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TRECVID 2012 GENIE: Multimedia Event Detection and Recounting

A. G. Amitha Perera, Sangmin Oh, Megha Pandey, Tianyang Ma, Anthony Hoogs, Arash Vahdat, Kevin J. Cannons, Hossein Hajimirsadeghi, Greg Mori, Scott McCloskey, Ben Miller, Sharath Venkatesha (+12 others)
2012 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
In addition, our MER 12 submissions reported recounting of specified clips for all five MER events and additionally provided MER results for all the clips detected by MED system.  ...  Our MER system generated recounting of detections based on CDR features and synopsis provided as part of the EventKits and DEV-T datasets.  ...  Multimedia Event Recounting The task of MER is to report the list of observations and rationale for each and every MED detection.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/PereraOPMHVCHMM12 fatcat:lond4yzi5vdnblryq73qo4gb4u

TRECVID 2013 GENIE: Multimedia Event Detection and Recounting

Sangmin Oh, A. G. Amitha Perera, Ilseo Kim, Megha Pandey, Kevin J. Cannons, Hossein Hajimirsadeghi, Arash Vahdat, Greg Mori, Ben Miller, Scott McCloskey, You-Chi Cheng, Zhen Huang (+11 others)
2013 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
Multiple MER results are fused and presented to users as recounting for each detection.  ...  Our MER 13 submissions reported recounting for all five MER events. Our MER system combines evidences from multiple base classifiers, which are translated to texts and used to identify key frames.  ...  We thank BBN and SRI Menlo Park for sharing their ASR features computed on HAVIC dataset.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/OhPKPCHVMMMC0LX13 fatcat:5z3mqbkn2ra2rhznaofcd52gpm

TRECVID 2013 - An Overview of the Goals, Tasks, Data, Evaluation Mechanisms and Metrics

Paul Over, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Gregory A. Sanders, Barbara Shaw, George Awad, Martial Michel, Alan F. Smeaton, Wessel Kraaij, Georges Quénot
2013 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
Multimedia event detection 4. Multimedia event recounting 5.  ...  Multimedia event recounting The 2013 Multimedia Event Recounting (MER) evaluation was the second evaluation of technologies that recount the multimedia video events detected by MED systems.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/OverFSSAMSKQ13 fatcat:6v3ekycnkza2nagmadqidk6tdi

The AXES submissions at TRECVID 2013

Robin Aly, Relja Arandjelovic, Ken Chatfield, Matthijs Douze, Basura Fernando, Zaïd Harchaoui, Kevin McGuinness, Noel E. O'Connor, Dan Oneata, Omkar M. Parkhi, Danila Potapov, Jérôme Revaud (+7 others)
2013 TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation  
The AXES project participated in the interactive instance search task (INS), the semantic indexing task (SIN), the multimedia event detection task (MED) and the multimedia event recounting task (MER) for  ...  TRECVid 2013.  ...  Furthermore, we are grateful to the UK EPSRC and ERC grant VisRec no. 228180 for financial support.  ... 
dblp:conf/trecvid/AlyACDFHMOOPPRS13 fatcat:hykqk3q56zeyjhvbrmuuhgggje