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A Cosmopolitan New World: Douglas Coupland's Canadianation of AmLit

Karen E. H. Skinazi
2007 AmeriQuests  
She finds that Coupland, who has been hailed a spokesperson for his generation, repeatedly inserts Canadian characters, references, and places into his fictional versions of the United States.  ...  The result is a "Canadianated" America--a transnational space that transcends old-fashioned ideas of nationalism without discarding nationalism altogether, and allows characters to create for themselves  ...  Dag's Ontario license plates, "covered in a mustard crust of Oklahoma mud and Nebraska insects," wind up in San Felipe. 22 This freedom from traditional notions of both history and geography comes with  ... 
doi:10.15695/amqst.v4i1.53 fatcat:54hwko7q7bgcdio5sktk6rsbdq

Book Reviews

Redactie KITLV
1993 NWIG  
Until then, a variety of forms of coercion and exploitation characterized post-emancipation labor systems, including the credit and truck systems through which the "Bahamian agro-commercial bourgeoisie  ...  This system of exploitation lasted until the early twentieth century, when the pineapple industry declined and wage labor attracted Bahamians to Florida.  ...  Because Studium Generale lectures are meant for a broad public, listeners should not be overloaded with footnotes and references to literature.  ... 
doi:10.1163/13822373-90002678 fatcat:4xqdaddht5g6pbz45k7ortdjma


Sarah Wise, Sarah Wise, Dr Mccay
Conservationists, Bahamian residents, scientists, and resource users claim rights of access to resources and space through socially embedded processes which create, impose, maintain, bridge, transpose  ...  The faster, but far more terrifying option is taking one of the small private planes operated by young men with freshly obtained pilot licenses.  ...  Darwin himself showed a scientific fascination with island systems.  ... 

Journal of Scientific Exploration 34:1 Spring 2020 Whole Issue PDF

Kathleen Erickson, Society for Scientific Exploration
2019 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
, under license from the Bahamian Government.  ...  We started with a map of sufficient scale to encompass the License Area, and used the Bahamian Government Hydrographic Chart (BLSH702, scale 1:300,000).  ...  For more information about the Journal and the Society, go to https://www.scienti Instructions for Authors (Revised October 2018) JSE is an open access journal, with a CC-BY-NC license  ... 
doi:10.31275/1775 fatcat:f7wtxsclhjd5pdxuwf3suao5ji

11th North American Paleontological Conference Program with Abstracts

Mary Droser, Nigel Hughes, Nicole Bonuso, David Bottjer, Doug Eernisse, Robert Gaines, Austin Hendy, David Jacobs, Jess Miller-Camp, Richard Norris, Kaustav Roy, Peter Sadler (+3 others)
2019 PaleoBios  
Visitors are able to touch and handle the prints, allowing them to engage more fully with the specimen.  ...  Geometric morphometric results are consistent with these molecular data, with the shell morphology of Bahamian lake specimens more similar to C. mexicana than to either accepted western Atlantic taxon.  ...  Morphological and phylogenetic analyses indicate that both skulls pertain to a single new species with sister relationships to Hydrarctos lomasiensis, a fossil otariid previously recognized from the area  ... 
doi:10.5070/p9361044177 fatcat:zirzr46mm5b3zmfgcrzr4nc3xu

Book Reviews

Redactie KITLV
1996 NWIG  
Recognizing such developments is possible only by long-term observation of (and involvement with) the movement.  ...  For the author's illustrations to his stories show that he is perfectly capable of capturing a scène or a character with just a few strokes.  ...  The book was not given to the Moravian missionaries, but rather to relatives, because King suspected that the missionaries would not be happy with his Matawai ways.  ... 
doi:10.1163/13822373-90002626 fatcat:pdqukc74ebaadci3mrn6ogl6yy

Enslaved Swimmers and Divers in the Atlantic World

K. Dawson
2006 Journal of American History  
"A View of the Pearl Fishery," George Henry Millar, e New and Universal System of Geography Being a Complete History and Description of the Whole World. . . . (London, 1782).  ...  "Another Way of turning or rolling round," Melchisédec évenot, Art de Nager, e Art of Swimming, Illustrated by Forty Proper Copper-Plate Cuts, Which Represent the Different Postures Necessary to be Used  ... 
doi:10.2307/4485894 fatcat:a4jr5y5kcfa6be7f5nfmwnxjgi

Book Reviews Vol V No4, full text

Contributing Authors
1995 The Northern Mariner  
Fortunately that institution, in association with the International Maritime Economic History Association, has just published Gordon Read and Michael Stammers (comps.), Guide to the Records of the Merseyside  ...  The early fishery was conducted either by family groups, or on the contract system in which licensed merchants organised it with paid labour.  ...  Cyriax in The Mariner 's Mirror XLIV, No. 3 (1958), pp. 179-89, plate.  ... 
doi:10.25071/2561-5467.744 fatcat:hlmxxh3wxnakzjy6zl64fipfgq

Box boats: how container ships changed the world

2007 ChoiceReviews  
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means-electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other-except for brief quotations  ...  a system of colored signal lights.  ...  Malcom McLean was more than willing and ready to recognize such trends.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.44-3990 fatcat:4ebrcmck5be3xjnbxd5waro47a

Temperance and Racism: John Bull, Johnny Reb, and the Good Templars

Mary Ann Clawson, David M. Fahey
1998 American Historical Review  
The following morning, led by a fife-and-drum corps, the children marched "armed with a plate and spoon" apiece.  ...  after he had attacked the character of the Anglo-American reformed drunkard John B.  ...  Templar Hastings finds great fault with the British Representatives for coming here with an ultimatum. Does Bro.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2650720 fatcat:zwgoimn7dnajbfow2dcktej2ce

Through the Body: Corporeality, Subjectivity, and Empathy in Contemporary American Art

Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt
For example, some of Antoni's more recent work, such as the 2002 video Touch, explicitly foregrounds her Bahamian roots.  ...  They recognized the body as socially coded, shaped by and apprehended through cultural systems, and their sculptures literalized this knowledge by emphasizing their constructed objecthood.  ... 
doi:10.7936/k71z42cg fatcat:njtvghbw5bhhpkvjqbw75tsrse

C7IRIBB67IN CONNECTIONS Articles Poems and Stories Opinions and Notes A QUARTERLY OF CRITICISM AND R6VI6W

Stanley Atherton, Earle Birney, Austin Clarke, Clement Wyke, Samuel Selvon, Elizabeth Sabiston, Michael Cripps, George Ryga, Irving Layton, Ricardo Berg, Margaret Atwood, Cyril Dabydeen (+38 others)
Greighton and Underbill, though one of them was a Tory and the other a Radical, were both essentially Ontarians with centralist views of Canadian history.  ...  The two major events that take place in the Bahamian sequence are both horrific.  ...  touching last line: "invisible clinging always there."  ... 

Dunmore's New World: Political Culture In The British Empire, 1745--1796

James David
Quick to break with convention on behalf of the system that ensured his privilege, Dunmore was an usually transgressive imperialist, whose career can be used to explore the boundaries of what was possible  ...  With a few exceptions (the work of African American historians notable among them), modern scholars have dismissed him as a greedy incompetent.  ...  will." 50 The argument touched a chord with white Virginians.  ... 
doi:10.21220/s2-jexg-0r20 fatcat:ahjdfnrgmnbj7mwnzobcwnyvjy

Here is queer : nationalisms and sexualities in contemporary Canadian literatures

Peter Dickinson
The dissertation is made up of eight chapters: the first opens with a Sedgwickian survey of the "homosocial" underpinnings of several foundational texts of Canadian literature, before providing an overview—via  ...  Acknowledgements This dissertation was initially conceived during a directed reading course with Margery Fee in 1993. Dr.  ...  plates-had already begun.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0088006 fatcat:k4w5nyilofdv3bya7x6njh3xt4

Harlem Reverberations: Sonic Landscapes and the Aesthetics of Sound in African-American Literature, 1910-1940

Hannah Huxley, Michael Collins, David Stirrup
hi-fi and stereo systems.  ...  In Jericho, windows take on a character of their own, the personification of Agatha Cramp's inquisitiveness, seemingly speaking to the external space; Twice a day, when the sunlight touches the windows  ...  Moreover, each of the authors discussed here frequently acknowledge the historical significance of archetypal sound in African American oral and literary tradition, revealing a direct engagement with historical  ... 
doi:10.22024/unikent/01.02.72646 fatcat:tzbo3hbq3rahxpbqyjyfqokndy
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