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SuperFly: a comparative database for quantified spatio-temporal gene expression patterns in early dipteran embryos

Damjan Cicin-Sain, Antonio Hermoso Pulido, Anton Crombach, Karl R. Wotton, Eva Jiménez-Guri, Jean-François Taly, Guglielmo Roma, Johannes Jaeger
2014 Nucleic Acids Research  
We present SuperFly (, a relational database for quantified spatio-temporal expression data of segmentation genes during early development in different species of dipteran insects  ...  SuperFly is a valuable new resource for the quantitative comparative study of gene expression patterns across dipteran species.  ...  We thank Victor Jiménez-Guri ( for creating the SuperFly logo. In addition, we would like to thank the ICT department of the CRG for their support.  ... 
doi:10.1093/nar/gku1142 pmid:25404137 pmcid:PMC4383950 fatcat:ghaj2aot2jdgbavvyg6xkxrqby

High-resolution gene expression data from blastoderm embryos of the scuttle fly Megaselia abdita

Karl R Wotton, Eva Jiménez-Guri, Anton Crombach, Damjan Cicin-Sain, Johannes Jaeger
2015 Scientific Data  
As a central component of our project, we created a high-resolution quantitative spatio-temporal data set of gap and maternal co-ordinate gene expression in the blastoderm embryo of the non-drosophilid  ...  These data provide a valuable resource for researchers interested in the comparative study of gene regulatory networks and pattern formation, an essential step towards a more quantitative and mechanistic  ...  We thank the CRG Bioinformatics Core, and Antonio Hermoso Pulido in particular, for setting up and maintaining the SuperFly database.  ... 
doi:10.1038/sdata.2015.5 pmid:25977812 pmcid:PMC4423355 fatcat:seuhyy5ehvfwjhv6jptejp55nq

Efficient Reverse-Engineering of a Developmental Gene Regulatory Network

Anton Crombach, Karl R. Wotton, Damjan Cicin-Sain, Maksat Ashyraliyev, Johannes Jaeger, Satoru Miyano
2012 PLoS Computational Biology  
A major problem for reverse-engineering pattern-forming networks is the significant amount of time and effort required to acquire and quantify spatial gene expression data.  ...  We have developed a simplified data processing pipeline that considerably increases the throughput of the method, but results in data of reduced accuracy compared to those previously used for gap gene  ...  We thank Hilde Janssens for double-checking time classification of embryos.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002589 pmid:22807664 pmcid:PMC3395622 fatcat:tahnowoh4navtpbwiiyssnglbu