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Biomarkers, designs, and interpretations of resting-state fMRI in translational pharmacological research: A review of state-of-the-Art, challenges, and opportunities for studying brain chemistry

Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, Serge A.R.B. Rombouts, Matthias J.P. van Osch, Eugene P. Duff, Felix Carbonell, Lisa D. Nickerson, Lino Becerra, Albert Dahan, Alan C Evans, Jean-Paul Soucy, Richard Wise, Alex P. Zijdenbos (+1 others)
2017 Human Brain Mapping  
Multimodal datasets including sham-placebo or active control sessions and repeated measurements of various psychometric, physiological, metabolic and neuroimaging phenotypes are essential for pharmacokinetic  ...  /pharmacodynamic modeling and interpretation of the findings.  ...  Both PET and PK/PD modeling depend on accurate assessment of the arterial input functions (AIF) for full quantification of tracer kinetics or pharmacokinetics.  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.23516 pmid:28145075 fatcat:o6h7ahdzerbbngzx6vcfsvbn3q

An overview of deep learning in medical imaging focusing on MRI

Alexander Selvikvåg Lundervold, Arvid Lundervold
2018 Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik  
machine learning for medical imaging by pointing out good educational resources, state-of-the-art open-source code, and interesting sources of data and problems related medical imaging.  ...  Deep neural networks are now the state-of-the-art machine learning models across a variety of areas, from image analysis to natural language processing, and widely deployed in academia and industry.  ...  For example: deformable image registration [97, 239] ; model-to-image registration [240, 241] ; MRI-based attenuation correction for PET [242, 243] ; PET/MRI dose calculation [244] ; unsupervised end-to-end  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.zemedi.2018.11.002 fatcat:kkimovnwcrhmth7mg6h6cpomjm

A combined local and global motion estimation and compensation method for cardiac CT

Qiulin Tang, Beshan Chiang, Akinola Akinyemi, Alexander Zamyatin, Bibo Shi, Satoru Nakanishi, Bruce R. Whiting, Christoph Hoeschen
2014 Medical Imaging 2014: Physics of Medical Imaging  
We also apply a spatio-temporal channelized human observer model to quantitatively optimize and evaluate the filter.  ...  In this work we hypothesise that diffusion weighted imaging data may help constrain the fitting of pharmacokinetic models to dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI data.  ...  2 cm) in tens of minutes yielding images containing millions of spectra. Spectra are then automatically classified as one of seven cell-types in prostate tissue in a matter of seconds.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2043492 fatcat:fyzpc5m6jbh7fjohqpdmtzkhte

Pattern identification of biomedical images with time series: Contrasting THz pulse imaging with DCE-MRIs

Xiao-Xia Yin, Sillas Hadjiloucas, Yanchun Zhang, Min-Ying Su, Yuan Miao, Derek Abbott
2016 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  
Additionally, sparse data acquisition methodologies that can lead to an accelerated data acquisition are discussed.  ...  Feature extraction and classification methods based on feature vectors using the above processing techniques are reviewed.  ...  Traditional amplitude only based pattern mining approaches of spatio-temporal images has classification limitations in samples that display highly correlated time-space features.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artmed.2016.01.005 pmid:26951630 fatcat:usz7o4ejqbhbxntbu34zhg32iu

Proceedings of the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2020, October 7-9, 2020: General Abstracts

2022 Molecular Imaging and Biology  
Conclusion: Tumor specific uptake of pan800 provided remarkable contrast and a flexible imaging window for fluorescence-guided identification of HGGs despite modest EGFR expression.  ...  to identify clinical characteristics that may be predictive of EGFR expression.  ...  Trends of these metrics are plotted in Fig. 1i .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11307-021-01691-0 pmid:34982363 pmcid:PMC8725637 fatcat:ipn7hwekzzh6nbsk6dr2mzuhhm

Proceedings of the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2021, October 5-8, 2021: General Abstracts

2022 Molecular Imaging and Biology  
Materials and Methods: The method was tested on ACR MRI phantom and DICOM clinical MRI data. Data acquisition was performed on a commercial Siemens MRI system.  ...  An efficient rapidly converging deconvolution algorithm with a novel resolution subsets-based approach RSEMD for improving the quantitative accuracy of previously reconstructed clinical MRI images by commercial  ...  Using serial image-based ROI data from 4-48h p.i., prospective Lu-177 dosimetry was estimated assuming complete local absorption of β particles only.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11307-021-01693-y pmid:34982365 pmcid:PMC8725635 fatcat:4sfb3isoyfdhfbiwxfr55gvqym

Poster Session II

2010 Neuropsychopharmacology  
Data Analysis: FSL provided the tools for preprocessing, registration, and analysis. We modeled the responses to stimuli using the general linear model.  ...  PET data were analyzed using SPM5.  ...  More complicated patterns of Z 3 peaks were also identified, until a stateunique multi-site spatio-temporal pattern or several patterns emerged.  ... 
doi:10.1038/npp.2010.217 fatcat:gbcgyi35jbdndlwhlgwio7ts7y

Panel Session Co-Morbid Pain and Addiction: Novel Treatments

2006 Neuropsychopharmacology  
previously temporally paired with cocaine infusions.  ...  predicted based on a knowledge of in vitro receptor pharmacology.  ...  The Time Course of Antipsychotics Versus Placebo: On Overall Efficacy, Positive, Negative and Cognitive Symptoms John M. Davis*  ... 
doi:10.1038/sj.npp.1301265 fatcat:6odqjmshuncm5muxk5g5knprui

ECR 2011 Book of Abstracts - B - Scientific Sessions

2011 Insights into Imaging  
CT started 18 seconds after 140 HU threshold was reached in the abdominal aorta after intravenous contrast injection (370-400 mg I/mL, 4 mL/sec at 2 mL/kg followed by 50 mL of saline flush).  ...  Fractional plasma volumes (fPV) and vascular permeabilities (K PS ) were calculated based on the dynamic MRI data using a pharmacokinetic model.  ...  Originally based on the Poisson noise model, it can be simplified to a data-dependent Gaussian noise model for large numbers of quanta, manifesting as a signal weighting of sinogram data according to their  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13244-011-0077-4 pmid:23100071 pmcid:PMC3533624 fatcat:lytbu2vohbhhnorjqlpogl77iu

ECR 2012 Book of Abstracts - A - Postergraduate Educational Programme

2012 Insights into Imaging  
Recent developments in CT technology (increased number of detector rows, shorter turnaround times and radiation dose modulation) and PET technology (more efficient scintillation crystals, 3D and 4D detection  ...  To understand the multimodality approach to MI based on PET-CT-MRI. 2. To learn about the different radiotracers that can be used with multimodality equipment. 3.  ...  While pharmacokinetic modelling of high temporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging (perfusion imaging) promises further, quantitative insights into the pathological characteristics of neoplastic  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13244-012-0153-4 pmid:22696127 pmcid:PMC3481066 fatcat:te6ctbtakzh5njsw43geghw3ta

The use of EIT in the detection of regional lung dysfunction in prematurely born neonates [chapter]

A. Zifan, P. Liatsis, R. Bayford
2009 International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering Proceedings  
11:45 Novel application of MRI-polymer gel dosimeter for measurement of CTDI on X-ray 64 slices CT scanner Leila Karimiafshar (Tehran university of medical sciences, Iran); Nader Riyahi-Alam (  ...  (, Italy) 17:00 Imaging of Cardiac Electrical Sources Using a Novel Spatio-Temporal MAP-based Regularization Method Raghed Hanna (Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany); Yuan Jiang (Universitaet Karlsruhe  ...  China) Classification Model Based on Raman Spectra of Selected Morphological and Biochemical Tissue Constituents for Identification of Atherosclerosis in Human Coronary Artery Experience of FDG -PET  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-03882-2_347 fatcat:7yqxmd6xq5fidbtvwtacdv76ya

Athletic injuries of the extensor carpi ulnaris subsheath: MRI findings and utility of gadolinium-enhanced fat-saturated T1-weighted sequences with wrist pronation and supination

Jeremy Jeantroux, Fabio Becce, Henri Guerini, Bernard Montalvan, Dominique Le Viet, Jean-Luc Drapé
2010 European Radiology  
Fractional plasma volumes (fPV) and vascular permeabilities (K PS ) were calculated based on the dynamic MRI data using a pharmacokinetic model.  ...  Originally based on the Poisson noise model, it can be simplified to a data-dependent Gaussian noise model for large numbers of quanta, manifesting as a signal weighting of sinogram data according to their  ...  Conclusion: Based on comparison of Compton and PE decomposition coefficients, we conclude that obtained attenuation data from DECT accurately match the tabulated attenuation data.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-010-1887-3 pmid:20680292 fatcat:c73xl4gmnjbp5hahuek6dg2pcu

A design methodology for 2D sparse NDE arrays using an efficient implementation of refracted-ray TFM

Jerzy Dziewierz, Timothy Lardner, Anthony Gachagan
2013 2013 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)  
One of these technologies takes advantage of the acoustic radiation forces associated with ultrasound standing wave fields to spatially pattern cells within collagen-based hydrogels.  ...  Statement of Contribution/Methods To address these challenges, we are developing ultrasound-based technologies to spatially organize cells and extracellular matrix proteins within tissue-engineered constructs  ...  carotid . 4D US data were obtained by echo-CT.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ultsym.2013.0035 fatcat:th5znfh7y5bklfdbmhb4u6iq2i

In-vivo MRI study of the effects of low-intensity rTMS on brain activity, chemistry and structure in rats [article]

Bhedita Jaya Seewoo
Effective development of new therapies based on rTMS will require a cyclical from bench-to-bedside-to-bench approach.  ...  I then investigated the effects of LI-rTMS in a chronic restraint stress (CRS) model of depression.  ...  ., 2015) using FLIRT with 9 degrees of freedom 'traditional' registration. The atlas was first down-sampled by a factor of 8 to better match the voxel size of the 4D functional data.  ... 
doi:10.26182/5jgg-vt62 fatcat:6i4z3p7mfraa7kbnk2cngu4q7u

16th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases, 21 - 22 & 28 - 29 May 2021 Virtual, Worldwide

2021 Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases  
Patients received one induction dose of 2 g/kg and then 7 maintenance doses of 1 g/kg at 3-week intervals.  ...  The overall response rate at the end of study was 76.2% with a 95% confi dence interval (CI) of [60.5 -87.9%] (exact 2-sided Clopper-Pearson).  ...  >G p.Tyr3933Cys) expected to be in the cis position based on population data.  ... 
doi:10.3233/jnd-219006 pmid:34334417 fatcat:5ixajewia5d3hhpkwj4yqyb32a