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MultiOpEd: A Corpus of Multi-Perspective News Editorials [article]

Siyi Liu, Sihao Chen, Xander Uyttendaele, Dan Roth
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Politics only × PERSPECTRUM (Chen et al., 2019) Debate × MULTIOPED News Ed. doing so by presenting a case study in section 5.  ...  Later works (Hua and Wang, 2018; Chen et al., 2019) focus on the abstractive generation or identification of arguments from web corpora.  ... 
arXiv:2106.02725v1 fatcat:qvg32g72i5dmfl3x33p2kclgna

Neighbor-Affected Orientation Rotation in the Grain Boundary Region

Xi Chen, Yuhui Sha, Sihao Chen, Fang Zhang, Liang Zuo
2022 Materials  
Orientation rotation at grain boundary regions associated with neighboring orientations in Fe-3.0 wt.% Si non-oriented silicon steel has been investigated by crystal plastic simulation. Rotation tendency relative to a certain target orientation is evaluated by deviation angle variation. Taking ideal λ (<001>//ND, normal direction) as the target orientation, the deviation angle of scattered {001} <uv0> orientations at grain boundary regions affected by neighboring orientations during rolling is
more » ... alculated and verified by experimental measurements. The rotation tendency and rotation velocity field at grain boundary regions are significantly changed by neighboring orientations. According to the neighbor affected orientation rotation, the initial texture can be precisely designed to control the deformation texture at grain boundary regions.
doi:10.3390/ma15031059 pmid:35161005 pmcid:PMC8839772 fatcat:7y2ziqc2e5hv3ixei55q22olpe

Design Challenges for a Multi-Perspective Search Engine [article]

Sihao Chen and Siyi Liu and Xander Uyttendaele and Yi Zhang and William Bruno and Dan Roth
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Chen et al. (2019b,a) formulate a argument retrieval problem that conceptually resembles our formulation.  ...  Naturally, document retrieval has been an essential step during answer candidate generation (Chen et al., 2017) .  ... 
arXiv:2112.08357v1 fatcat:a2eufs3rlbckpk56ydrt3kx2zm

Improving Faithfulness in Abstractive Summarization with Contrast Candidate Generation and Selection [article]

Sihao Chen and Fan Zhang and Kazoo Sone and Dan Roth
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Despite significant progress in neural abstractive summarization, recent studies have shown that the current models are prone to generating summaries that are unfaithful to the original context. To address the issue, we study contrast candidate generation and selection as a model-agnostic post-processing technique to correct the extrinsic hallucinations (i.e. information not present in the source text) in unfaithful summaries. We learn a discriminative correction model by generating alternative
more » ... candidate summaries where named entities and quantities in the generated summary are replaced with ones with compatible semantic types from the source document. This model is then used to select the best candidate as the final output summary. Our experiments and analysis across a number of neural summarization systems show that our proposed method is effective in identifying and correcting extrinsic hallucinations. We analyze the typical hallucination phenomenon by different types of neural summarization systems, in hope to provide insights for future work on the direction.
arXiv:2104.09061v1 fatcat:frfn2ppc2rgbrelhjtsk4l6pmm

Image Reconstruction for MRI using Deep CNN Priors Trained without Groundtruth [article]

Weijie Gan, Cihat Eldeniz, Jiaming Liu, Sihao Chen, Hongyu An, Ulugbek S. Kamilov
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a new plug-and-play priors (PnP) based MR image reconstruction method that systematically enforces data consistency while also exploiting deep-learning priors. Our prior is specified through a convolutional neural network (CNN) trained without any artifact-free ground truth to remove undersampling artifacts from MR images. The results on reconstructing free-breathing MRI data into ten respiratory phases show that the method can form high-quality 4D images from severely undersampled
more » ... asurements corresponding to acquisitions of about 1 and 2 minutes in length. The results also highlight the competitive performance of the method compared to several popular alternatives, including the TGV regularization and traditional UNet3D.
arXiv:2204.04771v1 fatcat:mxji6wohknaeppaz3d6mvuphyq

Network-based cancer gene relationship prediction method reveals perturbations in the cancer gene network [article]

Jiajun Qiu, Kui Chen, Chunlong Zhong, Sihao Zhu, Xiao Ma
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Nucleic Acids 15 Res 36, W185-189, doi:10.1093/nar/gkn218 (2008). 16 15 Chen, R., Li, L. & Weng, Z. ZDOCK: an initial-stage protein-docking 17 algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.07.01.181776 fatcat:bpdmq2fljzhdnn2fdlkjjkknau

Synthesis and Hydrophilic Performance of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Block Copolymers

Gang Xu, Sihao Chen, Xiao Yan, Chunyu Yang, Zhichang Chen
2016 American Journal of Analytical Chemistry  
Lactide was synthesized using lactic acid and stannous octoate as raw material and catalyst, respectively. Poly(lactic acid)-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLA-PEG) was prepared by lactide and poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) via ring-opening polymerization. The most appropriate technological conditions of synthesis of lactide were researched in the paper. The copolymers were measured by Infrared spectroscopy (IR) and 1 H nuclear magnetic resonance ( 1 H NMR). The results proved that the lactide and
more » ... were synthesized successfully. Hydrophilic performance of the copolymer was measured by a water contact angle tester after prepared into a flat membrane. The water contact angle changed from 81.5˚ to 71.6˚, which proved that the hydrophily of PLA-PEG was better than PLA.
doi:10.4236/ajac.2016.73028 fatcat:etk3sxi3ifd65mvttzyl54ihci

Generation of the SCN1A epilepsy mutation in hiPS cells using the TALEN technique

Wanjuan Chen, Jingxin Liu, Longmei Zhang, Huijuan Xu, Xiaogang Guo, Sihao Deng, Lipeng Liu, Daiguan Yu, Yonglong Chen, Zhiyuan Li
2014 Scientific Reports  
Generation of the SCN1A epilepsy mutation in hiPS cells using the TALEN technique Wanjuan Chen, Jingxin Liu, Longmei Zhang, Huijuan Xu, Xiaogang Guo, Sihao Deng, Lipeng Liu, Daiguan Yu, Yonglong Chen &  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep05404 pmid:24953032 pmcid:PMC4066246 fatcat:j3kiwwdb7bgd3fqenfz747pzdy

Hydrotalcite–PLGA composite nanoparticles for loading and delivery of danshensu

Lihui Pu, Haiyan Yu, Juan Du, Yanyan Zhang, Sihao Chen
2020 RSC Advances  
As one of the main pharmacodynamic components present in the water-soluble components of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen), danshensu (DSS) is applicable to treating cardiovascular diseases.
doi:10.1039/d0ra01593h pmid:35516631 pmcid:PMC9054529 fatcat:3crc6zkv4rfwhl7zs3sdwer5ru

Simplified Casing Program for Development Wells in Mahu Well Block

Zongyu Lu, Weifeng Chen, Sihao Li, Yingjin Zhang, Yansong Wang
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
In the Mahu well block of Junggar basin, the complex formation has many sets of pressure system. Especially, the formation with microcracks in the middle layer is loose and the pressure bearing capacity is low. Lost circulation is prone to occur in this layer. At present, high investment and long drilling period were the main problems in the exploration and development process. The geostress 3D model of Mahu well block was established by means of logging and drilling data. The model provided
more » ... three-pressure profiles of Mahu well block for casing program optimization and safety drilling. Each well could be optimized the intermediate casing setting position. The intermediate casing was saved 160 meters long. The total of drilling speed was improved 5 times compared with the past drilling process. Slim hole drilling technology raised ROP 51.96% higher, and the average drilling period is shorten to 24.83 days.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201712804010 fatcat:rwmiicnrqvewfcltn77smlwkym

Graphene's cousin: the present and future of graphane

Chao Zhou, Sihao Chen, Jianzhong Lou, Jihu Wang, Qiujie Yang, Chuanrong Liu, Dapeng Huang, Tonghe Zhu
2014 Nanoscale Research Letters  
The so-called graphane is a fully hydrogenated form of graphene. Because it is fully hydrogenated, graphane is expected to have a wide bandgap and is theoretically an electrical insulator. The transition from graphene to graphane is that of an electrical conductor, to a semiconductor, and ultimately to an electrical insulator. This unique characteristic of graphane has recently gained both academic and industrial interest. Towards the end of developing novel applications of this important class
more » ... of nanoscale material, computational modeling work has been carried out by a number of theoreticians to predict the structures and electronic properties of graphane. At the same time, experimental evidence has emerged to support the proposed structure of graphane. This review article covers the important aspects of graphane including its theoretically predicted structures, properties, fabrication methods, as well as its potential applications.
doi:10.1186/1556-276x-9-26 pmid:24417937 pmcid:PMC3896693 fatcat:lnjh4vuc3faefpnb6gdfn6mv5u

Distinguishing Astragalus mongholicus and Its Planting Soil Samples from Different Regions by ICP-AES

Lin Li, Sihao Zheng, Qingzhen Yang, Shilin Chen, Linfang Huang
2016 Molecules  
Author Contributions: Linfang Huang and Lin Li designed research; Lin Li, Sihao Zheng, and Qingzhen Yang performed research; Lin Li analyzed the data and wrote the paper; and Linfang Huang and Shilin Chen  ... 
doi:10.3390/molecules21040482 pmid:27077837 fatcat:tbuv4gygwffebbefyuteusysxe

Network-based protein-protein interaction prediction method maps perturbations of cancer interactome

Jiajun Qiu, Kui Chen, Chunlong Zhong, Sihao Zhu, Xiao Ma, Jianfeng Pei
2021 PLoS Genetics  
The perturbations of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) were found to be the main cause of cancer. Previous PPI prediction methods which were trained with non-disease general PPI data were not compatible to map the PPI network in cancer. Therefore, we established a novel cancer specific PPI prediction method dubbed NECARE, which was based on relational graph convolutional network (R-GCN) with knowledge-based features. It achieved the best performance with a Matthews correlation coefficient
more » ... ) = 0.84±0.03 and an F1 = 91±2% compared with other methods. With NECARE, we mapped the cancer interactome atlas and revealed that the perturbations of PPIs were enriched on 1362 genes, which were named cancer hub genes. Those genes were found to over-represent with mutations occurring at protein-macromolecules binding interfaces. Furthermore, over 56% of cancer treatment-related genes belonged to hub genes and they were significantly related to the prognosis of 32 types of cancers. Finally, by coimmunoprecipitation, we confirmed that the NECARE prediction method was highly reliable with a 90% accuracy. Overall, we provided the novel network-based cancer protein-protein interaction prediction method and mapped the perturbation of cancer interactome. NECARE is available at:
doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1009869 pmid:34727106 pmcid:PMC8610286 fatcat:xk55hnvqjnayppfvjqugevegnq

Anti-Adhesive And Antiproliferative Synergistic Surface Modification Of Intraocular Lens For Reduced Posterior Capsular Opacification

Yuemei Han, Junmei Tang, Jiayi Xia, Rui Wang, Chen Qin, Sihao Liu, Xia Zhao, Hao Chen, Quankui Lin
2019 International Journal of Nanomedicine  
Posterior capsular opacification (PCO) is the main complication after intraocular lens (IOL) implantation in cataract surgery, which is the result of lens epithelial cell (LEC) adhesion, proliferation and migration on the IOL and at the lens capsule interface. Hydrophilic surface modification, such as surface heparinization, decreases the cell adhesion, which has been commercialized and used clinically. However, clinical long-term observation results show no significant difference between the
more » ... istine and heparinized IOLs. To prevent PCO over the long time span, we modified the IOLs with an antiproliferative drug-loaded hydrophilic coating. The antiproliferative drug doxorubicin (DOX)-incorporated chitosan (CHI) nanoparticle was fabricated by sodium tripolyphosphate (TPP) gelation. Such antiproliferative drug-loaded CHI-TPP-DOX nanoparticles (CTDNP) were used as one of the building blocks to prepare polyelectrolyte multilayer with heparin (HEP) via layer-by-layer assembly, obtaining (HEP/CTDNP)n multilayers. The assembly process was characterized by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D). The drug release behavior of the coating was investigated by ultra-HPLC (UPLC). In vitro cell experiments were carried out to monitor the effects of multifunctional coatings on cellular adhesion, proliferation and migration. And the intraocular implantation was performed on rabbits to evaluate the in vivo PCO inhibitory effect of such surface-functionalized IOLs. The positively charged CTDNP was successfully prepared by ionic gelation. The QCM-D results indicate the successful preparation of the (HEP/CTDNP)n multilayer film. Drug release profiles showed that surface-multifunctionalized IOL had drug-sustained release properties. In vitro cell culture results showed significant inhibition of adhesion, proliferation and migration of LECs after surface modification. The in vivo results showed that the IOLs with multifunctionalized surface can effectively reduce the posterior hyperplasia and Soemmering's ring (SR) formation. These findings suggested that such multifunctionalized drug-eluting IOLs can effectively reduce the posterior hyperplasia and SR formation when intraocular implantation has a major impact on reducing PCO incidence. Thus they have a great potential in improving patient vision recovery and maintenance.
doi:10.2147/ijn.s215802 pmid:31819418 pmcid:PMC6875265 fatcat:prjyqmiwkna2hlo7fnad7wu2li

Wideband SIW Half-mode/Quarter-mode-Fed Microstrip Patch Complementary Antennas with Back Radiation Suppression

Liping Yuan, Kai Sun, Sihao Liu, Bo Chen, Deqiang Yang
2021 IEEE Access  
BO CHEN (Member, IEEE) received the B.S. degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). He is currently an Associate Professor with UESTC.  ...  SIHAO LIU received the B.E. and M.E. degrees from the School of Electronic Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), in 2013 and 2016, respectively, where he is currently  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3061970 fatcat:j5vtvo5zabc2xgchfl2dwgvgru
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