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Central retinal artery occlusion resembling Purtscher-like retinopathy

Takuji Kurimoto, Norio Okamoto, Hidehiro Oku, Kanbara, Etomi, Masahiro Tonari, Tsunehiko Ikeda
2011 Clinical Ophthalmology  
This paper reports three cases of central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) with Purtscher-like retinopathy and good recovery of visual function. The three cases of CRAO had similar fundus changes, ie, cotton wool patches surrounding the optic disc and whitening of the retina surrounding the fovea with a cherry red spot. Fluorescein angiography showed a delay of arm-to-retina circulation time and a partial defect of choroid circulation. Although the three cases were treated by different regimens
more » ... f steroid pulse therapy and antiplatelet therapy, visual function recovered well and all disturbances of the retinal and choroid circulations resolved. Although eyes with a CRAO normally have a poor visual prognosis, our three cases responded well to the treatments and recovered good visual function. Thus, cases showing fundus changes similar to our three cases may have a pathogenesis different from that of a complete CRAO.
doi:10.2147/opth.s22786 pmid:21847341 pmcid:PMC3155274 fatcat:3lobogu4avgavalgdbf4sgqcxu

Development of Alanine Dose-reader

Yasuyuki HARUYAMA, Takuji KOJIMA, Hiroyuki TACHIBANA, Takashi AGEMATSU, Jiro OKAMOTO, Hidemoto HARA
., Okamoto, J., Hara, H. and Ya- Table 1 Characteristics 1 of ESR part of the alanine dose-reader  ... 
doi:10.3769/radioisotopes.42.445 fatcat:5oqfvn4kpbfjtkdh7gdjecfqwe

Preparation of Porous Chitosan-Siloxane Hybrids Coated with Hydroxyapatite Particles

Yuki Shirosaki, Kohei Okamoto, Satoshi Hayakawa, Akiyoshi Osaka, Takuji Asano
2015 BioMed Research International  
This paper describes the apatite deposition of chitosan-silicate porous hybrids derived from chitosan andγ-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPTMS) in alkaline phosphate solution. The preparation of porous hybrids with needle-like apatite on their surfaces is described. Following apatite deposition the porous hybrids maintained high porosity. The enzymatic degradation rate was low even after 6 months and the porous hybrids were very flexible and cut easily using surgical scissors.
doi:10.1155/2015/392940 pmid:26078948 pmcid:PMC4452833 fatcat:fbhqoyg6vreijnq3ydy2ueg5my

Endoscopic bronchial occlusion with silicone spigots under virtual bronchoscopic navigation

Manabu Hayama, Shingo Sato, Takayuki Shiroyama, Takuji Nishida, Takashi Nishihara, Norio Okamoto
2016 Respirology Case Reports  
A 68-year-old woman with interstitial lung disease related to dermatomyositis and systemic scleroderma was admitted to our hospital with fever and dyspnoea. Although the fever was reduced after antibiotic therapy, a left pneumothorax suddenly occurred on day 27 after admission. A continuous air leak persisted despite chest drainage with three tubes and repeated pleurodesis. Chest computed tomography (CT) images showed a cavitary lesion with a pinhole in the left upper division, which was
more » ... ed to be the affected lesion with the air leak. Virtual bronchoscopic navigation images were constructed from CT data. Bronchial occlusion with Endobronchial Watanabe Spigots (EWSs) was performed on day 52. Two medium-sized EWSs were inserted into the left B1 + 2a and B1 + 2b, and the air leak stopped immediately. No procedure-related adverse events occurred. All three chest tubes were successfully removed by day 60. This case demonstrates that virtual bronchoscopic navigation can improve bronchial occlusion procedures using EWSs.
doi:10.1002/rcr2.157 pmid:27512560 pmcid:PMC4969844 fatcat:rj2u5jieo5f2hjhjlxaliyi3zu

Features of Japanese juvenile spondyloarthritis patients in our hospital

Nami Okamoto, Keisuke Shindo, Kosuke Shabana, Takuji Murata, Hiroshi Tamai
2014 Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal  
Published: 17 September 2014 doi:10.1186/1546-0096-12-S1-P222 Cite this article as: Okamoto et al.: Features of Japanese juvenile spondyloarthritis patients in our hospital.  ...  hope that survey on juvenile SpA advances since now and pathology of HLA-B27 negative patients will be disclosed all over the world. pediatric, Osaka Medical College, Takatsuki-city, Japan © 2014 Okamoto  ... 
doi:10.1186/1546-0096-12-s1-p222 pmcid:PMC4191278 fatcat:ytef2qrmnjctlevxxmuuuhavy4


Yoshitake YAMAMOTO, Hisao OKA, Takuji OKAMOTO, Tatsuma YAMAMOTO, Kazuaki ZIKUYA, Ken AKASHI, Fukumi HIRAGAMI
1990 Biomechanisms  
GAIT ANALYSIS BASED ON LOWER LEG ELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE Yoshitake YAMAMOTO * , Hisao OKA * , Takuji OKAMOTO * , Tatsuma YAMAMOTO * , Kazuaki ZIKUYA ** , Ken AKASHI ** and Fukumi HIRAGAMI * * * * 劭 c 祕 吃  ... 
doi:10.3951/biomechanisms.10.173 fatcat:agej4mfwlbabrc3ghrhgpxr77y

Experimental Assimilation of the GPMCore ObservatoryDPR Reflectivity Profiles for Typhoon Halong (2014)

Kozo Okamoto, Kazumasa Aonashi, Takuji Kubota, Tomoko Tashima
2016 Monthly Weather Review  
assimilate radiance data affected by clouds and precipitation with advancements of data assimilation systems and NWP models (McNally 2009; Bauer et al. 2010; Geer et al. 2010; Martinet et al. 2013; Okamoto  ...  From our experience of operational radiance assimilation development (Okamoto et al. 2005) and other previous studies (e.g., Dee 2005), however, cycled assimilation using a biased model resulted in imbalanced  ... 
doi:10.1175/mwr-d-15-0399.1 fatcat:s6a6pdfvpzc7xeczhr5nzmywnq

Transcorneal electrical stimulation improves visual function in eyes with branch retinal artery occlusion

Takuji Kurimoto, Shinichirou Oono, Ryousuke Kashimoto, Yuichi Tagami, Norio Okamoto, Osamu Mimura
2011 Clinical Ophthalmology  
Purpose: To investigate the effects of transcorneal electrical stimulation (TES) on eyes that have a branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO). Subjects and method: We studied two eyes having a BRAO, with an interval between the onset of symptoms and the beginning of treatment of .16 weeks (longstanding cases), and in three eyes with an interval of ,16 weeks (fresh cases). The visual functions of the eyes were assessed by the best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), multifocal electroretinograms
more » ... s), and automated static perimetry with the Humphrey field analyzer (HFA). The mfERGs were recorded before and 1 month after the TES, and perimetry with the HFA was done before and at 1 and 3 months after the TES. The amplitudes and implicit times of the N1, P1, and N2 components of the mfERGs were analyzed. Results: TES did not alter the BCVA significantly in all eyes, but it led to a significant increase in the amplitude of the N2 wave of the mfERGs (P , 0.01). The amplitude of the N1-P1 was also increased but not significantly. The implicit times of N1 (P , 0.01) and P1 (P , 0.05) were significantly shorter than that before the TES. The mean deviation of the HFA was increased after the TES but only in the longstanding cases. Conclusion: Our results indicate that TES improves the visual function in eyes with BRAO, mainly in longstanding cases.
doi:10.2147/opth.s17751 pmid:21499563 pmcid:PMC3076113 fatcat:c6preycngrb2phwve34whowq2m

Survival Analysis of Patients with Interval Cancer Undergoing Gastric Cancer Screening by Endoscopy

Chisato Hamashima, Michiko Shabana, Mikizo Okamoto, Yoneatsu Osaki, Takuji Kishimoto, John Green
2015 PLoS ONE  
Aims Interval cancer is a key factor that influences the effectiveness of a cancer screening program. To evaluate the impact of interval cancer on the effectiveness of endoscopic screening, the survival rates of patients with interval cancer were analyzed. Methods We performed gastric cancer-specific and all-causes survival analyses of patients with screen-detected cancer and patients with interval cancer in the endoscopic screening group and radiographic screening group using the Kaplan-Meier
more » ... ethod. Since the screening interval was 1 year, interval cancer was defined as gastric cancer detected within 1 year after a negative result. A Cox proportional hazards model was used to investigate the risk factors associated with gastric cancer-specific and all-causes death. Results A total of 1,493 gastric cancer patients (endoscopic screening group: n = 347; radiographic screening group: n = 166; outpatient group: n = 980) were identified from the Tottori Cancer Registry from 2001 to 2008. The gastric cancer-specific survival rates were higher in the endoscopic screening group than in the radiographic screening group and the outpatients group. In the endoscopic screening group, the gastric cancer-specific survival rate of the patients with screen-detected cancer and the patients with interval cancer were nearly equal (P = 0.869). In the radiographic screening group, the gastric cancer-specific survival rate of the patients with screen-detected cancer was higher than that of the patients with interval cancer (P = 0.009). For gastric cancer-specific death, the hazard ratio of interval cancer in the endoscopic screening group was 0.216 for gastric cancer death (95%CI: 0.054-0.868) compared with the outpatient group.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126796 pmid:26023768 pmcid:PMC4449213 fatcat:fdldj4vgvzhxxcesex5fnlay2q

Percy Williams Bridgman Papers
23pZM-7 ブリッジマン資料

2000 Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan (Nihon Butsuri Gakkai koen gaiyoshu)  
doi:10.11316/jpsgaiyo. fatcat:5qezbjjtdrbhxjtqjhiivsybbi

Musculoskeletal ultrasound findings of articular manifestations on juvenile primary sjogren's syndrome

Kosuke Shabana, Nami Okamoto, Keisuke Shindo, Takuji Murata, Hiroshi Tamai, Kenta Fujiwara
2014 Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal  
doi:10.1186/1546-0096-12-s1-p37 pmcid:PMC4184226 fatcat:ddtdd2aovzauhbqlfsfwzjk42i

Residual order in the thermal oxide of a fully strained SiGe alloy on Si

Takayoshi Shimura, Yuki Okamoto, Tomoyuki Inoue, Takuji Hosoi, Heiji Watanabe
2010 Physical Review B  
doi:10.1103/physrevb.81.033308 fatcat:b23f6hrdrzdjzj5jssy2zu3r4y

Diagnosis and Management of Periodic fever with Aphtous Pharyngitis and Adenitis (PFAPA)

Takuji MURATA, Nami OKAMOTO, Toshio SHIMIZU, Hiroshi TAMAI
2007 Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology  
美 1 ,清 水 俊 男 2 ,玉 井 浩 1 Diagnosis and Management of Periodic fever with Aphtous Pharyngitis and Adenitis (PFAPA)  1 大阪医科大学小児科  2 阪和住吉総合病院小児科 特集Autoin‰ammatory syndrome の新たなる展開と治療法の確立 総 説 Takuji  ...  MURATA 1 , Nami OKAMOTO 1 , Toshio SHIMIZU 2 and Hiroshi TAMAI 1  1 Department of Pediatrics, Osaka Medical College  2 Department of Pediatrics, Hanwa Sumiyoshi General Hospital (Received February  ... 
doi:10.2177/jsci.30.101 pmid:17473512 fatcat:dhf6rexbf5bankugotyf776qca

Evaluating cloud microphysics from NICAM against CloudSat and CALIPSO

Tempei Hashino, Masaki Satoh, Yuichiro Hagihara, Takuji Kubota, Toshihisa Matsui, Tomoe Nasuno, Hajime Okamoto
2013 Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres  
Okamoto, 2006; Okamoto et al., 2010] .  ...  , 2006; Okamoto et al., 2010] .  ... 
doi:10.1002/jgrd.50564 fatcat:3iht2676cjhl5pf5lof6i6afca

Transcorneal electrical stimulation increases chorioretinal blood flow in normal human subjects

Takuji Kurimoto, Shinichirou Oono, Hidehiro Oku, Yuichi Tagami, Ryosuke Kashimoto, Masashi Takata, Norio Okamoto, Tsunehiko Ikeda, Osamu Mimura
2010 Clinical Ophthalmology  
The aim of this article is to investigate the effect of transcorneal electrical stimulation (TES) on chorioretinal blood flow in healthy human subjects. The chorioretinal blood flow of 10 healthy subjects was measured before and after TES by laser speckle flowgraphy and expressed as the square blur rate (SBR). The chorioretinal blood flow was determined before and immediately after TES and 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 24, and 40 h after TES in three different areas: the margin of the optic disc, a
more » ... int located midway between the optic disc and macula, and the macula area. The SBR of the stimulated eye is expressed relative to the value of the fellow eye. The mean standardized blur ratio was calculated as the ratio of the standardized SBR to the baseline SBR. The changes of intraocular pressure (IOP), blood pressure (BP), and pulse rate (PR) were determined after each measurement of the SBR. The ocular perfusion pressure (OPP) was calculated from BP and IOP. The mean standardized blur ratio at the optic disc did not change significantly throughout the course of the experiment. However, the mean standardized blur ratio midway between the optic disc and macula and at the macula area were significantly higher after TES than that after sham stimulation at 3 and 24 h (P < 0.05, P < 0.01, respectively). At all times, the mean BP, PR, IOP, and OPP were not significantly different from the prestimulation values. TES increases the chorioretinal blood flow in normal subjects with minimal effects on the systemic blood circulation and the IOP. The increase in chorioretinal blood flow may be one of the beneficial effects that TES has on ischemic retinal diseases.
doi:10.2147/opth.s14573 pmid:21188156 pmcid:PMC3000770 fatcat:s2brawn6cresfbjgkvsthrruze
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