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Diagnosing Left Coronary Ostial Atresia: Sometimes the Old Ways Are Best

Steven Karayiannis, Andrew Sands, Brian McCrossan
2015 International Journal of Angiology  
The left coronary artery system is relatively well developed and there is Keywords ► coronary artery ► ostial atresia ► cardiac catheterization ► cardiac computed tomography Abstract A 12-year-old boy  ...  Clinical Report An otherwise well 12-year-old boy was referred for evaluation of "intermittent syncope."  ...  Symptoms are related to the quantity of collateral coronary blood flow. 2, 3 In this case, the extensive collateral supply accounted for symptoms only with exercise.  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0035-1560037 pmid:28031682 pmcid:PMC5186216 fatcat:gnfade3skzgj5hsqdssanr42mu

Page 452 of The New Monthly Magazine Vol. 85, Issue 340 [page]

1849 The New Monthly Magazine  
Old maids are not recommended, as they are apt to be tough, but they will sometimes do when the others are not to be had; but they must not be too old, and they require a rich sauce to make them palatable  ...  It is usual to fricassee a Frenchman, which is the best way, as by dividing him you can select the best pieces for dressing, taking care to throw aside the portions that are snuffy.  ... 

Page 49 of Primary Education Vol. 22, Issue 1 [page]

1914 Primary Education  
Lampton in The New York Times An OLp MAN I said to an old man, I said, said I, “May I guess how old you are, If I try, try, try?”  ...  In summer the flies bite my tender flesh. Do not cut off my tail. I need it to keep the flies away. In winter I am sometimes cold. You cover your bodies with blankets when the nights are chilly.  ... 

Page 11 of Musical Journal Vol. 4, Issue 37 [page]

1891 Musical Journal  
And is there not often some reason in the remark we sometimes hear: “It is a pity the choir does not practise to sing the old tunes better instead of trying these new ones”?  ...  THE NONCONFORMIST MUSICAL JOURNAL. 11 gation there are many more good singers than there are in the choir.  ... 

Page 120 of Leisure Hour, an Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading Vol. 36, Issue 422 [page]

1887 Leisure Hour, an Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading  
There is always a difficulty about looking at things the right way, but the old experience least of it, for their minds are best illuminated.  ...  The advice of an old man is sometimes not attended to because he wants character.  ... 

Page 61 of Journal of Education Vol. 79, Issue 3 [page]

1914 Journal of Education  
One by one the old activities of the family circle, the old duties and responsibilities of child- hood which had been discharged by the parent, found their way through various avenues and agencies into  ...  With the disappearance of the old artisan trades, with the father and sometimes the mother engaged in specialized tasks, largely automatic machines, with the children deprived of the old trades, to discover  ... 

Page 439 of The Cornhill Magazine Vol. 21, Issue 124 [page]

1870 The Cornhill Magazine  
Rowland: ‘Yours is an easy life now; your old one was hard and sad and unselfish ; the old one was bestthe old one was the best.”  ...  People are not only their present selves but all their old selves at the same time—sometimes one and sometimes another comes upper- most; and Caroline Rowland is one particular self of a dozen years ago  ... 

Page 867 of Galaxy Vol. 15, Issue 6 [page]

1873 Galaxy  
Sometimes we are told that it is composed of old Puritan families, sometimes of old Huguenot families, some- times of old Cavalier families, sometimes of old Dutch families; but when we min- gle with the  ...  old Puritan set, or the old Huguenots, or the old Dutch, or the old Cavaliers, we find, strange to say, that the Cavaliers and the Dutch and the Hugue- nots and the Puritans are as much mixed together  ... 

Page 27 of The Sociological Review Vol. 22, Issue 1 [page]

1930 The Sociological Review  
Here there seems no way short of facing the village planning problem.  ...  Naturally a grudge and grief ever since ; so the least and best one can now do is to make of that the needed village hall, with keys to the curé and the mayor, to the school teachers and the musical society  ... 

Page 430 of Great Britain. Public Record Office. Calendar of State Papers, of the Reign of Charles I, 1625-[1649]. Domestic Series, Vol. , Issue [page]

1634 Great Britain. Public Record Office. Calendar of State Papers, of the Reign of Charles I, 1625-[1649]. Domestic Series,  
by way of fifteens granted by the Common Council, and sometimes by way of voluntary contribution, as lately for repairing Paul’s, which being the slenderest way has not proved anything answerable to the  ...  Petitioner’s house, situated near Old Fish Street, has ever been frequented by strangers of all nations, and by subjects of the best quality and well affected, who conform themselves to the laws made for  ... 

Page 438 of The English Historical Review Vol. 9, Issue 35 [page]

1894 The English Historical Review  
The rents are the best rents that the lord  ...  The land is sometimes terra nativa, sometimes terra custumaria, sometimes simply a ‘ full land’ or ‘ half- land,’ as the case may be.  ... 

Page 345 of None Vol. 10, Issue 56 [page]

1900 None  
Thousands of perch are also to be found in Slapton Ley, Devonshire ; though the largest and best are in the Avon, Kennet, and the Norfolk Broads.  ...  Only large ones are to be had where the species is numerically weak, and hence the best fishing is found in preserved waters.  ... 

Page 54 of Journal of the Medical Library Association Vol. 1, Issue 3 [page]

1912 Journal of the Medical Library Association  
Such books are often best preserved just as they are in the case or box, beforementioned.  ...  The end papers are best made, if possible, from the old, time-yvellowed papers collected from other books. Or imitation ‘‘antique’’ paper can be bought and may have to answer the purpose.  ... 

Page 275 of Home Progress Vol. 5, Issue 6 [page]

1916 Home Progress  
Sometimes the mistress is blamed for the fail- ure, sometimes the maids.  ...  Some- times the rich are accused of causing the trouble by offering extreme lux- uries and privileges, as well as ex- travagant wages. Sometimes it is the Labor Unions that are said to be at fault.  ... 

Page 169 of The Unitarian Review Vol. 12, Issue 2 [page]

1879 The Unitarian Review  
In all communions, not only the old books, but the old methods of religious culture, are becoming obsolete.  ...  best men and women, the most wholesome, the most liberal, the most full of integrity, of any by whom a State was ever blessed, we see clearly that in the past at any rate the ways of methodical self-culture  ... 
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