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Real-Time Cloud Rendering

Mark J. Harris, Anselmo Lastra
2001 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
This paper presents a method for realistic real-time rendering of clouds suitable for flight simulation and games.  ...  It provides a cloud shading algorithm that approximates multiple forward scattering in a preprocess, and first order anisotropic scattering at runtime.  ...  Rui Bastos gave help with the paper and ideas for the future, and Sharif Razzaque helped with modeling. This work was supported by NIH National Center for Research Resources, Grant No.  ... 
doi:10.1111/1467-8659.00500 fatcat:7pvuk64kpbhn3muoiabvqwrwie

A survey of modeling, rendering and animation of clouds in computer graphics

Prashant Goswami
2020 The Visual Computer  
Realistic cloud generation is a challenging task, which entails processes such as modeling, photorealistic rendering and simulation of the clouds.  ...  Clouds play an important role in enhancing the realism of outdoor scenes in computer graphics (CG).  ...  Both single scattering and multiple scattering of light are taken into account for rendering the clouds.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00371-020-01953-y fatcat:l5aa44bkzre2bpxqu2xanhvzha

Real-time 4D visualization of migratory insect dynamics within an integrated spatiotemporal system

Yi Wu, Bronwyn Price, Daniel Isenegger, Andreas Fischlin, Britta Allgöwer, Daniel Nuesch
2006 Ecological Informatics  
In addition, impostors are used to accelerate rendering processes.  ...  This paper presents a new approach of spatiotemporally visualizing the simulation output of migratory insect dynamics and resultant vegetation changes in real-time.  ...  Hence, multiple forward scattering is often used nowadays to approximate multiple scattering for cloud rendering.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2006.03.004 fatcat:llyggem2yvdo5aqq7nosbm3xea

Interactive multiple anisotropic scattering in clouds

Antoine Bouthors, Fabrice Neyret, Nelson Max, Eric Bruneton, Cyril Crassin
2008 Proceedings of the 2008 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games - SI3D '08  
Our approach consists of estimating the energy transport from the illuminated cloud surface to the rendered cloud pixel for each separate order of multiple scattering.  ...  We propose an algorithm for the real time realistic simulation of multiple anisotropic scattering of light in a volume.  ...  a given set of scattering orders. 6 Estimating light transport in clouds 6.1 Multiple scattering Considering a given cloud pixel to be rendered (corresponding to a location p in the cloud), for each scattering  ... 
doi:10.1145/1342250.1342277 dblp:conf/si3d/BouthorsNMBC08 fatcat:ou57ohtkyvhcthhqwj6ygsaglq

Real-time Rendering of Endless Cloud Animation [article]

Kei Iwasaki, Takanori Nishino, Yoshinori Dobashi
2011 Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications  
In this paper, we propose a real-time animation method for dynamic clouds illuminated by sunlight and skylight with multiple scattering.  ...  However, the simulation and the radiance calculation of dynamic clouds are computationally expensive.  ...  In order to render realistic clouds, the scattering of sunlight and skylight as well as multiple scattering of light must be taken into consideration.  ... 
doi:10.2312/pe/pg/pg2011short/073-076 dblp:conf/pg/IwasakiND11 fatcat:krzjxwpknveexb7b37sgho2cle

Fast and Realistic Display of Clouds Using a Recording Matrix [article]

Y. Wu, B. Allgöwer, D. Nüesch
2006 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
This paper presents a new method to accelerate the rendering process for animated clouds.  ...  In order to display visually convincing self-shading properties of clouds, multiple scattering among their internal particles is taken into account with the help of a recording matrix, which only requires  ...  Nishita et al. applied an anisotropic multiple scattering method to render clouds [NDN96] . Stam et al. simulated light scattering by blobs in the gases using ray tracing technique [FSJ01] .  ... 
doi:10.2312/egs.20061019 fatcat:l3mrpqcvtfcyxogzkapxhwcd4u

Real-Time Realistic Illumination and Rendering of Cumulus Clouds

Sassi Abdessamed, Djedi Noureddine, Sassi Amina
2013 The International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications  
We propose an efficient and computationally inexpensive phenomenological approach for modelling and rendering cumulus clouds, by drawing on several approaches that we combine and extend.  ...  Realistic simulation of natural phenomena such as clouds is one of the most challenging problems facing computer graphics.  ...  Voss [4] has used a similar method to produce clouds fractals in their scenes. Kaneda [5] also has simulated the anisotropic scattering in clouds and fog, including a case of multiple scattering.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijma.2013.5503 fatcat:fp4zkdcf3bdblocicta7cw5hh4

High-Performance Rendering of Realistic Cumulus Clouds Using Pre-computed Lighting [article]

Egor Yusov
2014 High Performance Graphics  
We present a new method for rendering realistic cumulus clouds in real time. The clouds in our approach consist of randomly rotated and scaled copies of a single reference particle.  ...  During the pre-processing, we pre-compute optical depth, single and multiple scattering inside the reference particle for every camera position, orientation and light direction, and store the information  ...  Accurately modeling multiple scattering in the cloud is prohibitively expensive, even for off-line renderers.  ... 
doi:10.2312/hpg.20141101 fatcat:w2vxk4jgazbvzciiyu2xn53wye

Real-time Simulation of Dynamic Clouds Based On Cellular Automata

Hailong Wang, Fanjun Meng
2013 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
The simulation results show that real-time rendering of the clouds is implemented realistically.  ...  Multiple forward scattering model is used in illumination calculation, and Henyey-Greenstein phase function is embedded into forward scattering.  ...  Figure (b) is the effect under multiple scattering. Figure 9 (c) is the simulation effect of multiple forward scattering.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2013.6.5.16 fatcat:b4gcr4uibbhupjp6vi6yhwpd34

Advances in scientific visualization

Nelson Max, Roger Crawfis, Georges G. Grinstein, Robert F. Erbacher
1995 Visual Data Exploration and Analysis II  
Another technique simulates multiple scattering of incident light from the sun and sky. This paper also presents a simulation of the microscopic cross-bridge motion which powers muscle contraction.  ...  One cloud rendering method applies a 3-D texture to cloudiness contour surfaces, to simulate a view from outer space. The texture is advected by the wind flow, so that it follows the cloud motion.  ...  Barry Becker helped with the smoke rendering in figure 5 . Roman Kroitor and Nobuhiko Hayashi helped in the design of the muscle scene.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.205966 fatcat:e2ri27fujbgrnbi47wibrtatzq

Texture Advection Based Simulation of Dynamic Cloud Scene

Shiguang Liu, Ruoguan Huang, Zhangye Wang, Qunsheng Peng, Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun
2007 2007 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics  
Fast display of realistic dynamic cloud scene is a challenging task for researchers in Computer Graphics. This paper describes a novel method of simulating animations of cloud.  ...  Finally, by changing different noise maps, realistic dynamic cloud scenes in different light environment are generated at high rendering rates.  ...  Nishita et al. introduced approximations and a rendering technique for global illumination of clouds, accounting for multiple anisotropic scattering and skylight [5].  ... 
doi:10.1109/cadcg.2007.4407871 dblp:conf/cadgraphics/LiuHWPZS07 fatcat:wkkjhxzznnh3lfgn6ne6nkrth4

The Method for Real-time Cloud Rendering

Ksenia Mukhina, Alexey Bezgodov
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
Tools for high-quality visualization of stratocumulus clouds were created. The model of light scattering through clouds is described.  ...  It has always been an extremely valuable feature for great variety of applications: from flight simulators or meteorological software to computer games especially with an open world.  ...  Acknowledgements This paper is supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Project #14613 "Big data management for computationally intensive applications".  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.11.079 fatcat:7yn7ghuvljfujpuvcmqgd4hm3y

An inverse problem approach for automatically adjusting the parameters for rendering clouds using photographs

Yoshinori Dobashi, Wataru Iwasaki, Ayumi Ono, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Yonghao Yue, Tomoyuki Nishita
2012 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
Our method searches for the optimal parameters using genetic algorithms. During the search process, we take into account the multiple scattering of light inside the clouds.  ...  This paper proposes a method for addressing this problem by solving an inverse rendering problem: given a non-uniform synthetic cloud density distribution, the parameters for rendering the synthetic clouds  ...  Conclusion and Future Work We have proposed a method for solving the inverse rendering problem for clouds: estimating the parameters that can render a specified appearance.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2366145.2366164 fatcat:44aykuxtxvhurcpgnf3cb2yhoe

Efficient rendering of dynamic clouds

Horng-Shyang Liao, Jung-Hong Chuang, Cheng-Chung Lin
2004 Proceedings of the 2004 ACM SIGGRAPH international conference on Virtual Reality continuum and its applications in industry - VRCAI '04  
Featured with a simplified lighting model that sets up Shadow Relation Table ( SRT) and Metaball Lighting Texture Database (MLTDB) in preprocessing for speeding up cloud rendering on the fly and an octree  ...  In this article, an efficient clouds rendering framework is proposed.  ...  RENDERING: The mostly concerned issue of cloud rendering is the photorealistic quality, for which the scattering and absorbing effects within clouds must be taken care of [1] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1044588.1044591 dblp:conf/vrcai/LiaoCL04 fatcat:mrorepafibedveynb65p5uxoxm

Real-time Realistic Illumination and Shading of Stratiform Clouds [article]

Antoine Bouthors, Fabrice Neyret, Sylvain Lefebvre
2006 Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena  
We present a novel approach for capturing the important effects of multiple anisotropic Mie scattering within cloud layers (i.e., stratiform clouds), and the inter-reflections between the ground and the  ...  Realistic rendering of clouds involves solving the complex interaction of light within the cloud and with its environment.  ...  2b (H) R 2 (H) I t 0 I t 1 I t 2 I r 1 I r 2 I t 3 + I r 3 + Rad Cloud optics Multiple scattering in clouds Multiple scattering has been extensively described in the literature (see for instance [  ... 
doi:10.2312/nph/nph06/041-050 fatcat:di2aau4jmzgfpb3oc5bjbo4f64
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