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Developing Verified Software Using Leon [chapter]

Viktor Kuncak
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Recent work enables Leon to perform program repair when the program does not meet the specification, using error localization, synthesis guided by the original expression, and counterexample-guided synthesis  ...  Synthesis in Leon is currently based on a custom deductive synthesis framework incorporating, for example, syntax-driven rules, rules supporting synthesis procedures, and a form of counterexample-guided  ...  The main challenge in this work is automatically computing the accumulation of worst-case error bounds though non-linear computations, which requires also precisely computing ranges of variables in programs  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-17524-9_2 fatcat:7662wo733nhhhmxyzzrtsb2ucm

Propagation of constraints applied to circuit synthesis

Johan De Kleer, Gerald Jay Sussman
1980 International journal of circuit theory and applications  
The dependence of each parameter on the individual design desiderata and circuil constraints can he easily traced. linear in voltages and currents, the equations are non-linear in the component parameter  ...  The method of propagation of constraints deals with only a small part of the problem at a time. It is an incremental deductive method which first solves whatever suhprohlems can he solved easily.  ...  Though the method depends upon having a network of linear elements, it is possible to extend this method to synthesis of nonlinear circuits by iterating this process on models linearized to an operating  ... 
doi:10.1002/cta.4490080206 fatcat:2t5zpthf6bb63ianai46i2gbjm

Efficient and Accurate Statistical Timing Analysis for Non-Linear Non-Gaussian Variability With Incremental Attributes

Ashish Dobhal, Vishal Khandelwal, Ankur Srivastava
2007 20th International Conference on VLSI Design held jointly with 6th International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSID'07)  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This thesis is the culmination of my two year stint at University of Maryland, College Park.  ...  Chapter 6 Incremental SSTA Physical synthesis programs often require the timing analysis tool to be called many times after one or more changes has been made to the circuit.  ...  We develop the theory of incremental SSTA for non-linear non Gaussian case.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vlsid.2007.69 dblp:conf/vlsid/DobhalKS07 fatcat:o4swdhoh7zghjbdsorjohgg2vm

Page 38 of Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology Vol. 10, Issue 1 [page]

1978 Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology  
The implementation of a programming language for an algebraic manipulation system. Recognition of degree-3 polyhedra.  ...  An analysis of virtual storage computer systems. Grammatical synthesis from precedence relations. An axiomatic approach to the semantics of programming languages.  ... 

Parallelizing CAD

Bryan Catanzaro, Kurt Keutzer, Bor-Yiing Su
2008 Proceedings of the 45th annual conference on Design automation - DAC '08  
of end applications.  ...  of these design patterns.  ...  Circuit Simulation: Dense Linear Algebra and Sparse Linear Algebra: SPICE [43] uses linear algebra to solve the Kirchoff voltage and current laws, branch equations, nonlinear equations, and differential  ... 
doi:10.1145/1391469.1391475 dblp:conf/dac/CatanzaroKS08 fatcat:gyirvtvsf5bh3l5l7fevugj4mm

Page 859 of Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets Vol. 3, Issue 6 [page]

1966 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets  
The structural synthesis problem is a complicated non- linear programing problem.  ...  In Ref. 5, the integrated approach to structural synthesis and analysis is adopted, and optimum designs are sought by transforming the problem into a sequence of linear programing problems.  ... 

Page 390 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 91A [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
interval linear programming.  ...  Summary (translated from the Russian): “We study systems of linear algebraic equations arising in the solutions of problems of the synthesis of magnetic and electrostatic fields.  ... 

On Automated Program Construction and Verification [chapter]

Rudolf Berghammer, Georg Struth
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
for digraphs, and Szpilrajn's algorithm for linear extensions of partial orders.  ...  A new approach for automating the construction and verification of imperative programs is presented.  ...  We synthesise Szpilrajn's algorithm [24] that computes the linear extension of a given partial order.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-13321-3_4 fatcat:xxip7nxymjcfnmslpok5eov27y

A Modeling Language for Program Design and Synthesis [chapter]

Don Batory
2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A modeling language is needed to express program design and synthesis as a computation, and elementary algebra fits the bill.  ...  Doing so outlines a general and simple way to express and understand the relationships between different topics in program synthesis.  ...  I appreciated the help and patience of Prof. Egon Börger by allowing me to take my time in writing this paper. I also appreciated the helpful and insightful comments of the referees. References  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-89762-0_2 fatcat:ibzlmnzahnbhbhobcp5auqrzte

Page 7773 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 96m [page]

1996 Mathematical Reviews  
Summary: “We describe a formalization of the meta-mathematics of programming in a higher-order logical calculus as a means to create verifiably correct implementations of program synthesis tools.  ...  Using reflected notions of programming concepts we can specify the actions of synthesis methods within the object language of the calculus and prove formal theorems about their behavior.  ... 

Page 6948 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 95k [page]

1995 Mathematical Reviews  
Summary (translated from the Russian): “A linear binary graph (LBG) is a graph image of a binary program that realizes a Boolean formula (BF).  ...  It is well known that a coherent algebra has a stan- dard linear basis consisting of (0, | )-matrices.  ... 

Program Synthesis with Pragmatic Communication [article]

Yewen Pu, Kevin Ellis, Marta Kryven, Josh Tenenbaum, Armando Solar-Lezama
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This work introduces a new inductive bias derived by modeling the program synthesis task as rational communication, drawing insights from recursive reasoning models of pragmatics.  ...  Program synthesis techniques construct or infer programs from user-provided specifications, such as input-output examples.  ...  Acknowledgement Thanks Maxwell Nye for drawing the glasses and hat figure on the board and introducing me to the wonderful world of pragmatics. Thanks MH Tessler for explaining RSA to me in detail.  ... 
arXiv:2007.05060v3 fatcat:tjfw4p3o5bcyhopwl63bq4piem

Page 5382 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94i [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
Manes, Algebraic theories, Springer, New York, 1976; MR 54 #7578]. Thinking of simple (finite) linear lists defined in this fashion, the correspond- ing defining functor L behaves as follows.  ...  Summary: “We develop a framework for stepwise synthesis of logic programs from incomplete specifications.  ... 

Program Generation for Small-Scale Linear Algebra Applications [article]

Daniele G. Spampinato, Paolo Bientinesi
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We present SLinGen, a program generation system for linear algebra. The input to SLinGen is an application expressed mathematically in a linear-algebra-inspired language (LA) that we define.  ...  Internally, SLinGen uses synthesis and DSL-based techniques to optimize at a high level of abstraction.  ...  The methods we used are a combination of DSLs, program synthesis and generation, symbolic computation, and compiler techniques.  ... 
arXiv:1805.04775v1 fatcat:njapmbp6x5e6jhqweynev3hkwy

Page 1659 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 82d [page]

1982 Mathematical Reviews  
A family of relation-manipulation operations that extends the class of operations in relational algebra. Programmirovanie 1980, no. 3, 52-56, 94 ( Russian); translated as Programming and Comput.  ...  The author considers a modular approach to the synthesis of decision-free concurrent systems modeled by marked graphs.  ... 
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