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Example elaboration as a neglected instructional strategy

T. R. Girill
2001 Proceedings of the 19th annual international conference on Computer documentation - SIGDOC '01  
Such example elaboration is highly relevant t o s o f t ware documentation and training, yet largely neglected in the current l i terature.  ...  Likewise, R.  ...  which I p r e f e r here, is perhaps a more accurate alternative).  ... 
doi:10.1145/501516.501524 dblp:conf/sigdoc/Girill01 fatcat:dsywmitqzze7vnxw7kfwqbl5lm

Intrinsic Reward Driven Imitation Learning via Generative Model [article]

Xingrui Yu, Yueming Lyu, Ivor W. Tsang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We then compare GIRIL against GAIL with two different reward function r t (r (1) t =− log(D(s t , a t )) and r (2) t =− log(1 − D(s t , a t )), where D is the discriminator) and VAIL with two different  ...  GIRIL VAIL (I c ) GAIL (r t ) Game Average Average Average 0.2 0.5 r (1) t r (2) A.1.4. THE EFFECT OF THE NUMBER OF FULL-EPISODE DEMONSTRATIONS.  ... 
arXiv:2006.15061v4 fatcat:gswci7n5svbuti557y66c62uvi

Exploring Beyond-Demonstrator via Meta Learning-Based Reward Extrapolation [article]

Mingqi Yuan, Mao-on Pun
2022 arXiv   pre-print
J(τ |R * ) = (st,at)∈τ γ t R * (s t , a t ), J(D|R * ) is the estimation of the expected discounted return of the demonstrator policy.  ...  Equipped with these definitions, we first define the objective of RL: π * = argmax π∈Π J(π|R * ), (1) where J(π|R * ) = E τ ∼π T −1 t=0 γ t R * t (s t , a t ), Π is the set of all possible stationary policies  ... 
arXiv:2102.02454v12 fatcat:shkdaouae5btriteywqc3447zy

Page 75 of National Union Catalog Vol. 23, Issue [page]

1958 National Union Catalog  
R., joint author see Chaudhry, K. R. for degree students. Chand, 1962. Elements of statics t4thed., Delhi, S Jain, Dharam Vir Singh.  ...  PQis19.J28B4 NICNN RPB 60-46264 t Jaimes Freyre, Ricardo, 1870-1983. Poesias completas. La Paz, Ministerio de Educacién y Bellas Artes, 1957. 210 p. 23cm.  ... 

Page 44 of University Computing : The Bulletin of the IUCC Vol. 9, Issue 1 [page]

1987 University Computing : The Bulletin of the IUCC  
Girill, T. R. On-line access aids for documentation: a bibliographic outline. ACM SIGIR ‘FORUM’, 18 (1985), 24-27. Harris, 1. A HELP package for UNIX.  ...  Uni- versity Computing, 7 (1985), 8-13. 2 Auld, R., Lang, K. & Lang, T. University computer users: characteristics and behaviour. In Computing Skills and the User Interface, eds. M. J. Coombs and J.  ... 

Imitation Learning from Pixel-Level Demonstrations by HashReward [article]

Xin-Qiang Cai, Yao-Xiang Ding, Yuan Jiang, Zhi-Hua Zhou
2021 arXiv   pre-print
𝑡 =0 𝛾 𝑡 𝑟 (𝑠 𝑡 , 𝑎 𝑡 )] obtained by 𝜋. Different from RL, in IL, the learner has no access to 𝑟 .  ...  HashReward network by Equation ( 6 ) using {(𝑠, 𝑎)} 𝑡 , then generate rewards r for all state-action pairs in {(𝑠, 𝑎)} 𝑡 . 6: 𝜋 G,𝑡 −1 → 𝜋 G,𝑡 using r by RL update. 7: end for of the original  ... 
arXiv:1909.03773v3 fatcat:2za3x73iejc3bmbyozdzdws34a

Page 135 of National Union Catalog Vol. 9, Issue [page]

1953 National Union Catalog  
Title : Sbornik r kh materialov po narodnomu obrazovanim. Girija Prasad Anand see Anand, Girija Prasad. Girijadatta Sukla see Sukla, Girijadatta. Girilal Jain see Jain, Girilal.  ...  Title. 57-26561 t cty Giri, Salvatore. Tl successo con la volonta; la volonta e la sua educazione. [By] Gisal [pseud. 2.ed.] Roma, Giusi [1956] 1. Will. Girichev, S. N., ed. see Kazakh S. S. R.  ... 

Page 144 of National Union Catalog Vol. 17, Issue [page]

1958 National Union Catalog  
The council manual ,written by Juliet R.  ...  Girija Prasanna, 1894- see Majumdar, Girija Prasanna, 1894- Girijaprasanna Majumdar see Majumdar, Girija Prasanna, 1894- Girilal Jain see Jain, Girilal, 1921- Girin, Georgii Konstantinovich.  ... 

Page 61 of Computational Linguistics Vol. 23, Issue 1 [page]

1997 Computational Linguistics  
Girill, T. R. 1991. Information chunking as an interface design issue for full-text databases. In Martin Dillon, editor, Interfaces for Information Retrieval and Online Systems.  ...  Christel, M., T. Kanade, M. Mauldin, TextTiling R. Reddy, M. Sirbu, S. Stevens, and H. Wactlar. 1995. Informedia digital video library. Communications of the ACM, 38(4):57-58, April. Cochran, W.  ... 

Page 212 of The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany Vol. 54, Issue [page]

1792 The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany  
t ir and girile, .uivl bun the trami-r of it, to ketp up the thr t un V 0. n I 11,'c d 4 V 4 T r ; t,c u, ihtu tn.ul.sof nis men, previous to his dou* • *(1 ever cr il » »•<«, Im,* tie bhng tt ecipe in  ...  Trade I r,4: 1 ..;! .!« Will have thrir railoT> luads. Trade ' ’ - • ' “T .. a> ;i;c r V..ii-t d -2 arc plcdaut, but too infipid ; a ‘^ fl ip i fometiTiis a month without h.a- ♦ i i« r!  ... 

Page 2 of Far Eastern Survey Vol. 29-30, Issue Index [page]

1960 Far Eastern Survey  
II (1917- 1955), 143 INDEX OF BOOKS REVIEWED Jain, Girilal, India Meets China in Nepal, 110 Jenkins, William M. see Karan, Prad- yumna P. Jones, Danny R. see Belli, Melvin M.  ...  ., and Jones, Danny R., Belli Looks at Life and Law in Japan, 94 Belo, Jane, Trance in Bali, 64 Benda, Harry J., and McVey, Ruth T., The Communist Uprisings of 1926-27 in Indonesia: Key Documents, 30 Bernad  ... 

Page 91 of The Edinburgh Weekly Magazine Vol. 40, Issue [page]

1778 The Edinburgh Weekly Magazine  
^nd maniifa6iiies 'vitltin thclc thirty ^>r forty years pafi. I'l e number <*t inhabitants has increafed greatly ji' in that period. Money has' t'rcomc more pkntv than formcily.  ...  On t!  ... 

Page 549 of Foreign Affairs Vol. 35, Issue 3 [page]

1957 Foreign Affairs  
Fr. 150. pa — in UNperpeveLorep Counrtnizs, by R. S. Sayers. Cairo, National Bank of t, 1956. 24 p. Tue Cuancinc Patrern or InrernaTionaL Investment in Sececteo Strextinc Counraixs, by R. Conan.  ...  N.Y., Amer- ican Iron and Steel Institute, 1956. 68 p. ; Cuinese “PANcHsHEELA” in Burma, by Girilal Jain. Bombay, Democratic Research Service, 1956. 45 p.  ... 

An Extract of a Letter, Written March 5. 1672 by Dr. Thomas Cornelio, a Neapolitan Philosopher and Physician, to John Dodington Esquire, His Majesties Resident at Venice; Concerning Some Observations Made of Persons Pretending to be Stung by Tarantula's: Englisb'd Out of the Italian

Thomas Cornelio
1672 Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678)  
But of thi's i hope I (hall foon be able tr t vrite my thoughts more fully,vvhich vvi"lIJ think, be fufficien to refute that fable of the S I R, IN the Obfervations and Hiftory of Nature poffibly th'is  ...  S I R, IN the Obfervations and Hiftory of Nature poffibly th'is Ma: JLnot be unvvorthy the notice.  ... 

Page 26 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 58, Issue [page]

1952 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
(M) GIRILL, ROBERT B., Physical Works, Eastman Kodak Co. Ave., Rochester 16, N.Y.  ...  (A) GOLDSMITH, LLOYD T., Sound Dept., Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., Burbank, Calif. (F) GOLDSMITH, THOMAS T., JR., Director of Re- search, Allen B.  ... 
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