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Genome Mapping by Fluorescent Fingerprinting

Simon G. Gregory, Gareth R. Howell, David R. Bentley
1997 Genome Research  
The construction of sequence-ready maps of overlapping genomic clones is central to large-scale genome sequencing. We have implemented a method for fluorescent fingerprinting of bacterial clones to assemble contig maps. The method utilizes three spectrally distinct fluorescently tagged dideoxy ATPs to specifically label the HindIII termini in HindIII and Sau3AI restriction digests of clones that are multiplexed prior to electrophoresis and data collection. There is excellent reproducibility of
more » ... aw data, improved resolution of large fragments, and concordance between the results obtained using this and the equivalent radioactive protocol. This method also allows detection of smaller overlaps between clones when compared to the analysis of restriction digests on nondenaturing agarose gels.
doi:10.1101/gr.7.12.1162 pmid:9414321 pmcid:PMC310676 fatcat:vpyfvunu7zh6bkbe6klbpwirdi

"Storms of crustal stress" and AE earthquake precursors

G. P. Gregori, M. Poscolieri, G. Paparo, S. De Simone, C. Rafanelli, G. Ventrice
2010 Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences  
et al., 2005 Gregori et al., , 2007 Paparo et al., 2006; Poscolieri et al., 2006a Poscolieri et al., , 2006b . 328 G.  ...  However it is a SOC phenomenon, 326 G. P. Gregori et al.: "Storms of crustal stress" and AE earthquake precursors characterized by some irregular superposition of overlapping "crustal substorms".  ... 
doi:10.5194/nhess-10-319-2010 fatcat:sybwfnmra5dbzp35mfprksyu4y


Gregory K. Dow, Clyde G. Reed, Simon Woodcock
2016 Economic Inquiry  
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Human Evolutionary Studies Program at Simon Fraser University provided financial support. All opinions are those of the authors.  ...  A household allocation determines the labor allocation as follows: (3) L 1 = 2(h 1 g + h 12 g + h 1 b + h 12 b ) (total labor at site 1) L 2 = 2(h 2 g + h 21 g + h 2 b + h 21 b ) (total labor at site 2  ...  ) A household allocation also determines the level of exogamy: (4) m = h 12 g + h 12 b + h 21 g + h 21 b (total mobile matches) (n-m)/2 = h 1 g + h 1 b (total local matches at site 1) (n-m)/2 = h 2 g +  ... 
doi:10.1111/ecin.12321 fatcat:sbippv7on5hmrg6mh63ww56n2a

Cytokine production associated with smallpox vaccine responses

Whitney L Simon, Hannah M Salk, Inna G Ovsyannikova, Richard B Kennedy, Gregory A Poland
2014 Immunotherapy  
The effect of the other cytokines included in the decision tree (G-CSF, eotaxin and TIMP-2) on the presfuture science group Review Simon, Salk, Ovsyannikova, Kennedy & Poland ence of AEs post smallpox  ...  future science group Review Simon, Salk, Ovsyannikova, Kennedy & Poland ity [23,49,50].  ... 
doi:10.2217/imt.14.72 pmid:25428648 pmcid:PMC4263415 fatcat:fec7ujzma5eifomiukcaaowtjy

CathKIT: improving quality in the cardiac catheterization laboratory

Gregory J Dehmer, John W Hirshfeld, William J Oetgen, Kristi Mitchell, April Wells Simon, MaryAnne Elma, Mirle A Kellett, Ralph G Brindis, Richard A Chazal, Gregory J Dehmer, Ralph G Brindis, Charles E Chambers (+9 others)
2004 Journal of the American College of Cardiology  
Chazal, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and Gregory J. Dehmer, MD, FACC, FSCAI, began the development process in late 2001.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2004.01.014 pmid:14998634 fatcat:xzqbkpu2pjhfze2quot3hu7aqi

Digoxin Targets Central Carbon Metabolism and Remodels the Tumor Microenvironment [article]

Sydney M. Sanderson, Zhengtao Xiao, Amy J. Wisdom, Shree Bose, Maria V. Liberti, Michael A. Reid, Emily Hocke, Simon G. Gregory, David G. Kirsch, Jason W. Locasale
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
of mATP1a1 (EX-Mm01329-Lv105, GeneCopoeia) or GFP control (EX-EGFP-Lv105, GeneCopoeia) plasmid, 10 μg of PsPAX2 packaging vector (no. 12260, Addgene), and 5 μg of PMD2.G envelopeexpressing plasmids (no  ...  HCT-116 cells were plated in 10-cm plates, and when they reached 30-50% confluency, virus-containing medium (1:1 with fresh RPMI 1640 medium) was added to the plates along with polybrene (4 μg/μl).  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.03.31.018739 fatcat:agwrxacdn5beph52o5ksgbspri

Adjustment to amputation and interest in upper limb transplantation

Simon G Talbot, Matthew J Carty, Sally E Jensen, Gregory A Dumanian
2019 SAGE Open Medicine  
Upper limb transplantation provides a new restorative option for individuals with amputations. As true for most operations, patient selection is critical to optimizing transplantation outcomes. To improve on the patient selection process, we used qualitative methods to better understand the issues regarding upper extremity loss as well as upper limb transplantation from the amputee point of view. Individuals with upper limb amputations (age range = 24-73 years) discussed their adjustment
more » ... ng amputation and their interest toward transplantation in either a focus group (n = 5) or semi-structured interview (n = 17). Transcripts were coded by theme and summarized. Participants described a year-long process typified by adjustment to a new role as an amputee, both psychosocially and functionally. We found that the extent of adjustment was inversely related to an interest in transplantation. These findings could explain the difficulty in identifying "ideal" candidates for upper extremity transplantation and may have implications for patient selection and counseling. Prognostic Study, Level V.
doi:10.1177/2050312119858248 pmid:31217973 pmcid:PMC6563387 fatcat:two7aojgmzajfgkhd5hc4eitzy

Alternative splicing in multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

Irina Evsyukova, Jason A. Somarelli, Simon G. Gregory, Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco
2010 RNA Biology  
Poly-G runs constitute splicing enhancer elements and are important regulators of splicing, which are known to serve as binding sites for hnRNP H; recent work has shown that the activity of the poly-G  ...  Two of these G-rich elements, named G 1 and M2, bind hnRNPs H and F, which recruit U1 snRNP to the DM20 5' splice site and regulate the PLP/DM20 ratio. 89 These mechanistic data, although not yet connected  ... 
doi:10.4161/rna.7.4.12301 pmid:20639696 pmcid:PMC3070910 fatcat:z5h3womh6nhnxj2kizyu7q7poi

Formate: an essential metabolite, a biomarker, or more?

Simon G. Lamarre, Gregory Morrow, Luke Macmillan, Margaret E. Brosnan, John T. Brosnan
2013 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine  
Plasma and urinary formate concentrations were recently found to be elevated during vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies. It was proposed that formate may be a valuable biomarker of impaired one-carbon metabolism. Formate is an essential intermediary metabolite in folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism and, despite its importance, our knowledge of its metabolism is limited. Formate can be produced from several substrates (e.g., methanol, branched chain fatty acids, amino acids), some reactions
more » ... ng folate-dependent while others are not. Formate removal proceeds via two pathways; the major one being folate-dependent. Formate is a potentially toxic molecule and we suggest that formate may play a role in some of the pathologies associated with defective one-carbon metabolism.
doi:10.1515/cclm-2012-0552 pmid:23241677 fatcat:bqabt4tuyjb4zol5khvo3skpxm

Human centromere repositioning within euchromatin after partial chromosome deletion

Lori L. Sullivan, Kristin A. Maloney, Aaron J. Towers, Simon G. Gregory, Beth A. Sullivan
2016 Chromosome Research  
One microgram of chromatin was incubated with 5μg of polyclonal mouse Cenp-A antibodies (AP601); ChIPs for each antibody were performed in duplicate per sample (WT or MUT).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10577-016-9536-6 pmid:27581771 pmcid:PMC5366066 fatcat:bgaosdymsrafxb6kxcflylhuny

Military Applications of Augmented Reality [chapter]

Mark A. Livingston, Lawrence J. Rosenblum, Dennis G. Brown, Gregory S. Schmidt, Simon J. Julier, Yohan Baillot, J. Edward Swan, Zhuming Ai, Paul Maassel
2011 Handbook of Augmented Reality  
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-0064-6_31 fatcat:aqskm4rjzfgrpjnbufhssiv7zm

Genetic predisposition of behavioral response

Simon G. Gregory
2014 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
Further, the level of facial recognition was dependent on the number of inherited alleles; for example, individuals who had the AA genotype from the A/G SNP had the worst facial recognition score.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.1323421111 pmid:24449895 pmcid:PMC3918768 fatcat:gha6ynvlyna3vafpw5seynwiyq


Simon O'Toole, C. G. Tinney, R. Paul Butler, Hugh R. A. Jones, Jeremy Bailey, Brad D. Carter, Steven S. Vogt, Gregory Laughlin, Eugenio J. Rivera
2009 Astrophysical Journal  
Interestingly, the distribution of detected sub-25 Mearth planets over the spectral types G, K and M is almost uniform.  ...  Fiegert, and G. Schaffer. Facility: AAT, Keck:I  ...  And second that current planet search target lists are dominated by G-dwarfs.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0004-637x/697/2/1263 fatcat:ne7sktf7cffjhozycgal2q3rk4

Kissing G Domains of MnmE Monitored by X-Ray Crystallography and Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Simon Meyer, Sabine Böhme, André Krüger, Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff, Johann P. Klare, Alfred Wittinghofer, Gregory A. Petsko
2009 PLoS Biology  
Previous models suggested the protein to be a multidomain protein whose G domains contact each other in a nucleotide dependent manner.  ...  MnmE, which is involved in the modification of the wobble position of certain tRNAs, belongs to the expanding class of G proteins activated by nucleotide-dependent dimerization (GADs).  ...  This shows that the G domains adapt a closed conformation as observed in the GDP-AlF x -complexed G domain structure.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000212 pmid:19806182 pmcid:PMC2749940 fatcat:tkahuzpyofalpdkpnyrw2ikfpe

Magnetic control of a meta-molecule

Gavin B. G. Stenning, Graham J. Bowden, Lewis C. Maple, Simon A. Gregory, Alberto Sposito, Robert W. Eason, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Peter A. J. de Groot
2013 Optics Express  
Unlike spin-waves and MSSWs these are characterized by a negative group velocity ν g = ∂ω/∂k s < 0: hence the description 'backwards'.  ...  Dimensions of, a = 3.93 mm, c = 0.375 mm, d = 0.45 mm, g = 0.69 mm. Field direction as shown by Ba. Fig. 2 . 2 The (ν-Ba) map of the YIG-SRR anti-crossing modes.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.21.001456 pmid:23389127 fatcat:x2ggs2bc4vffpislsesmxurnmq
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