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Dissemination & collaboration report & newsletter: deliverable 2.3.3

Zafeirios Papazachos, Stefan Wesner, Jörg Domaschka, Craig Sheridan, Claire Stewart, Alasdair Innes, Christian Stier, Jörg Henß, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Athanasios Tsitsipas, James Byrne, Universität Ulm
id=2930 04/11/2015 Published http://pi.informatik. conference/2014/pa applications. Analyses by Black-Box and (TOMPECS), Software Performance proceedings.  ...  , 07/09/2015 Published Efficiency Analysis of collaboratio and 2016)(20.09.2016-on Software Cloud and http://sdqweb.ipd.k Software Architectures n with KTI present 22.09.2016, Athens, Architecture (ECSA  ...  e) OVERVIEW M30-M36 SEPTEMBER 2016 AUGUST 2016  ... 
doi:10.18725/oparu-4303 fatcat:wmr4cm2r5nb23pp6tncxygmcby