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Smooth Singularities Exposed: Chimeras of the Differential Spacetime Manifold [article]

Anastasios Mallios, Ioannis Raptis
2005 arXiv   pre-print
The smooth gravitational singularities of the differential spacetime manifold based General Relativity (GR) are viewed from the perspective of the background manifold independent and, in extenso, Calculus-free  ...  A plethora of important mathematical, physical and philosophical issues in current classical and quantum gravity research are addressed and tackled.  ...  In the light of these remarks about the 'virtual', 'imaginary' or 'mental' reality of the spacetime continuum, that is to say, if one abides by the aforesaid version of the PGC, the existence of singularities-ie  ... 
arXiv:gr-qc/0411121v14 fatcat:bhnbwjzmbjgmrkclbctfuuo5gy

Quantum Engineering the complex Lorentzian spacetime

Rob Alfano
2019 unpublished
An example is a relation between the optical systems' dielectric coating, virtual photons and the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).  ...  Foreword This research introduces and proposes new concepts in the area of quantum gravity and how they can be used for several new industrial applications.  ...  in complex spacetime [373] [374] .  ... 
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.10666.36800/3 fatcat:cecyuvbafrarfgghtpry254lca

Feature article - Particle flurries synoptic 3d pulsatile flow visualization

J.S. Sobel, A.S. Forsberg, D.H. Laidlaw, R.C. Zeleznik, D.F. Keefe, I. Pivkin, G.E. Karniadakis, P. Richardson, S. Swartz
2004 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications  
Our group's ongoing study of the correlation between arterial blood flow and lesions as well as our research into the mechanics, dynamics, and evolution of animal flight (described in the "Visualization  ...  in Biomedical Research" sidebar) motivated this work.  ...  This work used the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) library, which is supported by the US National Institutes of Health National Research Resource in Molecular Graphics and Microscopy at the University  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcg.2004.1274065 pmid:15387231 fatcat:kabufyk7svax5g3lq2ymilcs4i

Influence of Technology on Socio-spatial City Development

Ljiljana Vujadinović, Svetlana K. Perović
2021 PROSTOR  
Taking into account acceleration of phenomena in the world of technology and technology featuring modernity, it reasonably brings a question on realistic chance for prediction of their further course and  ...  The primary goal of the paper is to point out the reflections of earlier ideas in the context of modern technological processes in cities.  ...  S.K.P.; writingreview and editing, Lj.V. and S.K.P.; supervision, S.K.P.  ... 
doi:10.31522/p.29.1(61).9 fatcat:66d24kzedjhbhmbfkikpaf4oja

Temporal Frankensteins and Legacy Images

Ian Dawson, Andrew Meirion Jones, Louisa Minkin, Paul Reilly
2022 Digital  
In this paper, we take a subversive Virtual Art/Archaeology approach, adopting Jacques Derrida's notion of the 'supplement', to explore the temporality of archaeological legacy images, introducing the  ...  and with different life histories but which co-exist here and now".  ...  Acknowledgments: We thank Mark Gillings, Josh Pollard and Steve Marshall, who generously shared images in our Frankenstone experiments.  ... 
doi:10.3390/digital2020015 fatcat:fc3rhbiifrgr3h5n6yr52ribum

Computer-Assisted Interactive Documentary and Performance Arts in Illimitable Space [article]

Miao Song
2012 arXiv   pre-print
The journey of this research has been unusual because it requires a researcher with solid knowledge and background in multiple disciplines; who also has to be creative and sensitive in order to combine  ...  documentary footage on film, video, or images, and text via a variety of devices [....] and programming, and installing all the needed interfaces such that it all works in real-time.  ...  spacetime.  ... 
arXiv:1212.6250v1 fatcat:2bulqbnpsbc3daw5s6xeqvk26y

Ontological Enigmas: What is the True Nature of Reality? [chapter]

James B. Glattfelder
2019 Zum Performativen des frühen Dialogs  
In 2012, history was written. CERN's Large Hadron Collider 1 (LHC) had detected the signature of an elusive new particle in the deep fabric of reality.  ...  All our cherished intuitions about reality are under attack: determinism, causality, and an objective and mind-independent world.  ...  spacetime.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-03633-1_10 fatcat:6inppnnzurh5rk6ikqnqivx254

On axiomatic formulation of gravity and matter field theories with MDRs and Finsler-Lagrange-Hamilton geometry on (co)tangent Lorentz bundles [article]

Sergiu I. Vacaru
2018 arXiv   pre-print
An appendix contains historical remarks on elaborating Finsler MGTs and a summary of author's results in twenty directions of research on (non) commutative/ supersymmetric Finsler geometry and gravity;  ...  (curved) phase spaces or locally anisotropic spacetimes. An indicator of MDRs is considered as a functional on various type functions depending on phase space coordinates and physical constants.  ...  Bejancu worked in Romania almost individually and later, in Kuwait, collaborated with internationally recognized scholars publishing his works with top Western Editors.  ... 
arXiv:1801.06444v1 fatcat:pe4h563e25bcvgjegz4okouzpe

The Complex Quantum-State of Consciousness

Dr.Narayan Kumar Bhadra
2017 IOSR Journal of Applied Physics  
The strong latent energy group s SU(6) produces different kind s of conscious elements after transferring the exotic matter fluids into ordinary matter fluids and producing biological cells, after then  ...  SU(6) responsible for the biological consciousness and the sum of the biological consciousness created an individual identity, a complete individual identity means like a human/a single animal/a single  ...  Subenoy Chakraborty, Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, for the discussion about the universe and my friend Dr.  ... 
doi:10.9790/4861-0901025793 fatcat:xlaywacd35d3bcuueln5mbnaba

Concrete Abstract: Exploring Tactility in Abstract Animations from Early Avant-garde Films to Contemporary Artworks

Basak Kaptan Siray, Namık Kemal University
Tactility, enhanced by the material, opens up a new network of spatio-temporal relationships in the viewer's consciousness and subjecthood.  ...  Being enthralled by the new film medium, former painters like Viking Eggeling, Walther Ruttman and Hans Richter start to experiment with light in two-dimensional film formats, they animate lines, stripes  ...  University of California virtual computational dreamscapes, abstraction enables an Press.  ... 
doi:10.24140/ijfma.v6.n2.02 fatcat:basu4g7btna27ktnlzzexqf7ae

Strategies for spatial music performance: the practicalities and aesthetics of responsive systems design

Ricky Graham, Brian Bridges
2015 Divergence Press  
All submissions in the paper and art tracks were subject to a single-blind peer review process by a group of international experts.  ...  Reviewers Selection The re-new call for participation was published March 29, 2013, and is republished below. A total of 358 submissions were made in all categories of the call.  ...  Complex In augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D applications the audience experiences spectacular scenes through digital technology.  ... 
doi:10.5920/divp.2015.33 fatcat:xbb7altyobafvfiidg2adzn7l4

Feminist New Materialisms: Activating Ethico-Politics Through Genealogies in Social Sciences

Revelles-Benavente, Ernst, Rogowska-Stangret
2019 Social Sciences  
The idea to create a Special Issue journal around the topic of feminist new materialisms emerged out of the editors' collaboration in the frames of European project New Materialism: NetworkingEuropean  ...  We wish to thank the student teachers involved in the workshops as well as the teachers and most importantly the children and schools without whom the #MeToo Postscriptum would not have been possible.  ...  Acknowledgments: We would like to acknowledge communal and visual artist Anna Koivukangas for suggesting the title #MeToo Postscriptum to us when we were planning the project.  ... 
doi:10.3390/socsci8110296 fatcat:idnky7j4m5gytarwc6ruvyo3ju

Virtual Daime: When Psychedelic Ritual Migrates Online

Ido Hartogsohn
2022 Frontiers in Psychology  
The analysis points at several key dynamics emerging in the context of virtual rituals.  ...  Other novel challenges included social anxiety and an in-built tension between the social and spiritual dimensions of ritual.  ...  Spacetime is thus condensed in a way that jogs the virtual participant across diverse landscapes with different features and characters.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2022.819994 pmid:35572236 pmcid:PMC9102978 fatcat:e7vzi72wrbajjauqmtzhsnv3ai

Defining the Flow—Using an Intersectional Scientific Methodology to Construct a VanguardSTEM Hyperspace

Jedidah C. Isler, Natasha V. Berryman, Anicca Harriot, Chrystelle L. Vilfranc, Léolène J. Carrington, Danielle N. Lee
2021 Genealogy  
In describing how #VanguardSTEM descended from counterspaces, we draw on speculative fiction to define a #VanguardSTEM hyperspace as a fluid "place-time" that is born digital and enabled by social media  ...  #VanguardSTEM is an online community and platform that centers women, girls, and non-binary people of color in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.  ...  for their leadership and advocacy for Black women, in particular, and Black people more broadly.  ... 
doi:10.3390/genealogy5010008 fatcat:bx4itinz2jf6texovchh3ycme4

BME VIK Annual Research Report on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2016

Hassan Charaf, Gábor Harsányi, András Poppe, Sándor Imre, Bálint Kiss, Tamás Dabóczi, Gyula Katona, Lajos Nagy, Gábor Magyar, István Kiss
2017 Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
Thus, participation in these collaborations give a competitive edge and ensure the continuous development of VIK.  ...  PrefaceSince being established in 1949, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK) BME has played a flagship role in the development of electronics, IT and computer science in Hungary.  ...  (TUIs) with Augmented Reality (AR), creating an environment in which users touch real-world objects, while interacting with virtual ones.  ... 
doi:10.3311/ppee.11067 fatcat:danqnppunnhq3mc2ns3qfhdwy4
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