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Generation of Rules from Ontologies for High-Level Scene Interpretation [chapter]

Wilfried Bohlken, Bernd Neumann
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, a novel architecture for high-level scene interpretation is introduced, which is based on the generation of rules from an OWL-DL ontology.  ...  Furthermore the integration of constraints -which are essential for scene interpretation -is demonstrated with a temporal constraint net, and it is shown how parallel computing of alternatives can be realised  ...  , publicising and distributing ontologies.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-04985-9_11 fatcat:nuvg7bsxcnbbtksotdopyoctnq

Location reference recognition from texts: A survey and comparison [article]

Xuke Hu, Zhiyong Zhou, Hao Li, Yingjie Hu, Fuqiang Gu, Jens Kersten, Hongchao Fan, Friederike Klan
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Further, there lacks a comprehensive review and comparison of existing approaches for location reference recognition, which is the first and a core step of geoparsing.  ...  Next, we thoroughly evaluate the correctness and computational efficiency of the 27 most widely used approaches for location reference recognition based on 26 public datasets with different types of texts  ...  We used their trained model 37 directly and included entities tagged with LOC, GPE, and FAC as locations. • BERT-base-NER: It is a fine-tuned BERT model that is ready to use for Named Entity Recognition  ... 
arXiv:2207.01683v1 fatcat:xiy7az4veza6lm52c6yj7mnoe4

An integrated approach for visual analysis of a multisource moving objects knowledge base

Niels Willems, Willem Robert van Hage, Gerben de Vries, Jeroen H.M. Janssens, Véronique Malaisé
2010 International Journal of Geographical Information Science  
We present an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach for analyzing behavior of moving objects.  ...  Our architecture enables an operator to visually test hypotheses about vessels with time-dependent sensor data and on-demand external knowledge.  ...  Furthermore, we thank Michael Borth of the Embedded Systems Institute and, Hans Hiemstra and Jacek Skowronek of Thales Nederland for their contributions in the early design of the system's architecture  ... 
doi:10.1080/13658816.2010.515029 fatcat:lytbl3ac2ncbffodbxggb55mea

Natural Language Interfaces to Databases - An Introduction [article]

I.Androutsopoulos (Dept.of Artificial Intelligence, Univ.of Edinburgh), G.D.Ritchie , P.Thanisch
1995 arXiv   pre-print
Some less explored areas of NLIDB research are then presented, namely database updates, meta-knowledge questions, temporal questions, and multi-modal NLIDBs.  ...  The discussion then moves on to NLIDB architectures, portability issues, restricted natural language input systems (including menu-based NLIDBs), and NLIDBs with reasoning capabilities.  ...  The first author is grateful to the Greek State Scholarships Foundation for funding his studies in Edinburgh.  ... 
arXiv:cmp-lg/9503016v2 fatcat:vv6vexlvrrfw5pck5slhvtz6zi

The EVALITA 2016 Event Factuality Annotation Task (FactA) [chapter]

Anne-Lyse Minard, Manuela Speranza, Tommaso Caselli
EVALITA. Evaluation of NLP and Speech Tools for Italian  
We have improved the modules that perform tokenization, POS-tagging, parsing, time recognition and normalization, named entity recognition, word sense disambiguation, named entity disambiguation, coreference  ...  (NERC), Named Entity Disambiguation (NED), Event Recognition and Temporal Expressions, Semantic Role Labelling and Event Coreference.  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.aaccademia.1934 fatcat:jzhf37untvcrfdhni3j5llxaca

Roget's Thesaurus as a Lexical Resource for Natural Language Processing [article]

Mario Jarmasz
2012 arXiv   pre-print
It explains the steps necessary for taking a machine-readable file and transforming it into a tractable system.  ...  Roget's has turned out to be an excellent resource for measuring semantic similarity; lexical chains are easily built but more difficult to evaluate.  ...  Future research should perform further benchmark experiments with the ELKB, namely Word Sense Disambiguation.  ... 
arXiv:1204.0140v1 fatcat:2oyur3xy6zdmdd6wu2rci2h2cu

Increasing Capacity In Telemedicine Using Flow-Based Programming.pdf

Jeremy Thornton
2016 Figshare  
Develop Communicating Sequential Process and Graph Theoretic mathematical semantics for Flow-Based Programming(FBP) in order to define 3 fundamental FBP digraph types, build matching FBP software artifacts  ...  and subject their inherently stochastic scaling to statistical analysis in order to categorize their scaling as either bound by Amdahl's Law or approaching the linear scaling of Gustafson-Barsis' Law  ...  Importantly then, the former is conducted by a single entity the latter is distributive in nature.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3580755.v1 fatcat:s5up62llevadfkstav45t7esge

Planning multisentential English text using communicative acts

Mark Thomas Maybury, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
The goal of this research is to develop explanation presentation mechanisms for knowledge based systems which enable them to define domain terminology and concepts, narrate events, elucidate plans, processes  ...  These text types have distinct effects such as getting the reader to know about entities, to know about events, to understand plans, processes, or propositions, or to believe propositions or want to perform  ...  The above example produces the final surface form: A KC-135 is e tanker for air-refueling and a transport vehicle for cargo transport. .19. ones here are imbedded in an extended description and therefore  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.16365 fatcat:ugkudanjtna5ff4jgfqtqumtgm

Informational Space of Meaning for Scientific Texts [article]

Neslihan Suzen, Evgeny M. Mirkes, Alexander N. Gorban
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, a vector space model is developed for quantifying the meaning of words and texts.  ...  The most informative words are presented for 252 categories. The new scientific dictionary and the 103,998 x 252 Word-Category RIG Matrix are available online.  ...  M j are differently distributed for words.  ... 
arXiv:2004.13717v1 fatcat:jhhwyxgb2zcmpelaovrprgbkqi

A framework for hull form reverse engineering and geometry integration into numerical simulations

Desta Milkessa Edessa
The reverse engineering part proposes three alternative suitable reconstruction approaches namely curves network, direct surface fitting, and triangulated surface reconstruction.  ...  In general, the developed framework bridges a point cloud and a CAD model obtained from IGES and STL file into downstream applications.  ...  Acknowledgements Next to none, I thank the Almighty God for His blessing, intellectual insight and power through this work.  ... 
doi:10.18453/rosdok_id00001777 fatcat:femq3u2hcvhapapd6oxf5hvkjm

Making sense of legal texts [chapter]

Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs  
Radboud Winkels, my co-promoter, has been my guide and sparring partner for this project.  ...  document names and for scope definitions.  ...  or smaller classes, which has a general positive effect if the distribution of classes and used patterns in the train data represents the real-world distribution.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110218398.3.225 fatcat:smm3eeyhozb4hesybxmqlvo7r4


Alina Ţenescu
Stage II: Specifying the destination of the product (name of recipients, name of physical and chemical features of the products, distribution channels and possible modes).  ...  entities.  ...  She is responsible for the first articles review and metadata management.  ... 

Hydrology of the Powerless

Ifor Duncan
It seeks to demonstrate that, contrary to common abstractions and universalisations of water as empty and neutral, the materiality and fluvial processes of rivers are highly engineered and even weaponised  ...  This thesis, consequently, offers an alternative conceptualisation of rivers as complex and dynamic archives that resist attempts to erase acts of state and non-state violence, and instead continue to  ...  Acknowledgements Firstly, I want to thank my supervisors Susan Schuppli and Ayesha Hameed for their continued support and insight, and for the inspiration I take from their research and profound practices  ... 
doi:10.25602/gold.00029967 fatcat:qlbdz6tuczbqxacfo5543ny7uu

Linköping University Electronic Press Culture Unbound: ISSN 2000-1525 (online) Culture Unbound

Jutta Haider, Olof Sundin, Jutta Haider, Olof Sundin
2014 unpublished
of named entity references, are of more long-term value than all the Wikipedia editors. [644] Culture Unbound, Volume 6, 2014 Conclusion: Recommendations for Reference Publishers In the age of linked  ...  are known to be 'big producers of works of high quality' and 'the winners of the struggle for recognition of cognitive authority' (Wilson 1983: 45-46) .  ...  To compensate for the lack of authority by not having named authors, Wikipedia emphasises the importance of citations, and it would seem a valid methodology to try to compel editors to include citations  ...