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THE Most Important Book about Climate Change. Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters by Steven E. Koonin

Henry Bauer
2022 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
Steven Koonin has been a successful physicist, including pioneering work on the use of high-performance computers in simulation and modeling.  ...  Koonin takes the first course quite effectively.  ...  Koonin takes the first course quite effectively.  ... 
doi:10.31275/20212337 fatcat:lc7sggnc2rdwnlewuk7424cdda

Microcanonical simulation of nuclear disassembly

Steven E. Koonin, Jørgen Randrup
1987 Nuclear Physics A  
The effect of including only the self energy, but not the interaction, is shown by curve e.  ...  ~ A ) S i E r " E ) ( 6 ) F -EJOHE/^/*(«->*-] s^-A )WF-E) N r F ' n=l A* J J where p n is the intrinsic level density.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0375-9474(87)90199-0 fatcat:eefve4cojfcfpfblnjvlq4scdm

A different view

Richard C. Alkire, Richard K. Koehn, Steven E. Koonin, Charles Kruger, Robert J. Zimmer
1998 Nature  
Van Den Berghe and E. Spruyt. H.  ... 
doi:10.1038/32268 fatcat:au6vst7iirfvpoq5d6hyff7etu

Microcanonical simulation of nuclear multifragmentation

Jørgen Randrup, Steven E. Koonin
1987 Nuclear Physics A  
It is also checked that the excitation energy e, lies within an interval of width e l0 centered around e = e l0 .  ...  These are chosen randomly from the intervals [*<•<,, §e< 0 ] and [jejo, |ej 0 ], where e< 0 and e^ are denned similarly to e <0 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/0375-9474(87)90262-4 fatcat:miqgo3cmgrayhgw52gcw2tbxqy

Big data and city living - what can it do for us?

Sallie Ann Keller, Steven E. Koonin, Stephanie Shipp
2012 Significance  
Sallie Ann Keller, Steven E. Koonin and Stephanie Shipp look at the benefits that big data can bring to society -and at some of the challenges as well.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1740-9713.2012.00583.x fatcat:sx6onfo3w5ak5fvdi6gxzo4nsq

Dynamics of the urban lightscape

Gregory Dobler, Masoud Ghandehari, Steven E. Koonin, Rouzbeh Nazari, Aristides Patrinos, Mohit S. Sharma, Arya Tafvizi, Huy T. Vo, Jonathan S. Wurtele
2015 Information Systems  
The light curves were reduced to a single intensity IðtÞ ¼ ðRðtÞþGðtÞþBðtÞÞ=3 (i. e., the mean of the three bands).  ...  (e) and (f) The light curve intensity distributions for the 5 minute interval before (red) and after (blue) the transitions circled in green in (c) and (d) (these time intervals are shown as shaded regions  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:6yoxit6ht5bp3nmhlwvdtyukpm

Distribution of Protein Folds in the Three Superkingdoms of Life

Yuri I. Wolf, Steven E. Brenner, Paul A. Bash, Eugene V. Koonin
1999 Genome Research  
[Fold predictions for proteins from 14 proteomes are available on the World Wide Web at  ...  Aravind, Steven Bryant, Michael Galperin, David Landsman, David Lipman, Kira Makarova, and Roland Walker for critical reading of the manuscript.  ...  All hits with an e-value ഛ10 ‫2מ‬ after an adjustment to the NR database size were considered automatic fold assignments.  ... 
doi:10.1101/gr.9.1.17 fatcat:le26bmc7frgc5abkzq4rw3zwym

An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods: Applications to Physical Systems, 2nd Edition

Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, Dawn C. Meredith, Steven E. Koonin, Susan R. McKay, Wolfgang Christian
1996 Computers in physics  
doi:10.1063/1.4822415 fatcat:pjnfztpt2zegnpkwjeeq2nyic4

Complex Langevin equation and the many-fermion problem

Chris Adami, Steven E. Koonin
2001 Physical Review C  
Here, for example T r N (Ĵ 2 z U σ ) = − 1 β V ∂ 2 ∂ σ 2T r N U σ (4.16) and integrating by parts twice yields Ĵ 2 z = dσ e − 1 2 σ 2 Ĵ 2 z σ e −SN (σ) dσ e − 1 2 σ 2 e −SN (σ) = 1 βV 1 − dσ e − 1 2 σ  ...  W = 1 + ω 2 + 2V 2 (σ 2 x − σ 2 y ) − 2 √ 2 iV ωσ y . ( O = Dσ e −Sσ (Φ R O R − Φ I O I ) + i Dσ e −Sσ (Φ I O R + Φ R O I ) Dσ e −Sσ Φ R + i Dσ e −Sσ Φ I (5.23) Fig.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevc.63.034319 fatcat:uhk2ymwj4jf63kbpv266bt3kue

The Urban Observatory: a Multi-Modal Imaging Platform for the Study of Dynamics in Complex Urban Systems [article]

Gregory Dobler, Federica B. Bianco, Mohit S. Sharma, Andreas Karpf, Julien Baur, Masoud Ghandehari, Jonathan S. Wurtele, Steven E. Koonin
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Diener, E. and Suh, E., 1997. Measuring quality of life: Economic, social, and subjective indicators. Social indicators research, 40(1-2), pp.189-216. 14. Shapiro, J.M., 2006.  ...  FBB, GD, JB, and MSS have been partially supported by Department of Energy (DOE) ARPA-E IDEAS grant. Imaging deployments have been supported by the JSMF, DOE ARPA-E, and Leon Levy Foundation.  ... 
arXiv:1909.05940v1 fatcat:cqzcuicr7faw3pwkejyia6s2jy

Hypertemporal Imaging of NYC Grid Dynamics

Federica B. Bianco, Steven E. Koonin, Charlie Mydlarz, Mohit S. Sharma
2016 Proceedings of the 3rd ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments - BuildSys '16  
Hypertemporal visible imaging of an urban lightscape can reveal the phase of the electrical grid granular to individual housing units. In contrast to in-situ monitoring or metering, this method offers broad, persistent, real-time, and non-permissive coverage through a single camera sited at an urban vantage point. Rapid changes in the phase of individual housing units signal changes in load (e.g., appliances turning on and off), while slower building- or neighborhood-level changes can indicate
more » ... he health of distribution transformers. We demonstrate the concept by observing the 120 Hz flicker of lights across a NYC skyline. A liquid crystal shutter driven at 119.75 Hz down-converts the flicker to 0.25 Hz, which is imaged at a 4 Hz cadence by an inexpensive CCD camera; the grid phase of each source is determined by analysis of its sinusoidal light curve over an imaging "burst" of some 25 seconds. Analysis of bursts taken at ~15 minute cadence over several hours demonstrates both the stability and variation of phases of halogen, incandescent, and some fluorescent lights. Correlation of such results with ground-truth data will validate a method that could be applied to better monitor electricity consumption and distribution in both developed and developing cities.
doi:10.1145/2993422.2993570 dblp:conf/sensys/BiancoKMS16 fatcat:ylugwwdg5rghjos4qb2x32kwti

The Urban Observatory: A Multi-Modal Imaging Platform for the Study of Dynamics in Complex Urban Systems

Gregory Dobler, Federica B. Bianco, Mohit S. Sharma, Andreas Karpf, Julien Baur, Masoud Ghandehari, Jonathan Wurtele, Steven E. Koonin
2021 Remote Sensing  
FBB, GD, JB, and MSS have been partially supported by Department of Energy (DOE) ARPA-E IDEAS grant (award number: DE-AR0000886).  ...  Imaging deployments have been supported by the JSMF, DOE ARPA-E, and the Leon Levy Foundation. Data Availability Statement: Data sharing not applicable.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13081426 fatcat:jblwcmede5dbpdoqrhrfbtku64

Solar fusion cross sections

Eric G. Adelberger, Sam M. Austin, John N. Bahcall, A. B. Balantekin, Gilles Bogaert, Lowell S. Brown, Lothar Buchmann, F. Edward Cecil, Arthur E. Champagne, Ludwig de Braeckeleer, Charles A. Duba, Steven R. Elliott (+27 others)
1998 Reviews of Modern Physics  
Koonin), pp (M. Kamionkowski), 3 Heϩ 3 He (C. Rolfs), 3 Heϩ 4 He (P. Parker), e Ϫ ϩ 7 Be (J. Bahcall), pϩ 7 Be (E. Adelberger), and CNO (H. Robertson).  ...  Consequently, the energy dependence of the S factor for E р300 keV is almost model independent (Williams and Koonin, 1981; Csó tó , 1997a; Timofeyuk, Baye, and Descouvemont, 1997) and is given by the  ... 
doi:10.1103/revmodphys.70.1265 fatcat:2y3sukko6nh4vbvqbghz747eoi

Taking the First Steps towards a Standard for Reporting on Phylogenies: Minimum Information about a Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA)

Jim Leebens-Mack, Todd Vision, Eric Brenner, John E. Bowers, Steven Cannon, Mark J. Clement, Clifford W. Cunningham, Claude DePamphilis, Rob DeSalle, Jeff J. Doyle, Jonathan A. Eisen, Xun Gu (+16 others)
2006 Omics  
In the eight years since phylogenomics was introduced as the intersection of genomics and phylogenetics, the field has provided fundamental insights into gene function, genome history and organismal relationships. The utility of phylogenomics is growing with the increase in the number and diversity of taxa for which whole genome and large transcriptome sequence sets are being generated. We assert that the synergy between genomic and phylogenetic perspectives in comparative biology would be
more » ... ced by the development and refinement of minimal reporting standards for phylogenetic analyses. Encouraged by the development of the Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME) standard, we propose a similar roadmap for the development of a Minimal Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) standard. Key in the successful development and implementation of such a standard will be broad participation by developers of phylogenetic analysis software, phylogenetic database developers, practitioners of phylogenomics, and journal editors. This paper is part of the special issue of OMICS on data standards.
doi:10.1089/omi.2006.10.231 pmid:16901231 pmcid:PMC3167193 fatcat:kmorf2l5rvbthlmmluwyijumva

Shell model monte carlo methods [chapter]

Steven E. Koonin
Contemporary Nuclear Shell Models  
Unfortunately, the combinatorial scaling Y Steven E. Koonin and David J.  ...  The decrease in C for T 2 1.4 MeV 18 Steven E. Koonin and David J.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bfb0104366 fatcat:nlcq5lao7jbkbh5wbxo4flhnki
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