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Travel Demand Forecasting Using UK TRICS Database

Firas H. A. Asad
2015 Journal of Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning  
It not only contributes primarily to sustainable city planning strategies, but is also an effective tool for quantifying transport impacts of new developments.  ...  This paper confirms the importance of observed trip generation data, such as that provided by TRICS, as a valuable resource upon which travel forecasts can be based.  ...  database as a PhD student.  ... 
doi:10.18005/itup0303005 fatcat:bge3ookbhrc6bjsxpxbkmj56gu

G-Tric: generating three-way synthetic datasets with triclustering solutions

João Lobo, Rui Henriques, Sara C. Madeira
2021 BMC Bioinformatics  
In this context, we propose a synthetic data generator, G-Tric, allowing the creation of synthetic datasets with configurable properties and the possibility to plant triclusters.  ...  These comparisons are usually performed using real data, without a known ground-truth, thus limiting the assessments.  ...  Figure 3c shows and example of a full additive triclusters with c = 2 , α i = γ k = {1, 2, 3} , and β j = {1, 2}. (1) a ijk = c, (2) a ijk = c + η ijk , (3) a ijk = c + α i + β j + γ k + η ijk , (3) Multiplicative  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12859-020-03925-4 pmid:33413095 pmcid:PMC7789692 fatcat:ckuavhjl25an3osjkgostzrx5m

TRiC: Terms, RIghts and Conditions Semantic Descriptors for Smart Contracts [chapter]

Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Elena Simperl
2017 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Smart Contracts have emerged as a novel way to automate the execution of contracts in a decentralised and secure environment, minimising the risk of breach or non-compliance.  ...  This paper is about preliminary work on describing terms, rights, and conditions of Smart Contracts as RDF documents linked to them, levering Semantic Web tools enabling: (i) Definition and checking of  ...  As such, we propose to separate / * This f u n c t i o n g e t s moved t o a s a t e l l i t e c o n t r a c t f u n c t i o n w i t h d r a w a l ( ) { i f ( amountRaised >= f u n d i n g G o a l )  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-70407-4_40 fatcat:557ks2tglvctlnmabneja5fjum

TRIC: A Thermal Resistance and Impedance Calculator for Electronic Packages

Lorenzo Codecasa, Francesca De Viti, Vincenzo d'Alessandro, Donata Gualandris, Arianna Morelli, Claudio Maria Villa
2020 Energies  
This paper presents the Thermal Resistance and Impedance Calculator (TRIC) tool devised for the automatic extraction of thermal metrics of package families of electronic components in both static and transient  ...  TRIC relies on a solution algorithm based on a novel projection-based approach, which—unlike previous techniques—allows (i) dealing with parametric detailed thermal models (pDTMs) of package families that  ...  For this reason, a new simulation tool referred to as Thermal Resistance and Impedance Calculator (TRIC) [24] has been realized, which enriches the functionalities of TRAC as follows: (i) TRIC relies  ... 
doi:10.3390/en13092252 fatcat:o7jlrab7kzcnlnpfgjfvjfz6iy

Using the Drosophila Transcriptional Reporter of Intracellular Calcium (TRIC) to examine lasting ethanol-induced changes in neuroexcitability

Kahlan Merriman, Emily Petruccelli
2021 microPublication Biology  
Drosophila melanogaster (flies) have also become an established model for the study of AUD, offering unbiased high-throughput screening, detailed behavioral analyses, and a platform for creating novel  ...  genetic tools (Devineni et al. 2011; Kaun et al. 2012).  ...  Acknowledgments: Thank you to the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center for flies and to the rest of the Petruccelli lab and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for support throughout this project.  ... 
doi:10.17912/micropub.biology.000477 pmid:34585103 pmcid:PMC8461458 fatcat:dbzt4qscxffwdivxgx5rvfq7hq

The Cytosolic Chaperonin CCT/TRiC and Cancer Cell Proliferation

Chafika Boudiaf-Benmammar, Thierry Cresteil, Ronald Melki, Anna Alisi
2013 PLoS ONE  
Our analysis reveals a functional interplay between molecular chaperones that might account for a precise modulation of CCT/TRiC activity in cell proliferation through changes in the cellular levels of  ...  The molecular chaperone CCT/TRiC plays a central role in maintaining cellular proteostasis as it mediates the folding of the major cytoskeletal proteins tubulins and actins.  ...  Contributed reagents/ materials/analysis tools: TC. Wrote the paper: RM.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0060895 pmid:23613750 pmcid:PMC3628893 fatcat:cyd7wxwravgdvkd7renv4e65fu


2009 Biocomputing 2010  
Within this set of residues, we search for a subset that shows an evolutionary conservation pattern that is indicative of the subunit order key.  ...  The TRiC complex consists of two stacked rings, each comprised of eight paralogous subunits with a mutual sequence identity of 30-35%.  ...  We are currently testing various computational tools for that purpose and hope to make further progress in the future.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789814295291_0027 fatcat:os4q55q6tvedfc4kpb2bzvc5yu

Therapeutic ROS and Immunity in Cancer—The TRIC-21 Meeting

Sander Bekeschus, Steffen Emmert, Ramona Clemen, Lars Boeckmann
2021 Cancers  
The meeting aimed at bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplines, including chemists, biochemists, biologists, engineers, immunologists, physicists, and physicians for interdisciplinary  ...  The first Therapeutic ROS and Immunity in Cancer (TRIC) meeting was organized by the excellence research center ZIK plasmatis (with its previous Frontiers in Redox Biochemistry and Medicine (FiRBaM) and  ...  organization of the TRIC-21 meeting.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cancers13184549 pmid:34572777 fatcat:xqlkykkfbrcolilqo5kvh6yfnu

Mechanism of lid closure in the eukaryotic chaperonin TRiC/CCT

Christopher R Booth, Anne S Meyer, Yao Cong, Maya Topf, Andrej Sali, Steven J Ludtke, Wah Chiu, Judith Frydman
2008 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology  
Intriguingly, the eukaryotic chaperonin TRiC (also called CCT) uses a built-in lid to close the chamber, whereas prokaryotic chaperonins use a detachable lid.  ...  All chaperonins mediate ATP-dependent polypeptide folding by confining substrates within a central chamber.  ...  Baker for his discussions and assistance quantifying the similarity between cryo-EM reconstructions and high-resolution structures.  ... 
doi:10.1038/nsmb.1436 pmid:18536725 pmcid:PMC2546500 fatcat:t3ctrh5mkbbondad7hrt3dbidq

Serological studies on group- and species-specific antigens of trachoma and inclusion conjunctivitis (TRIC) agents

A. L. Terzin, N. A. Vedros, J. B. Johnston
1964 Journal of Hygiene  
Gordon for suggestions; Dr B. V. Birtašević, Mr H. R. Dressler, Dr E. S. Murray and Dr A. J. Vargosko for procuring sera of patients or organisms grown in tissue culture; Dr T. A.  ...  agent, which removed the group reactive antibodies, and resulted in a species-specific anti-TRIC serum.The absorbed and unabsorbed TRIC sera were titrated against purified E.B. suspensions, which were  ...  Strike for the help with statistical computations; HMC P. R. Hill, HM 3 C. 0. Wiese and Mr B. L. Ward for invaluable technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0022172400039929 pmid:14171270 pmcid:PMC2134601 fatcat:67vd45wsozbsxi2bwjpqibbsqm

TRIC: Capturing the direct cellular targets of promoter-bound transcriptional activators

Amanda Dugan, Rachel Pricer, Micah Katz, Anna K. Mapp
2016 Protein Science  
Formaldehyde crosslinks were reversed overnight in a 65°C water bath.  ...  Beads were washed in the same manner as TRIC DNA samples. Immunoprecipitated complexes were eluted in 50 L elution buffer (50 mM Tris-HCl, 10 mM EDTA, 1% SDS) at 65 o C for 30 minutes.  ...  For PCR on TRIC samples, 90 µL TE/SDS was added to 50 uL input and incubated overnight at 65°C followed by PCR Cleanup and elution in 58 µL EB buffer (Qiagen).  ... 
doi:10.1002/pro.2951 pmid:27213278 pmcid:PMC4972194 fatcat:7zopfwycizgivkzjz542dtr6ji

Optimization Protocol of Fixation Method for Trophoblast Retrieval from the Cervix (TRIC): A Preliminary Study

Min Jin Lee, Soo Hyun Kim, Sung Han Shim, Hee Yeon Jang, Hee Jin Park, Dong Hyun Cha
2020 Diagnostics  
For the successful clinical application of trophoblast retrieval and isolation from the cervix in prenatal genetic testing, each step should be optimized for consistent and reliable results.  ...  EVTs are isolated using a routine safe liquid-based Pap test (called ThinPrep); however, the ThinPrep solution contains alcohol that hinders the isolation of intact EVTs.  ...  This limits the clinical application of TRIC as a prenatal diagnostic tool.  ... 
doi:10.3390/diagnostics10050300 pmid:32422993 pmcid:PMC7277994 fatcat:5y2nrcaowbeb5htw3st5duk7um

TRIC-A Channels in Vascular Smooth Muscle Contribute to Blood Pressure Maintenance

Daiju Yamazaki, Yasuharu Tabara, Satomi Kita, Hironori Hanada, Shinji Komazaki, Daisuke Naitou, Aya Mishima, Miyuki Nishi, Hisao Yamamura, Shinichiro Yamamoto, Sho Kakizawa, Hitoshi Miyachi (+13 others)
2011 Cell Metabolism  
Therefore, TRIC-A channels contribute to maintaining blood pressure, while TRIC-A SNPs could provide biomarkers for constitutional diagnosis and personalized medical treatment of essential hypertension  ...  TRIC channel subtypes, namely TRIC-A and TRIC-B, are intracellular monovalent cation channels postulated to mediate counter-ion movements facilitating physiological Ca 2+ release from internal stores.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Hirawa for support in the case-control study. This work was supported in part by grants from the  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2011.05.011 pmid:21803293 fatcat:z63nq4vn3ne4lkizapsmihn4fu

Role of the Chaperonin CCT/TRiC Complex in G Protein βγ-Dimer Assembly

Christopher A. Wells, Jane Dingus, John D. Hildebrandt
2006 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Different FLAG-G␤ isoforms coprecipitated CCT/TRiC to a variable extent, and this correlated with the ability of the different G␤ subunits to efficiently form dimers with G␥.  ...  In contrast, in vitro translated, 35 S-labeled G␤ subunits traveled at a high apparent molecular mass (ϳ700 kDa) and co-migrated with the chaperonin CCT complex (also called TRiC).  ...  Proteins transferred to nitrocellulose were The pI values for the G␥ subunits were predicted using the Compute pI/Mw tool available on the ExPASy proteomics server (available at  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.m602409200 pmid:16702223 fatcat:lhjdlq4a7jhujemiia277laji4

The chaperonin TRiC forms an oligomeric complex in the malaria parasite cytosol

Natalie J. Spillman, Josh R. Beck, Suresh M. Ganesan, Jacquin C. Niles, Daniel E. Goldberg
2017 Cellular Microbiology  
We tested the importance of the parasite TRiC by creating a regulatable knockdown line of the TRiC-θ subunit.  ...  Loss of the parasite TRiC-θ led to a severe growth defect in asexual development, but did not alter protein export into the RBC.  ...  Supernatants were then nutated at 4 °C for 3 h with protein G Dynabeads, with or without the human TRiC-δ or -θ antibodies (∼ 2 µg).  ... 
doi:10.1111/cmi.12719 pmid:28067475 pmcid:PMC5429184 fatcat:7ubnugg2lzgphflflzxptcxdsa
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