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Page 17 of Smalley's Magazine Vol. 17, Issue 5 [page]

1899 Smalley's Magazine  
There ain’t no tellin’ but maybe bime bye some of us publicans an’ sinners might git switched onto the right trail an’ be baptized dead on the square.”’  ...  To come in such a spot upon an ugly grizzly bear, an animal weighing almost as much as an ox, and not only ready, but anxious, for a fight, is something that means business to the trapper.  ... 

Page 16 of None Vol. 56, Issue 2892 [page]

1912 None  
He was a new man lately come to the gang and a fierce agitator for the strike. “Gwan!” he repeated, menacingly. “Git out! Yer kind ain’t no good.” He rose to his feet and the other men did the same.  ...  “T feel-a mucha bad,” he complained to the w who waited on him. “Does yer head hurt?” she asked, her sympatiictic hands adjusting the bandages.  ... 

Sweaty Bodies in a Circle: Thoughts on the Subtle Dimensions of Black Religion as Protest

Anthony Pinn
2006 Black Theology  
It involves an attempt to wrestle through a troubled world and in the process gain a deeper sense of meaning within the context of community.  ...  This sign in turn has served to signify popular depictions of Black bodies as having little beauty and value.  ...  Some ob em gits 'zausted an' dey drop out, an' de ring gits closer… De w'ite folks say de ring shout make de nigger loose he haid an' dat he git all 'cited up an' be good fer nuffin' fer a week." 25 The  ... 
doi:10.1558/blth.2006.4.1.11 fatcat:nuvbkrf5nzcydb3x5eojuhh4la

Page 41 of Spirit of the Times Vol. 20, Issue 4 [page]

1850 Spirit of the Times  
She’s as old and as ugly—mighty nigh—as yer Aunt Hetty: butshe has a mighty notion of courtin’, and ef you’ll sidle up to her, it ll please her so well, her tongue will git to goin’ and she couldn’t hold  ...  and her mouth skrooched up, ya! ya! the go-h-meetin’ way, I’ll be cust ef she aint so bad to look atit, its enuff to fotch sickness in the family!  ... 

Page 34 of Youth's Companion Vol. 63, Issue 3 [page]

1890 Youth's Companion  
I think you would find it for your own profit to extend their credit in bad years like the present. A man of your wealth and position can’t afford to let men starve at his door.”’ “Mr.  ...  As she spoke she took up a blue and gray plaid silk, and began to smooth it out on the bed. “Dish hyer frock now, hit am seed good times, fer sho’.  ... 

Page 342 of The Woman's Journal Vol. 21, Issue 43 [page]

1890 The Woman's Journal  
‘You kin switch till you kill me, but I won’t git off!”  ...  Toppy sat there, her heels clinging to Barnie, and her eyes flashing, clearly the mistress of the situation. The man reflected. Then he whipped out an ugly-looking knife, and cut a long, thin switch.  ... 

Page 62 of New McClure's Magazine Vol. 47, Issue 3 [page]

1916 New McClure's Magazine  
I made some sort of hasty interruption, and switched the talk to something else for the moment, but we quarreled off and on about that miserable business all evening.  ...  Nuggets bigas yourtwo don’t want it.” have dogged me fer years, tryin’ to git the secret of that hidden arroyo. But it’s hid — they’s only one way in—nd they’s gold when you git there.  ... 

Lum and Abner: Rural America and the Golden Age of Radio

2009 Journal of Popular Culture  
He said Butch Dolan is on his way over here to the store to see me, but I caint wait here to see him I jist happend to think I've got to go over to the house. Lum: Go over to the house fer what?  ...  That woman of Levi's is a right good looker. Lum: Now wait a minit that aint sich a bad idy. I might write in to em and git the name of one of em and git to writtin backards and forards with her.  ...  Cedric: I know it thats the reason I'm goin to git that fer er. If she aint got no use fer it hersef she might give it back to me. I'm a needin one bad. Lum: Fer goodness sake Cedric.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1540-5931.2009.00577.x fatcat:z5bkyd2ennfw5jhpyw3vmkbx3y

Page 406 of The Woman's Journal Vol. 7, Issue 51 [page]

1876 The Woman's Journal  
I was goin’ to stop off in the mornin’, and Bill Walker was to take my train goin’ back. We started from Altoona late in the even- ing and a good deal behind. It had been a bad day.  ...  A darker night I never saw, ’n wen the conductor pulled the bell I ses to my fireman, ‘‘Crazy, this is goin’ to be an ugly run.”  ... 

Page 69 of Spirit of the Times Vol. 19, Issue 6 [page]

1849 Spirit of the Times  
Things went on this way fur aspell, till at last tha heerd of ’em in the country, and the wimen all about found some excese te come to town to git store goods, jest a purpose to see the babby’s and thur  ...  out, for the wimen would be snre to take good care of his wife and the babbys.  ... 

Page 458 of Youth's Companion Vol. 53, Issue 52 [page]

1880 Youth's Companion  
There must be bad children somewhere, and I must be off! Farewell till Lsee you again a year from to-night. Be good, and forget not your Nicholas!  ...  aia - hanged, and waving his switch in the air, he cried out ‘Alack, I've much to do before midnight.  ... 

Tandem Tag Assay Optimized for Semi-automated in vivo Autophagic Activity Measurement in Arabidopsis thaliana roots

Adrian Dauphinee, Jonas Ohlsson, Elena Minina
2020 Bio-protocol  
The tandem tag consists of TagRFP and mWasabi fluorescent proteins fused to ATG8a, and is expressed in wildtype or autophagy-deficient backgrounds to obtain reporter and control lines, respectively.  ...  Upon autophagy activation, the TagRFP-mWasabi-ATG8a fusion protein is incorporated into autophagosomes and delivered to the lytic vacuole.  ...  Approximate beginning of the root differentiation zone F. Images 0, 1 and 2 represent good, bad and ugly quality scans of differentiation zone vacuoles in the reporter line, respectively. G.  ... 
doi:10.21769/bioprotoc.3535 pmid:33659509 pmcid:PMC7842398 fatcat:sv3wf4w3anc2xg2zt3ezaxfrly

Page 75 of Youth's Companion Vol. 45, Issue 10 [page]

1872 Youth's Companion  
, and, swinging the cat round his head, brought it down with a switch, terrible to hear.  ...  Twenty-five or thirty minutes of this sort of work put us into rather bad plight for church. We kept at it, however. There was no other way but to wor- ry him to death, and so get the shoe.  ... 

Principles of Software Development - an Introduction for Computational Scientists

Daniel Vedder
2019 Zenodo  
It includes sections on how to write good code, how to structure larger programs, and how to collaborate with other developers, amongst others.  ...  This booklet gives a brief introduction to the different aspects of software development, particularly targeted at scientists who are using computational methods.  ...  • Does the software check for bad input (defensive programming)? • Are libraries employed where useful, but not unnecessarily? • Does the design make good use of encapsulation and abstraction?  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5721381 fatcat:remutayv45afnnsjh2ebyjra3q

Page 4 of Spirit of the Times Vol. 20, Issue 1 [page]

1850 Spirit of the Times  
It was prune- ing time ;—the old man stepped to a peach-tree, which he had denuded of a dozen keen switches, and returned loaded to the guards with the same.  ...  had an ugly job dismounting him.  ... 
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