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Taming the Wild West of Arbitration Ethics

2012 Kansas Law Review  
Taming the Wild West of Arbitration Ethics Kristen M. Blankley * I.  ...  2012] TAMING THE WILD WEST OF ARBITRATION ETHICS 933 III.  ... 
doi:10.17161/1808.20194 fatcat:222g42vk3zddho5lb5lfh5t52m

Taming the Wild West: Online Excesses, Reactions and Overreactions

Catherine J. Ross
2016 Social Science Research Network  
Police officers and prosecutors are unresponsive even when a statute appears applicable to the offense (which is not always the case), and they often do not even know 2016] TAMING THE WILD WEST 269 the  ...  The latter argue that cyber speech performs multiple and 15 2016] TAMING THE WILD WEST 271 incomparable critical roles in promoting "work, play, and expression." 20 Citron takes the reasonable position  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2782646 fatcat:zzunkinyazbofka5tq45bwm6ju

Taming the Wild West of Organoids, Enteroids, and Mini-Guts

Jason R. Spence
2018 Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology  
As with any new technology, the initial phase of the organoid era seems to have begun to settle down and has now transitioned to a stage in which the technology becomes a standard in the field.  ...  For example, in the intestine, a perturbation to the epithelium may elicit an immune response; however, it is difficult to determine if this response is a direct result of the epithelial perturbation,  ...  Conflicts of interest The author discloses no conflicts.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcmgh.2017.11.003 pmid:29693042 pmcid:PMC5904044 fatcat:lqtyqt7bxjazzg7vl7yefj5ini

Taming the wild west of business coaching training: An emerging conceptual framework

Jeanette Maritz
2013 Acta Commercii  
Data were analysed using a thematic approach.Main findings: The findings were conceptualised and described in terms of the business coach educator as a role model and facilitator of learning, the business  ...  coach learner as an adult learner and the educational context.  ...  (University of South Africa) was responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of the research.  ... 
doi:10.4102/ac.v13i1.174 fatcat:cinamvcogve5bn6li7aoz4isme

Polski Dziki Zachód: Przymusowe migracje i kulturowe oswajanie Nadorza 1945–1948 [The Polish Wild West: Compulsory Migrations and the Taming of Nadorza]

James Bjork
2016 The Polish Review  
life the "taming" (oswajanie) of these lands by their new inhabitants.  ...  Appreciating the power of that link between the personal and the national is no doubt crucial to understanding why the resettlement of Poland's "Wild West" was, despite all of the accompanying traumas  ... 
doi:10.5406/polishreview.61.4.0110 fatcat:huwmuzfid5cifeudn6ninbyity

Page 353 of None Vol. 31, Issue 3 [page]

1914 None  
Vol, XXX1] Waricut, Early Records of the Wild Turkey. 353 wild nature and make them as tame and domestic as the others.  ...  “Of wild fowl kind, there are wild turkeys, though but few of them upon the island (St. Simons), but plenty upon the main.  ... 

Page 539 of Friends Review; A Religious, Literary and Miscellaneous Journal Vol. 12, Issue 34 [page]

1859 Friends Review; A Religious, Literary and Miscellaneous Journal  
The tame swan is one of the most silent of all birds, and the wild one has a note extremely loud and disagreeable.  ...  The tame swan is well known for its stateliness and bril- liant white, but the wild swan, or Hooper, ( Anas cygnus), is distinguished from the tame = cies by having the cere, or naked skin at the base  ... 

Page 932 of JAMA Dermatology Vol. 23, Issue 5 [page]

1931 JAMA Dermatology  
that the disease was acquired from tame rabbits.  ...  In the West, where wild rabbits are not ordinarily protected by law, and where apparently a large proportion of the cases have been due to bites by flies and wood- ticks, cases are reported during practically  ... 

Page 835 of Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls Vol. 13, Issue 11 [page]

1886 Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls  
The great price which the rare animals brought well paid the man for all his trouble. Any of the grazing and browsing animals which live in the Far West may easily be tamed if they are caught young.  ...  HEAD OF A even in the Far West; but they were much greater curiosities when their owner took them to the Eastern States,—for I doubt if a tame bighorn sheep had ever before been seen in an American city  ... 

Page 701 of The Westminster Review Vol. 178, Issue 6 [page]

1912 The Westminster Review  
, gradu- ally the tame pig reverted to the form of the wild boar, its ancestor.  ...  Now, in the process of time, some of the tame pigs introduced in the New World escaped into the wilds, with the result that in a compara- tively short time they reverted in characters to the wild boar  ... 

Page 400 of American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine Vol. 4, Issue 8 [page]

1833 American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine  
The wild bull inhabits the forest of Washitaw, which lies on the west side of the Mississippi river, extending from the territory of Ar- kansas into the state of Louisiana—three hundred miles in length  ...  , from north to south, and one hundred miles in width, from east to west.  ... 

Page 396 of Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls Vol. 5, Issue 6 [page]

1878 Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls  
settlers moved out toward the west.  ...  396 THE THE WILD MUSTANG. WILD MUSTANG. By CHARLES BARNARD. ALL the horses we see in the streets, or along the country roads, are tame.  ... 

Page 54 of Monthly Visitor and Entertaining Pocket Companion Vol. 12, Issue [page]

1801 Monthly Visitor and Entertaining Pocket Companion  
Wild horses are found in the country lying around the lake Aral; on the river Tom, in the southern part of Siberia ; in the great Mong alian deserts, and among the Kalkas, north-west of China.  ...  THE MONTHLY VISITOR. The horse, like the other tame animals, has, no doubt, been originally domesticated by human art. Wild horses are still found in various parts of the world.  ... 

Page 363 of Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine Vol. 14, Issue 4 [page]

1875 Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine  
If every wild sheep inhabiting the Sierra were to put on tame wool, probably only a few would survive the dangers of a single season.  ...  I have been offering samples of mount- ain wool to my friends, demanding in return that the fineness of wildness be fairly recognized and confessed, but the returns are deplorably tame.  ... 

Page 763 of The North American Review Vol. 162, Issue 6 [page]

1896 The North American Review  
Wild Traits in Tame Animais—V.., : Rogers. JosepH M. Men Who Might tiave Been Presidents, 558. Rome, The oxy -Sorepere of, 705. RomMERO, M. be Philosophy of the Mexican a, 33.  ...  Tame Animals, Wild Traits in—V ., 607. “Eee HANNIs. England's Colonial m pire TaY.or, H. GC. Isaues of Peace and War —The Study of War, i81 Telescope, The Newest, 215. TELLER, H. M. The Loyal!  ... 
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