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From Assertion-Based Verification to Assertion-Based Synthesis [chapter]

Yann Oddos, Katell Morin-Allory, Dominique Borrione
2011 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
We propose a linear complexity approach to achieve automatic synthesis of designs from temporal specifications. It uses concepts from the Assertion-Based Verification.  ...  Our approach synthesizes circuits specified by hundreds of temporal properties in a few seconds. Complex examples (i.e. conmax-ip and GenBuf) show the efficiency of the approach.  ...  By annotating PSL signals and developing a new kind of hardware component called extended-generator, we went beyond Assertion-Based Verification to produce a correct-by-construction module (at RTL) from  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23120-9_6 fatcat:qltusvyusnh7hcpt2tzldxca5a

Static correction of Maude programs with assertions

M. Alpuente, D. Ballis, J. Sapiña
2019 Journal of Systems and Software  
The input of our method is a reference specification A of the program behavior that is given in the form of assertions together with an overly general program R whose execution might violate the assertions  ...  The technique is first formalized for topmost rewrite theories, and then we generalize it to larger classes of rewrite theories that support nested structured configurations.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the referees for their careful reading of a previous version of this article and their very helpful suggestions to improve the presentation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jss.2019.03.061 fatcat:ww3e6cu5mjhhhplcufazegpv6a

Combined Static and Dynamic Assertion-Based Debugging of Constraint Logic Programs [chapter]

Germán Puebla, Francisco Bueno, Manuel Hermenegildo
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We provide techniques for using information from global analysis both to detect at compile-time assertions which do not hold in at least one of the possible executions (i.e., static symptoms) and assertions  ...  The framework is aimed at detecting deviations of the program behavior (symptoms) with respect to the given assertions, either at compile-time (i.e., statically) or run-time (i.e., dynamically).  ...  The program transformation from P into P' given a set of assertions A is as follows.  ... 
doi:10.1007/10720327_16 fatcat:53f5lsd56bgdzm3jdiro6wjxru

Some trade-offs in reducing the overhead of assertion run-time checks via static analysis

Nataliia Stulova, José F. Morales, Manuel V. Hermenegildo
2018 Science of Computer Programming  
Our experiments illustrate the benefits and costs of each of the assertion checking modes proposed, as well as the benefits obtained from analysis and the proposed transformations in these scenarios.  ...  We also propase program transformation-based methods for taking advantage of the run-time checking semantics to improve the precision of the analysis.  ...  Al, Qa is obtained from the calls conditions of the assertions of exported predicares ( or, if no such assertions are present, a "topmost" abstraer state is assumed), or from specific "en try" assertions  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scico.2017.12.006 fatcat:s3mauzq4dvhsnjuy6amzuerhq4

Debugging Maude programs via runtime assertion checking and trace slicing

María Alpuente, Demis Ballis, Francisco Frechina, Julia Sapiña
2016 Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming  
leading to states failing to satisfy some of the assertions).  ...  First, we formalize a technique that is aimed at automatically detecting deviations of the program behavior (symptoms) with respect to two types of user-defined assertions: functional assertions and system  ...  Finally, as we mentioned in Section 2, object-oriented modules are just syntactic sugar in Maude and are internally transformed into system modules for execution purposes.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jlamp.2016.03.001 fatcat:skuavnve6zhwhbzqdtqsyc4l6i

Reducing the overhead of assertion run-time checks via static analysis

Nataliia Stulova, José F. Morales, Manuel V. Hermenegildo
2016 Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming - PPDP '16  
In order to aid in the process of detecting incorrect program behaviors, a number of approaches have been proposed which include a combination of language-level constructs (such as procedure-level assertions  ...  S tarting w ith a s emantics f or p rograms with assertion checking, and for assertion simplification based on static analysis information, we propose and study a number of practical assertion checking  ...  Since all predicates with assertions undergo this transformation, a number of inner calls coming from the link clauses is added to the program.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2967973.2968597 dblp:conf/ppdp/StulovaMH16 fatcat:kxgfgumvojgdhlaciqwrz6bwaa

VeriTech: a framework for translating among model description notations

Orna Grumberg, Shmuel Katz
2006 International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)  
In this framework families of properties are provided with uniform syntactic transformations, in addition to the translations of the models.  ...  The versions are given in different notations connected through a core notation by compilers from and to the notations of existing tools and specification methods.  ...  The transformation of temporal logic properties is given syntactically, where the family of properties is also defined by a syntactic structure.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10009-006-0003-0 fatcat:o24fdcw7hzepbbtcn4owpoue4u

Aspects in the industry standard AADL

Dionisio de Niz, Peter H. Feiler
2007 Proceedings of the 10th international workshop on Aspect-oriented modeling - AOM '07  
These features not only include constructs to describe design choices but also routines to verify the proper combination of constructs from different concerns.  ...  In this paper we discuss our current effort to extend the language to include new features for separation of concerns.  ...  Syntactic Consistency From the point of view of what can be encoded in the language, syntactic consistency can be reduced to the order of the transformations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1229375.1229378 fatcat:ik4lhbz6j5du3hmbt2p35da24m

Just the right amount

Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Yevgeny Kazakov, Ulrike Sattler
2007 Proceedings of the 16th international conference on World Wide Web - WWW '07  
We propose a definition of a module that guarantees to completely capture the meaning of a given set of terms, i.e., to include all axioms relevant to the meaning of these terms, and study the problem  ...  The ability to extract meaningful fragments from an ontology is key for ontology re-use.  ...  Hence, assertions must be included in every locality-based module, which is reflected by the step (3) of the transformation in Proposition 4.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1242572.1242669 dblp:conf/www/GrauHKS07 fatcat:yyixbxvcnjcwnd2rc3nqdtmgsy

Task Oriented Evaluation of Module Extraction Techniques [chapter]

Ignazio Palmisano, Valentina Tamma, Terry Payne, Paul Doran
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper presents an empirical analysis of a number of modularization techniques, and the modules they identify over a number of diverse ontologies, by utilizing objective, task-oriented measures to  ...  The ability to identify such modules, thus potentially reducing the size or complexity of an ontology for a given task or set of concepts is increasingly important in the Semantic Web as domain ontologies  ...  a set of axioms (intensional, extensional and assertional) and Sig(O) is the signature of O 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-04930-9_9 fatcat:ob3hatwqsjdffe6sv3lmb5udym

Combining dynamic and static slicing for analysing assembler

Martin Ward, Hussein Zedan
2010 Science of Computer Programming  
Apply correctness-preserving WSL to WSL transformations to the code to restructure, simplify, raise the abstraction level, etc. These may include syntactic and/or semantic code slicing [41]; 3.  ...  Merely determining which instructions form the body of the subroutine can be a major analysis task: there is nothing to stop the programmer from branching from the middle of one subroutine to the middle  ...  A Syntactic Slice of S : V → W on a set X ⊆ W of variables is any program S : V → W such that S S and ∆ S; remove(W \ X ) S ; remove(W \ X ) The assertion {WP(S, true)} is a skip whenever S is guaranteed  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scico.2009.11.001 fatcat:zmajivb3cnf4zmhdxox5mucbku

Hitting the Sweetspot: Economic Rewriting of Knowledge Bases [chapter]

Nadeschda Nikitina, Birte Glimm
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Minimal module extraction and uniform interpolation assign an absolute priority to one of these requirements, thereby limiting the possibilities to influence the other two.  ...  Three conflicting requirements arise in the context of knowledge base (KB) extraction: the size of the extracted KB, the size of the corresponding signature and the syntactic similarity of the extracted  ...  This work is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under grant 02PJ1002 (SyncTech).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35176-1_25 fatcat:nocqejiva5c3jll77yb24fu7wu

Bridging the Gap between Abstract and Concrete Services - A Semantic Approach for Grounding OWL-S

Steffen Balzer, Thorsten Liebig
2004 International Semantic Web Conference  
OWL-S proposes to utilize XSL Transformations (XSLTs) for the mapping between these representation levels.  ...  is one of the emerging standards for the semantic description of web services in order to enable their automatic discovery, execution and composition by software agents.  ...  Conceptual Restrictions In order to achieve termination and practical soundness of the above transformation algorithms the following restrictions have been assumed 7 . 1.  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/BalzerL04 fatcat:wet3tcjnz5bzhm4bpuhrgztrhu

Changing Programs Correctly: Refactoring with Specifications [chapter]

Fabian Bannwart, Peter Müller
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
These conditions can be added automatically as assertions to the refactored program and checked at runtime or verified statically.  ...  For non-trivial refactorings, the preservation of external behavior depends on semantic properties of the program that are difficult to check automatically before the refactoring is applied.  ...  For simplicity, we assume that µ R is applied only to programs that satisfy the essential applicability conditions of R. Consequently, µ R can be assumed to yield syntactically-correct programs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11813040_33 fatcat:wqcenox6wfd43ck2dlxomqzq3m

Runtime Programming through Model-Preserving, Scalable Runtime Patches [chapter]

Christoph M. Kirsch, Luís Lopes, Eduardo R. B. Marques, Ana Sokolova
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Model preservation means that a runtime patch preserves the programming model in place for programs -in terms of syntax, semantics, and correctness properties -as opposed to an "ad-hoc", disruptive operation  ...  , or one that requires an extra level of abstraction.  ...  We wish to thank all the anonymous reviewers for their comments on previous versions of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-27269-1_18 fatcat:x25jrzfqlngwncewm6tmvdjhg4
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