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Systemic risk assessment through high order clustering coefficient [article]

Roy Cerqueti, Gian Paolo Clemente, Rosanna Grassi
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The proposed measure incorporates the generalized concept of clustering coefficient of order l of a node i introduced in Cerqueti et al. (2018).  ...  Its properties are also explored in terms of systemic risk assessment.  ...  Also, clustering coefficients of order 2 and 3 are extremely high, due to connections to high clustered nodes through geodesics of length 2 and 3.  ... 
arXiv:1810.13250v1 fatcat:2b2dwjab4zhqpmxlhqplpplina

Operational Safety Risk Assessment of Civil Aviation based on Grey Clustering

Wan Jian, Xia Zhenghong, Zhu Xinping
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
the operational safety risk assessment model based on grey whitening clustering was proposed in this paper.  ...  According to the result, it was consistent with the actual operation of civil aviation, which verified the rationality of the safety risk assessment indexes taking into account of the typical accidents  ...  Fig.1 process chart of operational safety risk assessment of civil aviation The risk assessment model based on gray clustering will select clustering objects, clustering indexes and define grey categories  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1168/3/032109 fatcat:opftemil3ncqjoeqbaistql3qq

Cluster Detection Tests in Spatial Epidemiology: A Global Indicator for Performance Assessment

Aline Guttmann, Xinran Li, Fabien Feschet, Jean Gaudart, Jacques Demongeot, Jean-Yves Boire, Lemlih Ouchchane, Osman Alimamy Sankoh
2015 PLoS ONE  
TC c measured for four combinations of two relative risks (RR) and two annual incidences of birth defects: low RR = 3 and high RR = 6; low incidence = 0.48% births per year and high incidence = 2.26% births  ...  The Tanimoto coefficient (TC) is a well-known measure of similarity that can assess location accuracy but only for one detected cluster. In a simulation study, performance is measured for many tests.  ...  We defined two statistics of TC, both ranging between 0 and 1, in order to obtain two performance measures for each simulated cluster (with a total of 884 clusters). Averaged Tanimoto coefficient.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0130594 pmid:26086911 pmcid:PMC4472237 fatcat:4ei6lo5bqramxhokq3syoy4yba

Security Risk Level Prediction of Carbofuran Pesticide Residues in Chinese Vegetables Based on Deep Learning

Tongqiang Jiang, Tianqi Liu, Wei Dong, Yingjie Liu, Qingchuan Zhang
2022 Foods  
In order to predict the potential key risk vegetables and regions, this paper constructs a security risk assessment model, combined with the k-means++ algorithm, to establish the risk security level.  ...  In this paper, a comparative experiment is conducted on a small sample data set of independently constructed security risk assessment indicators.  ...  Silhouette coefficients for the clustering categories from 3 to 7. Figure 4 . 4 Figure 4. Silhouette coefficients for the clustering categories from 3 to 7. Figure 5 . 5 Figure 5.  ... 
doi:10.3390/foods11071061 pmid:35407150 pmcid:PMC8997839 fatcat:6u26b5baabcvlgovcl6zr4o4pe

Air Transportation Infrastructure Robustness Assessment for Proactive Systemic Risk Management

Yassien Yassien, Mohamed Ezzeldin, Moataz Mohamed, Wael El-Dakhakhni
2020 Journal of Management in Engineering  
cascade) systemic risk management processes.  ...  A key attribute of resilience, robustness serves as a predictor of infrastructure system performance under disruptions, thus informing proactive infrastructure risk management.  ...  Subsequently, in order to minimize the systemic risk, infrastructure systems should be designed to be robust to such devastating shocks.  ... 
doi:10.1061/(asce)me.1943-5479.0000789 fatcat:ofq4hcvdmnbspbwijj25gulx3q

Conceptual approach to the assessment of economic security of economic entities on the example of transport enterprises

Elena Karanina, Olesya Ryazanova, Natalia Gritsuk, A. Mottaeva, B. Melović
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Clusters of transport enterprises are selected on the basis of indicators of potential and risk. The analysis of threats and risks of economic entities of the territories is carried out.  ...  and risk.  ...  Persianova proposed calculating an integral indicator for assessing the level of economic security. The system of coefficients is the basis for assessing the level of economic security.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201819301031 fatcat:sspzzkqtifettkce4p5yv5owmi

Spatial analysis of PM10 and cardiovascular mortality in the Seoul metropolitan area

Yu-Ra Lim, Hyun-Joo Bae, Youn-Hee Lim, Seungdo Yu, Geun-Bae Kim, Yong-Sung Cho
2014 Environmental Health and Toxicology  
In a comparison of PM10 concentrations and mortality cluster (MC) regions, all those belonging to MC 1 and MC 2 were found to belong to particulate matter (PM) 1 and PM 2 with high concentrations of air  ...  In addition, a group of cardiovascular mortality cases was analyzed using SaTScan-based cluster exploration.  ...  obtained through a precise and systemic review of the physical space [8] .  ... 
doi:10.5620/eht.2014.29.e2014005 pmid:25116367 pmcid:PMC4152940 fatcat:mfvci646lvec5amgahl57cs5di

Entrepreneurship Education Prospects in The Public-Private Partnership System

Almakul Abdimomynova
2021 Montenegrin Journal of Economics  
High social instability, economic variability and business activity of students confirm the relevance of the development of a new entrepreneurship education system aimed at public-private partnerships  ...  It was also found that 52.3% of students do not have enough knowledge to raise funds through public-private partnerships at the initial stage of starting their own business activity.  ...  RESEARCH METHODS To assess the economic risks of project financing participants, we propose a statistical approach that is based on calculating the variation coefficient, as well as determining the ways  ... 
doi:10.14254/1800-5845/2021.17-2.7 fatcat:qsa6xbt6wbhb7b22o4cw56tyxu

A birdstrike risk assessment model and its application at Ordos Airport, China

Yuanyuan Hu, Pu Xing, Fan Yang, Gang Feng, Guisheng Yang, Zhengwang Zhang
2020 Scientific Reports  
However, China currently lacks a unified birdstrike risk assessment system. Here, we propose and validate a new model for assessing birdstrike risk in order to fill that need.  ...  The high degree of overlap gives us high confidence in the practicality of our risk assessment model, which is based on the risk management concept of ISO 31000.  ...  Combining with the above analyses, a risk assessment matrix based on the five factors of bird number, weight, flight altitude, cluster coefficient and range of activity was proposed to assess the risk  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-76275-z pmid:33184337 fatcat:gvfbmdmhajgxvp6uaawpjbeov4

IOAT: an interactive tool for statistical analysis of omics data and clinical data

Lanlan Wu, Fei Liu, Hongmin Cai
2021 BMC Bioinformatics  
It also contains various operations, such as data preprocessing, feature selection, risk assessment, clustering, and survival analysis.  ...  By using this tool, users can safely and conveniently try a combination of various methods on their private multi-omics data to find a model suitable for their data, conduct risk assessment and determine  ...  In order to better compare the results of the two models, we also manually set the number of clusters to 3 and 4 in order.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12859-021-04253-x pmid:34130622 fatcat:fyjhydr4tbgile2qoevpntkzfy

Regional Geographic Information Systems of Health and Environmental Monitoring Kurolap

Semen A. Kurolap
2016 Baltic Region  
decision-making in order to minimise environmental risks to public health [1; 21] .  ...  ), and two zone characterised by a high anthropogenic contamination level (high risk areas).  ... 
doi:10.5922/2079-8555-2016-4-10 fatcat:7ggg53sqwbdrvblqkmdzpzdgqe

Credit Card Risk Assessment Using Artificial Neural Networks

Hsi-Chieh Lee, Chen-Chi Yu, Tzu-Miao Lin
2015 Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation  
These results suggested that the once the collections of the new customer data were available, the proposed approach could be used as an early warning system which can be used to decrease the risk of credit  ...  However, most banks are trying to reduce the requirements for credit card application in order to increase the motivation of the customers for applying their credit cards.  ...  Williams & Henis (1981) pointed out that: Risk management is the management method through identification, assessment and control of risk at minimal cost in order to minimize the loss that is caused 0  ... 
doaj:d7c3869864ab4e1dbd011301cd8a8cf9 fatcat:6zuzzssjtngybfcg7ptoaqrz4i

A hierarchical procedure to select intrauterine and extrauterine factors for methodological validation of preterm birth risk estimation

Pasquale Anthony Della Rosa, Cesare Miglioli, Martina Caglioni, Francesca Tiberio, Kelsey H.H. Mosser, Edoardo Vignotto, Matteo Canini, Cristina Baldoli, Andrea Falini, Massimo Candiani, Paolo Cavoretto
2021 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth  
A sample of 111 pregnant women previously categorized in low or high risk for PTB below 37 weeks, according to ACOG guidelines, underwent the MaFra Inventory.  ...  Conclusions This study establishes a generalized methodology for building-up an evidence-based holistic risk assessment for PTB to be used in clinical practice.  ...  The ultimate objective of this study was to overcome the high/low risk dichotomy of PTB risk through a clustering approach in order to verify if our sample of pregnant women may distribute in more than  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12884-021-03654-3 pmid:33863296 fatcat:k53spxtlvnad7ij3xs3dmzeuvi

Clinicopathological and Prognostic Value of Necroptosis-Associated lncRNA Model in Patients with Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma

Jun Gu, Zexi He, Yinglong Huang, Ting Luan, Zhenjie Chen, Jiansong Wang, Mingxia Ding, Ihtisham Bukhari
2022 Disease Markers  
Patients were divided into high- and low-risk groups according to prognostic model.  ...  The survival prognosis, clinical features, degree of immune cell infiltration, and expression of immune checkpoint genes of high-risk and low-risk groups were all shown to vary. Conclusions.  ...  (MSigDB, https:// Genome-wide expression profiles for KRIC cases were assessed for GSEA in order to identify dysregulated genes across high-/low-risk group cases.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/5204831 pmid:35664432 pmcid:PMC9157284 fatcat:v4hwbvgnezcufbpo7kh4ad5are

Risk Assessment of Nautical Navigational Environment Based on Grey Fixed Weight Cluster

Yanfei Tian, Xuecheng Sun, Lijia Chen, Liwen Huang
2017 Promet (Zagreb)  
in a quantitative way, a risk assessment model with approach steps is set up based on the grey fixed weight cluster (GFWC).  ...  The evaluation index system is structured scientifically through both literature review and expert investigation.  ...  Huang: Risk Assessment of Nautical Navigational Environment Based on Grey Fixed Weight Cluster Risk evaluation index system and the FAHP based index weight Above all, what the nautical navigational  ... 
doi:10.7307/ptt.v29i3.2238 fatcat:4xpfvpffqjfmhb74atdjsf4pqa
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