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Accelerating strategic change through action learning

Jon Younger, René Sorensen, Christine Cleemann, Aaron Younger, Allan Freed, Sanne Moller
2013 Strategic HR Review  
Purpose -The purpose of this paper is to describe how a leading global company used action-learning based leadership development to accelerate strategic culture change.  ...  It was also a powerful experience for participants in their journey as commercial leaders.  ...  The structure of Impact and action learning Impact is structured as a series of three workshops over a nine-month period, with action learning as a critical element (see Figure 3 ).  ... 
doi:10.1108/shr-02-2013-0013 fatcat:gyegubwy6zhpzdjwaua2liqj2y

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Consumer Behaviors An Applied Study on the Online Retailing Sector in Egypt

Mona H. Mussa
2020 المجلة العلمیة للإقتصاد و التجارة  
behavior to predict consumer's purchase behavior in the online platform.  ...  The study recommends online retailers to employ Artificial Intelligence in each step in the consumer journey, from need recognition, information search, evaluation, and purchase decision making to post-purchase  ...  AI can recognize any signs of dissatisfaction and taking the appropriate action to satisfy its customers. In summary, AI has a significant role in each stage of the consumer journey.  ... 
doi:10.21608/jsec.2020.128722 fatcat:wxamxpx6xbdxbazjopmbtcwjhu

Digitization and Lean Customer Experience Management: success factors and conditions, pitfalls and failures

Christos G. Chatzopoulos, a West Pharmaceutical Services Deutschland GmbH & Co KG, Eschweiler, Germany, Marcel Weber, Customer Co-Creation, Waalwijk, the Netherlands
2021 International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management  
The Customer Journey is the whole time including not only the touchpoints, but also the In-between touchpoints, speaking for a Total CEM (TCEM) or Total CX (TCX).  ...  Finally, companies create a learning culture environment and infrastructure to learn continuously from the customer in order to provide a better experience to the customer.  ... 
doi:10.24867/ijiem-2021-2-278 fatcat:jcfukdl4lvapjg3qw4ozpvyiwi

AI technologies: A key to unlock the door of Omni-channel capabilities

Vidushi and Dr. R Kashyap
2020 International journal of modern trends in science and technology  
This paper also explores the different AI technologies which can be used by retailer to manage the supply chain, data and their engagement with customers.  ...  In this era of digitalization, online and offline retailers must come up with unique ways to get people to shop.  ...  This technology has the ability to recognize the frustration level of customers at checkout. A customer service representative will get an alarm to speak with the frustrated customer. d.  ... 
doi:10.46501/ijmtst0609s17 fatcat:ribfcosjtbfqjigkj2v476epni

Sustaining Diversity in Higher Education: Engaging the Critical Literacy of Multilingual Students in a Malaysian Postgraduate Classroom

Koo Yew Lie
2010 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
and to work with the discourses which are recognised as legitimate in education and the workplace.  ...  This paper reports the findings of an action research which examines postgraduate student voices in terms of a pedagogy committed to building situated critical literacy for multilingual students through  ...  As the bank officer, I should speak Standard English while on the other hands most of my customers hardly speak and understand fluent English.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2010.10.053 fatcat:fo4yzodncfcfneaxqu5kbirx4a

Revolution of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Objects in the Customer Journey and the Air Sector

Hadjer Saadi, Rachida Touhami, Mustapha C.E. Yagoub
2020 Journal of Information Technology Management  
In this paper, we are interested in defining AI, its potential fields of application, and in particular, its influence in the customer journey and position of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) in the  ...  Revolution of AI in the customer journey With AI, the mutual efforts between the physical and virtual world of a brand interfere and link.  ...  , navigation and behavior data are all sources for detecting the consumption habits of customers.  The AI knows a given customer purchasing behavior via his consumer profile, browsing history as well  ... 
doi:10.22059/jitm.2020.75791 doaj:1abb9dbf6d3e45719045aae3775531f0 fatcat:vgwn5dilwbgnbhkfql3jworsyu

Building an Innovative Learning Organization: a Framework to Build a Smarter Workforce, Adapt to Change, and Drive Growth

Sununta Siengthai
2021 Learning Organization  
It talks about the need to recognize the importance of learning culture and how to build such learning culture with the right leader, people, behaviors and resources.  ...  For example, to enable the right behaviors, organizations need to create a safe environment that supports learning behaviorsan environment in which employees at all levels feel safe speaking out and taking  ...  Finally, Chapter 9 prescribes the action orientation for those in the organization to become activist in the service of learning and education. This book provides an easy read.  ... 
doi:10.1108/tlo-02-2021-263 fatcat:p7ailrsynngjzfxmvkcydzc6wi

sj-pdf-5-jsr-10.1177_10946705211035004 – Supplemental Material for Building Reflexivity Using Service Design Methods

Josina Vink, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari
2021 Figshare  
In speaking with customers, the designer learned that "people using our software really have trouble with marketing" (D9).  ...  Many designers mentioned comparing current and possible future customer journeys to support the practice of comparing time periods.  ...  With the five whys method, municipal leaders were encouraged to unpack two different views on environmental stewardship.  ... 
doi:10.25384/sage.16550033.v1 fatcat:hwnsjjf7yfffjklvvvtcdpsvbu


Autum Shingler-Nace
2020 Nurse Leader  
As I sit and reflect on lessons learned throughout this experience, I can't help but continue to focus on frontline leadership and their important role in this entire process.  ...  From the minute our organization received our first presumptive positive COVID-19 patient, and throughout our journey, many challenges and obstacles have been presented for health care leadership.  ...  Our actions will guide their reactions. 2.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mnl.2020.03.017 pmid:32346358 pmcid:PMC7187843 fatcat:45nkpskwqzdj5buw5wpretm5cm

sj-pdf-1-jsr-10.1177_10946705211035004 – Supplemental Material for Building Reflexivity Using Service Design Methods

Josina Vink, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari
2021 Figshare  
In speaking with customers, the designer learned that "people using our software really have trouble with marketing" (D9).  ...  The role of coordination, complexity, and transitivity in action team learning. Academy of Management Journal, 56(4), 945-971.  ...  With the five whys method, municipal leaders were encouraged to unpack two different views on environmental stewardship.  ... 
doi:10.25384/sage.16546309.v1 fatcat:vn62fffzhzakbhps5q3jyvfrwi

Foco en la Experiencia del Cliente. Qué, por qué y cómo de este paradigma estratégico y organizacional, con un epílogo sobre la economía circular

Leandro A. Viltard
2020 Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Diseño y Comunicación. Ensayos  
Como consecuencia, se debe inculcar una perspectiva de link-to-value en la operación de EC en toda la empresa, enfocándose en el model/journey del cliente y en una nueva mentalidad, necesaria para implementar  ...  From the above, it appears that the customer constitutes a central point in the firms' businesses, being important that every company strategy and action advance his/her needs, tastes and behaviors.  ...  In fact, it is referred that one of the main focus is connected with the customer model/journey, and with digitalization, branchless and paperless experiences, elements that are in direct connection with  ... 
doi:10.18682/cdc.vi114.4117 fatcat:kqbkwgowsfhjzohntrhwnjtgqa

A Leadership Journey: Personal Reflections from the School of Hard Knocks

R. Scott Pochron
2009 Integral Review  
The process is initiated asan individual identifies opportunities and feels pulled to respond to emerging patterns andinitiate action to enable positive change.  ...  I will speak more about what I learned from this difficult transition in a later section.  ...  In the first three years of my tenure with my employer, I was very aware of the need for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to better serve the organization and needs of its customers.  ... 
doaj:467fc13359074cc6872bccbe1688f2bc fatcat:q3p4ij62ujgm3i4q2ve5onehyu

Design Thinking: Why Managers Should Care

Katarzyna Bachnik
2016 China-USA Business Review  
by making the company rely on identifying many options and experimenting with few of them and by building understanding for early failures and for value of playing with concepts that seem unrelated to  ...  the approach is guaranteed by the fact that design innovation arises at the intersection of technological input (which guarantees feasibility of options being reworked on), business requirements (which speak  ...  Customer Journey Map This method helps documenting and visualizing the experiences that customers have as they use a product or service.  ... 
doi:10.17265/1537-1514/2016.01.003 fatcat:ll2mahnlzjeffgh7oyt342micy

The changing role of marketing: transformed propositions, processes and partnerships

Kaj Storbacka, Ted Moser
2020 AMS Review  
Most important, marketing and sales will need to be able to speak to the customer with one coordinated voice.  ...  Some temporary dimensions involve what stage of a pre-purchase journey the customer is in, with what level of engagement.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13162-020-00179-4 fatcat:ospp6gnysre5rbmg36h442yf4q

A strategic framework for artificial intelligence in marketing

Ming-Hui Huang, Roland T. Rust
2020 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science  
At the marketing research stage, mechanical AI can be used for data collection, thinking AI for market analysis, and feeling AI for customer understanding.  ...  This framework lays out the ways that AI can be used for marketing research, strategy (segmentation, targeting, and positioning, STP), and actions.  ...  For example, Nike's "Just do it," Apple computer's "Be different," and McDonalds' "I'm loving it" all communicate with customers by speaking to their hearts.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11747-020-00749-9 fatcat:bdvrqbyfv5bjpazr6e72e3bivi
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