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Federation without affirmation: A sketch of a revisionist program of research into '1901'

William Coleman
2020 Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform  
Theirs was a triumphalist story of the valiant struggling against villains, clods and a clown or two.  ...  Granted: to criticise Federal Story, seems a bit like fact-checking a poem.  ... 
doi:10.22459/ag.27.01.2020.04 fatcat:e7dfjdzwrfbszlw3fm6q5qdtvm

"Born with a Lie in My Mouth": Counterfeit and Counterfactuality in It-Narratives [chapter]

Vid Stevanović
2021 Being Untruthful  
The Golden Spy is a collection of different stories told by a variety of European coins to a human frame-narrator, who only appears as a device of narrative cohesion that links the different episodes together  ...  In these texts, the objects -mostly commodities -relate the stories of their circulation through human societies: coins, coats, and wigs fashion their own biographies.  ...  At the beginning of the narrative, the bank note recounts the story of its 'birth' in the characteristic mock-autobiographical fashion of the genre: It has been the custom, and still is, with historians  ... 
doi:10.5771/9783956508578-229 fatcat:zg2jpym7a5brzddf6ec6jkjbpy

A sketch grammar of 'Are'are: The sound system and morpho-syntax [article]

Kateřina Naitoro, University Of Canterbury
This thesis is a sketch grammar of 'Are'are, a Southeast Solomonic language belonging to the Oceanic family, spoken mainly in the southern part of Malaita by approximately 18 000 speakers.  ...  The appendices provide a preliminary report on the language vitality, a brief discussion on dialects of 'Are'are and also a sample text.  ...  Narratives using three children picture books (Mayer, 1973 (Mayer, , 2003 (Mayer, , 2008 and traditional narratives (custom stories) were also elicited.  ... 
doi:10.26021/5071 fatcat:6yddsdkqmbenriq5vp3a4eprfy

Communicating Vegan Utopias: The Counterfactual Construction of Human-animal Futures

Matthew Adams
2021 Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture  
It is analyzed as a unique example of the construction of counterfactual futuresthe practice of imagining the potential impact of hypothetical events on future scenarios.  ...  To this end, it examines the film Carnage, about a future vegan utopia, as a distinctive artistic intervention.  ...  Several globes are "generated" by a world generating "machine", and randomly assigned to groups of research participants.  ... 
doi:10.1080/17524032.2021.1969977 fatcat:eidc4r2hbfaf5h2vjjkhdodah4

Process transparency for sustainable building delivery

Leidy Klotz, Michael Horman, David Riley, John Bechtel
2009 International Journal of Sustainable Engineering  
Primary contributions of this research include a rigorous method for applying counterfactual analyses to project delivery, evidence that reduced costs for sustainable buildings are possible by increasing  ...  delivery process transparency, and evidence that process mapping may be considered as a method to enhance process transparency.  ...  The support for Penn State's academic mission provided by these individuals and OPP as an organization perfectly illustrates why Penn State is a special place for so many people.  ... 
doi:10.1080/19397030902989282 fatcat:5zndz4jyznbz7pjo77efj4hh2u

Poetic augmented reality

Anders Sundnes Løvlie
2009 Proceedings of the 13th International MindTrek Conference: Everyday Life in the Ubiquitous Era on - MindTrek '09  
The system allows a user to walk through the city of Oslo and listen to texts that talk about the places the user is passing by.  ...  This paper presents the textopia project, a locative media design experiment set up to explore the relationship between places and literary texts.  ...  Counterfactual placetexts The three first categories sketched so far may be considered as mutually exclusive categories, which together make up a taxonomy of the contributions to the textopia competition  ... 
doi:10.1145/1621841.1621847 dblp:conf/mindtrek/Lovlie09 fatcat:37qisxpfdjcv3fzu3a43ohdaue

Causation, Projection, Inference, and Agency [chapter]

Helen Beebee
2015 Passions and Projections  
Ramsey, 'General Propositions and Causality' (1929, 160) is the thought that what is projected is a habit of inference.  ...  Causation is, of course, a conditional relationship in a sense: effects generally depend on their causes, and there is a long-standing tradition within Humeanism of understanding causal laws ('As cause  ...  Counterfactual accounts also depend upon an adequate story about the asymmetry of causation; and Lewis's story runs in terms of what he calls the 'asymmetry of overdetermination', which in turn grounds  ... 
doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198723172.003.0002 fatcat:ygs7qy57bredzkvox23huraovy

Counterfactual de se

Hazel Pearson
2018 Semantics and Pragmatics  
Introduction Here is a story that was told to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. (1) One morning I was sitting with friends in the local McDonald's, as was our custom, prior to heading up the  ...  below. (69) Scenario: Mary wants to generate a bit of bad publicity for Hillary Clinton, by getting a journalist to write a story about what a show off she is.  ...  the lack of a de re reading and the lack of a belief-self reading.  ... 
doi:10.3765/sp.11.2 fatcat:tbh644f56fb2zirdgovrfuaima

Learning From Fiction in Life and Philosophy

Allen RT
2021 Philosophy International Journal  
Literary fictions can go beyond purely factual knowledge to reveal how it felt to live at a given time and place; to engage the whole person, and not just the thinkers, in both the characters portrayed  ...  ; to show that there is more than formal learning to what happens in schools, and how important it can be; and generally to give narratives of what life really is or can be, and not just the abstractions  ...  Lewis somewhere said, it is publicly available and may be generally known, unlike a true story of the Smiths down the author's road.  ... 
doi:10.23880/phij-16000161 fatcat:szty2s3btnbbnhugg4e6g2nisu

Causal Strategic Inference in Networked Microfinance Economies

Mohammad Tanvir Irfan, Luis E. Ortiz
2014 Neural Information Processing Systems  
For the general case, we give a constructive proof of the existence of an equilibrium point.  ...  We propose causal strategic inference as a framework for conducting interventions and apply it to large, networked microfinance economies.  ...  Typical customers of MFIs are low-income people engaged in small projects and most of them are women working at home (e.g., Grameen Bank has a 95% female customer base) [9] .  ... 
dblp:conf/nips/IrfanO14 fatcat:imkk6pae3vfolfdvsn3523tkfu

Modelling industrial dynamics with "History-friendly" simulations

Christian Garavaglia
2010 Structural Change and Economic Dynamics  
In this paper, we study "History-friendly" analyses and counterfactuals. Some examples of "History-friendly" models are widely examined.  ...  Among these models, a new branch of studies known as "History-friendly" models aims at establishing a close link between formal theory, developing stand-alone theoretical simulation models, and empirical  ...  Acknowledgements The author acknowledges the financial support of the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (FIRB, Project RISC -RBNE039XKA: "Research and entrepreneurship in the knowledge-based  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.strueco.2010.07.001 fatcat:wel65lxltvelnjfflok7ttlysa

Embedded Counterfactuals and World War I as an Unavoidable War [chapter]

Paul W. Schroeder
2004 Systems, Stability, and Statecraft: Essays on the International History of Modern Europe  
a subordinate general.  ...  interests in 1914 other than aiming for a local war and risking a general one.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-137-06138-6_9 fatcat:4v7gmyeorrez3p6ulpg7t7ksxe

The anatomy and causal structure of a corporate myth: Nokia by the book

Juha-Antti Lamberg, Arjo Laukia, Jari Ojala
2014 Management & Organizational History  
Brief sketches of the attributes of these three knowledge-generation systems can be found in Table 1 : Corporate myth narratives typically adopt a specific attitude to success and argue for the superiority  ...  Consistent with arguments proposed by Durand and Vaara (2009) and the "counterfactual history" method, testing for causality between a specific claim and a company's success requires that alternative  ...  (1996) Advantage (2003) Overcoming a technological discontinuity -The case of the Finnish telecom industry and the GSM Palmberg & Lemola (1998) Nokia as a related diversifier -Nokia's entry into  ... 
doi:10.1080/17449359.2013.862013 fatcat:yj5gdnektjeijnf5k7ijz72a3u

A Recap of the AAAI and IAAI 2018 Conferences and the EAAI Symposium

Sheila McIlraith, Kilian Weinberger, G. Michael Youngblood, Karen Myers, Eric Eaton, Michael Wollowski
2018 The AI Magazine  
This report, based on the prefaces contained in the AAAI-18 proceedings and program, summarizes the events of the conference.  ...  The 2018 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the 2018 Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, and the 2018 Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence were held February  ...  In 2001, Halpern and Judea Pearl introduced a new definition of actual cause, using Pearl's notion of structural equations to model counterfactuals.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v39i4.2843 fatcat:4kwnbrpudrhwfb4srw7pe6pr44


Boris Kment
2006 Philosophical Perspectives  
This paper is, in part, a straightforward exercise in philosophical analysis: I will try to define metaphysical necessity.  ...  But I will combine this aim with another: I want to know which cognitive practices of ordinary life gave rise to the concept of necessity, and what role the notion plays in these practices.  ...  Here is a typical example, taken from a paper by Edward Craig, in which the author comments on the fact that conventionalist accounts of necessary truth once enjoyed widespread popularity: This popularity  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1520-8583.2006.00108.x fatcat:bi336osaozbrhdqmjtvcjq2fkq
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