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Page 3475 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94f [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
Aparicio, Adding closed world assumptions to well-founded semantics (49-68); Tadashi Kawamura, Logic program synthesis from first-order logic speci- fications (69-96); Bern Martens, Danny De Schreye and  ...  Vorob’ev], Could orders be captured by term rewriting sys- tems?  ... 

Page 7253 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87m [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
Traugott, Deductive synthesis of sorting programs (pp. 641-660); Extended abstracts of current deduction systems (pp. 661-708).  ...  Andrews, Connections and higher-order logic (pp. 1-4); Leo Bachmair and Nachum Dershowitz, Commuta- tion, transformation, and termination (pp. 5-20); Sara Porat and Nissim Francez, Full-commutation and  ... 

Page 2814 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 91E [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
Order-sorted unification is interesting for a large variety of applications and generalizes many-sorted unifi- cation, extensively used by people involved in program proving, equational logic, and abstract  ...  The behaviour of control structures is defined by a reference interpreter described as a rewriting system (operational semantics).  ... 


Hélène Kirchner, Wolfgang Wechler
1992 Theoretical Computer Science  
Order-sorted logic, higher-order logic, modal and multimodal logic are some examples of main interest.  ...  In "Equivalence-preserving first-order unfold/fold transformation systems", T. Sato addresses the problem of deductive synthesis of definite clause programs from arbitrary first-order specifications.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0304-3975(92)90283-l fatcat:nb6jl2blyrfg3pkdq6yrch5wwi

Completeness of Unfolding for Rewriting Logic Theories

Mari Alpuente, M Baggi, M Falaschi, D Ballis
2010 2010 12th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing  
More precisely, our methodology identifies the sources of incompleteness and derives a set of rules that are added to the transformed rewrite theory in order to preserve the semantics of the original theory  ...  Many transformation systems for program optimization, program synthesis, and program specialization are based on fold/unfold transformations.  ...  The combined effect of unification with rewriting by means of narrowing was first proposed in [3] and was also achieved in [14] , [15] , [30] by means of a superposition procedure for program synthesis  ... 
doi:10.1109/synasc.2010.32 dblp:conf/synasc/AlpuenteBFB10 fatcat:666tzbrfgnbs5oa365zo7g2qcq

Page 1631 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94c [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
sets of terms and its applications (409-420); Michael Kohlhase, Unification in order-sorted type theory (421-432); Andrea Sattler- Klein, Infinite, canonical string rewriting systems generated by completion  ...  trees (356- 375); Alexandre Boudet and Hubert Comon, About the theory of tree embedding (376-390); Zhenyu Qian, Linear unification of higher-order patterns (391-405); Wei Li [Wei Li*], A theory of requirements  ... 

Page 2933 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 95e [page]

1995 Mathematical Reviews  
graph rewriting with copying (51-70); Klaus Barthelmann and Georg Schied, Graph-grammar semantics of a higher-order programming language for distributed systems (71-85); A.  ...  in single- pushout graph rewriting (248-264); Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini and Adriano Peron, Semantics of full statecharts based on graph rewriting (265-279); Ugo Montanari and Francesca Rossi, Con- textual  ... 

Page 3354 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 91F [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
Reddy, Rewriting techniques for program synthesis (pp. 388-403); R. C. Sekar, Shaunak Pawagi and I. V.  ...  Elliott, Higher-order unifica- tion with dependent function types (pp. 121-136). Stephen J. Garland and John V.  ... 

Page 1144 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98B [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
98b:68007 The authors investigate a type assignment system using intersection types for languages definable by adding first- and higher-order algebraic rewriting to lambda calculus.  ...  Summary: “The theory of programming with pattern-matching function definitions has been studied mainly in the framework of first-order rewrite systems.  ... 

FAIR Data Based on Extensible Unifying Data Model Development

Sergey A. Stupnikov, Leonid A. Kalinichenko
2018 International Conference on Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains  
A prerequisite for (meta)data interoperability, integration and reuse within some data infrastructure is unification of source data models and their data manipulation languages.  ...  The paper overviews data unification techniques have been developed during recent years and discusses application of these techniques for data integration within FAIR data infrastructures.  ...  The research is partially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project 18-07-01434.  ... 
dblp:conf/rcdl/StupnikovK18 fatcat:s555qgasqngu3bzjhqan5tjzdy

Page 5679 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99h [page]

1999 Mathematical Reviews  
semantic tableaux (252-263); Margus Veanes, The re- lation between second-order unification and simultaneous rigid E-unification (264-275); H.  ...  Phase semantics and verification of concurrent constraint programs (141-152); Karen L.  ... 

Book reports

1992 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
Programming paradigms of the andorra kernel language. VI. Types and rewriting. 12. Typed features structures: A generalization of first-order terms. 13.  ...  Prolog testing of C modules. XVII. Program transformation and synthesis. 38. Derivation of efficient logic programs by synthesing new predicates. 39.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0898-1221(92)90096-z fatcat:4pjyhq2h5zcxzcjs7pzcgpop54

Deduction Beyond First-Order Logic (Dagstuhl Seminar 17371)

Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Carsten Fuhs, Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans, Cesare Tinelli, Marc Herbstritt
2018 Dagstuhl Reports  
This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 17371 "Deduction Beyond First-Order Logic."  ...  Other practical problems need a mixture of first-order proof search and some more advanced reasoning (for instance, about higher-order formulas), or simply higher-level reasoning steps.  ...  The proposed approach consists of over-approximations, underapproximations and their combination.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.7.9.26 dblp:journals/dagstuhl-reports/BlanchetteFST17 fatcat:yfc3wk2fwngc3i2dmjwrz3gsgi

Special issue on 'Logical frameworks and metalanguages'

2003 Journal of functional programming  
of research, developing detailed knowledge about equational reasoning through canonical simplification (rewriting theory) and proofs by induction (following Boyer and Moore successful integration of primitive  ...  The diversity is staggering indeed -propositional logic, first-order logic, higher-order logic belong to one classification; linear logic, intuitionistic logic, classical logic, modal and temporal logics  ...  I presented myself at this meeting a synthesis of Automath with the higher-order λ-calculi F andof J. Y.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0956796802004549 fatcat:zkmf6ncdjnhbvfhmshmsevmvt4

More problems in rewriting [chapter]

Nachum Dershowitz, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Jan Willem Klop
1993 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Semantic unification using rewrite-rules has been proposed by a number of people ([Reddy, 1986; Dershowitz and Plaisted, 1988 ], among others) as an ideal basis for a synthesis of functional and logic  ...  For higher-order rewrite formats as given by combinatory reduction systems [Klop, 1980] and higher-order rewrite systems Takahashi, 1993] , confluence has been proved in the restricted case of orthogonal  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-56868-9_39 fatcat:cibthhywyrgmvcsv73tryp3v2e
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