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Philosophy at the Service of History: Marx and the need for critical philosophy today

Jeffrey Noonan
2009 Socialist Studies/Études Socialistes  
This engagement suggests a conception of philosophy as a uniquely practical discipline distinguished from empirical science by its unique capacity to synthesise values from the facts of life.  ...  These ultimate foundations, the most basic facts of life, then function as the material out of which philosophy can synthesise universal values and posit these as the normative foundation of a free social  ...  Instead, philosophy as engaged critique of the present argues against ruling system values on the basis of deeper values synthesised by the philosophical understanding of the selfcreative processes at  ... 
doi:10.18740/s4sk5r fatcat:zt2eapbyjrf4bhqsslsbvrkupm

Emancipatory and critical language education: a plea for translingual possible selves and worlds

Maria Formosinho, Paulo Jesus, Carlos Reis
2016 Critical Studies in Education  
We maintain that multilingual approaches tend to serve the neoliberal framework and reproduce its systemic inequalities.  ...  Language is the main resource for meaningful action, including the very formation of selves and psychosocial identities, shaped by practical norms, beliefs, and values.  ...  Emancipatory language education could enable and empower every learning citizen to synthesise a contextually, counter-prescriptive, counter-normative, and counterreproductive, relational field of new pragmatic  ... 
doi:10.1080/17508487.2016.1237983 fatcat:4awje6t3vnhfzowatnh6gh3ety

International Relations Theories and the Global Order: A Review of Selective Classic and Contemporary Texts

2022 Journal of International Relations  
While Wendt has put emphasis on the systemic level to understand states' interaction with each other through the interplay of identity and norms at both the domestic and international levels, his thesis  ...  positions Wendt's theoretical contribution between agent centrism and structural analysis, between state centrism and international cultural analysis, and between postmodernism and rationalism. 26 The book synthesises  ... 
doi:10.56312/dujir15e1n2e12 fatcat:uufmfphmszec3gvwbjl3zjkdza

The Moral Truth about Normative Constructivism

Stuart Toddington
2016 Owl of Minerva  
Whilst this dialectic might not be fatal to a conceptually agile and 'pragmatic' approach to developing a Constructivist project of synthesising justificatory grounds for constitutional norms, it might  ...  To avoid it we should begin by acknowledging that the account of normative constructivism Westphal plausibly perceives as having evolved from Hobbes to Hegel is a liberal normative constructivism, and  ... 
doi:10.5840/owl2017112923 fatcat:ddpoy5fzkvfdndumyty7skma7u

The Bright Elusive Butterfly of Value in Health Technology Development Comment on "Providing Value to New Health Technology: The Early Contribution of Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Regulatory Agencies"

Trisha Greenhalgh, Nick Fahy, Sara Shaw
2017 International Journal of Health Policy and Management  
The system is less a "pathway" than an unstable ecosystem of multiple interacting sub-systems. "Value" means different things to each of the numerous actors involved.  ...  We claim that Ooms is indirectly submitting to a liberal conception of politics by framing the politics of global health as a question of individual morality.  ...  I n a recent overview, 1 Pascale Lehoux and her team synthesise and extend a series of papers on different aspects of a large, rigorously conducted and richly theorised qualitative case study of the fortunes  ... 
doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2017.65 pmid:29325407 pmcid:PMC5745872 fatcat:ogcgtayvgbcx7jumchqe36qvqa

Socialisation as a Two-way Process: Emerging Powers and the Diffusion of International Norms

P. Xiaoyu
2012 Chinese Journal of International Politics  
This article synthesises previous theories of international political change, and also makes two modifications.  ...  system.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cjip/pos017 fatcat:zyi6i6ympzavlg4zwfi5hejhgy

Protocol synthesis with dialogue structure theory

Jarred McGinnis, David Robertson, Chris Walton
2005 Proceedings of the fourth international joint conference on Autonomous agents and multiagent systems - AAMAS '05  
Agents can have a controlled and verifiable mechanism to synthesise and communicate their interaction protocol during their participation in a multiagent system.  ...  A protocol is said to be more tolerant if it has a very liberal definition of the conversation space.  ...  The agent receiving the synthesised protocol can follow it blindly without needing to understand that its dialogical actions satisfy some commitment, norm, or rule of a dialogue game.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1082473.1082757 dblp:conf/atal/McGinnisRW05 fatcat:e653vcizirgthii74yumegdzge

Evaluating competing theories of informal sector entrepreneurship

Colin C Williams, Abbi Kedir
2018 International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation  
A multilevel probit regression analysis confirms the modernisation, political economy and institutional theories, but not neo-liberal theory.  ...  theory); too little state intervention (political economy theory), or an incongruence between the laws and rules of formal institutions and the beliefs, values and norms of informal institutions (institutional  ...  They are each necessary but insufficient perspectives that need to be synthesised.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1465750318782766 fatcat:bjumma5v6ve4vkqxyj5doa4wpy

The implications of E Schillebeeckx's theology of liberation for anthropology and creation

D. J. Malan
1993 Verbum et Ecclesia  
The Christian norms which Schillebeeckx believes must be built anew, are not a mere restatement of the norms which were used in New Testament times.  ...  On the basis of his historical hermeneutics he uses the concept of historical mediation to define norms for our own situation which has the same function and goal as the norms functioning in the first  ... 
doi:10.4102/ve.v14i2.1071 fatcat:z2lfhx3v7vdwrd6onsgvfqwpni

Protocol Synthesis with Dialogue Structure Theory [chapter]

Jarred McGinnis, David Robertson, Chris Walton
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Agents can have a controlled and verifiable mechanism to synthesise and communicate their interaction protocol during their participation in a multiagent system.  ...  A protocol is said to be more tolerant if it has a very liberal definition of the conversation space.  ...  The agent receiving the synthesised protocol can follow it blindly without needing to understand that its dialogical actions satisfy some commitment, norm, or rule of a dialogue game.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11794578_13 fatcat:hm3er7nqefggrpi4sz7yrk7hgy

Toleration and Pragmatism: Themes from The Work of John Horton

Sorin Baiasu
2016 Philosophia  
More recently, he has synthesised these views in the form of a distinctive position in political philosophy, a position that has the potential to question much of the received wisdom in the field.  ...  the system is a modus vivendi.  ...  Thus, on Horton's account, liberal moralism is descriptively insufficient and normatively irrelevant.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11406-016-9767-y pmid:30147161 pmcid:PMC6086230 fatcat:xxepwe6prvae5bx7g7ycxski6y

The Indigenous Dimension of the Intersocietal: Dussel, Exteriority and the Sámi People

Aslak-Antti Oksanen
2021 Millennium: Journal of International Studies  
excluded by the states-system.  ...  Based on this assessment, the article outlines the potential for synthesising a 'thin' version of U&CD with LP, by using the concept of 'exteriority' to reorient U&CD's analytical focus towards people  ...  Dussel, Philosophy of Liberation, 17, 40; Dussel, Ethics of Liberation, 271, 593. 55. Dussel, Philosophy of Liberation, 40-47; Dussel, Ethics of Liberation, 278. 56.  ... 
doi:10.1177/03058298211050671 fatcat:4gtpb2phtbe2tdunq462u56boi

Penny Crofts and Honni van Rijswijk (2021) Technology. GlassHouse Book: Routledge

Kieran Tranter
2021 Law, Technology and Humans  
There is a richness of theoretical material synthesised in the book that begs for a longer study.  ...  They come from a suitably critical location that they can discern, unlike most technology law scholars, that rule of law discourse is NOT inherently compatible with liberal or cosmopolitan accounts of  ... 
doi:10.5204/lthj.2150 fatcat:idav45bddzaxdkjcg2skvm6mya

Property-owning democracy as an alternative to capitalism

Paul Raekstad
2017 European Journal of Political Theory  
Alan Thomas' Republic of Equals: Predistribution and Property-Owning Democracy sets itself the ambitious task of synthesising neo-republican political theory and Rawlsian justice as fairness.  ...  In addition to synthesising republicanism and justice as fairness, one of Thomas' major aims is to systematically theorise a model of an economic system to replace familiar forms of capitalism, namely  ...  arguably better addressed by other models of alternative economic systems.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1474885117725900 fatcat:ll3huhxxafghjmza5x27f44tbu

The weak fronts of political pluralism. National and cultural minorities in Europe

Ferrán Requejo
2018 Territories  
democratic liberalism and constitutionalism.  ...  These elements are linked with an analytical and normative collective dimension usually marginalized and which cannot be reduced to the individualist, universalist and stateist approach of traditional  ...  democratic systems.  ... 
doi:10.5070/t21141510 fatcat:wqn272gcq5axhkgkr24gpvsoui
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