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SoK: Anatomy of Data Breaches

Hamza Saleem, Muhammad Naveed
2020 Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies  
SMB protocol allows sharing files, printers, and other resources on a network. We describe the important details of the worm and defer a detailed description to Appendix A.1.  ...  We found attackers exploiting weak network segmentation to reach their targets as seen in the Target breach.  ... 
doi:10.2478/popets-2020-0067 fatcat:5f3m3q72xvcnld25lu4bb6d7cm

SoK: A Systematic Review of Insider Threat Detection

Aram Kim, Junhyoung Oh, Jinho Ryu, Jemin Lee, Kookheui Kwon, Kyungho Lee
2019 Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications  
.: • File : Count of file events to removable drives (28) • Group : Shared printers (11) Domains Data • Login : Count of distinct workstations logged onto (4) • Printer: Count of print jobs submitted  ...  Network-based sources are collected from network communication. In general, data is collected by mirroring network packets used in network communication.  ... 
doi:10.22667/jowua.2019.12.31.046 dblp:journals/jowua/KimORLKL19 fatcat:qdw2eruvijhdjc3qsiit6yblda

SoK: Enabling Security Analyses of Embedded Systems via Rehosting

Andrew Fasano, Tiemoko Ballo, Marius Muench, Tim Leek, Alexander Bulekov, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Manuel Egele, Aurélien Francillon, Long Lu, Nick Gregory, Davide Balzarotti, William Robertson
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security  
This kind of dynamic analysis can be instrumental to reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, exploit development, and debugging.  ...  If this assumption is incorrect, an exploitable timing side-channel may exist.  ...  The SVD files describe ARM Cortex hardware for Type-2 and Type-3 embedded systems, such as medical devices and mesh network transmitters respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3433210.3453093 fatcat:6n2oqca4abgjfeubk4d4ccostm

SoK: An Analysis of Protocol Design: Avoiding Traps for Implementation and Deployment [article]

Tobias Fiebig, Franziska Lichtblau, Florian Streibelt, Thorben Krueger, Pieter Lexis, Randy Bush, Anja Feldmann
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Keep in mind that the IPP service is offered by most major network attached printers by default as well as apple devices if they share their home printer.  ...  Indeed, the Carna botnet exploited about 1,200,000 of these devices [35] . Furthermore, a recent study by Pa et al.  ... 
arXiv:1610.05531v1 fatcat:vaybjuis7rcnrnhlaetdhql6au

SoK: A Modularized Approach to Study the Security of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems [article]

Yuxuan Chen, Jiangshan Zhang, Xuejing Yuan, Shengzhi Zhang, Kai Chen, Xiaofeng Wang, Shanqing Guo
2021 arXiv   pre-print
neural network model.  ...  Such attacks have been covered by a SoK paper on sensor security [135] . C.  ... 
arXiv:2103.10651v2 fatcat:ryllxp63hvgoxm5d6ef7n7l55a

SoK: Rethinking Sensor Spoofing Attacks against Robotic Vehicles from a Systematic View [article]

Yuan Xu and Xingshuo Han and Gelei Deng and Guanlin Li and Yang Liu and Jiwei Li and Tianwei Zhang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
A 3D printer costs hundreds of dollars (cost: $$).  ...  ., software and ROS vulnerabilities [94] , [95] , in-vehicle networks [96] - [98] , DNN backdoor [99] , communication protocols [100] , [101] , side-channel leakage [102] ) are excluded as well  ... 
arXiv:2205.04662v1 fatcat:7vdu6whsira6ph5qdjajcjzhaq

SoK - Security and Privacy in the Age of Drones: Threats, Challenges, Solution Mechanisms, and Scientific Gaps [article]

Ben Nassi, Asaf Shabtai, Ryusuke Masuoka, Yuval Elovici
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Contribution While a SoK in this area has already taken place [21] , [22] , [23] , [24] , [25] , [26] , [27] , we consider previous attempts very limited compared to our SoK, because (1) they either  ...  Such drones open a network (access point) that allows the drone and its controller to communicate.  ... 
arXiv:1903.05155v1 fatcat:4mwsyyupbncydn7k3kc33dhzbm

Risk Prediction of IoT Devices Based on Vulnerability Analysis

Pascal Oser, Rens W. van der Heijden, Stefan Lüders, Frank Kargl
2022 ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security  
To demonstrate this strength, we apply SAFER in the network of a large multinational organization, to systematically assess the security level of hundreds of IoT devices on large-scale networks.  ...  SAFER combines information from network device identification and automated firmware analysis to estimate the current risk associated with the device.  ...  For example, if the device is a printer, the identification mechanism detects common printer string patterns, like "Cartridge" or "Tray" occurring in well-defined positions in the page source.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3510360 fatcat:dcrua4jklfe2bhb6y7kwggttqy

A unified framework for political parties to support e-democracy practices: the case of a Greek party

C. Bouras, E. Giannaka, Th. Karounos, A. Priftis, V. Poulopoulos, Th. Tsiatsos
2008 International Journal of Electronic Democracy  
His research interests include computer networks, telematics, networked virtual environments, multimedia and hypermedia.  ...  Figure 3 3 SOK at the transformation doorstep (see online version for colours) Figure 4 4 System architecture (see online version for colours)  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijed.2008.021280 fatcat:hysdwdqmkzdeno4mm7oe5rxgtq

Zwischen Basar und Supermarkt: strukturelle Veränderungen im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel in der Türkei unter Berücksichtigung von Globalisierungsprozessen

Alexandra Appel
There we need a computer, a printer, hardware and some programs to be installed. We need staff, delivery staff and a delivery car.  ...  Tochter Şok Ende Mai 2011 an die Ülker Group (Gesellschaft der Yıldız Holding) verkauft wurde, und Şok im Jahr 2013 zusätzlich die Niederlassungen des spanischen Discounters Dia-SA in der Türkei übernahm  ... 
doi:10.17192/z2014.0382 fatcat:qpj7u4ydyrfvppjuxfnxqbj45a

An empirical evaluation of misconfiguration in Internet services [article]

Tobias Fiebig, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Anja Feldmann
On the contrary, we find that these breaches are usually caused by something far more simple: Human error in deploying and running network services, e.g., delayed software updates, or, no authentication  ...  Keep in mind that the IPP service is offered by most major network attached printers by default as well as apple devices if they share their home printer.  ...  For example, if a regional network registry, like APNIC or, RIPE would use a DNS server that cannot be exploited to enumerate the zone, then all networks for which they delegate the reverse zones would  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-6140 fatcat:lvw4geuxrrgfhi3ms3t7m6pkl4

Short Message Service Fraud Mitigation Taxonomy: The Case of ethio telecom

Worku Tarikua
Then taking appropriate mitigation techniques from Network /protocol, Service and Actor layers.  ...  These main nodes are also categorized in to three sub technological layers which are network/protocol, service and actor.  ...  The fourth related work and which is used as a reference for this thesis work is "Sok: Fraud in telephony networks" published on 2017.  ... 
doi:10.20372/nadre/4855 fatcat:njkvlsxuibeh5ez7gkp6ndqza4

Üriner Kateterlerin Biyofilm Oluşumunu Engellemesi için Kitosan Hidrojelinin Yeni bir Uygulaması

Deniz ISMIK, Sevil YÜCEL, Melis ÖZGEN, Ceren GENÇ
2016 Çukurova Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi  
Design offices may exploit these systems besides manufacturers.  ...  Roughened NACA4412 Airfoil The roughened NACA4412 airfoil was modelled and fabricated using 3D printer as depicted in Figure 1 .  ...  SONUÇ KAYNAKLAR Abstract In this study, a compact dual-wideband monopole antenna is proposed for the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS), wireless local area network (WLAN) and worldwide  ... 
doi:10.21605/cukurovaummfd.316781 fatcat:n7r6zgyrczcqnpwhab2misru4a

Asia [chapter]

2014 World Report 2014  
After the killing, the government arrested and then instructed the courts to convict Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun.  ...  Migrant workers remain extremely vulnerable to exploitation, with female migrants enduring sexual violence and labor trafficking, and male migrants facing extreme labor exploitation, including being trafficked  ... 
doi:10.51952/9781447318491.ch003 fatcat:gq4y44jumzdczj2htlcrarfmmm

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 11, Issue 10, October 2021, Complete Issue [article]

On one hand, we looked at network captures from the past and did not find any exploitation that happened.  ...  While OT asset owners begin to harden operator consoles and embrace ICS network monitoring solutions, the attackers are already moving their exploits into the controllers at the regulatory layer of network  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.11.10 fatcat:mqui2qttdrdt7p6y3nbkkodoci
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