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Open Information Extraction from real Internet texts in Spanish using constraints over part-of-speech sequences: Problems of the method, their causes, and ways for improvement

Alisa Zhila, Alexander Gelbukh
2016 Revista Signos  
The analysis is performed for extractions from two Spanish-language text datasets: the FactSpaCIC dataset of grammatically correct and verified sentences and the RawWeb dataset of unedited text fragments  ...  Usually we do not know the domain of an arbitrary text from the Internet, or the semantics of the relations it conveys.  ...  The system takes a POS-tagged text as input. For POS-tagging, we use Freeling-2.2 (Padró, Collado, Reese, Lloberes & Castellón, 2010) , which employs the EAGLES POS tagset for Spanish.  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0718-09342016000100006 fatcat:smx5rp4f2rgxxmt4c5ipnju4ky

SCAP-TT: Tagging and lemmatising Spanish tourism discourse, and beyond

Patrick Goethals, Els Lefever, Lieve Macken
2017 Ibérica  
In particular, we present and assess a new TreeTagger parameter set for Spanish (SCAP-TT), which has been trained for the Part-of-Speech tagging (POS-tagging) and lemmatisation of Spanish promotional tourism  ...  In this research note we report on the first results of SCAP, the Spanish Corpus Annotation Project, applied to tourism discourse (SCAP_tur).  ...  Schmid for the very helpful and quick answers to our practical questions regarding the use of the TreeTagger Training Tool. .  ... 
doaj:717b4f30537d484688ca487c03925aae fatcat:xkdfylp555dkxl57vsnlthbyja

ANACONJ Analyzer of the Conjunction AND in Spanish Using Syntactic Patterns and Semantic Frames

Alma Delia Cuevas Rasgado
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In order to "understand" the sentences, the machine must solve semantics problems; this article exposes one of these problems.  ...  ANACONJ is an algorithm of pattern recognition of texts, which uses rules and syntactic patterns that analyze each word of a sentence in a phrase, identifying those sentences with conjunctions to build  ...  Today there are many computational applications that solve problems of the natural language where there are the problems of pattern recognition in texts.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/7086965 fatcat:nqniek4csfcubk3cf4oi7qnadu

Adaptation, Comparison, and Improvement of Metaheuristic Algorithms to the Part-of-Speech Tagging Problem

Miguel Alexis Solano-Jiménez, Jose Julio Tobar-Cifuentes, Luz Marina Sierra-Martínez, Carlos Alberto Cobos-Lozada
2020 Revista Facultad de Ingeniería  
As a result, they were deployed in this research in a POST problem to assign the best sequence of tags (roles) for the words of a sentence based on information statistics.  ...  tagged corpus: IULA (Spanish), Brown (English) and Nasa Yuwe (Nasa).  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors express especially gratitude to Colin McLachlan for suggestions relating to the English text.  ... 
doi:10.19053/01211129.v29.n54.2020.11762 fatcat:q7xlwboyezf7pirm3qelz4kn4e

Cross-lingual text classification with model translation and document translation

Teng-Sheng Moh, Zhang Zhang
2012 Proceedings of the 50th Annual Southeast Regional Conference on - ACM-SE '12  
But this solution suffers from inaccuracy of the machine translation, and the over-head work is economically inefficient.  ...  This method can take advantage of the very best functionality between both the document translation and model translation methods.  ...  In this initial paper, the problem of Cross-Lingual Text Categorization (CLTC) was first introduced.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2184512.2184530 dblp:conf/ACMse/MohZ12 fatcat:fx7qigosrzg4rdadtzre4p4azq

The Reformers and Tradition: Seeing the Roots of the Problem

R. Holder
2017 Religions  
Then, as we teach the Christian Intellectual Tradition, we can see both genealogical and influential links across the eras, and present a better picture of what was going on in the Era of the Reformations  ...  Challenges the ideal of scripture vs. tradition as a manner of separating Protestants from Catholics in the early modern period, to argue instead that historians should be setting out a continuum of continuity  ...  texts that the trinity simply could not be found in the world of the early church.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rel8060105 fatcat:sn5idpxkszf7djxgatlabgkmgy

Multiple Ontologies and the Problem of the Body in History

Oliver J. T. Harris, John Robb
2012 American Anthropologist  
Multiple Ontologies and the Problem of the Body in History Oliver J. T.  ...  Strathern, Marilyn 1988 Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1548-1433.2012.01513.x fatcat:lqhoaltc3rgbzeegcng6z75ota

The Problem with Pluto

Lisa R. Messeri
2009 Social Studies of Science  
The story of Pluto, from discovery to demotion, illustrates the discursive disruption that stemmed from forced consensus.  ...  the first time in its history, the International Astronomical Union defined the characteristics of a 'planet' in our Solar System and consequently demoted Pluto from 'planet' to 'dwarf planet'.  ...  Pluto should be a planet, they suggest, not because of science per se, but because of expectation, tradition, and precedence.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0306312709347809 fatcat:fuimw6pfnnhlpcvaq6kp6qgqle

"Pro Peccatis Patrum Puniri": A Moral and Legal Problem of the Inquisition

Kenneth Pennington
1978 Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture  
Spanish inquisitor, had written a tract which defended the inquisition and the church's right to punish the children of heretics.  ...  For the text ofExcommunzcamus, see Conczlhorum decumenicorum decreta, ed. J. Alberigo et al. (3rd ed. Bologna, 1973), 233-235.  ...  Maisonneuve failed to notice this tag on the end of Tancred's gloss in Vincentius' commentary.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3164730 fatcat:rnsvt3hding3hc2qaye3u6j544

Dante and the Legend of the Miʿrāj: The Problem of Islamic Influence on the Christian Literature of the Otherworld

Theodore Silverstein
1952 Journal of Near Eastern Studies  
The general problem of the efficacy of alms in the salvation of imperfect souls is, of course, ancient in Christianity; see, e.g., St.  ...  of Tundale, which contains the Latin tags for the last two groups.*® Now the class of boni non valde has par- ticular interest, since it gave rise among the Christian visions to a place in the otherworld  ... 
doi:10.1086/371068 fatcat:uws7yekfinfblpmyjwoupyh4ly

SUDOKU: Treating Word Sense Disambiguation and Entitiy Linking as a Deterministic Problem - via an Unsupervised and Iterative Approach

Steve L. Manion
2015 Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2015)  
This is an extension and further validation of the results achieved by Manion and Sainudiin (2014). SUDOKU's three submissions are incremental in the use of the two aforementioned constraints.  ...  SUDOKU's submissions to SemEval Task 13 treats Word Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking as a deterministic problem that exploits two key attributes of open-class words as constraints -their degree  ...  Acknowledgments This submission is an extension of the author's PhD thesis completed under the supervision of Dr Raazesh Sainudiin and with the help of the Korean Foundation Graduate Studies Fellowship  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/s15-2062 dblp:conf/semeval/Manion15 fatcat:rtisaexz3zewzfojpk3s5af3zy

Le Philosophe: Texts and Interpretation

J. David
1949 Modern Language Quarterly: A Journal of Literary History  
The creation of such an environment will be the problem of each generation, a problem to which scientists will no doubt accord due con- sideration. Mr.  ...  The geographical isolation of Spain is reflected in the scarcity of authentic biographical studies of important figures in modern Spanish literature available to the vast English-reading public.  ... 
doi:10.1215/00267929-10-3-404 fatcat:skxrvht3nbgspjvszp7wijpbva

An approach to treat numerical information in the text simplification process

Susana Bautista, Raquel Hervás, Pablo Gervás, Javier Rojo
2015 Universal Access in the Information Society  
In particular, information from these sources often takes the form of numerical expressions, which pose comprehension problems for many people, including people with disabilities, who are often also exposed  ...  The proposed approach is validated with a real system to simplify numerical expressions in Spanish. This system is then evaluated and the results show that it is appropriate for the task at hand.  ...  Acknowledgment: This research is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (TIN2009-14659-C03-01 Project), and the FPI grant program.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10209-015-0426-z fatcat:acq3fzakfva7vgkae6hnnc5bee

PEDANT: Parallel Texts in Göteborg

Daniel Ridings
2012 Lexikos  
The article presents the status of the PEDANT project with parallel corpora at the Language Bank at Goteborg University. The solutions for access to the corpus data are presented.  ...  The methods allow working with everything from plain text to texts densely encoded with linguistic information. ' opsomming: In hierdie artikel word 'n beskrywing gegee van die stand van die PEDANT-pro  ...  The text-id is simply an incrementing number. The sequence is based on Swedish texts. So the first Swedish text is se-OOOOOl, the second se-000002, the third se-000003 and so on.  ... 
doi:10.5788/8-1-956 fatcat:wbslokdo7ndpdjboncjtprbyiy

Computer-assisted Revision in Spanish Academic Texts: Peer-assessment

Carmen López Ferrero, Irene Renau, Rogelio Nazar, Sergi Torner
2014 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Our main motivation is to develop a tool that could assist university students to write academic texts, because this kind of system is practically nonexistent in the present, especially in Spanish.  ...  The language of the experiments is Spanish, but the method can be easily extrapolated to other languages since we do not use language-specific resources.  ...  Acknowledgements The paper received funding from project 20 PlaCQUID 2012-2013 1, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.05.083 fatcat:l7ttqc27n5dk5mmiqx7tskkija
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