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2020 Index IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Vol. 28

2020 IEEE transactions on fuzzy systems  
., Fan, S., and Shieh, J., An Optimized Type-2 Self-Organizing Fuzzy Logic Controller Applied in Anesthesia for Propofol Dosing to Regulate BIS; TFUZZ June 2020 1062-1072 Weinstein, A., see Veloz, A.,  ...  TFUZZ Jan. 2020 100-111 Wen, J., see Zhong, M., TFUZZ Dec. 2020 3181-3192 Wen, S., see Liu, S., 1329-1343 Wen, S., see Xiao, B., TFUZZ Dec. 2020 3171-3180 Williams, H., see 2691-2701 Wong, P.K.  ...  Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Fuzzy Rough Sets for Big Data. Hyperplane Division in Fuzzy C-Means: Clustering Big Data.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tfuzz.2020.3048828 fatcat:vml5fun6szcqbhpceebk3xfg2u

Picture fuzzy decision-making approach for sustainable last-mile delivery

Libor Svadlenka, Vladimir Simic, Momcilo Dobrodolac, Dragan Lazarevic, Gordana Todorovic
2020 IEEE Access  
[79] applied the target-based hesitant fuzzy linguistic CoCoSo method to solve the personnel selection problem.  ...  Picture fuzzy sets (PFSs) [18] , [19] are direct extensions of fuzzy sets introduced by Zadeh [20] and intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs) proposed by Atanassov [21] .  ...  Since 2015 he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade -Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3039010 fatcat:yu5eebnjt5g3lnnrqwb4psaz4y

Caching Mechanism in Peer-to-Peer Networks through Active XML

Abdullah Alrefae, Eric Pardede, Binh Viet Phan
2012 Journal of Software  
This paper focusses on liveness preservation in inhibitor-arc connection operations.  ...  Furthermore, some criteria are introduced, which are necessary and sufficient for liveness, to determine the liveness of global system by the same ones of local systems.  ...  INTUITIONISTIC FUZZY DOMINANCE-BASED ROUGH SET A.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jsw.7.3.508-515 fatcat:6vlsijzaxjbohh3ti5toew7rmi

High-Performance Computational Early Warning Analysis of Agricultural Economy Relying on Binary Fuzzy Cluster Analysis Algorithm

Fang Tang, Miaochao Chen
2021 Journal of Mathematics  
The definition of interval type-two fuzzy set and its operation are summarized.  ...  The fuzzy clustering centres are modified according to the nature of the fuzzy clustering centre matrix, and the optimal fuzzy clustering centres and optimal fuzzy clustering division matrix with consistent  ...  A comparative analysis with type one fuzzy sets is conducted to verify the superiority of type two fuzzy sets. e set of type two fuzzy sets, the rules of algebraic operations, and the properties of the  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/4281415 fatcat:kxn343r64baahpdaj3zi5gposm

Grey Regulatory Focus Theory Weighting Method for the Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problem in Evaluating University Reputation

Moses Olabhele Esangbedo, Sijun Bai
2019 Symmetry  
of the group DMs, thereby overcoming the limitation of a single orientation measurement.  ...  Furthermore, the GRFT weighting method is applied in ranking four universities in Xi'an city of China from a sample data from 1,200 students.  ...  [51] proposed the grey correlation accurate weighted determining method that combined interval-valued intuitionistic and fuzzy decision-theoretic rough sets in deciding the region for e-commerce development  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym11020230 fatcat:irlzwlwngved3n7sg4bk6ncrvu

Dissolved Gas Analysis Principle-Based Intelligent Approaches to Fault Diagnosis and Decision Making for Large Oil-Immersed Power Transformers: A Survey

Lefeng Cheng, Tao Yu
2018 Energies  
network (ANN), fuzzy theory, rough sets theory (RST), grey system theory (GST), swarm intelligence (SI) algorithms, data mining technology, machine learning (ML), and other intelligent diagnosis tools,  ...  intelligent approaches applied in fault diagnosis and decision making for large oil-immersed power transformers based on dissolved gas analysis (DGA), including expert system (EPS), artificial neural  ...  S is the element set of the matrix A. S G and S W are the grey parameter set and white parameter set in A, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en11040913 fatcat:5abufqmt7rcrlkquxncgxame2m

Evaluating Railway Operation Safety Situation in China Based on an Improved TOPSIS Method: A Regional Perspective

Xu Yan, Qiyuan Peng, Yong Yin, Yongxiang Zhang, Qingwei Zhong, Prakash Ranjitkar
2020 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
Based on the set-pair analysis (SPA) theory and cosine similarity measure (CSM), the comprehensive evaluation values and rankings of the safety situation are first calculated from the distance and trend  ...  In this study, first, six situation indicators are designed from a regional perspective based on the characteristics of railway operation accidents, and the quantitative methods of these indicators are  ...  method under an interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set environment.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/1796132 fatcat:32jb4x4frnafxlm45v552gxs7y

Computational Intelligence Based Complex Adaptive System-of-System Architecture Evolution Strategy [chapter]

Siddhartha Agarwal, Cihan H. Dagli, Louis E. Pape
2015 Complex Systems Design & Management  
To address this issue a negotiation model is proposed which helps the SoS manger to adapt his strategy based on system owners behavior.  ...  A search and rescue mission (SAR) SoS example problem illustrates application of the method.  ...  Besides the multiple waves depend on scenario for simulation and hence different domains may lead to different results.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-26109-6_9 dblp:conf/csdm/AgarwalDP15 fatcat:j3uqb2unfzgl3dsk46d7xjsctu

Investment Risk Assessment of Dispersed Wind Power in Low Wind Speed Area Using a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Environment

Lingyun Liu, Jianli Zhou, Haoxin Dong, Yao Tao, Yunna Wu, Yang Wang
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Second, the hesitant fuzzy linguistic term set with credibility is utilized to collect evaluation information on one hand and to improve the multicriteria decision-making methods involved on the other  ...  An important point is the absence of targeted risk analysis and evaluation methods.  ...  set (FS) [27] can describe the fuzziness of evaluation information, but it cannot adapt to complex evaluation problems based on a single evaluation linguistic variable.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/9481281 fatcat:3agr5gro7nbbdg3aupw4o32hdu

Priority Roles of Stakeholders for Overcoming the Barriers to Implementing Education 4.0: An Integrated Fermatean Fuzzy Entropy-Based CRITIC-CODAS-SORT Approach

Roselyn Gonzales, Rose Mary Almacen, Gamaliel Gonzales, Felix Costan, Decem Suladay, Lynne Enriquez, Emily Costan, Nadine May Atibing, Joerabell Lourdes Aro, Samantha Shane Evangelista, Fatima Maturan, Egberto Selerio (+2 others)
2022 Complexity  
To this end, an integrated entropy-based CRITIC-CODAS-SORT under a Fermatean fuzzy (FF) environment addresses epistemic uncertainties inherent in decision-making.  ...  An extension of the fuzzy set theory was introduced by Atanassov [24] , which is the intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS).  ...  the intuitionistic fuzzy set [24] or the Pythagorean fuzzy set [25] . is particular argument on epistemic uncertainties has been repeatedly mentioned in several other works in the field of management  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/7436256 fatcat:tae72msgbbfrrmsrfivtd36yee

Neutrosophic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for IoT-Based Enterprises

Nada A. Nabeeh, Mohamed Abdel-Basset, Haitham A. El-Ghareeb, Ahmed Aboelfetouh
2019 IEEE Access  
The recommended alternatives are presented based on neutrosophic techniques satisfying the estimated influential factors for a successful enterprise.  ...  INDEX TERMS Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), analytical hierarchal Process (AHP), neutrosophic sets, Internet of Things (IoT).  ...  Fuzzy and AHP methods are applied on a rule based decision support mechanism for evaluating the IoT influential factors [4] The expansion of classical AHP with fuzzy methods is convenient with MCDM environment  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2908919 fatcat:siqsaoceqrbqji46j5hzvey3ky

Visible Light-Assisted Soft-Chemistry Route to Silver Nanomaterials at Room Temperature

Yi Wu, Xin Liu, Zi Huang, Xiang Fei He, Xi Yang, Qing Li
2019 Key Engineering Materials  
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were synthesizd by a light-assisted liquid phase reduction method with sodium hypophosphite as a reducing agent. DTAB was used to perform as the surfactant.  ...  The effect of temperature on the morphology and properties of silver nanoparticles was investigated.  ...  Thus, fuzzy MCDM methods are very suitable but depending on the set which is used during MCDM process, the priorities can change based on the method and fuzzy sets.  ... 
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:xara5sxzf5fsvbib2dy6vrl7j4

3 Coevolutionary Fuzzy Modeling [chapter]

Carlos Andrés Peña Reyes
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The high computational cost is related to the operations required to compute the center of areas of the fuzzy sets, i.e., two integrals or sums and one division for each inference. TSK fuzzy systems.  ...  based on Fuzzy CoCo.  ...  However, this process usually involves many smaller modules whose design could well take advantage of the main modeling features of Fuzzy CoCo: highperformance, data-based, and interpretability-oriented  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30118-9_3 fatcat:hbgmn3lfhff2lafkkghyglm56a

Sliver Removal in Object-Based Change Detection from VHR Satellite Images

Luigi Barazzetti
2016 Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing  
Acknowledgment The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the many valuable suggestions made by Najmeh Neisani Samani, assistant professor at Tehran University.  ...  Ordered weighted average based fuzzy rough sets, Gruen, A., and H. Li, 1995.  ...  Model of consensus in group decision making under linguistic assessments, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 78:73-87. Hinz, S., and A. Baumgartner, 2003.  ... 
doi:10.14358/pers.82.2.161 fatcat:b2n5myfsp5cariggcod6iiuzau

Analysis of Aperture Shape Changing Trend Base on the Shaped Charge Jet Penetration through the Steel Target [chapter]

Junqing Huang, Yalong Ma, Kelei Huang, Jianxun Zhao
2012 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
Abstract: Based on the characteristic of the linear shaped charge and the theory of jet penetration target, a method, which adopts explicit dynamic analyzing program AUTODYN to simulate the process of  ...  Based on system virtualization technology and software routing methods, the platform has the function of real network infrastructure, can build the target network according to simulation task rapidly.  ...  MoB6-a- MoB6 MoB6-b-2 An approach of Targets Selection in the Battle of Attacking Targets S-o-S Wrecked MoB6-b-3 Evaluation of Injure Effect Based on Pixel Simulation Dengan CHEN 1 , Guowei WANG  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34384-1_2 fatcat:xvp3o6agk5hxpmbjptnthxiz5m
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