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Identification of Biochemical Differences in White and Brown Adipocytes Using FTIR Spectroscopy

DongHyun Shon, SeJun Park, SukJun Yoon, Yong Ko
2022 Applied Sciences  
This study was conducted to investigate the developmental characteristics of adipocytes and to identify selectively white and brown adipocytes through Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. For the developmental characterization of adipocytes, cells and conditioned media of white and brown adipocytes were respectively collected and analyzed. A higher amide I/amide II ratio was observed in the conditioned medium of brown adipocyte than in that of white adipocyte, indicating differences
more » ... n secretory protein profiles. In contrast, an amide I/amide II ratio was higher in white adipocytes than in brown adipocytes, and mature adipocytes have higher lipid amounts than pre-adipocytes. Lipid acyl chain length was the longest in white adipocytes. These differences suggested that FTIR spectroscopy can be used to characterize developmental stages and/or types of adipocytes. To identify the possibility of selectively classifying adipose-derived stem cells, FTIR spectroscopy spectra were obtained in cells before/after white/brown adipocyte differentiation using FTIR spectroscopy and then analyzed by the principal component analysis method. All data indicated that the discrimination between adipocytes was possible in the analysis of the infrared spectroscopy spectrum by the principal component analysis technique. This study suggested the possibility of FTIR spectroscopy as a new type of cell sorting system without tagging.
doi:10.3390/app12063071 fatcat:zl4jkfreybaltltynudqla6hfm

A 'Just Transition' in New Climate Regime and the Energy Policy: A Case of the Czech Republic s Strategy

HyunJung KIM, SukJun LIM, SangWuk AHN
2019 Korean Society for European Integration  
이전 시 기는 사회와 환경 전반에 걸친 포괄적 범위의 변화에서 '공정한 전환'이 개 49) 체코투자청, "그린 모빌리티," (검색일: 2019. 4. 4). 념화되었다면, 최근에는 구체적인 기후변화 정책이 이행되고 있는 과정에서 직접 당사자의 요구와 입장이 반영되고 있기 때문이다.  ...  3BsrchWord=&amp%3BsrchTp=&amp%3Bmulti_itm_seq=0&amp%3Bitm ufficient-village-knezice (검색일: 2019. 4. 4). 47) KOTRA, "체코 전기자동차 시장 현황," 가동, 총 전력의 약 30%를 공급하고 있다. 2015년 6월 정부는 신규원전건설  ... 
doi:10.32625/kjei.2019.19.227 fatcat:6nsvu53u4rawzbr2r2fm65k3bi