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The effectiveness of visual aids in teaching foreign languages

M Usmonov
2022 Zamonaviy lingvistik tadqiqotlar: xorijiy tajribalar, istiqbolli izlanishlar va tillarni o'qitishning innovatsion usullari  
The article analyzes the effectiveness of visual aids in the process of teaching foreign languages and suggests ways to use them in the classroom.  ...  These systems are a set of software and hardware tools and equipment that allows you to combine various types of information (text, hand-drawn graphics, slides, music, moving images, sound, video) and  ...  Therefore, knowledge of languages in both practical and theoretical aspects is definitely necessary.  ... 
doi:10.47689/linguistic-research-vol-iss1-pp233-235 fatcat:cc4fzp3wabflbcwn3qgiedczr4

7. A Model of Integrality of Musical and Teaching Activities at the Lesson of Musical Education

Marina Caliga
2016 Review of Artistic Education  
In this regard, musical didactic activities are not only pedagogical acts of transmission of musical knowledge, but their mission is the living of sound messages, the discovery of self through art and  ...  Integrating through musical didactic activities, students discover, create, analyze, summarize, compare, apply, reflect, operating various mechanisms of musical didactic activities, becoming not only the  ...  , thus consolidating various aspects of the specifics of musical art.  ... 
doi:10.1515/rae-2016-0007 fatcat:zj4zbnu2djbtxmdrzweuepxy3i


Mirdza Paipare, Liga Engele, Olga Blauzde
2018 SOCIETY INTEGRATION EDUCATION Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference  
We live in the age when research skills are required regardless of person's field of activity and experience, therefore it is important to acquire the research skills as key competences already in the  ...  the science of pedagogy.The authors of this article analyse the choice of research topics selected by the students of Liepaja University, study program Teacher/ Music teacher, as well as the content of  ...  music making); 5) the aspect of communication (pupils express their feelings and emotions, characterizing the music, express their attitude towards it); 6) the aspect of learning and practical activities  ... 
doi:10.17770/sie2018vol1.3208 fatcat:dfqihiezl5gq7kjuk2yybzn2uu

Number 13 / Part I. Music. 2. Systematical Approacho of Integrality of Musical Didactical Activity Through The Dramaturgy at Musical Education Lesson

Marina Caliga
2017 Review of Artistic Education  
The integrality of musical-didactical activities at the lesson as a systematical aproach of the musical education process is the problem that we search for.  ...  The words "project", "diagram", "scenario", "libretto" of the lesson are described in this study through two aspects: emotional dramaturgy and reasonable dramaturgy.  ...  Making searches about lesson integrality through musical didactic activities can be observed that the lesson has two great aspects: didactic and artistic. On which of this aspect is based the lesson?  ... 
doi:10.1515/rae-2017-0002 fatcat:g2oqqhmfmndspnlr2cuzyyzg7u


Raul Masu, Mela Bettega, Nuno N. Correia, Teresa Romão, Fabio Morreale
2019 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts  
This paper presents ARCAA (Actors, Role, Context, Activity, Artefacts), a framework that supports designers in understanding the artefact ecology in the music performance scenario, in particular, allowing  ...  The ARCAA framework is the result of the combination of two different areas of HCI: artefact ecology concept, and design framework for digital musical instruments.  ...  musician controls every aspect of the music), ornamental (the system has some level of control) and conversational (shared control).  ... 
doi:10.1145/3359852.3359870 dblp:conf/artech/MasuBCRM19 fatcat:6efcco5rrrgrnpj7wtdgrjqbau


О. А. Bukhniieva, L. D. Bankul
2020 Pedagogy of the formation of a creative person in higher and secondary schools  
the methodological aspects of students' music teaching.  ...  Key words: contemporary musical and pedagogical aspects of teaching, methods of musical teaching, musical pedagogy.  ...  The authors of such systems and techniques are well-known musicians, pedagogues, composers (L.Vynohradov "Music as an activity of communication", E. Hordon "Musical audiation", Sh.  ... 
doi:10.32840/1992-5786.2020.70-1.10 fatcat:wdunbcttb5g2pap5vvkktas6vm

Music Education and Effective Teaching: Perspectives from a Critical Review

Eleonora Concina
2015 Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal  
The aim of the present paper is to consider some of these characteristics, and to discuss the relationships between them within music teacher's professional activity.  ...  The role of the teacher in music lessons has to be considered in a multidimensional perspective, since it involves different personal and professional aspect in a one-to-one educational relationship.  ...  In this perspective, the most studied components of music teaching have been teachers' beliefs about effective aspects of their professional activity, teacher-student relationship, teachers' educational  ... 
doi:10.20533/licej.2040.2589.2015.0251 fatcat:p64xqxftjzbw3em4fmytk7uxdi

Toward anticipatory ubimus

Damián Keller, Ivan Simurra, Marcello Messina
2018 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies  
This paper explores the emerging initiatives in ubiquitous music research that employ anticipatory systems.  ...  One of the objectives of ubimus research is to expand the range of the stakeholders that participate in creative music making.  ...  There are several technical aspects to be considered during the encoding of 4 The musical literature has usually adopted the prefix extra to refer to the aspects of music making that do not yield a sonic  ... 
doi:10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.164664 fatcat:apxcbl3dsvcvdanrvpudozmxfy

Music Education for All: The raison d'être of Music Schools

Baikune De Alba, Maravillas Díaz-Gómez
2018 Education Sciences  
Music schools, centres of non-formal music education, bring music to people of all ages as they work to achieve their main objective of offering practical musical training, for both instruments and voice  ...  The study adopts a description-oriented empirical-analytical methodology and applies the SWOT system. A total of 67 schools were included in the study.  ...  Sociocultural Aspects Involving the music school in the socio-cultural life of its community by having pupils participate in concerts and other music-related activities, stands out as one of the best ways  ... 
doi:10.3390/educsci8020066 fatcat:wfq5kz5y3vdvddvratzz5aw3sa

Interfaces for musical activities and interfaces for musicians are not the same

Evandro Manara Miletto, Luciano Vargas Flores, Marcelo Soares Pimenta, Jérôme Rutily, Leonardo Santagada
2007 Proceedings of the ninth international conference on Multimodal interfaces - ICMI '07  
We also discuss the interactive and cooperative aspects of music creation activities in CODES, a Web-based environment for cooperative music prototyping, designed mainly for novices in music.  ...  Aspects related to interaction flexibility and usability are presented, as well as features to support manipulation of complex musical information, cooperative activities and group awareness, which allow  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank their support by the Brazilian research funding councils CNPq and CAPES, and by the Institute of Informatics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1322192.1322228 dblp:conf/icmi/MilettoFPRS07 fatcat:jrzowgo52fc7vmyy3qvr3teode


Nafisa Jaxbaralievna Arslanova, Master, Namangan State University, Uzbekistan, Kizlarhon Anvarovna Isamova, Master, Namangan State University, Uzbekistan
Any science consists of a conclusion, a summary, a system of reliable and generalized knowledge about the objective laws of nature, society and the development of thought.  ...  The existence of a special understanding is an indispensable condition for the separation and normative activity of any science.  ...  a well-thought-out and consistent system. [3] Music lessons are distinguished by specific types of activities: listening and analyzing a piece of music, singing, performing under the music, creating  ... 
doi:10.37547/pedagogics-crjp-02-12-24 fatcat:o7ms526g4bdkfhfp33bbxegxle

Ghostfinger: A Novel Platform For Fully Computational Fingertip Controllers

Staas de Jong
2017 Zenodo  
This from a general perspective that articulates and emphasizes the uniquely enabling role of the principle of computation in the implementation of new forms of instrumental control of musical sound.  ...  Beyond the currently presented technology, this also reflects more broadly on the role of Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs) in NIME.  ...  This came to include aspects of 3D vision and aspects of touch, which enabled the implementation of virtual musical instruments (VMIs) [9] [12] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1176292 fatcat:arequch3gfe4zefgpx6lfguvlq

Ghostfinger: A Novel Platform For Fully Computational Fingertip Controllers

Staas de Jong
2017 Zenodo  
This from a general perspective that articulates and emphasizes the uniquely enabling role of the principle of computation in the implementation of new forms of instrumental control of musical sound.  ...  Beyond the currently presented technology, this also reflects more broadly on the role of Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs) in NIME.  ...  This came to include aspects of 3D vision and aspects of touch, which enabled the implementation of virtual musical instruments (VMIs) [9] [12] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1176291 fatcat:eyiyowqjyvhnzfypc573ry57aa

From the history of music education in Uzbekistan

S. B. Мurtozova
2019 International Journal on Integrated Education  
the transformation processes that took place in this area, the formation of the music education system, ranging from elementary schools to higher musical education.  ...  Analyzed information about the first institutions of music education organized in the region at the beginning of the 20th century, the representatives who carried out their activities there, as well as  ...  It consists of two aspects: -unity of personality development in education and upbringing. -A rigorous system of pedagogical technologies, the concept of "systemicity".  ... 
doi:10.31149/ijie.v2i4.108 fatcat:hobwzrj22rbdhf3aiz2fl2e7ci

12. The Methodology of Music Education Lesson Completeness by Means of the Vocal-Choral Singing Dominant Activity

Marina Caliga
2020 Review of Artistic Education  
This article methodologically investigates the completeness of the music education lesson with the dominant activity of vocal-choral singing.  ...  In the music education lesson, the choral-vocal singing is an activity with great teaching and educational possibilities. It is one of the most accessible ways of interpreting music in school.  ...  The scholar has analysed the educational systems from this perspective, offering an integrating aspect to the activity concept.. According to V.  ... 
doi:10.2478/rae-2020-0012 fatcat:6yl5vvw3arak5lbuuiy7eqkoc4
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