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Steganalysis for Markov Cover Data With Applications to Images

K. Sullivan, U. Madhow, S. Chandrasekaran, B.S. Manjunath
2006 IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security  
The main application explored here is steganalysis of data hidden in images.  ...  In this paper, we investigate detection-theoretic performance benchmarks for steganalysis when the cover data are modeled as a Markov chain.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the reviewers for their careful reading and insightful comments. We also express appreciation to D. Fedorov for translation assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tifs.2006.873595 fatcat:cqywze5hvjhftnqvc4ghmlxlta

A Review on Blind Still Image Steganalysis Techniques Using Features Extraction and Pattern Classification Method

Monisha Sharma
2012 International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology  
Steganography is the technique for hiding secret information in other data such as still, multimedia images, text, audio.  ...  In this paper, an extensive review report is presented chronologically on the Blind Image Steganalysis for the still stego images using the classification techniques.  ...  also .developed an application using Weka Java library for loading the data of the Images and classify the images .  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijcseit.2012.2308 fatcat:fdlxaf4k5vfujhpzjniyuxfcg4

Derivative-based audio steganalysis

Qingzhong Liu, Andrew H. Sung, Mengyu Qiao
2011 ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)  
First, Mel-cepstrum coefficients and Markov transition features from the second-order derivative of the audio signal are extracted; a support vector machine is then applied to the features for discovering  ...  all categories of signal complexity-especially for audio streams with high signal complexity, which are generally the most challenging for steganalysis-and thereby significantly improves the state of  ...  In steganalysis, Shi et al. [2007] presented a Markov process to detect the information-hiding behaviors in JPEG images.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2000486.2000492 fatcat:ebjw6bv4jbcd5iqjx2uufi2ng4

Steganalysis of Youtube Compressed Video Using High-order Statistics in 3D DCT Domain

Hong Zhao, Hongxia Wang, Hafiz Malik
2012 2012 Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing  
Statistical features sensitive to data hiding such as absolute central moments, skewness, kurtosis, and Markov features are used as classifying statistics.  ...  This papers presents a novel steganalysis scheme for YouTube compressed video. The proposed scheme exploits spatial-temporal correlation between adjacent frames.  ...  Although video can be treated as a sequence of images, however, applying image steganalysis to video on a frame-by-frame basis yields a suboptimal performance. For video steganalysis, Budhia et al.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iih-msp.2012.52 dblp:conf/iih-msp/ZhaoWM12 fatcat:e34hrsjhpvbmbiwma7fa6dixnq

An improved approach to steganalysis of JPEG images

Qingzhong Liu, Andrew H. Sung, Mengyu Qiao, Zhongxue Chen, Bernardete Ribeiro
2010 Information Sciences  
In this paper, a new scheme is proposed for steganalysis of JPEG images, which, being the most common image format, is believed to be widely used for steganography purposes as there are many free or commercial  ...  tools for producing steganography using JPEG covers.  ...  Xin Zhou at Yale University for affording us his MSVM-RFE code and to Drs. Shi and Chunhua Chen at New Jersey Institute of Technology for affording us their Markov code.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ins.2010.01.001 fatcat:avklkqeicvdktalaz46bqobxxy

Anti-forensic Approach to Remove StegoContent from Images and Videos

P. P. Amritha, M. Sethumadhavan, R. Krishnan, Saibal Kumar Pal
2019 Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility  
The application of generic image processing operations also causes degradation of cover image, which can also be restored using this anti forensic method.  ...  By applying universal steganalysis we found that all images which have been subjected to our procedure have become stego free.  ...  We present an approach to remove the hidden data embedded in an image and video using suitable image processing operations along with an anti forensic method called variational deconvolution [4] for  ... 
doi:10.13052/jcsm2245-1439.831 fatcat:tjclcuazszcajj24kdxyblgabi

Improve Steganalysis by MWM Feature Selection [chapter]

B. B., X. F., D. G.
2012 Watermarking - Volume 2  
The main goal of modern steganography is to hide some secret messages into the socalled cover data, e.g. images, videos, audios, documents…, which produced the so-called stego data, and make the existence  ...  We choose images of JPEG format as the cover images without loss of generality. The extensively used BOSSbase image database is used as the source of cover images.  ...  Book one is more traditional in its approach dealing mostly with image watermarking applications.  ... 
doi:10.5772/37988 fatcat:n3gzr3chjrfvzpafgugbx634o4

Steganalysis Versus Splicing Detection [chapter]

Yun Q. Shi, Chunhua Chen, Guorong Xuan, Wei Su
2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Although images are the only medium discussed here, the principle discussed in this paper is expected applicable to other media as well.  ...  Therefore, natural image model based on a set of carefully selected statistical features in the machine learning framework can be used for steganalysis and splicing detection.  ...  Credits for the use of the Columbia Image Splicing Detection Evaluation Dataset are given to the DVMM Laboratory of Columbia University, CalPhotos Digital Library, and the photographers, whose names are  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-92238-4_13 fatcat:xeopzwnwfzg6bm5hfx23wypltq

Blind Quantitative Steganalysis Based on Feature Fusion and Gradient Boosting [chapter]

Qingxiao Guan, Jing Dong, Tieniu Tan
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Machine learning can be used to estimate some properties of hidden message for blind quantitative steganalysis.  ...  Experimental result shows that our proposed method has good performance for quantitative steganalysis.  ...  Estimation of the embedding rate of a stego image is an important task for stego-image in applications. In this paper we have proposed a novel method for blind quantitative steganalysis.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-18405-5_22 fatcat:gte3wjqfmzcrpiuskia6ee7vgi

Performance Evaluation of First and Second Order Features for Steganalysis

Ashu Ashu, Rita Chhikara
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Then train the classifier with the calculated feature vector of cover and stego image and evaluate features, that are more accurate to detect the hidden message.  ...  To calculate that changes we are extracting various features from the cover image and stego image in spatial domain as well as DCT domain of JPEG image.  ...  FEATURES BASED STEGANALYSIS METHOD 2.1 Basic design of features based Steganalysis The main objective of the steganalysis is to detect the statistics changes in the cover image after hiding the message  ... 
doi:10.5120/16093-5372 fatcat:jjn5drugirgsve4vjgcnhzv7ie

Steganalysis of spread spectrum data hiding exploiting cover memory

Kenneth Sullivan, Upamanyu Madhow, Shivkumar Chandrasekaran, Bangalore S. Manjunath, Edward J. Delp III, Ping W. Wong
2005 Security, Steganography, and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents VII  
In this paper we study steganalysis, the detection of hidden data. Specifically we focus on detecting data hidden in grayscale images with spread spectrum hiding.  ...  To verify the results of these findings, we create a tool to discriminate between natural "cover" images and "stego" images (containing hidden data) taken from a diverse database.  ...  To compare the findings for Markov random chains to detection of real image data, we used a supervised learning machine to classify between cover and stego images.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.588121 dblp:conf/sswmc/SullivanMCM05 fatcat:wqsg26mrjvb57cpelcllmulp2u

Towards digital video steganalysis using asymptotic memoryless detection

Julien S. Jainsky, Deepa Kundur, Don R. Halverson
2007 Proceedings of the 9th workshop on Multimedia & security - MM&Sec '07  
Results and discussion are provide in order to demonstrate the potential of our ideas for intrusion detection in a broad class of emerging multimedia applications.  ...  This paper studies the potential for passive steganalysis in correlated image frames using non-classical detection theory.  ...  In [16, 17] , Sullivan et al. developed a detection theoretic approach that employs a Markov chain (MC) model for spatial correlation in the cover-image order to identify the presence of hidden data.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1288869.1288891 dblp:conf/mmsec/JainskyKH07 fatcat:dgrbj3447ncnpox24kosgrwyym

Neighboring joint density-based JPEG steganalysis

Qingzhong Liu, Andrew H. Sung, Mengyu Qiao
2011 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology  
Due to the popularity of JPEG images on the Internet, effective steganalysis techniques are called for to counter the threat of JPEG steganography.  ...  In this article, we propose a new approach based on feature mining on the discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain and machine learning for steganalysis of JPEG images.  ...  The innocuous digital media or files are called carriers or covers, the covers embedded with hidden data are called steganograms.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1899412.1899420 fatcat:xwy5whrngbeu7mfibotr6ndp3m

On the Removal of Steganographic Content from Images

P.P. Amritha, M. Sethumadhavan, R. Krishnan
2016 Defence Science Journal  
The finally deconvolved image is subjected to steganalysis to verify the absence of stego content.  ...  These operations will degrade the quality of cover image. However these can be restored to some extent by a deconvolution operation.  ...  In this area different attacks and attack suits have been evolved both for images and audio data as cover media.  ... 
doi:10.14429/dsj.66.10797 fatcat:adq2jz4yzjeolak5njtmcfnpxe

Approaches and Methods for Steganalysis – A Survey

Rathika L, Loganathan B
2017 IJARCCE  
To identify such content, steganalysis has been performed.  ...  The counter technique of image steganography is called as image steganalysis, which begins by recognizing the object that exists in the embedded source file.  ...  Both data embedding and extraction need a digital image processing technique to deploy. The application such as medical safety, terrorism and hacking types of application need steganalysis.  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2017.6678 fatcat:w6ridb6b6ba7vdah7yd3ohrcvm
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