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Patrick Cousot, Baudouin Le Charlier
1998 Science of Computer Programming  
The first international Static Analysis Symposium (SAS'94) was held in Namur (Belgium), 28-30 September 1994 .  ...  This special issue includes six papers that originally appeared in the SAS'94 Proceedings.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0167-6423(96)00038-x fatcat:xp62esixdvdijkbsflumq7jozi


2005 Clinical Microbiology and Infection  
The cases have occurred during 28 July to 16 September 2003.  ...  Results: Artesunate-clindamycin showed comparable activity to quinine-clindamycin in the per-protocol analysis of day-28 cure rates (87% versus 94%).  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1469-0691.2005.clm_1133.x pmid:15796719 pmcid:PMC7129694 fatcat:feugscxipbbq7cijfrjupvxffi

Aggiornamento?: Catholicism from Gregory XVI to Benedict XVI

2013 ChoiceReviews  
On Vianney, see Bernard Nodet, Le curé d'Ars: Sa pensée, son coeur (Paris, 1997).  ...  Erb (Washington, 1994) ; Symbolik (Tübingen, 1832). 29 Ferdinand Christian Baur, Der Gegensatz des Katholizismus und Protestantismus (Tübingen, 1833) . 30 Johannes von Kuhn, Das Leben Jesu wissenschaftlich  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.51-1444 fatcat:n3nj3ks4azg6hio4vqx3sh5rhy

An International Journal of Computing and Informatics Special Issue: Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems

Marcin Paprzycki, Janusz Zalewski, Haneef Fatmi
1995 unpublished
Garlan, "Formalizing Architectural Connection", Proceedings of the 16th In- References Acknowledgement We are grateful to Chaoying Chen for her help in preparing the art work of the manuscript.  ...  It is to stress that he is the chairman of a symposium held within the large cybernetics conference in the coming August, in Namur, Belgium.  ...  Revised: October 30, 1994 Accepted: December 19, 1994 Andrew P.  ... 

An International Journal of Computing and Informatics A Model of Conceptual Items A Logic for Conditional Recomendation Informational Frames and Gestalts The New York Academy of Sciences

V Fomichov
1996 unpublished
He also thanks anonymous AII'94 and Informatica reviewers for valuable comments.  ...  Our further work will consist in the elaboration and the analysis of a generalization of the FBquadtree for higher dimensions. Current analysis of the octtree čase show comparable results.  ...  , in Namur, Belgium, in August 1995.  ... 

Arv Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 2015 2 3 Nordic Yearbook of Folklore

Vol Editor, Arne Bugge, Amundsen Oslo, Anders Gustavsson, Oslo, Gustav Henningsen, Copenhagen Bengt Af Klintberg, Lidingö Ann, Helene Skjelbred, Oslo, Bugge Arne, Amundsen
the European Union on 28 November 1994.  ...  With no financial basis for summoning a meeting, the first possibility for CIAP to convene would be in Belgium in September 1962, where two consecutive events were being planned: a meeting in Antwerp by  ...  Lindquist, Gislestam, and Palmenfelt, 1992) and in Ulf Palmenfelt's dissertation Per Arvid Säves möten med människor och sägner (1994) .  ... 


Mihalache Brudiu
2004 unpublished
Le promontoire, dont la surface a une inclination sur la direction Nord-Sud, présente, dans sa partie supérieure, un dépôt de loess, 5 m d'épaisseur, conséquence de l'apport éolien déposé sur les rochers  ...  [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] , it would have been more logical that the first sub-groups be presented in another order, such as II.3 (types of monuments), II.2 (types of graves0, II.1 (types of rites in  ...  International Congress Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Namur-Leuven. O. Bounegru, Ateliers céramiques tardifs de Pergame. Une analyse typologique et chrono-spatiale.C.  ... 

UCLA Past-President

Officers Of The Middle East Librarians Association Sean, G Swanick David, Hirsch
2013 MELA NOTES Journal of Middle Eastern Librarianship Number   unpublished
In First International Anatolian Glass Symposium, April 26 th -27 th 1988, 58-63. Istanbul: TS CFAS Information and Documentation Center, 1990. 133. ___.  ...  In Proceedings of the First European Conference of Iranian Studies held in Turin, September 7 th -11 th , 1987 by the Societas Iranologica Europaea. 2 vols. Serie Orientale Roma 67:1-2.  ...  INTERNATIONAL AREA STUDIES MEETING: Jonathan Rodgers reported on an international area studies meeting which took place two weeks ago, convened by Ellen Hammond (Yale) and Kristina Troost (Duke).  ... 

Arv Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 2016 2 3 Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Editorial Board

Vol Editor, Arne Bugge, Amundsen Oslo, Halskov Lene, Fredrik Hansen, Göteborg Skott, Suzanne Österlund-Poetzsch, Helsingfors, Helsinki, Bugge Arne, Amundsen
Sigurd Erixon, European Ethnology and Ethnologia Europaea 1964-1968 Je viens de rentrer de Norvège où notre groupe de travail a tenu sa troisième 'Conférence internationale d'ethnologie européenne',  ...  In some countries ethnology was still in its infancy, at least in the eyes of Erixon, and in other countries -such as Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, etc. there were internal tensions and competing schools  ...  This is not a cultural history of how the danceband genre emerged, nor is it an analysis of how the Swedish danceband scene has influenced Norway, and it is not an analysis of the lyrics and sounds of  ...