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Improving Aviation Safety in Indonesia: How Many More Accidents?

Ridha Aditya Nugraha
2016 Hasanuddin Law Review  
The Indonesian Aviation Law of 2009 was enacted to reform the situation in Indonesia.  ...  Numerous and consecutive aircraft accidents combined with a consistent failure to meet international safety standards in Indonesia, namely from the International Civil Aviation Organization and the European  ...  Acknowledgement The author wishes to thank the Indonesia  ... 
doi:10.20956/halrev.v2i3.321 fatcat:k5srbdxnwbhzdcjp3gzbbk5o5q

The multiplicity of factors in the causality of railway accidents inArgentina:contributions to the debate

Natalia L Gonzalez
2020 Sociology International Journal  
models of accidents analysis, but by the administration style and the managers who also carry huge responsibilities as from the point of view of management organization.  ...  This work is intended to give elements for debate.  ...  Conflicts of interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. Funding None.  ... 
doi:10.15406/sij.2020.04.00217 fatcat:xnmmis53mfd5bn6spxthuen3km

Disaster Response Policy Change in the Wake of Major Disasters, Labeled Focusing Events [chapter]

Yong-kyun Kim, Hong-Gyoo Sohn
2017 Disaster Risk Reduction  
Responding to the will of the people or the will of the government after a focusing event is complex and fraught with perils; this is none more so than after a major disaster that has brought on the sudden  ...  We analyzed them to glean their impact on disaster response policy, organizational and law reform, and first response and national countermeasures -and presented them in a clear and logical array so that  ...  Asiana Airlines Boeing 737 Crash in 1993 In order to investigate the Asiana Airlines Boeing 737 Crash near Mokpo Airport on July 26, 1993, 14 public officers from the MoT were mobilized for 9 days from  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-10-4789-3_5 fatcat:vgkk5lbyxjesdfscdukgdev7b4


Atip Latipulhayat
2015 Mimbar Hukum - Fakultas Hukum Universitas Gadjah Mada  
The main objective of an aircraft accident investigation is to find out the most probable causes of such accident. This represents a technical investigation in nature.  ...  that has been alleged as the most probable cause of the accident.  ...  White, "The Alaska Airlines Crash: Signs Point to a Wider Crisis in Air Safety", as quoted by Mateou and Mateou, Ibid.  ... 
doi:10.22146/jmh.15890 fatcat:xqviy2quxve6dh7h5ddj5ojozy

No second-in-command: human fatigue and the crash of the airship Italia revisited

Gregg A. Bendrick, Sergio Alessandrini
2019 Polar Research  
The dirigible Italia crashed onto the Arctic sea ice north-east of the Svalbard archipelago on 25 May 1928 at 10:33 GMT while travelling back to her base from the North Pole.  ...  In this paper, the pivotal question of why General Nobile was so sleep-deprived at the time of the accident is addressed, specifically with reference to the lack of a second-in-command (i.e., a deputy  ...  Disclosure statement Author SA is the grandson of crew member Renato Alessandrini, who was lost in the crash of the airship Italia.  ... 
doi:10.33265/polar.v38.3467 fatcat:ptwbzb7onjafxny7zw3g2efg64

British Airways is Ordering up to 42 Boeing 777-9s Aeronaves to Modernize the UK Flag Carriers Long-Haul Fleet

Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu
2020 Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology  
It is one of the best-selling (two-color) passenger airplanes in history, of which 988 were ordered, of which 635 were already delivered to the airlines.  ...  It was the first ETOPS 180 bimonthly aircraft (it can fly up to 180 min from any airport able to take it).  ...  Several versions have been developed, mainly to enhance the capacity and range of seats; The 737 remains in production from February 2018, with the latest 737 MAX series.  ... 
doi:10.3844/jastsp.2020.1.20 fatcat:z25q7qai7jdm3b6rzlnrixdjt4

The Influence of Aviation Disasters on Engine Manufacturers: An Analysis of Financial and Reputational Contagion Risks

Erdinc Akyildirim, Shaen Corbet, John F. O'Connell, Ahmet Sensoy
2020 Social Science Research Network  
One of the key sub-sectors in the aviation industry includes that of engine manufacturers, who have long led technological advancement and the battle to reduce airline carbon emissions.  ...  Further, we clearly identify that there exists an average one day loss of 1.64% in the immediate aftermath of aviation incidents.  ...  Note: We develop on a combined search of LexisNexis, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Eikon, search for the keywords relating to aviation disasters.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3724399 fatcat:eje53k6t4zgnfbqiv2qa5kf67e

Some Special Aircraft

Relly Victoria Petrescu, Raffaella Aversa, Bilal Akash, Juan Corchado, Filippo Berto, Antonio Apicella, Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu
2017 Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology  
Many of the new special aircraft have been built so far to achieve special tasks, or at the request of the defense ministry in some highly developed countries, even with the United States of America.  ...  In this study, the authors want to present a few more distinct aircraft from a constructive and functional point of view.  ...  The corresponding author confirms that all of the other authors have read and approved the manuscript and no ethical issues involved.  ... 
doi:10.3844/jastsp.2017.186.203 fatcat:enc2rjst7ze4hn7nd5wbxgb6se

Improvement of Aircraft Accident Investigation Through Expert Systems

Goranco Milosovski, Cees Bil, Paul Simon
2009 Journal of Aircraft  
Acknowledgements uch help, assistance and advice was received from many people throughout the research and preparation of this thesis and I am deeply indebted to all those who contributed to bringing this  ...  Below are some of these people who I want to  ...  According to the NTSB data base, this is of the event that occurred on 13 January 1982 at Washington: According to the NTSB data base a Boeing 737-222 crashed on takeoff from Washington National Airport  ... 
doi:10.2514/1.38605 fatcat:ymfolhlphzc6jlqi42jche4mlu

Modern Airline Pilots' Quandary: Standard Operating Procedures—to Comply or Not to Comply

Carrie N. Giles
2013 Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering  
Significant improvement in SOP compliance was found in six of the 12 items tested. The results established that training pilots on the risk of PINC did significantly increase SOP compliance.  ...  This research explores data from line checks at a major US airline that was gathered in pursuit of understanding what drives SOP compliance.  ...  And, the investigation into the nonfatal crash of Continental Airlines Flight 1404, a 737-500 in Denver, Colorado, that departed the runway midfield during takeoff found that: The captain's use of the  ... 
doi:10.7771/2159-6670.1070 fatcat:gwpuxscuezfddgm2t2nrbes44u

Multifunction walking roof support for underground mining of stratified deposits and placers

M. S. Nikitenko, Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia, Yu. V. Malakhov, S. A. Kizilov, S. S. Zhuravlev, Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia, Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia, Institute of Computational Technologies, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
2020 Eurasian Mining  
ensure uniform loading of the walking support systems owing to constructional linkage between the support units, and to provide stability of the support system on a composite topography floor thanks to  ...  Within R&D project supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Project No. 2566GS1/41340, the kinematics of the platform is developed so that to  ...  These vehicles are projected to experience little, or no, energy effect from low automation levels, so are expected to focus on Level 4 and Level 5 automation.  ... 
doi:10.17580/em.2020.02.14 fatcat:e5youslolzgqhmgja5apykmstu

Wound Care Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Mobile Health Technology Utilization: A Survey of Social Network Users in the Home Environment in Taiwan (Preprint)

Ya-Ting Kuan, Tze-Fang Wang, Chao-Yu Guo, Fu-In Tang, I-Ching Hou
2019 JMIR mHealth and uHealth  
A cross-sectional survey on social media platforms was conducted on adults aged 20 years and older. Data were collected from social network users in the home environment.  ...  Our study shows the potential of mHealth technology to enhance wound care knowledge among social network users.  ...  Defined as died at scene of crash. d 2009, National Institute of Health "Socio-economic impact of road accidents".  ... 
doi:10.2196/15678 pmid:32213478 fatcat:a46p7spmmraanjkuog2d4hwase

Dam Safety: Hazards Created by Human Failings and Actions

Nasrat Adamo, Nadhir Al-Ansari, Varoujan Sissakian, Jan Laue, Sven Knutsson
2020 Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering  
Lessons to be learned from these incidents are derived and recommendations are presented to be followed to avoid risky situations.  ...  Examples of the aforementioned threats are described with examples given from real cases to elucidate the dangers involved.  ...  Lessons learned from such accidents due to human failings are, to have only highly trained personnel in charge of operation of dams, to simplify operation procedures as much as possible and provide clear  ... 
doi:10.47260/jesge/1113 fatcat:s4ln7t7gznhvrjwahiuirbeufe

Examples of Risk Information Concealment Practice [chapter]

Dmitry Chernov, Didier Sornette
2016 Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment  
Moreover, to meet the need of Italian industry for electricity and maximize the profitability of the project, SADE proposed to increase the height of the dam up to 722.5 m, and triple the volume of the  ...  against the forced sale of land to Società Adriatica di Elettricità (SADE) to construct the highest arch dam in the world.  ...  So he reported that it would cost so-and-so much to fix it -a lot of money. From the point of view of the press and some of the commissioners, Mr.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-24301-6_2 fatcat:w42ofgavczhvvbppbdkxzsin7m

Insects and aviation safety: The case of the keyhole wasp Pachodynerus nasidens (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in Australia

Alan P.N. House, Jackson G. Ring, Matthew J. Hill, Phillip P. Shaw
2020 Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives  
The reduction in risk from covering 33% to 75% of all probes on arrival is substantial and made more significant when the costs of incidents are set against those of wasp management.  ...  A bow-tie risk analysis was completed to assess the safety, reputation, one-off financial loss, and injury and illness costs of a range of incidents of increasing severity, and climate modelling was used  ...  comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.trip.2020.100096 fatcat:cgithmxam5fmngisbri4qa767q
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