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Integrating decision management with UML modeling concepts and tools

Patrick Konemann
2009 2009 Joint Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture & European Conference on Software Architecture  
We define tool-independent concepts and architecture building blocks supporting these requirements and present first ideas how this can be implemented in the IBM Rational Software Modeler and Architectural  ...  Several tools already exist for managing design decisions, i.e. capturing, documenting, and maintaining them, but also for guiding the user by proposing subsequent decisions.  ...  Many thanks to Ekkart Kindler for lots of helpful discussions and advices.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wicsa.2009.5290824 dblp:conf/wicsa/Konemann09 fatcat:glzepy3upjgnxb3jgwqppmgndq

QualiTeam: A Support Tool When Learning Software Quality and Testing Concepts

Jorge Cervantes-Ojeda, María del Carmen Gómez-Fuentes
2022 Journal of Software Engineering and Applications  
version control and testing documentation management.  ...  QualiTeam is a web application to support the teaching-learning process on Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Testing introductory concepts.  ...  understanding of concepts related to SW QA, QC and Testing.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsea.2022.151001 fatcat:qwdq47dpqbb3lh324xirxce2fq

Software Documentation [chapter]

2000 Using Meteorology Probability Forecasts in Operational Hydrology  
Good documentation is an important component of software and is absolutely necessary for maintenance.  ...  Precise mathematical documentation plays a crucial role in safety critical, mission critical, and finance critical software where the cost of failure is very high either in terms of money or human life  ...  Often, the low quality of software documentation is attributed to a lack of tools and techniques.  ... 
doi:10.1061/9780784404591.ap02 fatcat:eclpvx5yibbq7dguggmkxctala

The Electronic Tool Integration platform: concepts and design

Bernhard Steffen, Tiziana Margaria, Volker Braun
1997 International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)  
The Electronic Tool Integration platform (ETI) associated with STTT is designed for the interactive experimentation with and coordination of heterogeneous tools.  ...  In particular, this allows even newcomers to orient themselves in the wealth of existing tools and to identify the most appropriate collection of tools to solve their own application-specific tasks.  ...  Motivation The growing complexity of 'real-life' industrial software and hardware systems can no longer be mastered without tool support.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s100090050003 fatcat:6g4goqwhvrg5xecjwjjmzmjm6i

Documenting software using adaptive software artifacts

Filipe Figueiredo Correia
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 companion publication for conference on Systems, programming, & applications: software for humanity - SPLASH '13  
Next, it reviews approaches and tools used to handle software artifacts (i.e., source code, models and free-text documents) and software documentation, with the intent of identifying popular documentation  ...  documentation tools in general and, in particular, those supporting the Adaptive Software Artifacts approach.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2508075.2514873 dblp:conf/oopsla/Correia13 fatcat:avdexpeicrd77ao4yymbwpl4ou

Enriching software architecture documentation

Anton Jansen, Paris Avgeriou, Jan Salvador van der Ven
2009 Journal of Systems and Software  
We provide empirical evidence that our approach helps to partially solve the problem and indicate further directions in managing documented AK. Fig. 3. The Knowledge Architect tool suite. A.  ...  We have developed an approach consisting of a method and an accompanying tool suite to support this enrichment.  ...  tool suite.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jss.2009.04.052 fatcat:kgqb5p3y4jezdllwlrmjrvjt5i

A New Analysis Concept in Applying Software Reliability Growth Models and Tool Implementation: The SafeMan

Takaji Fujiwara, Mitsuhiro Kimura
2014 Journal of Software Engineering and Applications  
In this paper, we propose a new analysis concept for assessing the software product's reliability/quality, and illustrate the output results obtained by a tool, the SafeMan.  ...  assess it without grasping the live development situation and only see the documents submitted from their staff.  ...  For the future studies, we are going to verify the validity of applying this concept and the SafeMan tool to the actual projects more and more.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsea.2014.75036 fatcat:fn2boyywjrhavjkfiknr2yyg2a

Documenting Software Architectures using UML

Filip Prentovic, Zoran Budimac
2013 Software Quality Analysis, Monitoring, Improvement, and Applications  
In this paper, ways of using UML to document component and connector views are described.  ...  As software systems become large and more complex, focus on main design issues is shifted from algorithms and data structures.  ...  RELATED WORK Concepts introduced in UML 2 are used in [Anacleto 2008] , where UML profile and a group of UML patterns for documenting the component and connector view of software architectures are presented  ... 
dblp:conf/sqamia/PrentovicB13 fatcat:qhsnshw7nbdnrabhg7bdnyyfzi

Patterns for consistent software documentation

Filipe Figueiredo Correia, Ademar Aguiar, Hugo Sereno Ferreira, Nuno Flores
2010 Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs - PLoP '09  
Existing solutions encompass different tools and approaches that support the process of creating, evolving and using documents and other artifacts derived from the software development process.  ...  Documentation is an important part of the captured knowledge of a software project, providing a flexible and effective way of recording informal contents.  ...  Fernandez, Joseph Yoder, Pam Rostal and Richard Gabriel.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1943226.1943241 fatcat:jy7oggraczer3fere3zajuatay

ConTEXT Explorer: a web-based text analysis tool for exploring and visualizing concepts across time

Ziying Yang, Gosia Mikolajczak, Andrew Turpin
2021 Journal of Open Source Software  
ConTEXT Explorer is an open Web-based system that assists in exploring the context of concepts (combinations of co-occurring words and phrases) over time in text documents.  ...  It provides a user-friendly interface for the analysis of user-provided text data and integrates functionalities of the Whoosh search engine, Spacy, Gensim, and Plotly Python libraries.  ...  Acknowledgements The development of ConTEXT Explorer has been supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP180101711) "Understanding Political Debate and Policy Decisions Using Big  ... 
doi:10.21105/joss.03347 fatcat:ibygrin2tnajdgvwsaaxpmvwh4

Software Architecture for Document Anonymization

Horacio Vico, Daniel Calegari
2015 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
In this paper we present a software architecture for supporting document anonymization, which is based on the representation of the problem as a domain and platform independent configurable business process  ...  In addition, we analyze the technological alternatives for implementing the architecture and we present a functional prototype applied to the domain of legal documents.  ...  Architectural Initiatives There are some architectural initiatives defining a document anonymization process arising from academic work and available software tools.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2015.05.006 fatcat:btigwm7trvdbhbenluvcnyhnkq

Ontology-based Software Architecture Documentation

Klaas Andries de Graaf, Antony Tang, Peng Liang, Hans van Vliet
2012 2012 Joint Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture and European Conference on Software Architecture  
A common approach to software architecture documentation in industry projects is the use of file-based documents.  ...  We have employed a software ontology in a semantic wiki optimized for architecture documentation.  ...  by the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) project No. 61170025 "KeSRAD: Knowledge-enabled Software Requirements to Architecture Documentation".  ... 
doi:10.1109/wicsa-ecsa.212.20 dblp:conf/wicsa/GraafTLV12 fatcat:q74f5pzgijgtji22zbvtud3woi

Software Architecture Documentation: The Road Ahead

Antony Tang, Peng Liang, Hans van Vliet
2011 2011 Ninth Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture  
The basic format in which software requirements and architecture designs are documented is essentially filebased, and it has persisted for decades.  ...  We propose to index software documents with a suitable lightweight ontology to improve the retrieval and traceability of software knowledge.  ...  systems, and the Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 60950110352, STAND: Semantic-enabled collaboration Towards Analysis, Negotiation and Documentation on distributed requirements engineering  ... 
doi:10.1109/wicsa.2011.40 dblp:conf/wicsa/TangLV11 fatcat:fbirjecoofcsjnnv4aeubwgy5u

Developing CMS software documentation system

M Stankevicius, K Lassila-Perini, S Malik
2012 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The core of the documentation should be version-based and available online with the source code. CMS uses Doxygen and Twiki as the main tools to provide automated and non-automated documentation.  ...  In large scale and complex projects is important to have as up-to-date and automated software documentation as possible.  ...  Tools and services The CMS documentation tools are used to provide software documentation [8] for mainly three purposes: tutorials which are designed to teach (2.1.1.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/396/6/062020 fatcat:7uhup5wlgrepzdbphcpt37e5by

Documenting software systems using types

Arie van Deursen, Leon Moonen
2006 Science of Computer Programming  
The paper addresses (1) how types, an invented abstraction, can be presented meaningfully to software re-engineers; (2) the implementation techniques used to construct TYPEEXPLORER; and (3) the use of  ...  We show how hypertext-based program understanding tools can achieve new levels of abstraction by using inferred type information for cases where the subject software system is written in a weakly typed  ...  Software exploration tools help software engineers navigating through and understanding evolving software systems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scico.2005.10.006 fatcat:h24klh6k4jgmjer5ow3ixfhy6y
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