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Dagstuhl Seminar

Andreas Brandstädt, Klaus Jansen, Dieter Kratsch, Jeremy Spinrad
fast advances in various areas of graph algorithms on particular graph classes we have witnessed in the past few years, we believe that it was very important to oer researchers in these areas a forum for  ...  Woeginger, Exact algorithms for NP-hard problems: A survey. In: Combinatorial Optimization -Eureka! You shrink!. M. Juenger, G. Reinelt and G. Rinaldi (eds.) .  ...  On nding another by parity Jack Edmonds (University of Waterloo, CA) A d-oik, C = (V, F ), short for d-dimensional Eulerian complex, d ≥ 1, is a nite set V of elements called the vertices of C and a family  ...