01.003 pmid:28190785 pmcid:PMC5401657 fatcat:ty2zaxgubrbaboizlayoqz7cym

Ternary Logic Network Justification Using Transfer Matrices

M. A. Thornton, J. L. Dworak
2013 2013 IEEE 43rd International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic  
The logic network is represented by a matrix that is defined as the "justification" matrix.  ...  It is shown that the justification matrix is simply the transpose of the network transfer matrix and is thus easily obtained through a traversal of the network netlist.  ...  To determine the individual input stimuli, the output vector must be factored.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ismvl.2013.57 dblp:conf/ismvl/ThorntonD13 fatcat:62qliaydsnaqncrxqrc6ywbukm

Identities for the Associator in Alternative Algebras

Murray Bremner, Irvin Hentzel
2002 Journal of symbolic computation  
For the ternary cross product we recover the ternary derivation identity in degree 5 introduced by Filippov.  ...  We determine the identities of degree ≤ 7 satisfied by these three ternary algebras.  ...  referee for suggestions which substantially improved the exposition of this paper, and the editor for bringing to our attention new advanced algorithms for computing the row-canonical form of a large matrix  ... 
doi:10.1006/jsco.2001.0510 fatcat:7jejagf4fvb4tccqoykamgc2ve

New Series for Construction of Second Order Rotatable Designs

N. Ch. Bhatra Charyulu, A. Saheb Shaik, G. Jayasree
2022 European Journal of Mathematics and Statistics  
In this paper, two new seriesfor the construction the same using Binary Ternary Designs were presented with illustrated examples.  ...  EXAMPLE-1: Let N1 be the incidence matrix of a Balanced Incomplete Block Design with parameters v = 4, b = 6, r = 3, k = 2 and λ = 1 and N be the derived incidence matrix of Balanced Ternary Design ) c  ...  EXAMPLE-2: Let N1 be the incidence matrix of a Balanced Incomplete Block Design with parameters v = 4, b = 6, r = 3, k = 2 and λ = 1 and N be the derived incidence matrix of Balanced Ternary Design with  ... 
doi:10.24018/ejmath.2022.3.2.46 fatcat:qegiv2mdovbv3j2fsx7lptxjxa

Effect of ternary addition on discontinuous precipitation kinetics in Pb—Sn alloys

I. Manna, S. K. Pabi
1991 phys stat sol (a)  
Segregation of the ternary clcmcnts at the sweeping reaction fronts appears to retard and ultimately terminatc the discontinuous precipitation proccss at a prematurc stage.  ...  also been considered to be important factors.  ...  Fig. 2 provides a direct comparison of the extent of the D P reaction in terms of the factor ARJR, as a function T,, indicating perhaps that thc cffect of ternary addition is more pronounced at lower  ... 
doi:10.1002/pssa.2211230205 fatcat:figlm5gb2jbqjnfs5bpakwjqw4

Principal component analysis on properties of binary and ternary hydrides and a comparison of metal versus metal hydride properties

Lyci George, Ross Hrubiak, Krishna Rajan, Surendra K. Saxena
2009 Journal of Alloys and Compounds  
Property data which consist of ∼200 compounds (binary and ternary metal hydrides) were analyzed. A comparative study was carried out among the metal properties with that of their hydrides.  ...  Principal component analysis on properties of binary and ternary hydrides and a comparison of metal versus metal hydride properties a b s t r a c t Principal component analysis (PCA) is used to investigate  ...  In SPSS, factor loadings (component matrix) are eigenvector normalized by the square root of its eigenvalue.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2008.11.137 fatcat:7vune5ge4zhrlbslpnjfjipdxe

Imbrie's Q-Mode Factor Analysis Applied to Simultaneous Determination of Individual Amino Acid in Binary and Ternary Mixtures

2000 Analytical Sciences  
alanine-glutamine-threonine ternary mixtures.  ...  of two matrices, 5 where T is a score matrix, P a loading matrix and E a matrix of residuals.  ...  Factor Analysis Applied to Simultaneous Determination of Individual Amino Acid in Binary and Ternary Mixtures Ieda S. SCARMINIO, † Wagner J. BARRETO, Dilson N. ISHIKAWA, Edio L.  ... 
doi:10.2116/analsci.16.1337 fatcat:igyunyhuubfm3ggsq2hboxtphu
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