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Rhythm in shoes: student perceptions of the integration of tap dance into choral music

Russell Wagoner
2017 voice and speech review  
Additionally, I want to thank my students for their willingness to participate in the study and offer their insights with regard to how this approach affected their learning and how it might be modified  ...  To my brother, Chris, for being a kindred, musical spirit.  ...  continue on a search for ultimate truth.  ... 
doi:10.1080/23268263.2017.1396054 fatcat:exjj3mahind37fylfnafdq6nmm

Sidney Lumet: film and literary vision

1992 ChoiceReviews  
Below, Conjoined by a sometimes misplaced idealism, the son (Andy Garcia) reaches out for the father (Ian Holm) in Night Falls on Manhattan (1997).  ...  Above, In a tight two-shot against the ominous window, the young attorney (Rebecca DeMornay) begins to sense the manipulativeness of her client (Don Johnson) in Guilty as Sin (1993).  ...  Lumet's first shot of Alan (Peter Firth) shows the boy shuffling along a corridor, a door closing on his path from the side.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.29-5606 fatcat:vf7cx7xjzzbc3mmy5p6rz7sjba

Gambling and society : interdisciplinary studies on the subject of gambling [article]

William R. Eadington, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary
Searching for the Motivations in Risk Taking and Gambling - Eric S. Knowles 19. Individual Differences in Casino Gambling - D. Michael Kuhlman 20.  ...  Sports, Technology, and Gambling - Richard J. Schuetz, Jr. Part Two: THE ECONOMICS OF GAMBLING 5. The Economics of Gambling - George Ignatin and Robert F. Smith 6.  ...  Skinner (1953) has characterized the effect of a variable-ratio schedule of reinforcement in connection with gambling in this manner: The efficacy of such schedules in generating high rates has long been  ... 
doi:10.11575/prism/9556 fatcat:z3sji342kfe2xjxvv33vidtofa

Reframing "belonging" and "inclusion": a journey of personal reconciliation through the process of currere

Tony Hin Tung Tsang, University, My
This study explores how complexity highlights the dynamic, nonlinear evolution of the researcher's Self-concept as a participatory agent who is reflexively connected to his context.  ...  A Self-concept that intertwines biological past, present, and future into a synthesized mental construct illustrates a single account of how the sum of lived experience is greater than its components.  ...  I searched for stories, events, contexts, and connections that I felt that most readers may readily connect with, such that they may become a shared "learning space" into which readers may insert their  ... 
doi:10.25316/ir-16228 fatcat:4cnlc5paxballozkvd6ybfw4va

Habitat Structures Rainbow Trout Population Dynamics Across Spatial Scales [article]

Ariane Cantin, University Of Calgary, John R. Post
I developed a methodology that describes rainbow trout distribution based on stream network characteristics and connectivity.  ...  change arising from increased competition for limited food and space.  ...  Rainbow trout is one of the most popular sport fish species in BC.  ... 
doi:10.11575/prism/35663 fatcat:n2haesdhefgffknlylpez7bawe

The meaning and loss of place in times of globalisation

Norma-Cathrin Deseke
2012 unpublished
Describing Indigenous-settler relations by contrasting two opposing "complex wholes" is not only a paradigm in the identity politics of the nation-state, but also present in recent anthropological work  ...  The general decline of family farms is identified as a neoliberal reterritorialisation process that demands farming systems to be more efficient in the capital intensifying agricultural economy, often  ...  Setting your on schedule and making your own decisions, but it´s also clean air, space…having space. That´s having a place,where you feel that you do belong to.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.22487 fatcat:eqjnjntadrh2fo6pmsiu5ld5wu

Creative writing practice and pedagogy : a Jungian approach

Madeline Sonik
The transformational qualities of great literature arise through a flux of the living experience of universal human themes.  ...  This thesis introduces the concept of a "literary individuation," in which student writers can find personal growth and maturation by engaging with the unconscious in the writing processes.  ...  in discovering less ego-driven approaches to writing.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0093036 fatcat:3yifd5ayxzftncf4myu4ythrm4


W Keith, Ellen Warwick, Louise Nelson-Vanhee, Gary Ross, Leona Gom, Peter Baltensperger, Rene Labonte, Sherill Grace, Ralph Gustafson, Tom Marshall, Anne Corkett, Miriam Waddington (+13 others)
As a child, she inferred a connection between her own actions and violence.  ...  neat chronological progression, but shuffle them out of sequence.  ...  The allotment of space to individual authors is, in some cases, disproportionate.  ... 

Gallery of the Past: Writing Historical Fiction with 19th Century Photography in Canada and Australia

Christopher M Bowman, University, My, Nigel Krauth
The story sees two fictional brothers leave their home on Vancouver Island in Canada, each traveling alone, and each with a different weight on his heart.  ...  This thesis, consisting of a novel and dissertation, explores the writing of historical fiction, and the use of photography as research in visualising the several settings that the characters inhabit.  ...  He swung a long leg over a chair and sat down. Large Bob and Oslo sat in the other chairs and looked sheepish.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/103 fatcat:frzup4fhtzdfdp2mqwkb3btjha