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Piece resolution: Towards larger perspectives [chapter]

Stéphane Coulondre, Eric Salvat
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper focuses on two aspects of piece resolution in backward chaining for conceptual graph rules 13]. First, as conceptual graphs admit a rst-order logic interpretation, inferences can be proven by classical theorem provers. Nevertheless, they do not use the notion of piece, which is a graph notion. So we de ne piece resolution over a class of rst-order logical formulae: the logical rules. An implementation of this procedure has been done, and we compare the results with the classical
more » ... the classical SLD-resolution (i.e. Prolog). We point out several interesting results: it appears that the number of backtracks is strongly reduced. Second, we point out the similarities between these rules and database data dependencies. The implication problem for dependencies is to decide whether a given dependency is logically implied by a given set of dependencies. A proof procedure for the implication problem, called \chase", was already studied. The chase is a bottom-up procedure: from hypothesis to conclusion. This paper introduces a new proof procedure which is topdown: from conclusion to hypothesis. Indeed, we show that the implication problem for dependencies can be reduced to the existence of a piece resolution.
doi:10.1007/bfb0054914 fatcat:kx43rcwp7jgghhv5553b3x4kmq

Detecting Privacy Violations in Multiple Views Publishing [chapter]

Deming Dou, Stéphane Coulondre
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present a sound data-value-dependent method of detecting privacy violations in the context of multiple views publishing. We assume that privacy violation takes the form of linkages, that is, identifier-privacy value pair appearing in the same data record. At first, we perform a theoretical study of the following security problem: given a set of views to be published, if linking of two views does not violate privacy, how about three or more of them? And how many potential leaking channels are
more » ... eaking channels are there? Then we propose a pre-processing algorithm of views which can turn multi-view violation detection problem into the single view case. Next, we build a benchmark with publicly available data set, Adult Database, at the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository, and identity data set generated using a coherent database generator called Fake Name Generator on the internet. Finally, we conduct some experiments via Cayuga complex event processing system, the results demonstrate that our approach is practical, and well-suited to efficient privacy-violation detection.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-32597-7_46 fatcat:rc54ffi4ojbcxhj6skq6rfhap4

A relational database integrity framework for access control policies

Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre
2010 Journal of Intelligent Information Systems  
Three dierent chases have been implemented : (Beeri and Vardi, 1984) , (Maher and Srivastava, 1996) and (Coulondre, 2003) .  ...  We have implemented the proof procedures for dependencies presented in (Beeri and Vardi, 1984) , (Maher and Srivastava, 1996) and (Coulondre, 2003) to validate our approach.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10844-010-0146-z fatcat:fzzeqq4ucbdxdivakygewvn47a

Modeling and Inferring on Role-Based Access Control Policies Using Data Dependencies [chapter]

Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Role-based access control (RBAC) models are becoming a de facto standard, greatly simplifying management and administration tasks. Organizational constraints were introduced (e.g.: mutually exclusive roles, cardinality, prerequisite roles) to reflect peculiarities of organizations. Thus, the number of rules is increasing and policies are becoming more and more complex: understanding and analyzing large policies in which several security officers are involved can be a tough job. There is a
more » ... b. There is a serious need for administration tools allowing analysis and inference on access control policies. Such tools should help security officers to avoid defining conflicting constraints and inconsistent policies. This paper shows that theoretical tools from relational databases are suitable for expressing and inferring on RBAC policies and their related constraints. We focused on using Constrained Tuple-Generating Dependencies (CTGDs), a class of dependencies which includes traditional other ones. We show that their great expressive power is suitable for all practical relevant aspects of RBAC. Moreover, proof procedures have been developed for CTGDs: they permit to reason on policies. For example, to check their consistency, to verify a new rule is not already implied or to check satisfaction of security properties. A prototype of RBAC policies management tool has been implemented, using CTGDs dedicated proof procedures as the underlying inference engine.
doi:10.1007/11827405_89 fatcat:gzrtnjvlgvh5febdnsgvwqo2r4

Representation and Reasoning on Role-Based Access Control Policies with Conceptual Graphs [chapter]

Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Universal; User < Universal; EndOrder; EndTConSet; TRelSet: RelationTypes: permitted{Signature:3,User,Operation,Ressource}; EndRelationTypes; EndTRelSet; Conf: romuald, User; robert, User; stephane  ... 
doi:10.1007/11787181_31 fatcat:tct6covkezdqdmxmnlvpouy324

Disclosure detection over data streams in database publishing

Deming Dou, Stéphane Coulondre
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 Joint EDBT/ICDT Ph.D. Workshop on - PhD '11  
As huge amount of personal data collected into databases of service providers increase, so does the risk of private information disclosure. Recently, a number of privacy-preserving techniques have been proposed, however, they are either precontrols or post-controls and limited in protection of privacy without information loss or distortion, quite a few techniques can be seen among literatures for detecting information disclosure in the process of data transmission. In this paper, we focus on
more » ... per, we focus on disclosure detection related to database publishing, and present a novel approach of detecting privacy leakages over data streams on querying databases by using dynamic pattern matching and data stream processing techniques. Experimental results via Cayuga system verified the feasibility of our proposal.
doi:10.1145/1966874.1966876 dblp:conf/edbt/DouC11 fatcat:elnddda6gndwdbznm6o6szajxy

Découverte automatisée de hiérarchies de rôles pour les politiques de contrôle d'accès

Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre
2008 Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information  
Découverte automatisée de hiérarchies de rôles pour les politiques de contrôle d'accès Romuald Thion, Stéphane Coulondre INSA-Lyon Laboratoire LIRIS (UMR 5205) Bât. Blaise Pascal (501) 20, Av. A.  ... 
doi:10.3166/isi.13.4.107-131 fatcat:mhzag6w6ybhnfkia4bfdl5455i

Integration of Access Control in Information Systems: From Role Engineering to Implementation

Thion Romuald, Coulondre Stéphane
2006 Informatica   unpublished
Pervasive computing and proliferation of smart gadgets lead organizations to open their information systems , especially by extensive use of mobile technology: information systems must be available anytime , anywhere , on any media. This cannot be done reasonably without thorough access control policies. Such access control must be able to deal with user profile, time and even with more complex contexts including geographical position. This paper shows that it is possible to take into account
more » ... take into account confidentiality constraints straight into the logical data model in a homogeneous way, for various aspects generally treated independently (user profile, time, geographical position, etc.). We propose a language called RAPOOL which allows the expression of authorizations at the class level. We first present the syntactical aspects, then the semantics of the language, based on the object-oriented paradigm. Povzetek: ˇ Clanek opisuje mobilne informacijske sisteme.

Page 503 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004a [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
From our simula- tion, we show that our NA-tree has a lower search cost (in terms of number of visited nodes) than the R-tree, R*-tree, or R*-tree.” 2004a:68021 68P15 Coulondre, Stéphane (F-INSAL-ISE;  ...  tag systems we construct nine new small universal machines of this kind.” 2004a:68023 68Q05 68Q10 68Q15 94C10 Brosenne, Henrik (D-GTN-N; Gottingen) ; Homeister, Matthias (D-GTN-N; Gottingen) ; Waack, Stephan  ... 

Mise en guerre des médecins et réforme de la médecine militaire. L'expérience du Groupement des services chirurgicaux et scientifiques (1917-1918) [chapter]

Sylvain Bertschy, François Buton
2018 Les mises en guerre de l'État  
DANAN -HUSSON) DANZIN Florence DAOUK Omar DATIN Valérie DEHAIS Caroline MOREAU Delphine MORINEAU Olivier MOUCHABAC Stéphane MOUNEDJI Amina MOZER Pierre NAACKE Hélène NECIB Entidhar NGHIEM Minh-Huyen (ép  ...  Etienne LE BOUC Yves AGNUS BOUVERET Dominique LARIVIERE Jean Yves GIROUX Christian VIALET Benoît MAROUTEAU Dominique MARTIN Emmanuel TURPIN Pascal TIMSIT Marc BONNET Francis COHEN ALORO Gilbert COULONDRES  ...  CROZIER) MOSAAD SABRY Hosam MOUNIER Nicolas MOURRIERAS Florence MOUTEREAU Stéphane MURIAUX Stéphane MUSSOT Sacha NGUYEN Xuan Lan NIOLOUX Claude ODIEVRE Marie Hélène OHANA Esther (ép.  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.enseditions.9938 fatcat:trbrcsm5u5azrll7ceeokeffde

Les observatoires territoriaux. Une représentation collective du territoire

Marie-Hélène de Sède-Marceau, Alexandre Moine
2012 Communication and Languages  
Christophe Claramunt, Stéphane Coulondre et Thérèse Libourel, « Autour des méthodes orientées objet pour la conception des SIG », in Revue Internationale de Géomatique, 7(3-4), décembre 1997, pp. 233-257  ...  Stéphane Roche, Claude Caron et Yvan Bédard, « Vers une approche plus complète du rôle de la géomatique dans les organisations », Revue Internationale de Géomatique, 6(1), 1996.  ... 
doi:10.4074/s0336150012011052 fatcat:lwu7ecvn3je5hi5esozlx7wnjq

Page 2253 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(English summary) Coulondre, Stéphane A top-down proof procedure for generalized data dependencies. (English summary) 2004a:68021 Dalvi, Nilesh N. (with Sanghai, Sumit K.; Roy, Prasan; Sudarshan, S.)  ...  Grumbach, Stephane (with Tininini, Leonardo) On the content of materialized aggregate views.  ... 

Always in Need of Credit: The USSR and Franco-German Economic Cooperation, 1926-1929

Michael Jabara Carley, Richard Kent Debo
1997 French Historical Studies  
MAE, RC, Russie/2059, "Note pour Monsieur Coulondre," RC, n.s., 14 Dec. 1927, and encl.; and ibid., "Note pour Monsieur Coulondre," RC, n.s., 22 Dec. 1927, and encls. 97 MAE, RC, Russie/2059, Briand to  ...  AVPRF, f. 136, d. 306, p. 117, 1. 118-23, Rakovskii to Litvinov, no. 12, very secret, 6 May 1927. 45 MF, B32013, untitled note, Bizot, 6 May 1927; ibid., Poincare to Briand, no. 4833 bis, 6 May 1927; and Stephane  ... 
doi:10.2307/286849 fatcat:nwgcdgfumzhz7lelqqsmx2ck4e

Page 487 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(Katsushi Inoue) 2004f:68104 68Q70 (68Q45) Coulondre, Stéphane A top-down proof procedure for generalized data dependencies. (English summary) Acta Inform. 39 (2003), no. 1, 1-29.  ... 

Le matériel de culture et de vinification des vignerons du Languedoc méditerranéen aux xixe et xxe siècles : un patrimoine à valoriser

Dominique Ganibenc
2020 Patrimoines du Sud  
Paul de Girard (1841 -1925 , propriétaire du domaine de Coulondres, près de Saint-Gély-du-Fesc (Hérault), fait cultiver ses vignes à la charrue jusqu'à leur troisième année.  ...  Patrimoines du Sud, 11 | 2020 Fig. 12 Schéma de fabrication du vin rouge © Dominique Ganibenc / Stéphane Coursière -ART-dev-UMR 5281-CNRS, 2020 Fig. 13 Fig. 15 Patrimoines du Sud, 11 | 2020  ... 
doi:10.4000/pds.3432 fatcat:wms7yt2e5neylcgimh5pschwvy
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