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The phenomenology of SPE boundaries

Małgorzata Haładewicz-Grzelak
2018 Scripta Neophilologica Posnaniensia  
The phenomenology of SPE boundaries  ...  iv) "There is nothing particularly surprising about the fact that conventional orthography is, as these examples suggest, a near optimal system for the lexical representation of English words" (Chomsky  ...  In this respect, the digraph <rr> in correlative might indeed point to a rule transforming the nasal into the rhotic, with a subsequent rule simplifying the cluster.  ... 
doi:10.14746/snp.2015.15.04 fatcat:nixu23ap7ffwtc36wxhewqio4m

Specialization of the Cell SPE for Media Applications

Cor Meenderinck, Ben Juurlink
2009 2009 20th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors  
We propose architectural enhancements to specialize the Cell SPE for video decoding.  ...  This option is especially attractive for low-cost embedded systems where less silicon area directly translates to less cost.  ...  Therefore, from the system level, the SPE is a good choice. There are also some other architectural reasons to choose the SPE.  ... 
doi:10.1109/asap.2009.10 dblp:conf/asap/MeenderinckJ09 fatcat:zyhcxcaomvcczchn3zi44cljzi

Persona in spe. Anthropological and Theodical Aspects of Hope

Arkadiusz Gudaniec
2021 Religions  
The above phenomena require a justification, which is the answer to the question "what is the reason for experiencing hope?".  ...  foretaste of a higher, more perfect life; (3) hope is a person's deeply experienced expectation of love, that is, of someone who loves.  ...  Through its own actions, by the power of natural desires and inclinations, every being strives to achieve a goal which is appropriate for it, by virtue of the irrefutable logic of the act of nature.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rel12100809 fatcat:rjeccn7h6navfgk2mwlgik3ztq

Page 68 of SPE Production & Operations Vol. 19, Issue 2 [page]

2004 SPE Production & Operations  
It was thought that programming these systems with a complex array of simple rules would generate intelligent computers capable of logic and reason- ing.  ...  Input variables of differing orders of magnitude are multiplied by a linear scaling factor to convert them to a range suitable for the transform function.  ... 

Page 365 of SPE Production & Operations Vol. 6, Issue 4 [page]

1991 SPE Production & Operations  
transformed into absolute truth with a few strokes on a computer keyboard.  ...  Results from a rigorously modified wave- equation analysis program are compared with field data to show the validity of the approach.  ... 

Speсtacularity before the "Renaissance" of Theater: Visuality and Self-Image of the Quattrocento papacy [chapter]

Julia V. Ivanova, Elena Penskaya, Joachim Küpper
2019 Theater as Metaphor  
logic of scholarly inquiry was more attractive to intellectuals than the attempt at building a well-wrought dramatic plot.  ...  matter for the future.  ...  of Economics (HSE) and supported within the framework of a subsidy granted to the HSE by the Government of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the Global Competitiveness Program. century  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110622034-003 fatcat:6gp4ph66gjgyvjq2ozo2zuabcu

10 anos de Educação e Pesquisa

Lúcia Emilia Nuevo Bruno, Teresa Cristina Rego
2010 Educação e Pesquisa  
The text presents "preliminary results of the adaptation of an educational system called the Fifth Dimension (5D), in which social interaction is a means for generalizing information and a basis for the  ...  The logic of production is imposed upon the self-description made by the institutions of the education system, which stopped being bodies bureaucratically managed to be conceived as agents of a commercial  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1517-97022010000400001 fatcat:uh3nu57jurgvzjzdknvgqlbguq

Patologização e Medicalização da Educação Superior

Julia Chamusca Chagas, Regina Lúcia Sucupira Pedroza
2016 Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa  
A pesquisa demonstra a necessidade de a universidade se voltar ao estudo de sua própria realidade e das práticas educativas que realiza, reconhecendo sua função social e seu papel de constante problematização  ...  a prerequisite for enrolling at the Program.  ...  potential of transformation to improve the university.  ... 
doi:10.1590/0102-3772e32ne28 fatcat:56w5s5ruhbfyrdwa6ks74ztg7q

Quantitative Determination of Galactolipids from Lycium barbarum L. by SPE Assisted HPLC-ELSD Method and Structural Characterization by ESI-MS/MS

YH Wang, B Avula, ZP Gao, Z Ali, TJ Smillie, IA Khan
2009 Planta Medica  
We are excited to present a program featuring a roster of internationally recognized experts and researchers in the field of botanicals.  ...  We invite you to visit the website of the National Center for Natural Products Research at http://www. to learn more about our research program.  ...  In addition, slight elevation of plasma Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) was observed (mean 127 ± 79.45 U/L) com-Acknowledgements: We thank the Western Carolina University SURF Program for summer support  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-2009-1216518 fatcat:662cyae3kfbfzblxfjm7g6i6di

The becoming of the experimental mode

Astrid Schwarz
2012 Scientiae Studia  
His philosophy calls for an ontology that is also at work in recent notions of co-action and co-working, or of affordance.  ...  His inductive method serves a dual purpose: first, the socalled indicative form aims at securing knowledge by a comprehensible procedure that controls and guides hypothetical thinking.  ...  Thanks to Steven Tester for help in coping with the translation of Lichtenberg's aphorism, quoted at the outset, and to Kathleen Cross for revising the very first English version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1678-31662012000500004 fatcat:tmm354r2hjcovaeoidqselayyu

Bulk Segregant Analysis Followed by High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals the Neurospora Cell Cycle Gene, ndc-1 , To Be Allelic with the Gene for Ornithine Decarboxylase, spe-1

Kyle R. Pomraning, Kristina M. Smith, Michael Freitag
2011 Eukaryotic Cell  
By growth on spermidine and complementation with a wild-type spe-1 gene, we showed that the defect in spe-1 is responsible for the ts ndc-1 mutation.  ...  The single T-to-C point mutation maps to the gene encoding ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), spe-1 (NCU01271), and changes a Phe to a Ser residue within a highly conserved motif next to the catalytic site  ...  We are indebted to the Neurospora Functional Genomics Project for primers and the Fungal Genetics Stock Center for Neurospora strains.  ... 
doi:10.1128/ec.00016-11 pmid:21515825 pmcid:PMC3127673 fatcat:urvqtqbfzrhdpoitj7bh4sjwxq

Use of Pressure Derivative in Well Test Interpretation

Dominique Bourdet, J.A. Ayoub, Y.M. Pirard
1989 SPE Formation Evaluation  
A well-test interpretation method based on the analysis of the time rate of pressure change an? the. actual pressur~ response is discussed.  ...  A differentiation algorithm is proposed, and several field examples illustrate how the method slmpitfies the analysIs process, making interpretation of well tests easier and more accurate.  ...  Kniazeff, and A. Tengirsenk for their assistance during this study. In particular, T.  ... 
doi:10.2118/12777-pa fatcat:eibendkxjvdatb63kr5lgkpaqu

Case-Based Reasoning for the Design of Start-Stop Logic of Hydroelectric Power Stations

Fabrízio Nicolai Mancini, Alexandre Rasi Aoki
2018 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
The MyCBR, software that proved to be of easy programming, but with some limitations, is used for such an attempt of a shell of current use.  ...  The present article focuses on the construction of an Intelligent System for the Project Start-Stop Logic of Hydropower Plants, work carried out as master dissertation, allowing the retention of knowledge  ...  ) as a basis for programming the logic needed by the hydroelectric plant.  ... 
doi:10.1590/1678-4324-smart-2018000480 fatcat:qvf7djh7ivehbpzqfpl6yyankm

Technological risks, transgenic agriculture and alternatives

Pablo Rubén Mariconda
2014 Scientiae Studia  
After discussing the transformation of age-old agricultural practices that has been occurring since the mid nineteenth century, and its impact on the natural environment, I identify four features of technology  ...  These are linked to the intrinsic unpredictability (and uncertainty) of technological applications and have implications for evaluating technological risks.  ...  I thank Hugh Lacey for his valuable help in discussing the main points of this article and for helping to put it in right English language.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1678-31662014000400005 fatcat:4jag4hzq6rdcfizyaihpsshv2m

Ética e democracia em tempos de crise

Sergio Rego, Marisa Palácios
2016 Saúde em Debate  
a convivência.  ...  Argumentam que o fortalecimento do individualismo na sociedade de consumo é inerente a este e que os projetos de vida coletiva precisam valorizar a política e a busca de uma ética mínima, que possibilite  ...  of negotiation, in a plebiscite in Colombia, can illustrate the logic of the win-lose, overcoming the logic of negotiation; and the other example is the daily violence itself, from the police pages: 'man  ... 
doi:10.1590/0103-11042016s06 fatcat:n3lq3b3e4zg3ng3wbeassy3wkq
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