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The CMS data aggregation system

Valentin Kuznetsov, Dave Evans, Simon Metson
2010 Procedia Computer Science  
Meta-data plays a significant role in large modern enterprises, research experiments and digital libraries where it comes from many different sources and is distributed in a variety of digital formats. It is organized and managed by constantly evolving software using both relational and non-relational data sources. Even though we can apply an information retrieval approach to non-relational data sources, we can't do so for relational ones, where information is accessed via a pre-established set
more » ... of data-services. Here we discuss a new data aggregation system which consumes, indexes and delivers information from different relational and non-relational data sources to answer cross data-service queries and explore meta-data associated with petabytes of experimental data. We combine the simplicity of keyword-based search with the precision of RDMS under the new system. The aggregated information is collected from various sources, allowing end-users to place dynamic queries, get precise answers and trigger information retrieval on demand. Based on the use cases of the CMS experiment, we have performed a set of detailed, large scale tests the results of which we present in this paper.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2010.04.172 fatcat:u5m2debfsnexplralnti64c674

Synergies and Trade-Offs for Sustainable Food Production in Sweden: An Integrated Approach

Malin Tälle, Lotten Wiréhn, Daniel Ellström, Mattias Hjerpe, Maria Huge-Brodin, Per Jensen, Tom Lindström, Tina-Simone Neset, Uno Wennergren, Geneviève Metson
2019 Sustainability  
The production of food can have large impacts on sustainable development in relation to various socio-ecological dimensions, like climate change, the environment, animal welfare, livestock epidemiology, and the economy. To achieve a sustainable food production system in Sweden, an integrated approach that considers all five of these dimensions, and all parts of the food production chain, is necessary. This paper systematically reviewed the literature related to food production in Sweden,
more » ... lly in association with resource distribution and recycling logistics, and identified potential sustainability interventions and assessed their effects according to the five dimensions. Participation of stakeholders across the food production chain contributed with the focus of the literature search and subsequent synthesis. In general, there were synergies between the sustainability interventions and their effect on climate change and the environment, while there often were trade-offs between effects on the economy and the other dimensions. Few interventions considered effects on animal welfare or livestock epidemiology and few studies dealt with resource distribution and recycling logistics. This indicates that there is a need for future research that considers this in particular, as well as research that considers the whole food production chain and all dimensions at once, and investigates effects across multiple scales.
doi:10.3390/su11030601 fatcat:li7bo4d5ejftjn7drynvglfkty

Job life cycle management libraries for CMS workflow management projects

Frank van Lingen, Dave Evans, Simon Metson, Stuart Wakefield, Rick Wilkinson, James Jackson, Daniele Spiga, Stephen Foulkes, Anzar Afaq, Valentin Kuznetsov, Eric Vaandering, Seangchan Ryu (+3 others)
2010 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Scientific analysis and simulation requires the processing and generation of millions of data samples. These tasks are often comprised of multiple smaller tasks divided over multiple (computing) sites. This paper discusses the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) workflow infrastructure, and specifically the Python based workflow library which is used for so called task lifecycle management. The CMS workflow infrastructure consists of three layers: high level specification of the various tasks based on
more » ... nput/output data sets, life cycle management of task instances derived from the high level specification and execution management. The workflow library is the result of a convergence of three CMS sub projects that respectively deal with scientific analysis, simulation and real time data aggregation from the experiment. This will reduce duplication and hence development and maintenance costs.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/219/4/042024 fatcat:2glmrjnedbf6hnxkxvdudu5f2y

CMS Workflow Execution Using Intelligent Job Scheduling and Data Access Strategies

Khawar Hasham, Antonio Delgado Peris, Ashiq Anjum, Dave Evans, Stephen Gowdy, José M. Hernandez, Eduardo Huedo, Dirk Hufnagel, Frank van Lingen, Richard McClatchey, Simon Metson
2011 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
Complex scientific workflows can process large amounts of data using thousands of tasks. The turnaround times of these workflows are often affected by various latencies such as the resource discovery, scheduling and data access latencies for the individual workflow processes or actors. Minimizing these latencies will improve the overall execution time of a workflow and thus lead to a more efficient and robust processing environment. In this paper, we propose a pilot job based infrastructure
more » ... has intelligent data reuse and job execution strategies to minimize the scheduling, queuing, execution and data access latencies. The results have shown that significant improvements in the overall turnaround time of a workflow can be achieved with this approach. The proposed approach has been evaluated, first using the CMS Tier0 data processing workflow, and then simulating the workflows to evaluate its effectiveness in a controlled environment.
doi:10.1109/tns.2011.2146276 fatcat:sax2bk5jabh77f2bbug73paw34

Page 609 of British Medical Journal Vol. , Issue 29 [page]

1857 British Medical Journal  
MEtson, seconded by Dr. Fremine, and resolved— “That the report now read be received, adopted, and entered on the minutes.” TREASURER’S REPORT. Mr. T. W.  ...  Simons had obtained the respect of his professional brethren for the general straightforwardness and zeal which characterised his cageer.  ... 

Data transfer infrastructure for CMS data taking

Ricky Egeland, Tony Wildish, Simon Metson
2009 Proceedings of XII Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research — PoS(ACAT08)   unpublished
The CMS PhEDEx (Physics Experiment Data Export) project is responsible for facilitating largescale data transfers across the grid ensuring transfer reliability, enforcing data placement policy, and accurately reporting results and performance statistics. The system has evolved considerably since its creation in 2004, and has been used daily by CMS since then. Currently CMS tracks over 2 PB of data in PhEDEx, and it has been tested well beyond the requirements of CMS. Over the past year PhEDEx
more » ... s evolved considerably, making use of new technologies (chiefly POE, an asynchronous, event-driven, cooperative-multitasking framework) and to consolidate the various components such that it is easy to reuse existing techniques and components in new features. This has resulted in changes to nearly every piece of the PhEDEx code base, creating a flexible modular framework. We are able to evolve the implementation to match changes in the requirements of the experiment, without changing the fundamental design. Two major new features have recently been added to the PhEDEx system; an extensible data service and an improved transfer backend module. The extensible data service provides machine-readable data over HTTP as the primary means of integration with other CMS services. An authenticated command line interface is also provided, making it possible to provide new utilities quickly with minimal development effort. The new transfer backend module now integrates closely with FTS, the glite provided transfer tool, to provide accurate status information while keeping as much data in flight as possible. The new transfer backend is transfer technology independent, and we expect to be able to support new transfer tools as they become available. We describe the CMS PhEDEx system that is in place for CMS "first data taking" in 2008, provide details on the benefits and implementations of the new features, and describe other new tools that are now available.
doi:10.22323/1.070.0033 fatcat:3uizqazcfjc4xjpayhk7y6jozi

Distributed Analysis in CMS

Alessandra Fanfani, Anzar Afaq, Jose Afonso Sanches, Julia Andreeva, Giusepppe Bagliesi, Lothar Bauerdick, Stefano Belforte, Patricia Bittencourt Sampaio, Ken Bloom, Barry Blumenfeld, Daniele Bonacorsi, Chris Brew (+67 others)
2010 Journal of Grid Computing  
The CMS experiment expects to manage several Pbytes of data each year during the LHC programme, distributing them over many A. Fanfani et al. location for physics analysis to support a wide community with thousands potential users. This represents an unprecedented experimental challenge in terms of the scale of distributed computing resources and number of user. An overview of the computing architecture, the software tools and the distributed infrastructure is reported. Summaries of the
more » ... ce in establishing efficient and scalable operations to get prepared for CMS distributed analysis are presented, followed by the user experience in their current analysis activities.
doi:10.1007/s10723-010-9152-1 fatcat:jvs2ccg7r5em7b3vringhmobye

Page 12 of British Medical Journal Vol. , Issue 1 [page]

1857 British Medical Journal  
Simons’ assistant, Mr. Dawson, who gave her some medicines.  ...  MEtson narrated a case in which a tumour was removed, in connexion with a diseased state of the suprarenal capsule, weighing upwards of two pounds.  ... 

Spatial Analysis of Soil Fertility Parameters in a Part of Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India

K. Brindha, L. Elango
2014 Earth Science India  
(Metson, 1961) No. samples Range (Metson, 1961) No. samples Range (Metson, 1961) No. samples Range (Metson, 1961) No. samples Conclusion Soil fertility is an important criterion in agricultural  ...  Sodium and potassium were also extracted using neutral normal ammonium acetate and then analyzed in flame photometer (Schollenberger and Simon, 1945) .  ... 
doi:10.31870/esi.07.1.2014.3 fatcat:3p62qbapbjhznfuddxikx36h2e


1941 Nature  
Simon, reader in thermodynamics in the University of Oxford, on May 28. Dr. Simon will speak on "The Significance of Low Temperature Research".  ...  Metson, Mr. A. Langley Morris; Wireless Section Premiums: Messrs. N. M. Rust, 0. E. Keall, J. F. Ramsay and Dr. K. R. Sturley (Ambrose .Fleming Premium), Messrs. C. A. Mason and J. Moir, Dr. R. H.  ... 
doi:10.1038/147606d0 fatcat:ele2hiwunvdg5kzkvatgbhntdm

Page 50 of Chartered Quantity Surveyor Vol. 11, Issue 9 [page]

1989 Chartered Quantity Surveyor  
Wheelers — Alan Wheeler, Simon Evans, Richard Potter and Joe Greevy (C R Wheeler) - won second prize (the highest capital per partner: (£37 000).  ...  Third prize, for the firm with the highest profit in a year (£800 000), went to Cyril Goes To Hollywood — Paul O’Keeffe, Sally Bate, Ian MacDonald, Keith Metson and Brendon Mitchell (Cyril Sweett & Partners  ... 

Large Scale Job Management and Experience in Recent Data Challenges within the LHC CMS experiment

Stuart Wakefield, David Evans, Oliver Gutsche, Ahmad Hassan, Dirk Hufnagel, David Mason, Simon Metson, Mike Miller, Ajit Mohapatra, Frank van Lingen
2009 Proceedings of XII Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research — PoS(ACAT08)   unpublished
doi:10.22323/1.070.0032 fatcat:hf4kqs75xjbebcgulis5i56vfu

Global Opportunities to Increase Agricultural Independence through Phosphorus Recycling

S.M. Powers, R.B. Chowdhury, G.K. MacDonald, G.S. Metson, A.H.W. Beusen, A.F. Bouwman, S.E. Hampton, B.K. Mayer, M.L. McCrackin, D.A. Vaccari
2019 Earth's Future  
et al., 2012; Metson et al., 2014; Metson et al., 2016) .  ...  , 2013; Metson et al., 2016) .  ... 
doi:10.1029/2018ef001097 fatcat:mytac5qke5datba5waaz2a7tla

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Minerals in 2019

Minerals Editorial Office Minerals Editorial Office
2020 Minerals  
Merli, Marcello Mernagh, Terry Merzlikin, Dmitrii Metson, James Bernard Mežibrický, Roland Miecznikowski, Krzysztof Mierczynska-Vasilev, Agnieszka Migaszewski, Zdzisław M.  ...  Huggett, Jennifer Hulsbosch, Niels Hunt, Simon A. Hunter, David Hunter, Nicholas J.R. Hunter, Timothy Huong, Le Thi-Thu Hurai, Vratislav Hurich, Charles Hurtig, Nicole Huss, Gary R.  ... 
doi:10.3390/min10010081 fatcat:7dzq3c3fyvad3llhcgtq7vfjni

Strabismus After Inferior-Medial Wall Orbital Decompression in Thyroid-Related Orbitopathy

Ido D. Fabian, Nachum Rosen, Guy J. Ben Simon
2012 Current Eye Research  
and inferior with preservation of the inferior-medial bony strut 6 0 Eloy et al. 24 Prospective Transnasal 16 (27) 62.5 Linnet et al. 25 Prospective Two walls transcranial 30 (50) 3.3 Metson  ...  Ben Simon). A lateral canthotomy incision was performed followed by inferior fornix incision using monopolar cautery, 3 mm below the inferior tarsal border.  ... 
doi:10.3109/02713683.2012.713154 pmid:22867032 fatcat:na4vo4r3uzhnfcmbqhwkgcuszi
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