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Bio-Magnetoplasmonics, Emerging Biomedical Technologies and Beyond

Conrad Rizal
2016 Journal of Nanomedicine Research  
similar manner, it merges bio-nanoplasmonics where biological samples are made to interact with surface plasmonic wave fields, also referred to as evanescent radiation fields.  ...  Rizal is grateful for excellent feedback and comments received from Eric Fullerton, Center for Magnetic Memory Research, UC San Diego, in the USA.  ...  Other new devices with improved performance that could come out of MPs are light polarization rotators and non-reciprocal optical isolators that are essential building blocks in bio-nano-photonics technology  ... 
doi:10.15406/jnmr.2016.03.00059 fatcat:3natcrsf3zbhjjd55fzklirxo4

Biomedical Optical Sensing Using Nano-/Micro-Structured Metamaterials

I. F. Mohamad Ali Nasri, I. Mbomson, G. J. Sharp, R. M. De La Rue, N. P. Johnson, M. Sorel, C. Gauchotte-Lindsay
2019 2019 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON)  
INTRODUCTION Work on optical sensing techniques continues to advance -and optical sensing techniques and related technologies are becoming a well-established approach for, inter alia, applications in biomedical  ...  PLANAR WAVEGUIDE DEVICE STRUCTURES As already said above, the application of various planar technologies has led to the development of a wide variety of different optical device structures that provide  ... 
doi:10.1109/icton.2019.8840143 fatcat:kwklolhwpveuvh76lar3vg67yu

Microstructured optical fibre as biosensor for pathogen detection on DNA-level

B. Seise, A. Csaki, A. Schwuchow, W. Fritzsche, K. Weber, D. Cialla, J. Popp
2012 Biomedical Engineering  
Acknowledgements We thank BMBF project NAWION (FKZ: 16SV5386K, V4MNI014) for financial support.  ...  Microstructured optical fibres serve as innovative optical devices when prepared with well-defined plasmonic layers of metal nanoparticles with different possibilities for their readout.  ...  These microstructured optical fibres can be used as sensors for DNA sensing as demonstrated.  ... 
doi:10.1515/bmt-2012-4136 fatcat:cfllzkxe3rfzfcl3qmjgli22c4

Hybrid Nanoparticle Systems: New Materials for Sensing and Functional Bio-Applications

Seyed Sadeghi
2012 Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology  
The horizon for the research and development of reversibly responsive nanoparticle systems, biological, chemical, physical nanosensors, and optical devices based on functionalities of biomolecules and  ...  The interface between biology and nonmaterial's is an emerging frontier for research and development in science and technology.  ...  The horizon for the research and development of reversibly responsive nanoparticle systems, biological, chemical, physical nanosensors, and optical devices based on functionalities of biomolecules and  ... 
doi:10.4172/2157-7439.1000e105 fatcat:tkklkei2sfes3nkl7hmzuttifu

Focus on magnetoplasmonics

Gaspar Armelles, Alexandre Dmitriev
2014 New Journal of Physics  
activity in various materials, active control of plasmons with weak magnetic fields, magnetoplasmonics-based bio-and chemical sensing, magnetophotonic and magnetoplasmonic crystals as modulators of light  ...  The research in the field deals with the combination of plasmonics and magnetism to elucidate the fundamentals of spinplasmon interactions and reach new functionalities such as the enhancement of magneto-optical  ...  others; active control of plasmons with weak magnetic fields; magnetoplasmonics-based bio-and chemical sensing; and magnetophotonic and magnetoplasmonic crystals as modulators of light transmission and  ... 
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/16/4/045012 fatcat:lruz3mq6sjg6phsfjoihmtt56a

Nanostructured Organic/Hybrid Materials and Components in Miniaturized Optical and Chemical Sensors

Mario Prosa, Margherita Bolognesi, Lucia Fornasari, Gerardo Grasso, Laura Lopez-Sanchez, Franco Marabelli, Stefano Toffanin
2020 Nanomaterials  
With a particular focus on optoelectronic, chemical and plasmonic components for sensing, we highlight that the new concept of having highly-integrated architectures through a system-engineering approach  ...  In the present review we report on the use of nanostructured organic and hybrid compounds in optoelectronic, electrochemical and plasmonic components as constituting elements of miniaturized and easy-to-integrate  ...  Miniaturized and disposable lab-on-a-chip devices have been realized within the European project "PHOTO-FET-Integrated photonic field-effect technology for bio-sensing functional components, Grant Agreement  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano10030480 pmid:32155993 pmcid:PMC7153587 fatcat:zpykmhlrujdstgbobujs4n4oha

Plasmonics – high-speed photonics for co-integration with electronics

Ueli Koch, Christopher Uhl, Horst Hettrich, Yuriy Fedoryshyn, David Moor, Michael Baumann, Claudia Hoessbacher, Wolfgang Heni, Benedikt Baeuerle, Bertold Ian Bitachon, Arne Josten, Masafumi Ayata (+12 others)
2021 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
New high-speed photonic technologies and co-integration with electronics are required to keep up with the demand of future optical communication systems.  ...  In this paper, plasmonics is presented as one of the most promising next-generation photonic technologies that already fulfils these requirements in proof-of-concept demonstrations.  ...  nano-antennas [48] [49] [50] enabled a wide range of technologies for (bio-)sensing, [51] [52] [53] medicine [54] [55] [56] [57] and integrated photonics. 46, 58, 59) In integrated photonics,  ... 
doi:10.35848/1347-4065/abef13 fatcat:ps5xrpma5rc7tpmiencxoffvja

Nanoscale Architectures for Smart Bio-Interfaces: Advances and Challenges [chapter]

Serban F., Sabine Szunerits, Alina Vasilescu, Wolfgang Knoll
2011 Nanofabrication  
development of bio-inspired hybrids.  ...  Lamellar plasmonic nanointerfaces for optical sensing Plasmonics applications include high performance near-field optical microscopy (NSOM), high resolution imaging, targeted drug delivery, biosensors,  ... 
doi:10.5772/28893 fatcat:lkd3h4ilvvhyhfcpq7dxcdhqli

Microfluidics-Based Plasmonic Biosensing System Based on Patterned Plasmonic Nanostructure Arrays

Yanting Liu, Xuming Zhang
2021 Micromachines  
This review aims to summarize the recent advances and progress of plasmonic biosensors based on patterned plasmonic nanostructure arrays that are integrated with microfluidic chips for various biomedical  ...  Meanwhile, microfluidic integration promotes multiplexing opportunities for the plasmonic biosensors in the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/mi12070826 fatcat:zkgm5m4xdnd4bg4ddbvbzuuyue

Utilization of Field Enhancement in Plasmonic Waveguides for Subwavelength Light-Guiding, Polarization Handling, Heating, and Optical Sensing

Daoxin Dai, Hao Wu, Wei Zhang
2015 Materials  
Particularly, the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect has been used very widely for bio-or chemo-sensing owing to its high sensitivity.  ...  There are lots of works on silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguides and devices developed since 2009 [12], which will be reviewed in Section 2.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma8105341 pmid:28793600 pmcid:PMC5455389 fatcat:lx67fug26ffabm5c645u3vni7q

Deep Subwavelength Plasmonic Lasers [article]

Rupert F Oulton, Volker J Sorger, Thomas Zentgraf, Renmin Ma, Christopher Gladden, Lun Dai, Guy Bartal, Xiang Zhang
2009 arXiv   pre-print
in active photonic circuits, bio-sensing and quantum information technology.  ...  Since plasmonic modes have no cut-off, we show down-scaling of the lateral dimensions of both device and optical mode.  ...  in active photonic circuits [18] , bio-sensing [19] and quantum information technology [20] .  ... 
arXiv:0906.4813v1 fatcat:vbpzuaejcrcqvf7ljd2wn5ewdy

Plasmonic nano-arrays for ultrasensitive bio-sensing

Jing Jiang, Xinhao Wang, Shuang Li, Fei Ding, Nantao Li, Shaoyu Meng, Ruifan Li, Jia Qi, Qingjun Liu, Gang Logan Liu
2018 Nanophotonics  
In addition, flexible integration of plasmonics nano-arrays and combining them with electrochemical sensing have significantly enlarged the application scenarios of the plasmonic nano-array sensors, as  ...  Sensing with surface-enhanced field and sensing for refractive index changes are able to identify the analytes quantitatively and qualitatively.  ...  This new technology can lower the complexity of the equipment needed for accurate bio-sensing.  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2018-0023 fatcat:754vbjylkvbmtd63bz4ssywtqy

Hybrid 1D Plasmonic/Photonic Crystals are Responsive to Escherichia Coli [article]

Giuseppe Maria Paterno, Liliana Moscardi, Stefano Donini, Davide Ariodanti, Ilka Kriegel, Maurizio Zani, Emilio Parisini, Francesco Scotognella, Guglielmo Lanzan
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This work demonstrates that our hybrid plasmonic/photonic device can be a low-cost and portable platform for the detection of common contaminants in food and water.  ...  Here, we propose a novel hybrid plasmonic/photonic device that is responsive to Escherichia coli, which is one of the most hazardous pathogenic bacterium.  ...  Acknowledgements Conflict of interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. Keywords Responsive Photonics; Plasmonics; Bacterial contaminants; Antibacterial; Silver  ... 
arXiv:1905.02251v1 fatcat:bwn6llpfsbek3pmes54htrypxm

Design and optimization of compact silicon photonic sensors

Aziz B. Rahman, Souvik Ghosh, Monuko du Plessis
2019 Fifth Conference on Sensors, MEMS, and Electro-Optic Systems  
However, high index contrast also makes the modes in such sensing structures fully hybrid in nature and in such a case, full-vectorial rigorous numerical approaches will be necessary for their design optimization  ...  Similarly, novel planar design concepts, such as the silicon slot guide-based design is showing even greater promise, allowing the exploitation of well-developed CMOS fabrication technologies for potentially  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was supported by City, University of London, UK and in part by Erasmus Mundus AREAS+ Ph.D. fellowship program.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2502509 fatcat:nmamd2hm3ndg7auvd77voai4ua

Light–matter interactions at the nanoscale

Christoph Lienau, Mikhail A Noginov, Marko Lončar
2014 Journal of Optics  
(bio-)sensing.  ...  photovoltaic devices.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2040-8978/16/11/110201 fatcat:6jmb5ltitbeujpshx4twh2qaxq
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