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Applying Independent Component Analysis to Factor Model in Finance [chapter]

Siu-Ming Cha, Lai-Wan Chan
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Factor model is a very useful and popular model in finance. In this paper, we show the relation between factor model and blind source separation, and we propose to use Independent Component Analysis (ICA) as a data mining tool to construct the underlying factors and hence obtain the corresponding sensitivities for the factor model.
doi:10.1007/3-540-44491-2_78 fatcat:gxefgu6lxjgoxjwocxckdm5ame

Page 183 of The New Monthly Magazine Vol. 99, Issue 394 [page]

1853 The New Monthly Magazine  
Arrived at Cha-u-king, where the viceroy established his head-quarters, the chest was opened, and found to be full of stones and lumps of lead carefully wrapped in tissue paper!  ...  The patriots replied to these hostile manifestations by proclaiming that a descendant of the Ming dynasty was at their head, that he was the rightful Emperor of China, and that his name was Tian-ta, or  ... 

Liste B

1913 T'oung pao (Print)  
(,lie ki ehe 24 " / 497 Ming che ts'ong 32 " 498 Ming hing kouan kien luu 1 ,, 499 Ming hio ngan 4s " 50U Ming ki nan Pei lio 16 " 501 Ming ki pai che houei pien 6 ,, 502 Ming k'o wen  ...  k'i cheng tsi 8 " Siu mou (aug sien cheng tsi 30 =, 786 Siu u pei tchouan tsi 12 " 787 Sin si liii 1 " 788 Sin sien tcheng che lio 2 " 789 Siu tche na t'odg che 4 " 790 tche-Siu tcheou  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853213x00420 fatcat:gewa3xqom5azfj66oxtgshffg4

Page 531 of The Living Age Vol. 219, Issue 2837 [page]

1898 The Living Age  
One of these sects, indeed, the San- Ho-Hwei has for its watchword: Fu Ming! Fan Ching! “Long live the Ming! Down with the Ching!”  ...  The leader of this celebrated outbreak was Hung Siu Tsiin, who was born in 1812 in the district of Hwa in Kwangtung, and died in 1864. Beginning life as a schoolmaster, he afterwards became a  ... 

Page 10591 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004m [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
Zhangxin Zhenlong Zhi-hui Zhi Ming! Zhiming Zhixiong Zhixiong” Zhiyong ...... See Chen, Zhi Ming! See Chen, Zhixiong?  ...  V Cezik, Tolga Cha, Kyungyup Chabanyuk, Ya. M. Chabert, Jean-Luc Chacon, Gerardo Chacon Rebollo, Tomas ............. Chae, Dongho Chae, Suchan Chaganty, N.  ... 

Page 242 of National Union Catalog Vol. 27, Issue [page]

1942 National Union Catalog  
Libr Copyri Cha non is ci Bee  ...  Libr. 2 a 332.42 Chao, Siu-hung, 1896- . The photographic infrared absorption spectrum of gas- eous ammonia ... by Siu-hung Chao...  ... 

Page 205 of Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal Vol. 2, Issue 7 [page]

1869 Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal  
Kwang-wong Circuit, Ngu Siu | " Row-chow, V. C. 204 Auti- | Opium meeting on Saturday evening.  ...  Ngu-cheng Circuit, Li Cha Mi. K6-sang-ch‘e Circuit, To be supplied. Ngii-ka Circuit, To be supplied, Mi. Mission Press, 8, L. Baldwin, Hox Ine Tong Disrrict, N. Sites, Presid- ing Elder.  ... 


Franr H. Chalfant, B. Laufer
1914 T'oung pao (Print)  
TONG a commenté les ouvrages de SIU, TAI et MING, mais a ete malheureusement ravi trop vite 4 la science et 4 ses nombreux amis.  ...  Siu fut perc6 a coups d'4p6e. Sa famille entiere p6rit avec lui.Uue edition incomplete de ses oeuvres fut d'abord publige sous le titre de Matlietti(ttiqite du Ou-ming-i.  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853214x00032 fatcat:faoq6dzuxbdwxlxmpvcqk37x4y

Page 2847 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 114, Issue 12 [page]

1988 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Numerical analysis Inelastic Post-Buckling Behavior of Tubular Struts, Siu Lai Chan and Sritawat Kitipornchai, ST May 88 p1091-1105.  ...  Out-of-Plane Buckling Formulas for Beam-Col- umns/Tie-Beams, Sritawat Kitipornchai and Chien-Ming Wang, ST Dec. 88 p2773-2789. Static Forces and Moments in a Grain Silo, Frank J.  ... 

Page 1160 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 1353 [page]

1853 The Athenaeum  
every rebel army is supposed to have one or more mem- bers of the Ming family in its ranks.  ...  Hung Siu-tsiuen has been the acknow- ledged head of the Hung-kia for many years. He was for- merly styled Yih-k6, or First Brother.  ... 

Page 144 of Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal Vol. 1, Issue 7 [page]

1868 Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal  
—Li Cha Mi. Lam-yit.— Ling Ming Sang. Hing-hwa.—Ling Ching Ting. Baldwin. Wool- Kiv-Krane Circvit.—V.C. Hart, B.S. Todd. Pexine Circuit.—R.S. Maclay, H. 1. Lowry.  ...  —Neu Siu Mi. Ku-cheng.—Hii Sing Mi. Boys’ Se -hool.—S. L. Baldwin. Girls’ School.—B. Woolston, 8. TH. ston. Hox Inc Tone Crrcvuit.—N. Sites. Hok Ing Tong.—Yek Ing Kwang. Min-chiang.—HTii Yong Mi.  ... 

Le Tao tö king gravé sur pierre ESTAMPAGES PUBLIÉS

G. Ch. Toussaint
1895 T'oung pao (Print)  
Natif de Kouen-ming fl (Hien j § § formant la cite préfectorale de Yun,nan.fou % tsJ Jff, capitale de la province du Yunnan il fut rein docteur, Tsin-cheu zb , en 1'annee ping-siu I Jj (= 1706)  ...  La derni6re date de la 26e anuge Kouang-siu (= 1900).  ...  Cette riviere Lou-chorei est surtout célèbl'e par le passage qu'en fit Tchou-ko K'ong-' ming marquis de Vou íie dans t'expedition qu'il conduisit au Yunnan : uIl passa en bac la (rivi6re) Lou la 5ème lune  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853205x00122 fatcat:y7nptpctozd37fsimhadwm66bi

Page 5706 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2003g [page]

2003 Mathematical Reviews  
Sinan Cha, Jae Choon Cha, Sung Deok Chabert, Jean-Luc Chablat, Damien .. Chadwick, Edmund Sh A ee Chai, Feng Shun PR Bx pu asen owas ee ann cee neenies Chakraborty, R. P.  ...  Shi Hong Cheng, Siu-Wing Cheng, Zheng Xing Cheng, Zong Mao Cheong, Otfried CIMNIOY Vass. ccc con sicsencs Cherevko, Igor M. Cherevko, Ihor M. See Cherevko, Igor M.  ... 

Page 4418 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99f [page]

1999 Mathematical Reviews  
See Cherubini, Alessandra Cherubini, Alessandra Chetouani, Lyazid Cheung, Siu Hung Chevalley, Catherine Chevalley, Claude Chi, Dong Pyo RIS 5 co sevadscccssseussseascws Chiarellotto, Bruno Chiccoli, C.  ...  Ryszard 53018 Detieiien, MOE. oo. ees cccicecscoosces 06019 Lo ae See «73001 Dette, Holger 62052,62088 PORTE We ois es svcesddvaacaace See * 00015 CURE oo oc shivieicy coun sesnusateel 35160 RUG Coos wins cha  ... 

Page 274 of None Vol. 15, Issue 743 [page]

1871 None  
" | I } t M I ‘ j tha } A 1 1 l of th ming | t yards of it I t sa k at the I t!  ...  | t eled 1 r will know | a pth } - 1 ké r ju 1 like had « pert t I t v 1 l gras} i B H mr tl ys, a l yy v lec pan- Village t ming!  ... 
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