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Structural correlates of active-staining following magnetic resonance microscopy in the mouse brain

Jon O. Cleary, Frances K. Wiseman, Francesca C. Norris, Anthony N. Price, ManKin Choy, Victor L.J. Tybulewicz, Roger J. Ordidge, Sebastian Brandner, Elizabeth M.C. Fisher, Mark F. Lythgoe
2011 NeuroImage  
In this study, we investigated the structural correlates of the MRI agent Gd-DTPA, together with the optimal preparation and scan parameters for contrast-enhanced gradient-echo imaging of the mouse brain  ...  Our findings provide insights not only into the cellular distribution and mechanism of MR active-staining, but also allow for three dimensional analysis, which enables interpretation of magnetic resonance  ...  We are grateful for the funding support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the Medical Research Council and the British  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.01.082 pmid:21310249 pmcid:PMC3590453 fatcat:z7l6lhc7frecrjop5lnfesivra

Purkinje cell loss in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Allan MacKenzie-Graham, Seema K. Tiwari-Woodruff, Gaurav Sharma, Cynthia Aguilar, Kieumai T. Vo, Lauren V. Strickland, Laurie Morales, Boma Fubara, Melanie Martin, Russell E. Jacobs, G. Allan Johnson, Arthur W. Toga (+1 others)
2009 NeuroImage  
Volumetric changes in brains of EAE mice, as well as matched healthy normal controls, were quantified by collecting post-mortem high-resolution T2-weighted magnetic resonance microscopy and actively-stained  ...  magnetic resonance histology images.  ...  The authors wish to acknowledge their deep appreciation to the members of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) and the Mouse Biomedical Informatics Research Network (Mouse BIRN).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.06.073 pmid:19589388 pmcid:PMC2754586 fatcat:7hhj45oxf5dknmctzqtbltkb5q

Genetic dissection of the mouse CNS using magnetic resonance microscopy

Alexandra Badea, G Allan Johnson, Robert W Williams
2009 Current Opinion in Neurology  
Purpose of review-Advances in MR microscopy (MRM) make it practical to map gene variants responsible for structural variation in brains of many species, including mice and humans.  ...  Summary-The combination of high throughput MRM and genomics will improve our understanding of the genetic basis structure-function correlations.  ...  Acknowledgment The Mouse Bioinformatics Research Network (MBIRN) (U24 RR021760) provided major support for this study.  ... 
doi:10.1097/wco.0b013e32832d9b86 pmid:19542887 pmcid:PMC2734144 fatcat:xqdhhz32yfdhfc4t5wxxumfpc4

Manipulation of tissue contrast using contrast agents for enhanced MR microscopy in ex vivo mouse brain

Shuning Huang, Christina Liu, Guangping Dai, Young Ro Kim, Bruce R. Rosen
2009 NeuroImage  
Previously, a number of magnetic resonance microscopy (MRM) studies have successfully established brain atlases, revealing genotypic traits of several commonly used mouse strains.  ...  As a result, multiple regions of the brain stained by the two agents exhibited different image contrasts.  ...  Nikos Makris for his help on understanding of detailed brain anatomy.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.02.027 pmid:19264139 pmcid:PMC4441733 fatcat:6fdg7vsgvffcnpbto5we3556eu

Targeting Vascular Amyloid in Arterioles of Alzheimer Disease Transgenic Mice With Amyloid β Protein Antibody-Coated Nanoparticles

Joseph F. Poduslo, Kristi L. Hultman, Geoffry L. Curran, Gregory M. Preboske, Ryan Chamberlain, Małgorzata Marjańska, Michael Garwood, Clifford R. Jack, Thomas M. Wengenack
2011 Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology  
Dark foci of contrast enhancement in cortical arterioles were observed in T 2 *-weighted images of ex vivo AD mouse brains that correlated histologically with CVA deposits.  ...  The third approach used high-field strength magnetic resonance imaging of antibody-coated iron oxide nanoparticles after infusion into the external carotid artery.  ...  Histological Confirmation of IgG4.1 Nanoparticle Binding to Amyloid Deposits in APP Mouse Brain To correlate IgG4.1 nanoparticle MR contrast enhancement to histological structures, routine processing and  ... 
doi:10.1097/nen.0b013e318225038c pmid:21760540 pmcid:PMC4428546 fatcat:qvmuopzhnnf2rnkfturk3k5op4

Decreased Taurine and Creatine in the Thalamus May Relate to Behavioral Impairments in Ethanol-Fed Mice: A Pilot Study of Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Su Xu, Wenjun Zhu, Yamin Wan, JiaBei Wang, Xi Chen, Liya Pi, Mary Kay Lobo, Bin Ren, Zhekang Ying, Michael Morris, Qi Cao
2018 Molecular Imaging  
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy represents a sensitive and noninvasive measurement of pathological alterations in the brain, which may provide insight into the pathogenesis underlying the development of  ...  Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain and behavioral testing were performed to determine neurochemical alterations and their relationships to behavioral changes in LALF.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge and thank Zhixing Wang, Jingqing Liang, Rikka Saito, and Fan Zhang for providing technical assistance and Brigitte Pocta for editing the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1536012117749051 pmid:29318932 pmcid:PMC5768247 fatcat:zk6pof56drhgrh5vjir7lfeure

Serial in vivo MR tracking of magnetically labeled neural spheres transplanted in chronic EAE mice

Tamir Ben-Hur, Ruud B. van Heeswijk, Ofira Einstein, Michal Aharonowiz, Rong Xue, Emma E. Frost, Susumu Mori, Benjamin E. Reubinoff, Jeff W.M. Bulte
2006 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  
Using magnetically labeled mouse neurospheres and human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived neurospheres, we applied serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the biodynamics of transplanted cell  ...  The distance of cell migration correlated well with clinical severity of disease and the number of microglia in the WM tracts, supporting the notion that inflammatory signals promote transplanted cell  ...  Correlation Between Transplanted Cell Migration and Disease Severity Measurements of the distance of transplanted mouse cell migration in the brain, as calculated from the in vivo MR images, indicated  ... 
doi:10.1002/mrm.21116 pmid:17191231 fatcat:lrrnkjvuuzea3gnwkjlhszmkze

Functional Brain Imaging: A Comprehensive Survey [article]

Saman Sarraf, Jian Sun
2016 arXiv   pre-print
It will allow the observation of neural activities in the brain simultaneously.  ...  We will concentrate on the most used techniques in functional imaging which are functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and functional optical imaging, which is one of novelties in this area of study  ...  Functional Magnetic Resonance (fMRI ) Introduction fMRI is a technique measuring the brain activity by detecting the associated changes in blood flow.  ... 
arXiv:1602.02225v4 fatcat:iuhpcih3yzaxpasyknymscjmua

Magnetic resonance imaging at microscopic resolution reveals subtle morphological changes in a mouse model of dopaminergic hyperfunction

Michel Cyr, Marc G. Caron, G. Allan Johnson, Aki Laakso
2005 NeuroImage  
volume of a mouse brain.  ...  Stereological analysis performed in the same brains reveals that one important structural factor accounting for this selective change in volume is a reduction of 18% in the absolute number of neuronal  ...  M.C. is the recipient of Huntington's Disease Society of America fellowship. A.L. was partially supported by the Academy of Finland.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2005.01.039 pmid:15862208 fatcat:xbgae4s62nb2ljbzyugfrccnli

Brain activation induced by chronic psychosocial stress in mice

Mikaela A Laine, Ewa Sokolowska, Mateusz Dudek, Saija-Anita Callan, Petri Hyytiä, Iiris Hovatta
2017 Scientific Reports  
To assess chronic activation with an unbiased brain-wide focus we used manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) and immunohistochemical staining of ∆FOSB, a transcription factor induced by  ...  We further established that the correlation of ∆FOSB positive cells between specific brain regions was altered following chronic social defeat.  ...  Activation of the BNST was also significantly correlated with the activation of subcortical structures, PrL and DG following CSDS but not in control mice (Fig. 4c) .  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-15422-5 pmid:29118417 pmcid:PMC5678090 fatcat:jpxosc2tx5exdewyg5gdk2wv6u

Neural circuit remodeling and structural plasticity in the cortex during chronic pain

Woojin Kim, Sun Kwang Kim
2016 Korean Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology  
and even individual synapses in the brain of living animals.  ...  in the spinal cord, progress in whole brain imaging studies on human patients and animal models has suggested a possibility that plastic changes in cortical neural circuits may actively contribute to  ...  Funders had no involvement in the study design, in the writing of the manuscript, and in the decision to submit the manuscript for publication.  ... 
doi:10.4196/kjpp.2016.20.1.1 pmid:26807017 pmcid:PMC4722182 fatcat:tuanpds6qrhabpvpifpr265nlm

Cortical atrophy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: In vivo imaging

Allan MacKenzie-Graham, Gilda A. Rinek, Andrea Avedisian, Stefan M. Gold, Andrew J. Frew, Cynthia Aguilar, David R. Lin, Elizabeth Umeda, Rhonda R. Voskuhl, Jeffry R. Alger
2012 NeuroImage  
Volumetric changes in brains of EAE mice and matched healthy controls were quantified by collecting high-resolution T2-weighted magnetic resonance images in vivo and labeling anatomical structures on the  ...  This is the first report of progressive cortical atrophy in vivo in a mouse model of MS.  ...  Skirball Foundation, the Hilton Foundation and the Sherak Family Foundation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.11.099 pmid:22182769 pmcid:PMC3293104 fatcat:nzbbuxalprddtndbnx5upjzj2y

Visualization in Connectomics [article]

Hanspeter Pfister, Verena Kaynig, Charl P. Botha, Stefan Bruckner, Vincent J. Dercksen, Hans-Christian Hege, Jos B. T. M. Roerdink
2012 arXiv   pre-print
Such a representation is believed to increase our understanding of how functional brain states emerge from their underlying anatomical structure.  ...  In this paper, we review the current state-of-the-art of visualization and image processing techniques in the field of connectomics and describe some remaining challenges.  ...  Following the motto "the gain in the brain lies mainly in the stain" [1] , the three following main techniques are employed to map neuronal circuits with light microscopy [61] .  ... 
arXiv:1206.1428v2 fatcat:xjayhfspffe7hloxan4drfkggy

Immunolocalization of the Glioblastoma Cells by Nanoparticles Using Microscopy Tools [chapter]

Lorena Favaro, Luciana Cavalheiro, Tatiana Tais, Suzana M.F., Daniela Mara, Maria Izabel, Edson Amaro, Reynaldo Andre, Jorge Roberto, Marcos Augusto, Guilherme Carvalhal, Lionel Fernel
2011 Diagnostic Techniques and Surgical Management of Brain Tumors  
Yabuki and Monika Iamonte for the technical support.  ...  Thus, the QD act as probes which are detectable by the optical techniques of spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (Lee et al., 2007) including the technique of transmission electronic microscopy  ...  Our work suggests the use of SPIONs as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging techniques through the internalization of iron oxide by the endocytosis process (fluid phase -mediated receptor for  ... 
doi:10.5772/20007 fatcat:i3kgfszi7rdddjl5npdrqa36q4

New imaging techniques in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Yan Fu, Thomas M Talavage, Ji-Xin Cheng
2008 Expert Opinion in Medical Diagnostics  
Other nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques including magnetic resonance spectroscopy, magnetization transfer imaging, diffusion weighted and diffusion tensor imaging, and functional MRI have provided  ...  Conclusion-Conventional MRI remains a critical tool in the diagnosis of MS.  ...  Acknowledgements Declaration of interest  ... 
doi:10.1517/17530059.2.9.1055 pmid:19337386 pmcid:PMC2662586 fatcat:habzohqqu5ek3ammbctuqga6aq
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