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Returning Souls by Hu Tai-Li

Kate Hennessy
2013 American Anthropologist  
Tai-Li, dir. 85 min.  ...  (Photo by Hu Tai-Li) county of Hualien and their almost decade-long efforts to bring the souls of their ancestors back to the village from the Institute of Ethnography, Academia Sinica, in Taipei.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1548-1433.2012.01548.x fatcat:qknf23hhafe2dfhunscawf2lke

A Review of Hu Tai-li's Documentary Educational Resources Series

2008 American Anthropologist  
Hu Tai-li, dir. 58 min. Watertown, MA: Documentary Edu- cational Resources, 1989.  ...  The films in the filmmaker, Hu Tai-li. The films were ining with her first film in 1985.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1548-1433.2008.00030.x fatcat:cnib3f3kondzpdgpnvg2yd424m


Trương Thị Hồng Minh, Nguyễn Văn Sơn
2022 Y học Việt Nam  
Mục tiêu: Đánh giá kết quả điều trị hội chứng thận tiên phát ở trẻ em tại Thái Nguyên.  ...  Tỷ lệ bệnh nhân tái phát chủ yếu ở nhóm hội chứng thận tiên phát kết hợp.  ...  Tỷ lệ bệnh nhân tái phát chủ yếu ở nhóm hội chứng thận tiên phát kết hợp. Từ khóa: Trẻ em, hội chứng thận tiên phát, điều trị nữ).  ... 
doi:10.51298/vmj.v508i2.1661 fatcat:6ow7nbgivfcxlpbss5rezj7nwq

hu-li tai shao, a gene required for ring canal formation during Drosophila oogenesis, encodes a homolog of adducin

L Yue, A C Spradling
1992 Genes & Development  
Drosophila females bearing mutations in a previously undescribed gene, hu-li tai shao [(hts) too little nursing], produced egg chambers that contained fewer than the normal 15 nurse cells and that usually  ...  Because no previously described gene with such properties had been mapped to this chromosomal region, we named the locus hu-li tai s hao (hts), which means "too little nursing" in Chinese.  ...  Results hu-li tai shao females produce egg chambers with few nurse cells Three allelic female sterile mutations that disrupted ovarian cyst formation were isolated in single P-element insertional mutagenesis  ... 
doi:10.1101/gad.6.12b.2443 pmid:1340461 fatcat:6gxh7zi7f5c25hjafhnu6q4dcq

Đặc điểm bệnh răng miệng ở trẻ mắc hội chứng thận hư tiên phát tại Bệnh viện Nhi Trung ương

Lương Minh Hằng, Tống Minh Sơn, Trần Huy Thịnh, Phạm Tuệ Minh, Đinh Việt Hà, Khuất Thu Hương, Mai Thị Giang Thanh
2021 Tap chi nghien cuu y hoc  
Nghiên cứu này nhằm mục đích mô tả các bệnh răng miệng của trẻ mắc hội chứng thận tiên phát tại bệnh viện Nhi Trung ương. Phương pháp nghiên cứu mô tả cắt ngang được thực hiện ở 407 trẻ.  ...  Theo y văn, những trẻ mắc hội chứng thận có sự tác động phá hủy mô cứng và các tổ chức quanh răng khi sử dụng kéo dài các loại thuốc trong điều trị bệnh.  ...  Tại Việt Nam hiện tại chưa có nhiều nghiên cứu đề cập đến tình trạng răng miệng ở trẻ mắc hội chứng thận tiên phát (HCTHTP).  ... 
doi:10.52852/tcncyh.v142i6.174 fatcat:xbgyhnirtjh6jpxdcmqi6wdlvy

Different 3' untranslated regions target alternatively processed hu-li tai shao (hts) transcripts to distinct cytoplasmic locations during Drosophila oogenesis

K L Whittaker, D Ding, W W Fisher, H D Lipshitz
1999 Journal of Cell Science  
Alternative processing of transcripts produced in the Drosophila ovary by the hu-li tai shao (hts) locus introduces distinct 3' untranslated regions (3'UTRs) that differentially localize the mRNAs.  ...  At stage 11 these transcripts are Exon organization of hu-li tai shao (hts) cDNAs. The hts genomic region covers approximately 27 kb.  ...  Alternative processing of transcripts produced in the Drosophila ovary by the hu-li tai shao (hts) locus introduces distinct 3′ untranslated regions (3′UTRs) that differentially localize the mRNAs.  ... 
pmid:10504343 fatcat:k6b7bw4vrvg5zo3wernw3soila

Spatiotemporal Distribution of Eutrophication in Lake Tai as Affected by Wind

Wenhui Zhang, Qiujin Xu, Xixi Wang, Xiaozhen Hu, Cheng Wang, Yan Pang, Yanbin Hu, Yang Zhao, Xiao Zhao
2017 Water  
The objective of this study was to use long-term data to examine how wind direction and wind speed affect the spatiotemporal variations of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and Chl-a in Lake Tai  ...  The results indicated that the concentrations of nutrients and Chl-a tended to decrease from the northwest to the southeast of Lake Tai, with the highest concentrations in the two leeward bays (namely  ...  Materials and Methods Lake Tai Lake Tai (also known as Lake Taihu) ( Figure 1 ) is located in east China, through which the lower reach of the Yangtze River meanders.  ... 
doi:10.3390/w9030200 fatcat:2zrdyjrfebdtln2jm5md5onk7i

The Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Water Quality and Main Controlling Factors of Algal Blooms in Tai Lake, China

Ruichen Xu, Yong Pang, Zhibing Hu, Xiaoyan Hu
2022 Sustainability  
Taking Tai Lake in China as the research area, a 3D water environment mathematical model was built.  ...  This proves that TN in Tai Lake is more stable and much easier to treat than TP [36] . In general, the 3D water environment mathematical model simulates Tai Lake well.  ...  (Numbers 1-30 represents the main inflow and outflow rivers from tai lake).  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14095710 fatcat:io2u2atninhxvn5fridfxgp4k4

The Urban Blight Costs in Taiwan

Chich-Ping Hu, Tai-Shan Hu, Peilei Fan, Hai-Ping Lin
2020 Sustainability  
Urban blight is not only an eyesore for city residents, but also a threat to health, psychological well-being, and safety. It not only represents substantial economic decline, but also spreads through urban space. As well as the loss of personal property value, urban blight also harms public interests in the public domain. This study finds that danger and age are the two main factors of urban blight. Ignoring these two factors causes housing prices to fall. The decline in population due to
more » ... term economic stagnation and the exodus of residents and industries, coupled with the long-term decline in income and spending on maintenance of old houses, has led to major visual and physical economic blight. This investigation adopts the hedonic model to analyze the correspondence of house prices with urban blight, based on real estate prices and related township variables announced by the government in Taiwan in 2017, and applies the spatial regression model to investigate the direct and indirect effects of real estate prices. The following conclusions can be drawn from the analytical results. 1. The spatial lag model finds that urban blight has a spatial spillover effect. 2. The government must not disregard the blight, due to its detrimental effect on housing prices and spatial diffusion effect. 3. The factors that affect the blight are age of residents, age of buildings, poverty, and danger.
doi:10.3390/su13010113 fatcat:rzigu24buneylbhxy6caetxre4

Expressible inspections

Tai Wei Hu, Eran Shmaya
2013 Theoretical Economics  
A decision maker needs predictions about the realization of a repeated experiment in each period. An expert provides a theory that, conditional on each finite history of outcomes, supplies a probabilistic prediction about the next outcome. However, there may be false experts without any knowledge of the data-generating process who deliver theories strategically. Hence, empirical tests for predictions are necessary. A test is manipulable if a false expert can pass the test with a high
more » ... . Like contracts, tests have to be computable to be implemented. Considering only computable tests, we show that there is a test which passes true experts with a high probability yet is not manipulable by any computable strategy. In particular, the constructed test is both prequential and future-independent. On the other hand, any computable test is manipulable by a strategy that is computable relative to the halting problem. Our conclusion overturns earlier results that prequential or future independent tests are manipulable, and shows that computability considerations have significant effects in these problems.
doi:10.3982/te992 fatcat:z3rs7rvwzrdwhn4eqwi3pms4wm

Chinese Text in the Wild [article]

Tai-Ling Yuan, Zhe Zhu, Kun Xu, Cheng-Jun Li, Shi-Min Hu
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce Chinese Text in the Wild, a very large dataset of Chinese text in street view images. While optical character recognition (OCR) in document images is well studied and many commercial tools are available, detection and recognition of text in natural images is still a challenging problem, especially for more complicated character sets such as Chinese text. Lack of training data has always been a problem, especially for deep learning methods which require massive training data. In
more » ... paper we provide details of a newly created dataset of Chinese text with about 1 million Chinese characters annotated by experts in over 30 thousand street view images. This is a challenging dataset with good diversity. It contains planar text, raised text, text in cities, text in rural areas, text under poor illumination, distant text, partially occluded text, etc. For each character in the dataset, the annotation includes its underlying character, its bounding box, and 6 attributes. The attributes indicate whether it has complex background, whether it is raised, whether it is handwritten or printed, etc. The large size and diversity of this dataset make it suitable for training robust neural networks for various tasks, particularly detection and recognition. We give baseline results using several state-of-the-art networks, including AlexNet, OverFeat, Google Inception and ResNet for character recognition, and YOLOv2 for character detection in images. Overall Google Inception has the best performance on recognition with 80.5% top-1 accuracy, while YOLOv2 achieves an mAP of 71.0% on detection. Dataset, source code and trained models will all be publicly available on the website.
arXiv:1803.00085v1 fatcat:m23eej5gwnds5cqjbjadl4o5b4

Preserving Patterns in Bipartite Graph Partitioning

Tianming Hu, Chao Qu, Chew Tan, Sam Sung, Wenjun Zhou
2006 Proceedings - International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, TAI  
This paper describes a new bipartite formulation for word-document co-clustering such that hyperclique patterns, strongly affiliated documents in this case, are guaranteed not to be split into different clusters. Our approach for pattern preserving clustering consists of three steps: mine maximal hyperclique patterns, form the bipartite, and partition it. With hyperclique patterns of documents preserved, the topic of each cluster can be represented by both the top words from that cluster and
more » ... documents in the patterns, which are expected to be more compact and representative than those in the standard bipartite formulation. Experiments with real-world datasets show that, with hyperclique patterns as starting points, we can improve the clustering results in terms of various external clustering criteria. Also, the partitioned bipartite with preserved topical sets of documents naturally lends itself to different functions in search engines.
doi:10.1109/ictai.2006.97 dblp:conf/ictai/HuQTSZ06 fatcat:65x5o5zbhzhtxmgxwzuyshnf4y


Tai-Wei Hu, Cathy Zhang
2017 Macroeconomic Dynamics  
As in Hu and Rocheteau (2013) , there is rate-of-return dominance whenever both money and capital are used.  ...  A characterization of the pairwise core in a related setting can be found in Hu and Rocheteau (2013) 's Supplementary Appendix B.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1365100517000736 fatcat:gjd2tohklje53mlfjwiojz67ma

Visualizing an emotional valence map in the limbic forebrain by TAI-FISH

Jianbo Xiu, Qi Zhang, Tao Zhou, Ting-ting Zhou, Yang Chen, Hailan Hu
2014 Nature Neuroscience  
TAI-FISH does have limitations that are intrinsic to IEG imaging approaches.  ...  TAI-FISH improves I-FISH by introducing a tyramideamplification step for FIHC.  ... 
doi:10.1038/nn.3813 pmid:25242305 fatcat:6kaq4sjpjbfgjebgcwr4wibg34

Alternating ConvLSTM: Learning Force Propagation with Alternate State Updates [article]

Congyue Deng, Tai-Jiang Mu, Shi-Min Hu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Data-driven simulation is an important step-forward in computational physics when traditional numerical methods meet their limits. Learning-based simulators have been widely studied in past years; however, most previous works view simulation as a general spatial-temporal prediction problem and take little physical guidance in designing their neural network architectures. In this paper, we introduce the alternating convolutional Long Short-Term Memory (Alt-ConvLSTM) that models the force
more » ... ion mechanisms in a deformable object with near-uniform material properties. Specifically, we propose an accumulation state, and let the network update its cell state and the accumulation state alternately. We demonstrate how this novel scheme imitates the alternate updates of the first and second-order terms in the forward Euler method of numerical PDE solvers. Benefiting from this, our network only requires a small number of parameters, independent of the number of the simulated particles, and also retains the essential features in ConvLSTM, making it naturally applicable to sequential data with spatial inputs and outputs. We validate our Alt-ConvLSTM on human soft tissue simulation with thousands of particles and consistent body pose changes. Experimental results show that Alt-ConvLSTM efficiently models the material kinetic features and greatly outperforms vanilla ConvLSTM with only the single state update.
arXiv:2006.07818v1 fatcat:ejpaqgkuerepbo3thv2icxnlkq
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