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Emotional intelligence in medical students: should we be assessing this more vigorously during the admissions process?

Faiz Ahmed Shaikh, Jenna Gilmour
2019 Korean Journal of Medical Education  
In conclusion, "The relationship between emotional intelligence and happiness in medical students" has provided an insight to the importance of emotional intelligence amongst medical students [1] and  ...  As fourth-year medical students we read, with great interest, the article titled "The relationship between emotional intelligence and happiness in medical students" by Ghahramani et al.  ... 
doi:10.3946/kjme.2019.129 pmid:31230440 pmcid:PMC6589612 fatcat:kcc6sj5twzdwzmffj6h2dl6mqa

Cognitive Engagement: a More Reliable Proxy for Learning?

James D. Pickering
2017 Medical Science Educator  
Similar conclusions can be drawn in regard to emotional engagement.  ...  If a student is emotionally, behaviourally and cognitively engaged, will they necessarily perform better in their assess-ment?  ...  Similar conclusions can be drawn in regard to emotional engagement.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40670-017-0447-8 fatcat:o26qdb4at5hi7phefngdw4bs4y

When Should an Adaptive Assessment Care?

Blair Lehman, Jesse R. Sparks, Diego Zapata-Rivera
2018 International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems  
Adaptations would be made based on student characteristics (e.g., interest, self-efficacy) and behaviors during the assessment (e.g., emotions, response patterns).  ...  In the present paper, we propose three time points at which assessments could care about students and discuss recent research that supports this model of assessments that care.  ...  For example, on-demand adaptations to respond to student disengagement (e.g., providing motivational statements) will be constrained based on the previously selected assessment format (e.g., conversation-based  ... 
dblp:conf/its/LehmanSZ18 fatcat:hivn6od5abhtnfgritm4hnkq7m

Effective communication in the healthcare settings

Aelita Skarbalienė, Egidijus Skarbalius, Lina Gedrime
2019 Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues  
The aim of this paper is to assess the communication skills of healthcare students in Lithuania and indicate the benefits of their development.  ...  Students graduating from a variety of health sciences study programs (N=118) self-assessed their communication skills.  ...  Based on the presented research results Figure 2 .Figure 3 . 23 Self-assessment of students' skills of sending a clear message Self-assessment of students' listening skills value of students' skills  ... 
doi:10.30924/ fatcat:wjysy72c3jhexm4hilum3kxyve

The Effects on Instructional Conversations on English Language Learners

Elizabeth Hendy, University of North Georgia, Joshua Cuevas, University of North Georgia
2020 Georgia Educational Researcher  
This research examined the effectiveness that the Instructional Conversations (ICs) teaching method had on elementary-aged English Language Learning (ELLs) students.  ...  After controlling for initial ability in math, results indicated that ICs did not lead to an increase of academic achievement or academic language usage when compared to students taught through traditional  ...  Introduction The Instructional Conversation (IC) pedagogy is based around an educational discussion in which the teacher adjusts their side of a conversation toward what they believe a student is trying  ... 
doi:10.20429/ger.2020.170205 fatcat:vpog2wqxzvbuhae7bxokapxiv4

Pedagogical Management of University Students' Communication Ability Development

Spirchagova Tatiana Anatolievna, Nasyrova Albina Munirovna, Vakhitova Dilyara Kasimovna, Sadrieva Liliya Mirzayanovna, Brodskaya Tatiana Anatolievna
2017 International Journal of Instruction  
Narrative approach is based on the idea that people's relations are formed in the process of social interaction.  ...  Thus, communication is a specific information exchange, the process of sending emotional and intellectual information to the recipient.  ...  Creating the atmosphere of a "dance floor", trick ending, emotional richness were assessed in the exercise ("etude").  ... 
doi:10.12973/iji.2017.1036a fatcat:i2te5wqdcnewblhx4suxb5aiza

Interaction monitoring model of logo counseling website for college students' healthy self-esteem

Jacob Daan Engel, Ventje Jeremias Lewi Engel, Evangs Mailoa
2020 International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE)  
The model attempts to help counselors in guiding and helping the students (clients) to achieve healthy self-esteem.  ...  For the first implementation, a chatbot application is developed and tested with excellent responses from the students.  ...  The counselor's function in detecting the students' emotional state accurately in the online counseling process is essential [5] .  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijere.v9i3.20525 fatcat:4xsu4ilyabddrae72zp4ba4h64

Developing a conversation: A strategy to engage faculty in pedagogical change

Allison M. Mercer, Jennifer E. Lewis, Susan Sutheimer, Adele J. Wolfson
2018 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education  
, and emotional reactions.  ...  Here, we discuss these themes and their implications for creating conversation designed to promote reflection on biochemistry teaching.  ...  We are grateful to the faculty members who allowed us to survey their students and who took time to be interviewed in depth and with great seriousness.  ... 
doi:10.1002/bmb.21135 pmid:29984537 fatcat:oewrch7n4vfqvartf367lrpsne

Understanding engagement: Science demonstrations and emotional energy

Catherine Milne, Tracey Otieno
2007 Science Education  
engagement, emotional energy, and learning of students.  ...  in the classroom.  ...  Maintaining the ritual, positive emotional energy, and student engagement. Assessments were developed from demonstrations.  ... 
doi:10.1002/sce.20203 fatcat:qrob6ihpsvaftots2obybxczsa

AutoTutor and affective autotutor

Sidney D'mello, Art Graesser
2012 ACM transactions on interactive intelligent systems (TiiS)  
The degree to which a particular sensor activates a particular emotion is based on the accuracy by which the sensor has detected the emotion in past offline evaluations.  ...  The Assessments module compares the conceptual quality of the text based on expectations and misconceptions stored in the Curriculum Script and with LSA (5b).  ... 
doi:10.1145/2395123.2395128 fatcat:f6rqwoomdvfzvg6mf6rkw34lt4

Linguistic Profiles of Students Interacting with Conversation-Based Assessment Systems

Carol Forsyth, Jesse Sparks, Jonathan Steinberg, Laura McCulla, Antonija Mitrovic, Nigel Bosch
2022 Zenodo  
In the current study, 235 middle-school students from diverse backgrounds interacted with a conversation-based assessment system designed to measure scientific inquiry.  ...  Conversation-based assessment systems allow for students to display evidence of their knowledge during natural language conversations with artificial agents.  ...  INTRODUCTION 1.1 Conversation-Based Assessment Conversation-based assessments (CBAs) are interactive formative assessment systems with natural language conversations between humans and two or more artificial  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6852980 fatcat:uizozdfferhgpi6tmdfcq64zj4

Specific feedback makes medical students better communicators

Cosima Engerer, Pascal O. Berberat, Andreas Dinkel, Bärbel Rudolph, Heribert Sattel, Alexander Wuensch
2019 BMC Medical Education  
To do that, every student was video-recorded in a pre and post assessment. Results: Sixty-six undergraduate medical students participated voluntarily in our study.  ...  Methods: We condensed best practice recommendations for feedback in a CST for undergraduate medical students and compared the effect of specific, structured and behavior-orientated feedback (intervention  ...  conversation, pick up patient's perception, structure conversation, handle a patient's emotions, end the conversation as well as general communication skills, e.g. taking pauses, and a global item for  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12909-019-1470-9 fatcat:7wc6hpz32jf5dnhlcbhblcuoz4

The communication of emotion during conflict in married couples

Keith Sanford
2012 Journal of family psychology  
The contextualcouple effect was strong in spite of the fact that it was assessed across only two conflict conversations in the context of a single assessment session.  ...  After the conversation, partners rated each other's emotion. In addition, each conversation was scored for levels of hard and soft emotion by multiple observers.  ... 
doi:10.1037/a0028139 pmid:22545937 fatcat:c7omjdvkbzecxfxjmgg6tgaynu

A measurement of student teachers' parent–teacher communication competences: the design of a video-based instrument

Karen De Coninck, Martin Valcke, Ruben Vanderlinde
2018 Journal of Education for Teaching  
This study reports on the design of a video-based instrument to assess student teachers' parent-teacher communication competences (PTCC) in a reliable and valid way.  ...  The (4) implementation of the instrument confirmed that this innovative video-based tool might be a promising approach to assess student teachers' PTCC.  ...  Methods To design a video-based instrument to assess student teachers' PID skills regarding parentteacher communication in a reliable and valid way, we followed four steps: (1) designing authentic and  ... 
doi:10.1080/02607476.2018.1465656 fatcat:yhtoizgq4zb67lxucadzltfgdi

Emotional Dialogue in a Virtual Tutor for Educational Software

María Lucila Morales-Rodríguez, Juan J. González B., Rogelio Florencia-Juárez, Julia Patricia Sánchez-Solís
2012 Research in Computing Science  
The tutor exhibits personality traits and emotions in the tutor dialogue in order to create an immersion sense in the student and thus catch his attention on the game.  ...  We adapted an Emotional Extension of the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, structure here named as EE-AIML.  ...  Introduction Based on the latest assessment of education in Mexico [1] , it was found an increase in the level of achievement of students between 3rd and 6th grade in the subject of Mathematics.  ... 
doi:10.13053/rcs-56-1-2 fatcat:4jvgrkytpbgczox5ndpgyiolnu
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