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Scanning-probe Raman spectroscopy with single-molecule sensitivity

Catalin C. Neacsu, Jens Dreyer, Nicolas Behr, Markus B. Raschke
2006 Physical Review B  
The single-molecule signature is evident from spectral diffusion and a discretization of Raman peak intensities.  ...  The optical tip-sample coupling gives rise to a localization of the response down to a sub-10 nm length scale and a Raman enhancement up to ϳ5 ϫ 10 9 .  ...  The authors would like to acknowledge insightful discussions with Tamar Seideman and Hans-Hermann Ritze.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.73.193406 fatcat:bm7xrfjvm5fznpwshygcf4w4ka

Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging and Nanospectroscopy: Sensitivity, Symmetry, and Selection Rules

Catalin C. Neacsu, Samuel Berweger, Markus B. Raschke
2007 NanoBiotechnology  
Spatially resolved vibrational mapping of crystalline nanostructures and determination of crystallographic orientation and domains is discussed making use of the symmetry properties of the tip scattering  ...  response and the intrinsic Raman selection rules.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Nicolas Behr, Jens Dreyer, Thomas Elsaesser, Christoph Lienau, and Claus Ropers for valuable discussions and support.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12030-008-9015-z fatcat:acfqkyhns5hqxoczfhlvsujsj4

Tip-enhanced Raman imaging and spectroscopy: sensitivity, symmetry and selection rules [article]

Catalin C. Neacsu, Samuel Berweger, Markus B. Raschke
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Spatially resolved vibrational mapping of crystalline nanostructures and determination of crystallographic orientation and domains is shown making use of the unique symmetry properties of the tip in conjunction  ...  Criteria for the distinction of near-field signature from far-field imaging artifacts are addressed and TERS results of molecules and nanostructures are presented.  ...  In addition, the optical field gradient can also couple to vibrations via the derivative of the quadrupole polarizability A ijk of a mode (∝ ∂A ijk /∂ Q ∇E) [175] .  ... 
arXiv:0803.4464v1 fatcat:3xgjrz5u6bcvdm4iosg6i6awey

III-nitride photonic cavities

Raphaël Butté, Nicolas Grandjean
2020 Nanophotonics  
Then, the optical properties of passive PhC structures designed for near-infrared such as their quality factor and their mode volume are addressed.  ...  Finally, forthcoming challenges and novel fields of application of III-N photonic cavities are commented.  ...  between the Gaussian excitation beam and the orientation of the mode field components [70] .  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2019-0442 fatcat:2ngfd7pt2ffa3msf2p6s3scxpi

Pattern identification of biomedical images with time series: Contrasting THz pulse imaging with DCE-MRIs

Xiao-Xia Yin, Sillas Hadjiloucas, Yanchun Zhang, Min-Ying Su, Yuan Miao, Derek Abbott
2016 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  
) and identification of their underlining commonalities.  ...  advantages and drawbacks of both types of images.  ...  The CELM method enables the identification and learning of inter-mode relations of features.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artmed.2016.01.005 pmid:26951630 fatcat:usz7o4ejqbhbxntbu34zhg32iu

On the precision of X-ray source parameters estimated from ROSAT data

F. G. Boese
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
The precision of the point source parameters, i.e. those for source position, source counts and source extension obtained via Maximum Likelihood Estimation from ROSAT data, is investigated.  ...  The background distribution and point spread function of the telescope-detector unit belong to these quantities.  ...  The number of photons gathered with ROSAT's detectors in both ROSAT observation modes was extracted from the ROSAT data bases by J. Paul, supported by R. Gruber and W.  ... 
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:200400033 fatcat:7f7dkvaqjfhbfi2srjnsb2y7ee

Optical Emission Spectroscopy During Plasmatron Testing of ZrB2-SiC Ultrahigh-Temperature Ceramic Composites

Mickaël Playez, Douglas G. Fletcher, Jochen Marschall, William G. Fahrenholtz, Greg E. Hilmas, Sumin Zhu
2009 Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer  
The first area involved experimental studies of the thermal and electrical properties as a function of temperature, and the analysis of these results in terms of effective conductivity and Wiedemann-Franz  ...  the data needed, and completing and reviewing this collection of information.  ...  Support was also provided by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (Dr. AH Sayir) and NASA (Dr.  ... 
doi:10.2514/1.39974 fatcat:aa6vo4fimzazld6zybtwxhkizi

Electronic Structure of the Silicon Vacancy Color Center in Diamond

Christian Hepp, Tina Müller, Victor Waselowski, Jonas N. Becker, Benjamin Pingault, Hadwig Sternschulte, Doris Steinmüller-Nethl, Adam Gali, Jeronimo R. Maze, Mete Atatüre, Christoph Becher
2014 Physical Review Letters  
The similar response of single centers and a SiV ensemble in a low strain reference sample proves our ability to fabricate almost perfect single SiVs, revealing the true nature of the defect's electronic  ...  Furthermore, the model correctly predicts polarization measurements on single SiV centers and explains recently discovered spin selective excitation of SiV defects.  ...  For nanodiamonds similar to the ones used in this work, a statistical variation of the ZPL for different emitters was observed [56] .  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.112.036405 pmid:24484153 fatcat:ksh2yzhtyfbnzcwnonbuxkfbce

aski: full-sky lensing map-making algorithms

C. Pichon, E. Thiébaut, S. Prunet, K. Benabed, S. Colombi, T. Sousbie, R. Teyssier
2010 Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society  
The contamination of B-modes when realistic Galactic cuts are present is also investigated. Leakage mainly occurs on large scales.  ...  It proceeds in two steps: CCD images of crowded galactic fields are deblurred using automated edge-preserving deconvolution; once the reduced shear is estimated, the convergence map is also inverted via  ...  AC K N OW L E D G M E N T S We thank Dmitry Pogosyan, Dominique Aubert, Eric Hivon, Martin Kilbinger and Yannick Mellier for comments and suggestions, the HORIZON-4 team and the staff at the CCRT for their  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15609.x fatcat:ecj2naoddvhrtabymqm5y7h5ki

A combined local and global motion estimation and compensation method for cardiac CT

Qiulin Tang, Beshan Chiang, Akinola Akinyemi, Alexander Zamyatin, Bibo Shi, Satoru Nakanishi, Bruce R. Whiting, Christoph Hoeschen
2014 Medical Imaging 2014: Physics of Medical Imaging  
Muscle fiber orientation relative to B0 was estimated by pennation angle (PA) measurements from DTI, providing orientation-specific extramyocellular lipid (EMCL) chemical shift that were used for subject-specific  ...  Based on ideas of the Medipix detector family, it provides three different modes of operation: An integration mode, a photon-counting mode, and an energy binning mode.  ...  Studies have shown that there is variation in the agreement between operators viewing the same tissue [1] suggesting that a complimentary technique for verification could improve the robustness of the  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2043492 fatcat:fyzpc5m6jbh7fjohqpdmtzkhte

Acoustic detection of astrophysical neutrinos in South Pole ice [article]

Justin Vandenbroucke
2011 arXiv   pre-print
in a discovered signal and to measure angular, temporal, and spectral distributions of GZK neutrinos.  ...  We conclude with a discussion of what is next for SPATS and of the prospects for acoustic neutrino detection in ice.  ...  It is not very surprising that the frozen-in piezoelectric emitters produce a component of shear in addition to pressure waves, via motion of the emitter relative to the ice.  ... 
arXiv:1201.0072v1 fatcat:it74oytq5zcmdexxlrpqnntko4

Large Imaging Surveys For Cosmology: Cosmic Magnification And Photometric Calibration

Alexandre Boucaud, James G. Bartlett
2013 Zenodo  
We process all recent available data on ozone, water vapor and aerosols to construct a long-term atmospheric simulation and estimate quanti- tatively how the spatial and temporal gradients of these constituents  ...  of the variation of main atmospheric con- stituents on ground-based photometry, focusing particularly on the LSST site at Cerro Pachón, Chile.  ...  (c) Histogram of ozone column daily variations.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.48950 fatcat:u7g56hbf6zafjjikkmricsklzy

SuperB Progress Reports -- Accelerator [article]

SuperB Collaboration: Maria Enrica Biagini, Pantaleo Raimondi, John Seeman
2011 arXiv   pre-print
It is one of four separate progress reports that, taken collectively, describe progress made on the SuperB Project since the publication of the SuperB Conceptual Design Report in 2007 and the Proceedings  ...  of SuperB Workshop VI in Valencia in 2008.  ...  In Figure 7 .4 is shown a histogram of the vertical emittance before and after correction for 50 different machine misalignments sets with the imperfections variances listed in Table 7 .1.  ... 
arXiv:1009.6178v3 fatcat:xzc7xm5erzhklabhwig3g3pqem

A Taxonomy of Vision Systems for Ground Mobile Robots

Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Antonio Fernandez-Caballero, Ismael Garcia-Varea, Luis Rodriguez, Cristina Romero-Gonzalez
2014 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
Firstly, a thorough review of the papers is proposed to discuss and classify both past and the most current approaches in the field.  ...  The article offers a global picture of the state of the art in the area and discovers some promising research lines.  ...  Most global features are based on the use of histograms or vocabularies which are built from colour [135] , gradients [136] or more complex information, such as composed receptive field histograms  ... 
doi:10.5772/58900 fatcat:ydrtcuwnbrbhdgjxmw3rhfa7oi


Benedetta Vulcani, Tommaso Treu, Kasper B. Schmidt, Takahiro Morishita, Alan Dressler, Bianca M. Poggianti, Louis Abramson, Marusa Bradač, Gabriel B. Brammer, Austin Hoag, Matthew Malkan, Laura Pentericci (+1 others)
2016 Astrophysical Journal  
This work demonstrates that while environment specific mechanisms affect galaxy evolution at this redshift, they are diverse and their effects subtle.  ...  Most Halpha emitters have a spiral morphology (41+/-8% in clusters, 51+/-8% in the field), followed by mergers/interactions (28+/-8%, 31+/-7%, respectively) and early-type galaxies (remarkably as high  ...  T.M. acknowledges support from a Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (26-3871), and from a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  ... 
doi:10.3847/1538-4357/833/2/178 fatcat:pbpjmdeplnfcdi3zlcz5zp65a4
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